Rigi viewpoint Känzli (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Rigi - The Queen of the Mountains

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With magnificent nature and a panoramic view of mountains, lakes and forests, the mighty Rigi received its nickname Queen of the Mountains.

10 Highlights of the Rigi

  • In just a few minutes, visitors can be hiking, paragliding, skiing and sledding at 1,752 meters above sea level on Rigi
  • There is a wide range of leisure activities on Rigi at any time of the year
  • From the mountain peaks of Rigi, all players enjoy breathtaking views over Lake Lucerne, the Swiss Alps and the Swiss Mittelland.
  • The 12 mountain peaks and elevations on the massif are popular destinations for short and long hikes. Several of them can be reached directly by one of the 9 mountain railroads.
  • The 5 caves on the Rigi massif are called Balmen. Two of them are reached directly by the rack railroad from Vitznau. Events for up to 300 people are held regularly in the Grübisbalm.
  • The Hohle Gasse between Immensee and Küssnacht made Wilhelm Tell famous. He is said to have killed the bailiff Gessler here.
  • 10 pretty chapels are scattered along the Rigi mountain massif. One of them is located directly on Lake Lucerne, at the foot of the Rigi. Another is the mountain chapel on the Kulm, which is the only one not permanently open.
  • The bubble seats with mountain panorama and wellness treatments in the Mineralbad & Spa at Hotel Rigi Kaltbad are very popular. The Alpenwellness Chäserenholz offers a whey bath in the middle of nature.
  • 4 launch sites for paragliding and 5 landing sites make it hard to choose.
  • Carriage rides on the Rigi are available mainly from Kaltbad: in summer by horse-drawn carriage, in winter by horse-drawn sleigh.

The Rigi is a popular destination in winter as well as in summer. The Rigi cable cars bring visitors from all sides of the mountain massif to the vacation settlements as well as to the mountain peaks of the Rigi.

Summer (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Summer (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Winter (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Winter (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Mountain railroads to the Rigi

While the four Rigi cableways - Vitznau-Rigi-Bahn, Arth-Rigi-Bahn, Weggis-Rigi Kaltbad and Kräbel-Rigi Scheidegg - are operated by Rigi Bahnen AG, the remaining aerial cableways are under the supervision of the respective specially founded aerial cableway companies.

Vitznau-Rigi rack railway

The historic cogwheel train from Vitznau takes about half an hour to reach Rigi Kulm. This trip is popularly combined from Lucerne with a boat trip across Lake Lucerne. Even today, this train often pulls a steam locomotive. The Vitznau-Rigi Railway was put into operation on May 21, 1871 as the first rack railroad in Europe. It celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2021. The railroad departs from Vitznau and thus starts directly on the shore of Lake Lucerne.

In Rigi Kaltbad there is a direct connection to the cable car to Weggis. From Rigi Staffelhöhe, the view changes from the lake to the Mittelland to the Jura. Even the Black Forest and the Vosges Mountains come into view behind Lake Zug. With the rack railroad, the view can be enjoyed particularly intensively due to the slow ride.

The railroad runs on the south side of the Rigi from the valley station Vitznau for 7 kilometers to Rigi Kulm. An intermediate station of the historic rack railroad is Rigi Staffelhöhe, where the Vitznau-Rigi Railway and the Arth-Rigi Railway meet.

All stations of the Vitznau Rigi Railway:

  • Vitznau (435 m above sea level)
  • Mittlerschwanden
  • Grubisbalm
  • Freibergen
  • Romiti rock gate
  • Kaltbad ridge
  • Relay height
  • Relay
  • Kulm (1,752 m above sea level)

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Vitznau (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Vitznau (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Vitznau (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Vitznau (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Goldau-Rigi rack railway

The second rack railroad starts its journey on the other side of the Rigi in Arth-Goldau and takes half an hour to reach Kulm. Since 1875, the railroad has been running from the valley station on Lake Zug on a length of 8.55 kilometers up to Rigi Kulm.

All stations of the Arth Rigi Bahn:

  • Arth-Goldau
  • Kräbel
  • Fruttli
  • Klösterli
  • Wölfertschen-First
  • Relay
  • Kulm (1,752 m above sea level)
Goldau Arth (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Goldau Arth (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Goldau Winter (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Goldau Winter (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Vitznau - Hinterbergen aerial cableway

Two cable cars also start in Vitznau. One of them is the Vitznau-Hinterbergen aerial cableway, which takes visitors to the farmsteads and hamlets of the Hinterbergen district. The aerial cableway is open around the clock, as there is a ticket machine. Evening rides are especially beautiful, best combined with an impressive full moon night hike

A special feature of this aerial tramway is the fact that there is no official timetable. The ride is only operated on demand and groups of eight or more people should book in advance.

