Grindelwald winter atmosphere (Photo: Switzerland Tourism, David Birri)

The 93 best attractions and things to do in Grindelwald 2023

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10 reasons why you must visit Grindelwald

  • Grindelwald is a mountain village in the Bernese Oberland, surrounded by a unique mountain scenery with Wetterhorn, Mettenberg and Eiger.
  • A paradise for all hikers, Grindelwald offers the best conditions for summer activities.
  • Skiing in Grindelwald: You are spoilt for choice and can choose between Männlichen, First and Kleiner Scheidegg your skiing area
  • The free First Cliff Walk by Tissot on Grindelwald First will give you the best spot for a selfie in the Bernese Oberland
  • The adventure mountain Grindelwald First offers unique experiences like First Glider, First Flieger, Mountaincart and Trottibike
  • The new V-Bahn with the Eiger Express takes you to the Eiger Glacier in 15 minutes. A very good starting point for a long toboggan ride in winter
  • A visit to the Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe is a must when visiting Grindelwald
  • The children's paradise on Männlichen with the great hiking experience around the cow Liselotte is suitable for all children.
  • A Grindelwald bad weather activity is a visit to the Grindelwald Glacier Gorge
  • Every tobogganing fan must have experienced the longest toboggan run in the world once: From Faulhorn via Bussalp to Grindelwald, sledders enjoy 15km of fun and action
Children lesson ski (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)Children lesson ski (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)
BodmiARENA (Photo: Jungfrau Region Grindelwald Tourism)BodmiARENA (Photo: Jungfrau Region Grindelwald Tourism)

Grindelwald Sights

Grindelwald is well connected in the Jungfrau Region via the mountain railroads. So you can reach the following sights in a short time. From Grindelwald Terminal two modern cable cars take you in a short time to the Eigergletscher or to the Männlichen. This saves you three quarters of an hour on the way to the famous Jungfraujoch.

Since Grindelwald is right in the mountains, the sights are mostly natural attractions. The Eiger North Face towers directly near Grindelwald and is an attraction in itself.

Eiger North Face

More than 1800 m above sea level, the north face of the Eiger is high. Because of its difficult ascent, it is legendary. In 1858, two Grindelwald mountain guides and their Irish guest tackled the first ascent of the 3,967-meter-high ice giant Eiger.

The difficult Eiger North Face, also known as the "Mordwand", was not conquered until a century later by two Germans and two Austrians (including the famous mountaineer and Tibet traveler Heinrich Harrer). It took them three days.

Today, first-class alpine climbers (difficulty level X) conquer the wall within a few hours.

Grindelwald Glacier Gorge

The Grindelwald Glacier Gorge can be reached on foot from Grindelwald in half an hour. It is a unique world of adventure and experience with 300 meter high rock walls. The glacier gorge was created by the recession of the lower Grindelwald glacier. You can walk through the gorge via wooden walkways and a 170 m2 spider net. Inside the gorge, canyon swing and climbing are popular sports.

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Eiger North Face (Photo: Switzerland Tourism MySwitzerland)Eiger North Face (Photo: Switzerland Tourism MySwitzerland)
 Glacier Gorge (Photo: Grindelwaldsports ) Glacier Gorge (Photo: Grindelwaldsports )

Grindelwald First with First Cliff Walk by Tissot

The First Cliff Walk by Tissot consists of a narrow rocky path, a suspension bridge and a vantage point.

  • The narrow cliff walk leads along the western side of the First peak.
  • The single-rope suspension bridge has a length of 40 meters.
  • A lookout point leads 45 meters seemingly into nothingness.

The panorama all around with the Eiger and several 4000-meter peaks is legendary.

Alpine playground Bort

The Bort Alpine Playground is located at 1570 meters above sea level and can be easily reached from the middle station of the Firstbahn cable car. It covers an area of about 700 square meters. Climbing and balancing landscapes, a large sandbox and a stream are part of the play area. There is also a charging station for e-bikes here.

Eiger Glacier

The Eiger Glacier begins at an altitude of 3700 meters above sea level on the western slope of the Eiger. From there it runs around the Kleiner Eiger and down to the Eigergletscher railroad station (approx. 2330 m a.s.l.). A second glacier tongue lies at 3200 to 3500 m above sea level between the Kleiner Eiger and the Eiger. The glacier is part of the Kleine Scheidegg/Männlichen - Grindelwald/Wengen ski area.


