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Bernese Oberland

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Due to the alpine landscape, which ranges from the highest peaks of the Bernese Alps, such as the Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger, to the gentle foothills of the Alps just outside the de facto national capital of Bern, the region is one of the most popular vacation regions in Switzerland.

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9 Highlights in the Bernese Oberland

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch in the southern part of the Bernese Oberland.
  • More than 800 lakes lie at your feet.
  • Hike on 4622 km of hiking trails with a total of 12 long-distance hiking trails.
  • Waterfalls like the thundering Trümmelbach Waterfalls, the Engstligen Falls or the Reichenbach Falls are part of the Bernese Oberland.
  • The world's longest toboggan run, the Big Pistenfritz, is located above Grindelwald.
  • The Bernese Oberland offers 34 ski resorts with 774 km of ski slopes.
  • Popular excursion destinations such as the Jungfraujoch, the Schilthorn, Grindelwald-First and the two lakes Lake Brienz and Lake Thun are waiting for you.
  • The Jungfrau region forms the high alpine zone of the Bernese Oberland with these mountains:
    • Finsteraarhorn (4274 m above sea level, highest peak in the Bernese Oberland)
    • Jungfrau (4158 m above sea level)
    • Mönch (4107 m a.s.l.)
    • Eiger (3967 m a.s.l.)
    • Blüemlisalp (Blüemlisalphorn 3664 m above sea level, Wyssi Frau 3652 m above sea level, Morgenhorn 3626 m above sea level)
    • Wildstrubel (3243,5 m a.s.l.)
  • The pre-Alpine zone of the Bernese Oberland includes, for example:
    • Schilthorn (2,970 m a.s.l.)
    • Faulhorn (2681 m above sea level)
    • Niesen (2362 m a.s.l.)
    • Stockhorn (2190 m above sea level)
    • the Gental
    • Meirinrosse and Kleine Scheidegg
    • Sefinenfurgge
    • Hohtürli
    • Kandersteg
    • Adelboden and Lenk
Schynige Platte Alpine Garden (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Schynige Platte Alpine Garden (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Grosse Scheidegg (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Grosse Scheidegg (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)

The alpine landscape makes the region one of the most popular vacation regions in Switzerland. It ranges from the highest peaks of the Bernese Alps, such as the Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger, to the gentle foothills of the Alps just outside the de facto national capital of Bern.

Sights in the Bernese Oberland

In the Bernese Oberland you can visit more than one hundred museums. Almost every village has a small local museum. In addition, there are dozens of old churches that are at least 1000 years old.

Selection of museums in the Bernese Oberland

AlpengartenSchynige Platte
Alte Pinte GalleryBönigen/Interlaken
Ballenberg Open Air MuseumHofstetten/Brienz
Village Museum of the Old BearKonolfingen
Village MuseumRinggenberg
Village Museum TowerLeuzigen
Village Museum old MillWilderswil
fortress museumBeatenberg
Flying Museum OberaargauBleienbach
House of MuseumsKandersteg
Art MuseumBerne
Art MuseumLangenthal
Art MuseumInterlaken
Military Historical SiteAarberg
Cave MuseumSundlauenen
Pile dwelling collectionTwann
Toy MuseumSpiez
Toy MuseumWattenwil
Swiss Museum for the BlindZollikofen

Museum Ballenberg

The Museum Ballenberg is a very popular open-air museum in Hofstetten near Brienz. Here you can see more than one hundred original historical buildings. They were collected from all parts of Switzerland. Traditional handicrafts are also demonstrated. Every summer you can watch a theater play in the historical setting. It is open daily from mid-April to the end of October

Ballenberg Museum Ticket

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House of Museums Kandersteg (Photo: Switzerland Tourism My Switzerland)House of Museums Kandersteg (Photo: Switzerland Tourism My Switzerland)
Ballenberg (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Ballenberg (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)


If you would like to visit all five fairytale castles on Lake Thun, you should get the Castle Card. It gives you discounted admission to the museums of the castles. The Schlössercard is valid for a whole year. So you don't have to visit them all in one day

The five castles on Lake Thun include:

  • Thun Castle: with its four white towers, it became the landmark of Thun. It dates back to the 12th century.
  • Castle Oberhofen: the keep of the romantic castle complex dates back to about 1200. In the 19th century the castle was rebuilt. Today a restaurant directly on the shore of Lake Thun.
  • Schadau Castle**: the castle is architecturally interesting. It was adapted to the style of French Loire castles at the end of the 19th century and stands in the park Schadau in Thun. Today it is a hotel and restaurant.
  • Castle Hünegg**: built in 1861 in the style of the French Loire castles. Since 1900 it has remained unchanged inside.
  • Castle Spiez: More than 1000 years old, the castle also has an equally old church. It stands in the Spiez Bay amidst vineyards. Today it is a museum with a restaurant.
Oberhofen Castle (Photo MySwitzerland)Oberhofen Castle (Photo MySwitzerland)
Thun Castle (MySwitzerland photo)Thun Castle (MySwitzerland photo)