Vitznau-Wissifluh aerial cableway

The Vitznau-Wissifluh aerial cableway also operates around the clock on demand. This is done via the mountain hotel there on tel. no. 041 397 13 27. The gondolas of the aerial cableway cover one kilometer in length and 448 meters in altitude without an intermediate support.

This is the first time that a combination of aerial tramway and aerial tramway has been constructed

Weggis - Kaltbad aerial cableway

It takes 10 minutes to reach the mountain village of Kaltbad from the valley station at Weggis on Lake Lucerne. From the popular resort, there is a direct connection to the Vitznau-Rigi cable car, which runs 2.3 kilometers to the highest peak, Rigi-Kulm, at 1,752 meters, and to the Gratalp ski lift. The Weggis-Kaltbad aerial cableway is one of the four mountain railroads managed by Rigi Bahnen AG. It operates as a reversible aerial tramway with gondolas designed to carry 76 people. In one hour, 640 guests can be transported.

Kräbel - Rigi-Scheidegg aerial tramway

The Kräbel-Rigi Scheidegg aerial tramway, which was only completely re-commissioned in 2017 and is one of the four mountain railroads managed by Rigi Bahnen AG, takes guests in two cabins of 15 passengers each from the Kräbel valley station near Arth-Goldau to the 1,658-meter-high summit of Rigi Scheidegg in six minutes. Kräbel also has a station on the Goldau-Rigi cogwheel railroad, which goes up to Kulm.

Küssnacht - Seebodenalp aerial cableway

From the village of Küssnacht, which straddles a promontory between Lake Lucerne and Lake Zug, the Küssnacht-Seebodenalp aerial cableway takes visitors up to the sunny plateau of Seebodenalp, 1,030 meters above sea level, in just eight minutes every half hour. The popular hiking and winter sports area is located directly below Rigi Kulm. The cable car is operated by Küssnacht-Seebodenalp AG.

Brunnen - Urmiberg aerial cableway

From the valley station of the village of Brunnen, which lies on the southeastern edge of the Rigi on the shores of Lake Lucerne, the Brunnen-Urmiberg aerial cableway takes you steeply uphill to an altitude of 1,135 meters on the Urmiberg. The aerial cableway, operated by the railroad company of the same name, runs every half hour.

Obergschwend - Rigi Burggeist aerial cableway

About five kilometers above Gersau is the Obergschwend valley station, from where the aerial cableway runs to the Rigi Burggeist station. The ride up to 1,551 meters takes eight minutes. The cable car always runs on the half and full hour. The cable car is operated by the railroad company of the same name. In addition, a winter sports bus runs between Obergschwend and Gersau whenever the cable car is in operation.

Weggis (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Weggis (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Kräbel (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Kräbel (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Sights on the Rigi mountain massif

Worth seeing are first and foremost the many mountain peaks and elevations of the Rigi. In a way, the sights already include the railroads that bring thousands of visitors to the top every day. The nostalgic rack railroads are an experience, but also the modern cable cars are a magnet for vacationers and excursionists. In addition to saving an enormous amount of time, they offer above all the enjoyment of unique nature above the lake landscape in the midst of the many mountain peaks.

With a helicopter sightseeing flight 30 min from Lucerne you will gain a wonderful overview of the Rigi. It is also offered as a Helicopter sightseeing flight from Lucerne in 20 min.

The most important sights on the Rigi - mountain massif are:

  • Mountain peaks and elevations on the Rigi massif
  • Caves of the Rigi
  • Hollow alley
  • Mountain chapels on the Rigi

Mountain peaks and elevations on the Rigi massif

As a mighty mountain massif, the Rigi has quite a few mountain peaks and elevations. The highest peak is Rigi Kulm at almost 1,800 meters above sea level. Not all mountain peaks are reached by the Rigi cable cars.


1.797 meters high is the highest of the Rigi peaks. The two rack railroads go up to it from Arth and Vitznau respectively. At the top you can enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets. During the day, thirteen lakes and a whole sea of mountain peaks are visible all around. In summer, people hike or paraglide on the Kulm, and in winter, snowshoeing and sledding are favorite pastimes.


1.The mountain peak to the west of the Urmiberg measures 698 meters. It overlooks Lake Lucerne on its southern slope and Lake Lauerz on its northern side. Hochflue (also Hochfluh) is the most alpine of the three big peaks in the Rigi massif and is not accessible by cable car.