The Jungfraujoch lies at almost 3500 meters above sea level and is part of the Unesco World Heritage Site "Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch". The 22 km long Aletsch glacier starts here. You can expect a breathtaking view of some of the four-thousand-meter peaks in the Bernese Alps. The unique 1,000 square meter ice palace created by two mountain guides is also very impressive.

First Cliff Walk (Photo: Jungfrau Railways Management)First Cliff Walk (Photo: Jungfrau Railways Management)
Cliff Walk (Photo: Jungfrau Railways Management)Cliff Walk (Photo: Jungfrau Railways Management)


The Pfingstegg lies at 1386 m above sea level at the northern foot of the Mättenberg. It is Grindelwald's local mountain. It is only reached by mountain railroad in summer. On the Pfingstegg you can hike wonderfully, cycle, fly through the forest with the Fly-Line or whiz down the Toboggan (summer toboggan run).


Männlichen lies at 2342 m above sea level and is reached by gondola (V-Bahn) from Grindelwald in 19 min.

On Männlichen you will find beautiful viewpoints of the mountain giants Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch. In addition, there are several adventure and theme trails such as Lieselotte Weg, Öpfelchüechliweg and Royal Walk. All trails can be easily walked with the whole family. However, they are not suitable for baby carriages or wheelchairs.

In winter Männlichen belongs to the skiing area. In summer you can go down the mountain by mountain bike or a summer toboggan (Gemel). Männlichen is also known for paragliding.

Grindelwald insider tips

We have three tips for your stay in Grindelwald.

Rapid descent with the Gemel

A special summer toboggan is rented at the top station (Pit-Shop) at Männlichen. With a Summer Gemel (also known as Mountaincart) you can ride down to the middle station Holenstein in summer. The track for the Summer Gemel starts at 2225 m a.s.l. On a length of 6 km it leads down about 600 meters of altitude. At the middle station Holenstein you hand in the Gemel again.

FLY Line

The FLY Line at Pfingstegg is an unusual and very popular fun. You sit in a seat frame that is attached to a winding tube system. You ride through the forest and across the field for 350 meters. The speed is 8 to 12 km/h. This fun is also suitable for those who want to take it a little easier.

First Flyer

The First Flieger on Grindelwald First is similar in structure to the FLY Line, but reaches speeds of up to 84 km/h. It does not run over a tube system, but along an 800 m steel cable. Don't miss out on this adventurous experience.

Excursion Männlichen Gemel (Photo: Jungfrau Region Grindelwald Tourism)Excursion Männlichen Gemel (Photo: Jungfrau Region Grindelwald Tourism)
Excursion Pfingstegg Fly Line (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Management)Excursion Pfingstegg Fly Line (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Management)

Things to do in Grindelwald

The activities and experiences on offer around Grindelwald range from a variety of outdoor activities to an indoor rope park and museums as bad weather alternatives

Summer activities include:

  • Hiking and mountain walking
  • Summer tobogganing, fly-line and Tyrolienne
  • Climbing, canyoning and rafting
  • Paragliding (all year round)

Winter activities include:

  • skiing and snowboarding
  • tobogganing
  • snowshoeing, winter hiking

Hiking and mountain walking around Grindelwald

The 2343-meter-high summit of Männlichen can be climbed from the top station of the Grindelwald Männlichen cable car via the steep Royal Walk summit trail in about 30 minutes

Some mountain hiking trails from Männlichen

  • Hiking trail no. 60 Royal Walk Männlichen - Männlichen summit
  • Hiking trail no. 61 Easy Männlichen - Holenstein
  • Hiking trail no. 63 Männlichen - Kleine Scheidegg
  • Hiking trail no. 67 Holenstein - Grindelwald Grund
  • Panorama trail to Kleine Scheidegg
  • Romantic trail from Männlichen to Alpiglen

The Pfingstegg is not only an ideal starting point for hikes through the UNESCO World Heritage Site Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch and allows a fantastic view over the valley of Grindelwald.