Other places of interest and excursion destinations

The llama and alpaca farm in Aeschi near Spiez on Lake Thun is a highlight not only for families with children. Here you can get up close to the animals, feed them or go on guided tours with them. From Interlaken, you can also take part in llama trekking tours to the Weissenau nature reserve. Goat trekking is also possible near Gilbach

An alpine cheese dairy tour with subsequent tasting is also interesting for young and old. For those interested in culture and night owls, the city of Bern with its 134,000 inhabitants also has a lot to offer. From Thun you can reach the capital of Switzerland via the A6 freeway or by train in about 30 minutes.

Museums, galleries, monuments, zoos, theaters and numerous restaurants and cafes line the narrow streets of Bern's old town. Due to its architectural uniqueness, it has been fully protected by UNESCO.

In Interlaken, exciting exhibitions are regularly presented in the gallery and cultural podium IHP Spectrum.

Excursion destinations in the Bernese Oberland

The excursion destinations in the Bernese Oberland can be found in the impressive nature. These include mountains, lakes, gorges and waterfalls.

Mountain peaks in the Bernese Oberland

The 3466 m high Jungfraujoch is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Bernese Oberland. It is called the "Top of the Europe" or the "Roof of Europe".

A spectacular cog railroad takes you to the highest station in the world. There, a breathtaking panorama of the Bernese Alps awaits you. You feel transported to another world and feel the forces of nature up close. The view extends over the Aletsch glacier and the mountain ranges of the three- and four-thousand-meter peaks. On the other side you can sometimes see as far as the Vosges and the Black Forest

These mountain peaks are also interesting excursion destinations for the whole family, which you can reach comfortably by mountain railroads:

  • the forested Harder Kulm
  • the Grindelwald First
  • the mighty, snow-covered Schilthorn
  • the pyramid-shaped Niesen above Lake Thun
  • the Schynige Platte, the family-friendly hiker's paradise
  • the Brienzer Rothorn, where Lake Thun and Lake Brienz lie at your feet
  • Tschentenalp, an extensive hiking and sledding area
  • Engstligenalp, famous for its via ferratas and high altitude tours
  • Männlichen, very popular with bikers and skiers
Brienzer Rothorn (Photo: BLS)Brienzer Rothorn (Photo: BLS)
Niesen (Photo: Niesenbahn)Niesen (Photo: Niesenbahn)

Gorges in the Bernese Oberland

Glaciers have carved rocks and created gorges in the Bernese Oberland, which are gradually becoming visible as the glaciers melt

Among the most beautiful gorges are:

  • Grindelwald Glacier Gorge
  • Aare Gorge (Meiringen-Haselberg)
  • Rosenauischlucht (Meiringen-Haselberg)
  • Choleren Gorge (Adelboden)
  • Alpbach Gorge (Meiringen-Haselberg)
  • Chluseschlucht (Kandersteg)
  • Wallbach Gorge (Lenk)

The Gletscherschlucht Grindelwald was created by the recession of the Grindelwald glacier. In the meantime, it has been turned into an adventure world with sightseeing via footbridges and a spider net. Climbing and organized canyon swinging are becoming increasingly popular here.

The gorges in Meiringen and Hasliberg are also accessible. The Rosenlauischlucht even has several tunnels and is walkable for 573 meters. In summer, meltwater roars between the 80 m high and partly narrow rock walls. The Aare gorge is also equipped with footbridges and bypass tunnels. This gorge is 1.4 km long and can also be walked by children. For the less known Alpbach gorge you need special surefootedness. The gorge rises very steeply in places.

Gletscherschlucht Grindelwald (Foto: Outdoor Interlaken)Gletscherschlucht Grindelwald (Foto: Outdoor Interlaken)

Most attractions are excellent for drone photography. It is important to clarify in advance whether necessary permits for flying drones must be obtained.

Lakes in the Bernese Oberland

There are 800 lakes in the Bernese Oberland. The best known of them are the Blausee, the Oeschinensee, the Thunersee and the Brienzersee.