Kulm (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Kulm (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Hochflue (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Hochflue (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Rigi Scheidegg

1658 m above sea level is the third highest peak of the Rigi massif. The Scheidegg gives a view of Goldau and Gersau with the Gersau basin on the south side. The cable car station 160 meters to the east is called Rigi Scheidegg. The ark on the highest point allows a 360 degree panoramic view. High above the sea of fog, the sun shines particularly long here. The view extends as far as the Black Forest and the Grisons mountains. On the other side, the Bernese Alps with Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau can be seen.

Rigi Rotstock

At 1650 m above sea level lies the mountain peak Rotstock. From Rigi Staffel the path leads with a short ascent to the Rotstock-Bänkli. From here the view goes over the Lake Lucerne and the Central Swiss Alps. The Rigi Bahnen weather camera is located on the Rotstock. The breathtaking 360° view of lakes and mountains makes this vantage point unique.

Rigi Dossen

The Dossen is 1684 m above sea level and is appreciated on hikes as a beautiful vantage point over Lake Lucerne.

Scheidegg (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Scheidegg (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Rotstock (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Rotstock (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Rigi Staffel

The summit of the Staffel is situated at 1603 m above sea level. It can be reached by rack railroads from Vitznau and Arth. Hiking trails from here lead to Kaltbad, to Seebodenalp or to Klösterli. The restaurants Bärggnuss and Bahnhöfli are located here.

Rigi Kaltbad

Rigi Kaltbad lies at 1433 m above sea level and is a wellness oasis. The summit is reached by rack railroad from Vitznau and by cable car from Weggis. Kaltbad is very popular with excursionists already because of the thermal bath. The car-free area has several hotels, a village store with delicacies and a sports store. At the viewpoint Chänzeli (Känzeli) the sunset is legendary.

Relay (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Relay (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Cold bath (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Cold bath (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Rigi Klösterli

The hamlet of Rigi Klösterli lies at 1316 m above sea level, embedded in the slopes of the eastern side of the Rigi. Numerous Capuchin monks used to live in this place of pilgrimage, which is steeped in history. The chapel "Maria zum Schnee" was built more than 300 years ago. It is located near the caves and grottoes characteristic of this area. Here rushes the Rigi Aa, a tributary of the Lorze. The pretty hermitage is one of the most beautiful mountain chapels in the world.


Urmiberg is situated at 1135 m above sea level, about 700 m above Brunnen. The cable car brings visitors from Brunnen up to Urmiberg. Deep below, the Lake of Uri glitters, framed by steeply rising mountains. The Urmiberg is the starting point for paragliding flights and for challenging hikes that lead far into the Rigi region.

Klösterli (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Klösterli (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Urmiberg (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Urmiberg (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)


Hinterbergen-Wissifluh is situated at an altitude of 1,100 meters. The very popular hiking spot is reached in a few minutes by cable car from Vitznau. Hinterbergen is situated on the south side of the Rigi in an intact natural landscape. It has an impressive biodiversity and a particularly beautiful view.


Situated at 1,030 meters above sea level, Seebodenalp is a high plateau to enjoy. The aerial cableway from Küssnacht reaches Seebodenalp every half hour, which lies like an offshore terrace between Rigi Kulm and Lake Lucerne. Rustic inns pamper the numerous hikers and a torchlight hike through the night on Seebodenalp is particularly popular. By car, you can reach Seebodenalp within 15 minutes from Küssnacht, which also has parking spaces.


Obergschwend is located below the Hochflue at an altitude of 1012 meters. Hochflue is reached over rocks by means of chains and wire ropes on a difficult mountain hike. From Hochflue there are wonderful views. A mountain bus runs from Gersau to Obergschwend. Between Obergschwend and Burggeist there is a connection via cable car.

Hinterbergen Wissifluh (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Hinterbergen Wissifluh (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Seebodenalp (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Seebodenalp (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Caves of the Rigi

Caves on the Rigi are called "balm". The term comes from Celtic and means something like "niche-like cavity". Several interesting caves have already been discovered within the Rigi. They are clustered in the Nagelfluh walls of the Rigi. Due to weathering of the marl layers, they were formed mainly where frost also entered. In the limestone walls of the Vitznauer Stock and the Hochflue, the caves were also formed by weathering.

The two most famous Balmen are located above Vitznau and can be reached by rack railroad from Vitznau. In one of the caves festivities take place regularly, the other one is unique from an archaeological point of view. Other well-known caves are the Drachenloch, the Brüdersbalm and the Ziltenersbalm.

Cave Steigelfadbalm

The cave was demonstrably inhabited by Neanderthals. Stone artifacts found here prove this. In addition, excavations revealed remains of cave bears. The Steigelfadbalm cave can be reached from Hinterbergen on a mountain hiking trail. From Vitznau, the Mittlerschwanden station can be reached by rack railroad. From here the cave is easily accessible on foot. Archaeological insights are provided by an information board on site.