Some mountain hiking trails from Pfingstegg

  • Pfingstegg - Bäregg
  • Pfingstegg - Glacier Gorge
  • Grindelwald - Pfingstegg

Summer toboggan run, FLY Line and similar from Grindelwald

FLY Line, First FLY and Summer-Gemel are very popular alternatives to winter tobogganing. Pfingstegg also offers a 763-meter-long summer toboggan run.

FLY Line Pfingstegg

On the Pfingstegg you will find a Fly Line in summer. You are well attached to a tube system via a free hanging seat. You fly like a bird several meters above the ground between the trees. Since you can only reach 8-12km/h, this FLY Line is perfect for families. It may be used from the age of about 4 years. The Fly Line may not be used under the influence of alcohol.

Open the FLY Line (like the cable car) from the second week of May until about mid-October daily from 11-17h and during evening Sky Dinner, during the high season 10-18h.

First FLYER Grindelwald First

You will find the First FLYER on Grindelwald First. Here you will be attached to a steel cable with a seat that is also freely suspended. The speed reaches up to 84 km/h when you ride down from First to the middle station Schreckfeld. This ride is well suited for small groups, as up to four people are allowed to go at once

First Glider Grindelwald First

Like the First FLYER, the First Glider runs between the top and middle stations of the First cable car. You are strapped to an eagle and fly belly-down through the air. First, the ride goes backwards at 72 km/h up to the top station. Afterwards, you'll get about 83 km/h speed on the way down. Four guests (from 10 years and 1.30m minimum height) float simultaneously next to each other

First Glider (Photo: Jungfrau Railways Management)First Glider (Photo: Jungfrau Railways Management)
Excursion Männlichen chamois trail (Photo: Jungfrau Region mä Männlichen chamois trail (Photo: Jungfrau Region mä

Mountain bike, Gemel or Trottigart riding in Grindelwald

Especially in summer, in addition to e-bikes and mountain bikes on the mountains around Grindelwald, there are also some unusual driving opportunities on the road.

Mountain bike trails from Grindelwald

From Grindelwald you can choose from 160 km of mountain bike trails. Riding is allowed on hiking trails, but not in the hunting ban area.

  • E-MTB Eiger Loop: 3-day trail Grindelwald-Mürren-Meiringen-Grindelwald
  • MTB Jungfrau Loop: 4-day trail Grindelwald-Mürren-Interlaken-Meiringen-Grindelwald

Stations of the MTB Eiger Loop

day trail length (km) meters in altitude (m) meters in depth
1 Grindelwald - Mürren 30 1200 600
2 Mürren - Meiringen 60 800 1800
3 Meiringen - Grindelwald 30 1500 1050

Stations of the MTB Jungfrau Loop

day distance length (km) meters in altitude (m) meters in depth
1 Grindelwald - Mürren 29 1560 1650
2 Mürren - Interlaken 37 740 1800
3 Interlaken - Meiringen 32 600 580
4 Meiringen - Grindelwald 38 1900 1400

Trottibike Grindelwald First

From the middle station Bort you can ride down with the Trottibike. The necessary helmets are lent free of charge. For children from 125 cm height there are smaller Trotti Bikes.

Summer Gemel at Männlichen and Grindelwald First

With a Summer Gemel (also known as a mountain cart) you can ride down the slope between the Männlichen mountain station and the Holenstein middle station. The 6 km long track starts at 2225 meters above sea level and ends about 600 meters lower

You can rent the Gemel in the stores of the mountain railroad in Wengen, Grindelwald or directly at the Männlichen mountain station. The Gemel sled is handed out in the Pit Shop at the top station. You have to return it personally at the middle station Holenstein after the ride.

From Schreckfeld to Bort, you ride the First Mountain Cart over three kilometers down. Good tires, a comfortable seat and good brakes ensure safe riding. Children from 125 cm height are suitable. The required safety helmet is provided free of charge.

First Summer Mountain Trotti (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)First Summer Mountain Trotti (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)
First Summer Trottibike (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)First Summer Trottibike (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)

Climbing, canyoning and rafting

Which climber has not dreamed of climbing the north face of the Eiger? The myth of the Eiger has always fascinated people.