Like Lake Brienz, the deep blue Lake Thun is a lake at the edge of the Alps, which was formed by a thawed glacier. Lake Brienz is flowed through by the river Aare and is one of the cleanest lakes in Switzerland. Both lakes are very large (17 and 14 km long respectively)

A relatively smaller lake is the Blausee. The mountain lake was formed after a rock fall. It is situated in the Kander valley at 887 m above sea level and is a popular destination for excursions. The trout farm at the lake is also well-known.

Lake Oeschinen is also a mountain lake and is fed by flowing glaciers. It is located at 1578 m above sea level at Kandersteg. This lake warms up to 20 degrees Celsius in summer.

Blue LakeBlue Lake
Lake BrienzLake Brienz

Waterfalls in the Bernese Oberland

There are a great many waterfalls in the Bernese Oberland. Among the most famous are:

  • The Trümmelbach Falls
  • The Engstligen Falls south of Adelboden
  • The Staubbach Falls
  • The Reichenbach Falls
  • The Giessbach Falls

The Trümmelbach Falls can be seen underground inside the mountain. They consist of ten waterfalls draining the huge glaciers of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Thereby come up to 20000 liters of water per second.Opened are the Trümmelbach Falls from April to the end of October daily.

The Engstligen Falls are among the highest and most water-rich waterfalls in Switzerland. In two steps they fall over 370 m into the Engstligen valley. You can reach them from Adelboden on foot or by bus. A beautiful mountain hike leads in summer from Unter dem Birg to Engstligenalp. You walk along the thundering waterfalls. In winter you can watch ice climbers here

The Staubbachfall falls over 297 m into the Lauterbrunnen valley. The waterfall got its name because of the thermals that spray the water in all directions. It is only accessible in summer.

The Reichenbachfall is a 330 m high cascade with seven waterfalls falling down. The waterfall near Meiringen became world famous when A. Canon Doyle had his novel character Sherlock Holmes crash here for make-believe.

You can reach the Giessbach Falls on Lake Brienz in a 20-minute round trip from the Grandhotel or from the Giessbach lake station. The water masses plunge down 500 m over 14 steps with a loud roar.

Giessbach Falls (Photo: My Switzerland)Giessbach Falls (Photo: My Switzerland)
Trümmelbach Falls (Photo: My Switzerland)Trümmelbach Falls (Photo: My Switzerland)

Places in the Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland is a region that is also popular with international guests.

Among the most famous places in the Bernese Oberland are:

One of the most important rivers in the region is the Aare, which rises at the highest peak in the Bernese Alps, the 4274 m high Finsteraarhorn. The Aare is one of the longest rivers running only within Switzerland and is one of the most water-rich tributaries of the Rhine.

Adelboden (Photo: MySwitzerland)Adelboden (Photo: MySwitzerland)
 Mürren Winteregg (Photo: Jungfrau Railways) Mürren Winteregg (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)

Swiss Activities Tips for the Bernese Oberland

There are many beautiful places in the Bernese Oberland. The panoramic views are great from all the mountain peaks. There are also lakes, gorges and waterfalls in high numbers. Nevertheless, we have picked out a few insider tips for you, which are particularly worth seeing from our point of view.

Tip 1 A ride with the rack railroad up to the Brienzer Rothorn is a special experience. You enjoy the direct view of Lake Brienz and the surrounding mountains.

Tip 2 Right next to the lower of the two mighty Engstligen Falls there is the via ferrata Chäligang. It has an easy level of difficulty and is very popular. So you can combine hiking, climbing and waterfall experience wonderfully with each other. From Adelboden you hike about 1.5 hours to the waterfalls.

Tip 3 The mule track at the Upper Engstligen Falls is the scene of a particularly spectacular alpine procession in early summer. More than 400 cows are involved.

Tip 4 The Funky Chocolate Club in Interlaken is pure sweet temptation. You can create your own chocolate here and snack as much as you like.

Tip 5 The Brockenhaus in Brünig at the top of the pass is suitable for rummaging to your heart's content. Here, among all the antiques and curiosities, you are sure to find one or two original souvenirs

Funky Chocolate (Photo: MySwitzerland)Funky Chocolate (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Brienzer Rothornbahn (Photo: MySwitzerland)Brienzer Rothornbahn (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Activities in the Bernese Oberland

Thanks to the varied landscape and the long tradition as a tourist destination, there are countless offers for leisure activities in the Bernese Oberland.


A 56 km long panoramic trail has been laid out around Lake Thun, on which you will cross several adventurous suspension bridges. A hiking classic is the route from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg. A mystical moorland hike on the Lombachalp is recommended.