Cave Gruebisbalm

This cave is already 100,000 years old and the largest cave on the Rigi. It has a waterfall at the entrance and a small lake inside. The spring that comes out favors the weathering and favors the hollowing. The cave Gruebisbalm is used for spectacular ceremonies. Therefore, it is opened only by reservation. Up to 300 people can be accommodated in the cave, which is reached via the rack railroad from Vitznau. Buffet, magical entertainment and alphorn players are offered. Clothing adapted to the cave climate is important. Ascent from Vitznau with the Rigi Railway, from 18:15, buffet from 19:00, descent to Vitznau, from 23:08.

Cave Drachenloch

The most famous cave on the Vitznauer Stock is unfortunately inaccessible. Drachenloch is the name of this cave and Drachensessel is the name of the rock head protruding above it. Both can be seen in the west of the summit of the Vitznauer Stock, above the Stockrübi. The Rigi dragon is said to have dwelled here. It is said that it flew with a loud roar from here across Lake Lucerne to its fellow dragon on Mount Pilatus. It was described as a flying lindworm with panther paws, spine armed with spikes and fire-breathing breath.

Caves Brüdersbalm and Ziltenersbalm

The Brüdersbalm is the highest known cave on the Rigi. It is located at about 1,500 m.a.s.l. south of Rigi Kulm and about four kilometers east of Kaltbad. There is an official fireplace in front of the waterfall. Together with the Ziltenersbalm, which is about seven meters lower, the Bruedersbalm forms a double balm.

Next to the Bruedersbalm there is an official fireplace at rock niches next to a small waterfall. It is idyllically situated and therefore a little insider tip for hikers. The fireplace can be reached after a 30-minute walk from Rigi Staffel, between the alpine huts Trieb and Des Alpes.

Steigelfadbalm (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Steigelfadbalm (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Grübisbalm (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Grübisbalm (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Hollow alley

The Hohle Gasse is one of the best known stretches of road in Switzerland. It is located between Immensee and Küssnacht. The Hohle Gasse is 250 meters long and connects the main road and the Tell's Chapel built in 1638. The paved path was bordered with rough stones from Riginagelfluh. Here the crossbow bullet of William Tell is said to have killed the bailiff Gessler.

Hohle Gasse Autumn (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Hohle Gasse Autumn (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Hohle Gasse Autumn (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Hohle Gasse Autumn (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)


The chapels on Mount Rigi are popular destinations for excursions. They are also popular for weddings. With the exception of the mountain chapel on Kulm, the chapels are open around the clock. The Rigi has a total of nine chapels on the mountain massif, and others are located at the foot of the Rigi:

  • Rigi Kulm Mountain Chapel
  • Reformed mountain church Kaltbad
  • Scheidegg Chapel
  • Maria zum Schnee pilgrimage chapel
  • St Wendelin Chapel Seebodenalp
  • St Josef Chapel
  • Langberg Chapel
  • Rock chapel St Michael
  • Holy Cross Chapel Weggis
  • Kindlikapelle Gersau (on the lake) - oldest and very popular chapel on the Rigi

Some of the most interesting chapels are presented here in more detail:

pilgrimage chapel Maria zum Schnee

It is considered one of the most beautiful mountain chapels ever. built in 1688 for the alpine dairymen of the Rigi, it is today considered one of the most beautiful mountain chapels in the world. Due to the large number of pilgrims, the Maria zum Schnee chapel was replaced by a larger pilgrimage chapel as early as 1721. Today the small chapel Maria zum Schnee is used for romantic wedding ceremonies. The church can accommodate 150 people.

Mountain chapel Rigi Kulm "Regina Montium"

The mountain chapel is located on the Rigi Kulm. It is the youngest chapel in the parish of Arth. It was built of simple natural stone and consecrated on Easter Monday 1967. It is often used for weddings and baptisms and can accommodate 80 people. To visit the mountain chapel, you have to ask at the Rigi Kulm Hotel.

Scheidegg Chapel (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Scheidegg Chapel (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Küssnacht Chapel (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Küssnacht Chapel (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Rock Chapel St. Michael

The catholic rock chapel St. Michael stands on the Känzeliweg. It was built in 1779, nestled between rock faces, on the site of an earlier chapel. For locals and visitors, this chapel is considered a special place of power.