Eiger Trail and Eiger Rotstock

With the necessary equipment, every experienced via ferrata climber and mountain hiker can climb the 2,600-meter-high, vertically sloping Rotstock summit via the Eiger Trail and the moderately difficult Eiger Rotstock via ferrata.

While it's not the Eiger North Face, it comes very close to the North Face ambience. Only professional alpinists should venture on any of the 30 interconnected routes on the Eiger North Face, which are rated at the highest difficulty level X.

Sports Center in Grindelwald

There is a bouldering wall at the Grindelwald Sports Center. At jumping height you can climb here on 170 m2 walls.

On bad weather days not only the children can let off steam in the indoor rope park Grindelwald. This is the largest indoor rope park in the whole of Europe. The 40 elements in 5 courses are also a challenge for big climbers. In about half an hour by car you can reach another rope park of superlatives: the rope park Interlaken. More than 120 challenges on 9 courses, which reach up to 20 meters into the treetops, offer the right adrenaline rush and sharpen concentration, balance as well as coordination at the same time.

Glacier Gorge Grindelwald

In addition to climbing and canyoning, canyon swing has also become a popular sport in the Grindelwald Glacier Gorge.

Paragliding Grindelwald

For example, delta gliders and paragliders are attracted to Grindelwald by the gondola lift up to the 2160-meter Grindelwald First. This is a natural plateau of the southwest ridge to the Widderfeldgrätli. Here, ideal wind conditions prevail for unforgettable flights through the imposing mountain scenery and the take-off point is also ideal.

In the Grindelwald region there are several providers for tandem flights who also use the take-off points on Männlichen, which rises to the west of Grindelwald. From here you can see the ice giants Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The Grindelwald-Männlichen gondola takes 19 minutes to reach the top station at 2225 meters above sea level.

Tandem paragliding Grindelwald First (Photo: Paragliding-Jungfrau)Tandem paragliding Grindelwald First (Photo: Paragliding-Jungfrau)
andem paragliding Grindelwald First (Photo: Paragliding-Jungfrau)andem paragliding Grindelwald First (Photo: Paragliding-Jungfrau)

Ski resorts

From Grindelwald you have direct access to two ski areas via the mountain railroads and lifts

Ski area Kleine Scheidegg/Männlichen - Grindelwald/Wengen

This huge ski area contains 102 km of trails. 8 lifts, 10 chairlifts and 6 mountain railroads transport up to 31351 people per hour.

Slopes (km) Height (m a.s.l.) Number of lifts/ cable cars
102 944-2320 24
Slopes (km) of which easy (km) of which medium (km) of which difficult (km)
102 33 56 13

Ski resort First - Grindelwald

For skiing and snowboarding there are 49 km of slopes and 4 km of ski routes. 4 lifts, 3 chairlifts and 3 mountain railroads transport the guests.

pistes (km) altitude (m a.s.l.) number of lifts/lifts
49 1050-2500 10
Slopes (km) of which easy (km) of which medium (km) of which difficult (km)
49 30 11 8
Training area Männlichen Ski (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)Training area Männlichen Ski (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)
Grindelwald First Ski (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)Grindelwald First Ski (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)

Skiing and snowboarding

The Grindelwald-First ski area is located on the slopes of the Schwarzhorn to the northeast of Grindelwald. It is famous for its varied freestyle runs that face the sun. The ski resort is called the sunniest ski resort in the Bernese Oberland. During the descent you will also have very spectacular views of the Eiger North Face. The skicross track has a special attraction.

The ski resort Grindelwald-Wengen offers a direct view of the ice giants Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The world famous world cup downhill run Lauberhorn can be skied by experienced skiers. For beginners, there is a long downhill run. It starts at the mountain station and leads via Kleine Scheidegg to Brandegg.

Snowpark Grindelwald First

The Grindelwald First winter sports area covers a wide range of requirements in its snowpark. Everyone will find something, from beginners to professionals and freestylers. In addition to two parks with different levels of difficulty, there is also a 130m-long halfpipe. The Bärgelegg Park is located at the Bärgelegg ski lift and is 650 meters long. The freestylers are brought back to the start by the park's own drag lift. The Oberjoch Park is located at 2500 meters above sea level next to the top station and is also suitable for beginners. Due to the high location an early start of the season is guaranteed.