Some popular hiking trails:

  • Hiking trail no. 60 Royal Walk Männlichen - Männlichen summit: 600 m, 25 min, 122 hm uphill
  • The Edelweiss Trail on the Brienzer Rothorn: the summit trail leads from the mountain station (2244 m above sea level) to the summit (2350 m above sea level) and offers a panoramic view over Lake Brienz to the mighty Alpine peaks.
  • Aareschlucht - Reichenbachfallbahn round from Aareschlucht Ost: 10 km, 3:30 h, 440 hm. The trail is easy to walk with good basic fitness and surefootedness.
  • First Cliff Walk - Bachalpsee round: 6 km, 1:50 h, 210 hm. Easy hike.
  • Giessbach Falls - Lower Giessbach Falls Round from Brienz: 12.3 km, 3:30 h, 280 hm. Easy to walk with good basic condition.
  • Wengen - Hunneflue: 1.6 km, 35 min, 66 hm. The trail is easy to walk and also suitable for winter hiking.
  • Breitlauenen - Schynige Platte: 2.7 km, 1:30 h, 441 hm. This path is a popular hiking trail.
Schynige Platte (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Schynige Platte (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Wengen Hiking (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Wengen Hiking (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

Cycling, e-bike and mountain bike trails

One of the most beautiful ways to get to know a region is by bike. You can explore the lakeside landscapes and sights on well-maintained bike paths on leisurely bike tours in the Bernese Oberland. You cycle through dreamy villages, past castles, churches and through intact nature. With the ferry it is also possible to shorten the routes. For cycling professionals, challenging routes such as to the lookout point Oberried are suitable.

Where there are mountains, there are of course also mountain bikers and freeriders. With the mountain bike you can start from Kandersteg and follow different tour suggestions

Popular tours are:

  • the Blausee bike tour
  • the Allmenalp Tour and
  • the Lötschental Panoramic Bike Tour

From May to October the Kandersteg Bike Park is also open.

Not all mountain railroads take mountain bikes. This includes the mountain railroad at Männlichen. In contrast, the Tschentenalp gondola lift even takes mountain bikes free of charge

A special experience is the ride with the Trottibike or a Monster Scooter. There are two routes available in Beatenberg. The short (6 km) and steep Direttissima and the leisurely Flanierama route over 12 km. The helmet is included in the trotti rental. You can also rent a scooter in Grindelwald First. From Isenfluh you have the possibility to ride with the whole family and a guide through the Lauterbrunnen valley.

Scooter Tour Isenfluh

Mountain bike Grindelwald (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Mountain bike Grindelwald (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
Trottibike Grindelwald (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Trottibike Grindelwald (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)


If you like to take to the skies, there are several providers for paragliding and skydiving in the Bernese Oberland. Or how about an unforgettable helicopter flight over the Bernese Alps and the Jungfrau region?

Skydiving Schynige Platte

You can make paragliding flights as tandem flights almost everywhere in the Bernese Oberland. There are especially many jumping-off points for paragliders in Interlaken, at the Schynigen Platte and at the Tschentenalp. Tandem jumps are also offered on Männlichen, Niesen and Schilthorn

Skydiving (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)Skydiving (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)
Paragliding Interlaken (Photo: Swiss Paragliding & Adventure)Paragliding Interlaken (Photo: Swiss Paragliding & Adventure)

Via ferrata and high altitude tours

For beginners and the inexperienced, it is highly recommended that via ferrata and high altitude tours are not undertaken on your own. Mountain guides offer guided tours. Via ferratas are available at Engstligenalp and

  • Höhenweg from Turren to the Kulm of the Brienzer Rothorn: 9.1 km, 3:51 h, 995 hm ascent, 256 hm descent. It is a rather difficult tour, since almost 1000 hm have to be mastered in the ascent. Cable car ride from Lungern to the mountain Turren. With the Brienz-Rothorn cable car you go down (end of season last week of October)
  • Eiger via Mittellegigrat: 8.2 km, 11 h, 1132 hm up, 813 hm down. The two-day climb starts at the Eismeer station. After spending the night at the Mittellegi hut, the summit traverse is on the plan for the second day. The highest point is at 3967 m above sea level.
  • Brienzer Rothorn to Schönbüel: 10.6 km, 3h, 182 hm up, 950 hm down, it is said to be one of the most beautiful high-altitude hikes in Switzerland. It is said that here you can see 693 mountain peaks with views to the Bernese Alps, Lake Brienz, Schrattenflue.

Klettersteig Chäligang: 5.1 km, 3 h, 714 hm up and down. A popular via ferrata at Engstligenalp, also suitable for beginners.

  • Bouldering at Engstligenalp: six courses are set up. The climbers do not climb with rope and hooks. They climb on the boulders always at jumping height. The Alpine School Adelboden offers courses on Engstligenalp.
  • Tälli in Meiringen: Ascent 3 h, via ferrata 2 h, descent 1 h, height difference: 1390 hm ascent (via ferrata 500 m), 700 hm descent. It is an alpine via ferrata in Gadmertal.
  • Mürren to Gimmelwald: 2.2 km, 3 h, 300 hm
Tälli via ferrata (Photo: MySwitzerland)Tälli via ferrata (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Kandersteg via ferrata (Photo: MySwitzerland)Kandersteg via ferrata (Photo: MySwitzerland)


Exciting gorges for canyoning open up just a few minutes away from Interlaken. These include the Saxeten Gorge, for example. It is also suitable for those interested in trying out the canyoning adventure. At the Grimsel mountain pass, on the border with Valais, canyoning is also very popular.

 Canyoning Interlaken (Outdoor Interlaken) Canyoning Interlaken (Outdoor Interlaken)
Canyoning Interlaken (Outdoor Interlaken)Canyoning Interlaken (Outdoor Interlaken)

Water sports

There are around 800 larger and smaller lakes throughout the Bernese Oberland, mainly crystal-clear mountain lakes. Most of the mountain lakes are not suitable for swimming, but are popular hiking destinations and can sometimes be navigated by boat.

River rafting is a sport that is practiced, for example, on the Lütschine. It is offered as a guided tour: River Rafting Lütschine

Among the most famous bathing lakes in the Bernese Oberland, which also allow offers for water sports activities, are Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. While sailing, windsurfing, wakesurfing and canoeing you always have the snow-covered mountains in view.

Stand up Paddle Lake Brienz

From Thun to Bern you can take a Böötle along the Aare in summer. This tour with the rubber dinghy is also available as guided Aare Böötletour.

Kayak (Photo: Outdoor Active)Kayak (Photo: Outdoor Active)
Kayak Lake Brienz (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)Kayak Lake Brienz (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)

Skiing, snowboarding and ski tours

The Bernese Oberland has 34 ski resorts with 774 km of slopes. The ski resort Adelboden/Lenk offers mostly blue and red ski slopes. They are located at altitudes between 1200 and 2200 m above sea level.

The Kleine Scheidegg/Männlichen - Grindelwald/Wengen ski area is the largest ski area within the Bernese Oberland. It provides more than 100 km of ski slopes at altitudes between 944 and 2320 m above sea level. In the majority these are red slopes

The highest ski area is located at Glacier 3000 - Les Diablerets. 30 km of slopes are located at 1343 to 3016 m above sea level. Almost 15 km are blue slopes. However, 10 km of black slopes are also available here.

For freeriders, there are 13 varied downhill runs in the Bernese Oberland. A highlight is the newly designed White Elements Snowpark on the First.

Skiing Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Skiing Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Grindelwald First (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Grindelwald First (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

Sledding and summer tobogganing

The toboggan run Kandersteg - Oeschinensee, which starts directly at the mountain station, leads through a fantastic landscape. On the summer toboggan run at Pfingstegg you can also enjoy unique views on a 760 m long, fast ride down into the valley. You use it when the sun is shining or during the atmospheric evening tobogganing (from 10 persons)

For the hardy, there is a so-called fly-line through the forest on the Pfingstegg. This is an aerial cableway on which you float between the treetops, secured by a harness system. The unique experience is suitable for children from 4 years

Grindelwald is the sledding paradise of the Bernese Oberland in winter. 100 km of toboggan runs are available

For sledders and tobogganers, a network of trails extends directly above Adelboden on Tschentenalp for sledders of all levels. Classic wooden toboggans, modern airboards and stylish skigibles can be rented directly on site.

From Reichenbach in the Kiental you can take the chairlift to Berghaus Ramslauenen, from where you can also take a 20-minute sled ride down into the valley. You should not miss a night sledge ride.

Some popular toboggan runs:

  • Big Pintenfritz from Faulhorn (2681 m above sea level) 15 km via Bussalp to Grindelwald
  • Sulwald - Isenfluh - Lauterbrunnen 8 km
  • Männlichen - Holenstein 5.9 km
  • Eiger glacier - Kleine Scheidegg (Jungfrau Eiger Run) 2.3 km
  • Alpiglen - Brandegg 1.9 km (also night sledging)
  • Grindelwald First - Bort 4.6 km
  • Mürren 5.7 km
  • Eggli to Gstaad 6.4 km
  • Kleine Scheidegg-Alpiglen 4.9 km
  • Wengen 6.9 km
  • Grosse Scheidegg - Schwarzwaldalp 5.3 km
  • Wiriehorn sledging trail (Diemtigtal) 5.6 km
  • Hornberg - Saanersloch 3.4 km
  • Männlichen summit to mountain station 600 m
  • Sledging park Adelboden 14 km
  • BodmiArena Grindelwald
  • Sulwald Isenfluh 4 km

If you buy a day ticket for the Wengen - Männlichen or Grindelwald Männlichen cable cars, the sled rental is already included.