Grindelwald First offers very long toboggan runs. The longest toboggan run in the world is called Big Pintenfritz. It is 15 km long and starts at Faulhorn (2680 m above sea level). To experience this sledding fun, you have to bring the sled up on foot for 2.5 hours beforehand. The descent, which takes at least 30 minutes, is all the more beautiful On the way you can also stop at the mountain restaurant Bussalp. The route is open from about mid-December until about the end of March.

At Männlichen and at Kleine Scheidegg there are also nice toboggan runs. Summer hiking trails are often used for sledding in winter.

Good toboggan runs are for example these hiking trails:

  • Hiking trail 60 Männlichen summit
  • Hiking trail 61 Easy Männlichen Holenstein

Snowshoeing, winter hiking

From Grindelwald you will find 70 km of winter hiking trails in a high alpine landscape with a wonderful panorama

Eiger Trail No. 7 from Holenstein to Brandegg

This Eiger Trail has nothing to do with the summer hiking trail of the same name. On this trail, the recurring view of the Eiger north face is fascinating. The 6 km trail gets by with slight inclines. In total, the easy snowshoe tour has about 125 meters of ascent. The trail starts at the middle station of the Männlichen mountain railroad and ends in Brandegg at the Wengernalpbahn.

Aspen Trail No. 6 to Vorsassi

The Aspen Trail starts with the bus ride to Aspen. Bus number 123 departs from Grindelwald train station every hour. The moderately difficult snowshoe tour is only 1300 meters long, but has 219 vertical meters. Over snowy mats, the trail first goes uphill towards Moosgaden. Then the trail leads over the snowy forest road to the Vorsassi at the lower part of the Itramenwald. Here the trail meets the Eiger Trail No. 7. To the right the Eiger Trail leads to Holenstein. The left fork leads to Brandegg.

Children ski lessons (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)Children ski lessons (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)
Bodmi Arena (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)Bodmi Arena (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)

other activities

A visit to the Alpine Bird Park Grindelwald near Ischboden, which has become a home for rare bird species, also offers a special nature experience. With a voluntary donation from visitors, capercaillies, buzzards, little owls, eagle owls and many more alpine birds are cared for and nurtured.

Snow and mountain schools around Grindelwald

All these schools are both mountain and ski schools.

  • Outdoor Mountain School Grindelwald
  • Outdoor Swiss Ski School Grindelwald
  • ALTITUDE Ski and Snowboard School
  • Buri Sport Grindelwald Ski & Snowboard School
  • privat-ski Ski & Snowboard School
  • Ski School Skiparadies Männlichen
  • Swiss Ski & Snowboard School Kleine Scheidegg

Events in Grindelwald

In Grindelwald events take place all year round.

Some recurring events and happenings:

  • January World Snow Festival: a week of figures and sculptures made from three-meter-high blocks of snow
  • January Martinsloch: the sun shines through the Martinsloch, the natural phenomenon and the legend of the Eiger are explained over mulled wine
  • January Bull Trophy, the legendary international curling tournament
  • February Velogemel World Championship
  • March King of the First Hill: 8 km Volks Downhill with 1200 meters altitude difference from Oberjoch to Stählisboden,in the categories Ski, Snowboard, Telemark and Fun (costumed)
  • March The Winter Final: Treasure hunt of the 30 chests
  • June SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon, with more than 5500 meters of altitude gain
  • July ** Eiger Ultra Trail**, more than 100 km long
  • August ENDURO - Eiger Bike-Challenge, with 1000 participants
  • August Inferno Triathlon: with 5500 meters of ascent over a distance of 155 km between Thun and Schilthorn
  • October Light Art Grindelwald: the works of art exhibited in the public space in the center of the village.

Skifahren und Snowboarden

Das Skigebiet Grindelwald-First befindet sich an den Hängen des Schwarzhorns nordöstlich von Grindelwald. Es ist für seine abwechslungsreichen Freestyle Abfahrten berühmt, die der Sonne zugewandt erfolgen. Das Skigebiet wird als sonnigstes Skigebiet des Berner Oberlandes bezeichnet. Während der Abfahrt hast du zudem sehr spektakuläre Aussichten auf die Eiger Nordwand. Die Skicross Strecke hat eine besondere Anziehungskraft.