Here you can book some sledging activities in the Bernese Oberland directly:

 Sledding Big Pintenfritz (Photo: Jungfrau Region) Sledding Big Pintenfritz (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
Sledding (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Sledding (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

Winter hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing

In winter, the Bernese Oberland has a total of 200 km of signposted winter hiking trails and snowshoe trails as well as 350 km of cross-country ski trails. If you get the Top4 ski pass, you can use all lifts and mountain railroads in the four ski regions of Adelboden-Lenk, Gstaad, Jungfrau-Region and Meiringen-Hasliberg.

Guided tours are also offered for snowshoeing in the Bernese Oberland:

Ice skating

Some lakes in the Bernese Oberland are also suitable for ice skating in winter. One of the most impressive natural spectacles is Lake Oeschinen above Kandersteg, which is covered with black ice and is open for skating in winter. Lake Lauenen in the Louwental and Lake Hinterstocken near Erlenbach in the Simmental are also popular with ice skaters.

Winter hiking Mürren (Photo: MySwitzerland Matthias Nutt)Winter hiking Mürren (Photo: MySwitzerland Matthias Nutt)
Cross-country skiing Grindelwald (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Cross-country skiing Grindelwald (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

other activities and experiences

The excursion boats on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz also operate in the cold season. Something special are the fondue boats, on which you can enjoy the hot version of delicious Swiss cheeses during the trip

  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • llama and alpaca trekking, also goat trekking
  • Rope park Interlaken
  • mini golf
  • Horseback riding or riding in a horse-drawn carriage

Events in the Bernese Oberland

The annual calendar is full of events in the Bernese Oberland. Whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter - there's something happening in the Bernese Oberland all year round. The range of events in the Bernese Oberland is very broad. There are internationally acclaimed ski and snowboard events and top concerts. But also the cozy hut magic and traditional alpine dairymen evenings are very popular.

Among the most famous events are:

  • January: Ski World Cup Race near Adelboden
  • January Biathlon Swiss Cup Kandersteg
  • Mid-January: Lauberhornrennen Ski World Cup races in Wengen
  • Mid January World Snow Festival Grindelwald (meter-high snow figures)
  • middle - end of January International Inferno Race (amateurs) in Mürren
  • Mid - end of January Audi Skicross European Cup & FIS in Lenk i.S.
  • Mid - end of January Inferno Combined Giant Slalom in Mürren
  • middle - end of January Snow Bike Festival Gstaad
  • middle - end of January Inferno Downhill (Amateurs) Mürren
  • End of January Thuner Fasnacht Thun
  • Beginning of February Velogemel World Championship Grindelwald
  • Beginning of February International Sled Dog Race Lenk i.S.
  • March FIS Telemark World Cup and Junior World Championships Mürren
  • End of March Audi Snowboard Series Lenk i.S.
  • End of March Whitestyle Open (Freeskiing) Mürren
  • Beginning of April Lauberhorn Run Wengen
  • May Telemark Only Schilthorn Mürren
  • June Greenfield Festival Interlaken
  • End of June International Trucker & Country Festival Interlaken
  • End of June Mountainrun Grindelwald to First
  • End of June SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon Grindelwald
  • July Swatch Beach Volleyball Major Gstaad
  • July Ironman Switzerland Thun
  • July Swiss Open (Tennis Tournament) Gstaad
  • middle of July Eiger Ultra Trail Grindelwald
  • August Glacier 3000 Run Gstaad
  • August ENDURO - Eiger Bike-Challenge Grindelwald
  • August SeaSide Festival Spiez
  • End of August Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad Saanen
  • September Jungfrau Marathon Lauterbrunnen
  • September Spiezmärit after the Läset-Sunntig in Spiez
  • October Light Art Festival Grindelwald
  • November Open-Air Curling Tournament in Gstaad
  • December 6 Samichlous procession Adelboden
  • December FIS Cup Ski Jumping Kandersteg

Every year the Tell open-air plays are organized in Interlaken, bringing well-known plays of William Tell to the stage.

At the ice rink area near Gstaad, various festivals and activities are held throughout the year as part of Gstaad Alive. These include the Ländlerfest, bike workshops and food events.

The Mannried Open Air in the green Simmetal combines pop music, hard rock, country, blues and folk music. This is also a fixed point in the annual calendar of events in the Bernese Oberland.

Traditional village festivals, spring, summer and autumn festivals as well as alpine cheese and bell markets round off the events program in the Bernese Oberland. After all, there are still over 3000 farms in the region. Therefore, traditional festivals are held regularly.

World Snow Festival birds (Photo: Jungfrau Region)World Snow Festival birds (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
Ironman Switzerland Thun (Photo: MySwitzerland)Ironman Switzerland Thun (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Hotels in the Bernese Oberland

Most hotels, chalets and vacation homes are designed in traditional alpine style with many wooden elements. You can enjoy the greatest possible freedom on vacation in a vacation home in the middle of the wild mountain world. There, hiking trails and ski slopes are right on your doorstep.

There are also several campsites and vacation villages in the Bernese Oberland. Camping Aaregg has 200 pitches on Lake Brienz with good infrastructure. Besides boat trips, you can also go cycling or hiking here

If you are looking for an unusual place to stay, you will quickly find it in the Bernese Oberland and the Jungfrau region. One example is the Tubbo Sky Room, which belongs to the Parkhotel Gunten and was built directly above Lake Thun. Inside the transparent tube, you'll have a breathtaking all-around view of the lake from your box spring bed day and night. The 3 star Parkhotel Gunten has 51 rooms and a SPA.

You can also sleep under the starry night sky in the romantic outdoor bed on the roof terrace of the four-star hotel Carlton in Interlaken . Here, breakfast is served to you in bed after the first rays of sunshine. A wellness village and an in-house natural swimming pool are part of the hotel

In a room designed like a beehive with a glass ceiling you sleep in the garden of the Grindelwald Youth Hostel. A hot tub, a large outdoor bathing barrel, can be used in all weathers.

Hotel Hotel Carlton (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Hotel Hotel Carlton (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
Grindelwald Youth Hostel (Photo: MySwitzerland)Grindelwald Youth Hostel (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Restaurants in the Bernese Oberland

Numerous mountain huts await hungry hikers and skiers. Often the huts are perched on spectacular rocky outcrops and in unreal mountain and glacier landscapes. From the terrace you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountain world of the Bernese Alps. And this while feasting on cheese fondue, spaetzli and Zürcher Geschnetzelte.

Restaurant on the Harder Kulm

Perched on Interlaken's local mountain is a restaurant with a red-tiled roof and matching pointed turret. The huge sun terrace offers a beautiful panoramic view from the Harder Kulm. The restaurant can be reached via the Harder cable car, on foot or by car. The restaurant is open during the cable car operating hours in summer

Lake Brienz is on the left, the view goes to Giessbach with the waterfalls in the west behind the lake. To the east, Iseltwald and the area up to the Schynigen Platte are visible. Lake Thun is visible on the right, the mountains Niesen (2362m) and Drunengalm (2408m) are well visible behind. In the background the mountain range of the four-thousanders is visible

Piz Gloria revolving restaurant

The revolving restaurant on the Schilthorn rotates 360 degrees with two rings and thus offers a panoramic view of the mountains while dining. The Bernese and Valais Alps offer the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as a special highlight. On the other side, the view goes over Lake Thun, the Jura massif and the romantic Mittelland.

You can book the Schilthorn Ticket including Brunch or as James Bond Package including lunch.

Restaurant Piz Gloria (Photo: MySwitzerland)Restaurant Piz Gloria (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Harder Kulm Panorama Restaurant (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Harder Kulm Panorama Restaurant (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)

Arrival in the Bernese Oberland

By car you can easily take the freeways A6 from Bern or A8 from Lucerne. On site you enjoy the greatest possible flexibility by car. From Bern you drive about 1 hour to Interlaken, from Lucerne 1:45 hours and from Zurich about 2 hours

By plane you can reach the Bernese Oberland via Zurich airport or Geneva airport. From Zurich the A3 freeway leads to the A14, where you reach the connection to the A8 freeway. From Geneva you first have to drive over the northern shore of Lake Geneva to the European road E27 in the direction of Fribourg and Berne. From there, the A6 freeway leads to the Bernese Oberland.

For motorcyclists, the majestic pass roads into the Bernese Oberland are a dream. The Grimsel Pass comes from the Valais, the Brünig Pass from the Sarneraatal and the Susten Pass from the canton of Uri. In winter, however, the pass roads are closed.

You can get to the Bernese Oberland quickly and comfortably by train. The best local means of transport are the numerous mountain railroads, cable cars and cogwheel railroads. More than fifty mountain railroads provide access to the entire alpine region of the Bernese Oberland. The post bus regularly connects the villages and the valley stations of the mountain railroads.