Das Skigebiet Grindelwald-Wengen bietet den direkten Blick auf die Eisriesen Eiger, Mönch und Jungfrau. Die weltberühmte Weltcup Abfahrt Lauberhorn kann von erfahrenen Skifahrern befahren werden. Für Anfänger bietet sich eine langgezogene Abfahrt an. Sie beginnt an der Bergstation und führt über die Kleine Scheidegg bis nach Brandegg.

Snowpark Grindelwald First

Das Wintersportgebiet Grindelwald First deckt in seinem Snowpark sehr verschiedene Ansprüche ab. Jeder findet etwas, vom Anfänger bis zum Profi und Freestyler. Neben zwei Parks mit unterschiedlichen Schwierigkeitsgraden steht auch eine 130m lange Halfpipe zur Verfügung. Der Bärgelegg Park liegt am Skilift Bärgelegg und ist 650 Meter lang. Die Freestyler werden vom parkeigenen Schlepplift zum Start zurück gebracht. Der Oberjoch Park befindet sich auf 2500 m ü. M. neben der Bergstation und ist auch für Einsteiger geeignet. Durch die hohe Lage ist ein früher Saisonstart garantiert.


Grindelwald First bietet sehr lange Schlittelwege. Die längste Schlittelabfahrt der Welt wird Big Pintenfritz genannt. Sie ist 15 km lang und beginnt am Faulhorn (2680 m ü. M.). Um diesen Schlittelspass zu erleben, musst du den Schlitten vorher 2.5 Stunden lang zu Fuss nach oben bringen. Um so schöner ist dann die Abfahrt, die mindestens 30 min dauert. Unterwgs kannst du aber auch im Bergrestaurant Bussalp einkehren. Geöffnet ist die Strecke ab etwa Mitte Dezember bis etwa Ende März.

Am Männlichen und an der Kleinen Scheidegg gibt es ebenfalls schöne Schlittelwege. Oftmals werden Sommerwanderwege im Winter zum Schlitteln genutzt.

Gute Schlittelpisten sind beispielsweise diese Wanderwege:

  • Wanderweg 60 Männlichen Gipfel
  • Wanderweg 61 Easy Männlichen Holenstein

Schneeschuhwandern, Winterwandern

Ab Grindelwald findest du 70 km Winterwanderwege in einer hochalpinen Landschaft mit wunderbarem Panorama.

Eiger-Trail Nr. 7 von Holenstein nach Brandegg

Dieser Eiger Trail hat nichts mit dem Sommer Wanderweg gleichen Namens zu tun. Auf dieser Strecke fasziniert der immer wiederkehrende Blick auf die Eiger-Nordwand. Die 6 km Weg kommen mit leichten Steigungen aus. Insgesamt hat die leichte Schneeschuhtour etwa 125 Höhenmeter Anstieg. Der Trail beginnt an der Mittelstation der Bergbahn Männlichen und endet in Brandegg an der Wengernalpbahn.

Aspen-Trail Nr. 6 bis Vorsassi

Der Aspen Trail beginnt mit der Busfahrt nach Aspen. Die Buslinie 123 fährt ab Grindelwald Bahnhof stündlich. Die mittelschwere Schneeschuhtour ist nur 1300 Meter lang, verfügt aber über 219 Höhenmeter. Über verschneite Matten geht der Weg zunächst bergauf in Richtung Moosgaden. Anschlissend führt der Trail über die verschneite Forststrasse bis zum Vorsassi am unteren Teil des Itramenwaldes. Hier stösst der Weg auf den Eiger Trail Nr. 7. Nach rechts führt der Eiger Trail nach Holenstein. Die linke Abzweigung führt nach Brandegg.

World Snow Festival Unicorn (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)World Snow Festival Unicorn (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)
Eiger Bike Challenge (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)Eiger Bike Challenge (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)

Hotels in Grindelwald

Guests have been coming to Grindelwald since the beginning of the 19th century. They want to relax in the wild romantic mountain world or conquer the mountain giants. In 1820, the first guesthouse was opened with the Hotel Schwarzer Adler. Although the village has only a little more than 4000 inhabitants, there were 1.3 million overnight stays in 2019. There are about 8000 guest beds in Grindelwald.