Grimsel Pass (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Grimsel Pass (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
Grosse Scheidegg (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Grosse Scheidegg (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

Below are some of the most famous mountain railroads.

Cogwheel railroads in the Bernese Oberland

namefrom - to
Jungfraubahn (JB)Kleine Scheidegg-Jungfraujoch
Schynige Platte Railway (SPB)Wilderswil-Schynige Platte
Brienz-Rothorn Railway (BRB)Brienz-Rothorn Kulm
Wengernalp Railway (WAB)Grindelwald-Kleine Scheidegg
Wengernalpbahn (WAB)Lauterbrunnen-Wengen-Kleine Scheidegg
Schynige Platte Lake Thun rack railroad steam locomotive (Photo: MySwitzerland)Schynige Platte Lake Thun rack railroad steam locomotive (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Brienzer Rothorn steam locomotive (Photo: Brienzer Rothorn Bahn)Brienzer Rothorn steam locomotive (Photo: Brienzer Rothorn Bahn)

Funicular railroads in the Bernese Oberland

namefrom - to
Grütschalpbahn (BLM)Lauterbrunnen - Grütschalp (Mürren)
Niesenbahn (NB)Mülenen - Schwandegg - Niesen Kulm
Reichenbachfallbahn (RfB)Meiringen - Reichenbachfall
AlmendhubelbahnMürren - Almendhubel
Lake Thun-Beatenberg Railway (BBB)Beatenbucht - Beatenberg
Trümmelbach Falls Railway (TBF)Lauterbrunnen, Trümmelbach Falls
Erlenbahn (KWO)Handegg - Erlen
Harderbahn (HB)Interlaken - Harder Kulm
Harderbahn (HB)Interlaken - Harder Kulm
Interlaken-Heimwehfluh cable car (DIH)Interlaken - Heimwehfluh
Giessbachbahn (GbB)Giessbach Lake - Giessbach
Niederhorn Railway (NHB)Beatenberg
Biel-Leubringen Railway (FUNIC-BE)Biel/Bienne - Evilard/Leubringen
Biel-Magglingenn-Bahn (FUNIC-BM)Biel/Bienne - Magglingen/Macolin
Niesen (Photo: Niesenbahn)Niesen (Photo: Niesenbahn)
Harderbahn Schynige Platte (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Harderbahn Schynige Platte (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)

Gondola lifts (up to 8 seats) in the Bernese Oberland

namefrom - to
ASBAdelboden - Oey - Sillerenbühl
BGFGrindelwald - Bort - Schreckfeld - First
BLBLenk - Stoss - Betelberg
BSSZweisimmen - Eggweid - Rinderberg
GGMGrindelwald - Holenstein - Männlichen
GKOKandersteg - Oeschinen
LGEGstaad - Eggli
LGHaGeils - Hahnenmoos
LGWGstaad - Bodme - Höhi Wispile
LTKHasliberg-Twing - Käserstatt
MHBHasliberg-Reuti - Bidmi - Mägisalp
MHBMägisalp - Planplatten (Alpen tower)
RLSSchönried - Rellerligrat
SBN(Beatenbucht-) Beatenberg - Niederhorn
Brienzer Rothorn gondola (Photo: MySwitzerland)Brienzer Rothorn gondola (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Beatenberg group gondola (Photo: Beatenberg Tourism)Beatenberg group gondola (Photo: Beatenberg Tourism)

Aerial tramways (from 6 seats) in the Bernese Oberland

namefrom - to
AllmenalpbahnKandersteg - Allmenalp
BLMLauterbrunnen - Mürren
GlacierReusch - Oldenegg
LISIsenfluh - Sulwald
KWGsteig - Sanetsch
LEEElsigbach (Frutigen) - Elsigenalp
LEStErlenbach in the Simmental - Chrindi - Stockhorn
LGPGrindelwald - Pfingstegg
LKSKandersteg - Sunnbüel (Gemmi)
LSMSStechelberg - Gimmelwald - Mürren - Birg - Schilthorn
LUBE (Globibahn)Unter dem Birg (Adelboden) - Engstligenalp
LWMWengen - Männlichen
MBLLenk (Rotenbach) - Metsch
MHBMeiringen - Hasliberg Reuti
Engstligenalp (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Engstligenalp (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Pfingstegg (Photo: Jungfrau Region Grindelwald Tourism)Pfingstegg (Photo: Jungfrau Region Grindelwald Tourism)

The Regionalpass Berner Oberland is interesting. It offers free travel on all buses, trains, excursion boats and 20 mountain railroads. You also get discounts at all participating partner businesses. Since the sights in the Bernese Oberland are close together, they are also easily accessible by bike.