Belvedere Swiss Quality Hotel Grindelwald

The 4 star Belvedere Swiss Quality Hotel Grindelwald has a large wellness area with heated swimming pool and brine pool. In addition to single, double and family rooms, there are also snoring rooms with two separate bedrooms.The view is of the Eiger or the Wetterhorn.

Hotel Schweizerhof

The Hotel Schweizerhof is located in the Swiss Alp Resort. It is also called Romatikhotel and has 5 stars. Here you will also find a wellness area with heated indoor pool and several saunas. The hotel has three restaurants: Alpterrassen (half board), Schmitte and Gaststübli. Besides single and double rooms you will find junior suites, most of them with balcony. The view goes to the Eiger massif.

Restaurants Grindelwald

In the wintery mountains you strengthen yourself in one of the rustic alpine huts on the sun terrace. Usually cheese fondue and mulled wine are offered. Culinary specialities from the Bernese Oberland are also offered at the annual Advent market. The atmospheric Advent market is located at the Märthysi Bärplatz in the middle of Grindelwald.

Restaurant Belvedere

In the middle of Grindelwald stands the popular gourmet restaurant Belvedere. It belongs to the hotel of the same name. Since it is very popular, a reservation is recommended.

Restaurant Jägerstübli

The Jägerstübli Restaurant is located on the outskirts of Grindelwald. The rustic restaurant is open all year round and can be reached by car. Bus 123 also takes you directly to the Jägerstübli. In winter it is located directly on the Männlichen No. 3 valley run, in summer it is a hiking trail.

Restaurants in Grindelwald First

  • Restaurant First: 750 seats
  • Restaurant Bort: 370 seats
  • Restaurant Schreckfeld: 100 seats
  • Café Genepi: 40 seats (winter)
  • Bärgelegghütte: only terrace (winter)
Jägerstübli Terrace (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)Jägerstübli Terrace (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)
Schweizerhof Wellness (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)Schweizerhof Wellness (Photo: Jungfrau Region Tourism Grindelwald)

Arrival in Grindelwald

As a traditional vacation region, Grindelwald is connected to an excellent transport network


From the direction of Interlaken, Grindelwaldstrasse Route 6 leads between the mountains to Grindelwald. If you want to arrive by car or motorcycle from the direction of Meiringen, the pass road over the Grosse Scheidegg is an adventurous way to get there. In winter, however, you can expect the pass to be closed.

Public transport

A more comfortable way to get there is by train. The historic Bernese Oberland Railway runs from Interlaken to Grindelwald. You can reach all the peaks in the Jungfrau Region with the modern mountain railroads, which connect the impressive mountain world of the Swiss Alps all year round. Since 2020, the network has been significantly improved with the construction of the V-Bahnen (Eiger Express and Männlichen gondola).

Mountain railroads from Grindelwald

Five mountain railroads operate in Grindelwald. The newest cable car is the Eiger Express, which cuts the travel time to the Jungfraujoch in half. Those who like it more comfortable take the Wengernalpbahn as before. The price, by the way, is the same regardless of which way you take. The mountain railroads run in Grindelwald all year round (except the Pfingsteggbahn).

Mountain railroads in Grindelwald

name type of cableway lower station mountain station heights (m above sea level) from to length of cableway (m)
Eiger Express 3S-Bahn Grindelwald Terminal Eigergletscher 937 to 2328 6483
Wengernalpbahn Cablecar Grindelwald Kleine Scheidegg (via Grund, Brandegg, Alpiglen) 1034 to 2061 8640
Firstbahn Standseilbahn Grindelwald First (via Bort and Schreckfeld) 1065 to 2168 5225
Grindelwald Männlichen GGM Gondola Grindelwald Terminal Männlichen (via Holenstein) 947 to 2229 6100
Grindelwald Pfingstegg Cable Car Grindelwald Grund Pfingstegg 1027 to 1387 1037
Firstbahn (Photo: Jungfrau Railways Management)Firstbahn (Photo: Jungfrau Railways Management)
Pfingsteggbahn (Photo: Jungfrau Railways Management)Pfingsteggbahn (Photo: Jungfrau Railways Management)


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