There is a legend about this place, which used to be called Schwesternborn. Three pious sisters are said to have retreated here at the beginning of the 14th century. They fled from violent bailiffs. After the death of the sisters, who are said to have led a holy life here, a healing spring is said to have sprung up here. Since then, many people seek healing by bathing in the cold spring water. The name Kaltbad also comes from this. The chapel, which belongs to the municipality of Weggis, has room for 120 people and is well suited for weddings and baptisms.

Kindlikapelle Gersau (Maria Hilf)

The Kindlikapelle is located at the foot of the Rigi directly on the lake. It was consecrated in 1570 and enlarged in 1707. It became known worldwide through paintings and photographs and is particularly popular because of its idyllic surroundings. There is room for about 80 people in the chapel, which is actually called "Maria Hilf", but is popularly known as "Käppeli zum Kindli".

Rock Chapel St Michael (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Rock Chapel St Michael (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Kindli Chapel Gersau (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Kindli Chapel Gersau (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Activities on the Rigi Massif

In summer, the Rigi is a particularly popular destination for leisure activities. Since the mountain massif is very well accessible via the mountain railroads, the activities are spread over the entire area.

  • Hiking over the Rigi
  • Trail running
  • difficult mountain tours
  • Mountain biking and cycling
  • Rope park Rigi
  • Children's playgrounds on the Rigi massif
  • Miniature golf course at Rigi Kaltbad
  • Llama trekking on the Rigi

Some activities can be practiced all year round. However, paragliding in particular always requires close observation of the weather. In the case of tandem flights, it is quite possible that these will have to be postponed at short notice due to the weather.

  • Paragliding from the Rigi
  • Ride on the historic Vitznau rack railroad to Rigi Kulm
  • Wellness on the Rigi
  • Rides with the horse-drawn carriage / horse-drawn sleigh

The most popular winter activities include:

  • Skiing and snowboarding, freeride - skiing
  • Sledding
  • Winter hiking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ice skating, curling and curling with ice sticks
  • Cross-country skiing

There are numerous ski slopes on the Rigi. The necessary equipment can also be rented at various locations.

Mountain hiking (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Mountain hiking (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
 Mountain hiking (Photo: Rigi Bahnen) Mountain hiking (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Hiking over the Rigi

On the mountain massif there are easy hiking trails for the whole family, which even children and older people without mountain experience can manage well. Hikes classified as moderately difficult already require a certain level of fitness. The trails classified as difficult are for experienced mountain hikers with very good physical condition. The summer hikes are possible in the period from May to October. In total, there are about 120 kilometers of hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty on the Rigi.

Very relaxed you enjoy a guided day tour Rigi from Lucerne. Train and boat tickets are already included in the price. The day tour Rigi from Zurich also includes a stroll through Lucerne.

Some examples of hikes:

Mark Twain Weg (Weggiser Rigiweg)

This is a historic trail that pilgrims used in the past to seek out the healing spring at the chapel. Later, litter bearers and horse-drawn carriages used it to bring famous people or goods to the Rigi.

The Mark Twain Weg starts in Weggis at the Schifflände. This is where the name Weggiser Rigiweg comes from. Via the Heiligkreuz Chapel, the Felsentor, the Kaltbad and the Staffel, it leads up to the Kulm. Mark Twain describes this path in one of his books and thus became the eponym.

  • 10.8 km
  • 5:50 hrs.
  • 1361 vertical meters ascent
  • 28 meters of descent

Rigi Panorama Trail

The Panoramaweg is an easy hiking trail with a moderate ascent. Within two hours, just under seven kilometers are hiked. The starting point is the Wölfertschen-First (1478 m), which is reached by the rack railroad from Arth. The panorama trail is marked with yellow signposts. In addition, there are trail signs for accessibility with a green square and the route number 848, which also mark the Panorama Trail. However, some very difficult passages are included for wheelchair users. The trail leads along the former Scheideggbahn to the destination Scheidegg.

  • 6.9 km
  • 2 hrs.
  • 215 vertical meters ascent
  • 51 meters of descent
Mark Twain Weg (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Mark Twain Weg (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Panorama path (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Panorama path (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Rigi Kaltbad to Kulm and back

This circular hike starts and ends in Kaltbad (1,436 m). You can take the cable car from Weggis to Kaltbad. 362 meters in altitude are a rather gradual ascent over a length of about four kilometers to Kulm. Therefore, this hiking is classified as easy.

  • 8.6 km
  • 3:00 hrs.
  • 362 vertical meters ascent
  • 362 meters of descent

Rigi Kulm Ridge

This hike is considered easy because the path leads steadily downwards. However, there are more than 400 meters of altitude to climb down and in some places this is not to be underestimated. The trail leads via Kulmhütte, Obere Schwändihütte and Des Alpes to Klösterli.

  • 4.1 km
  • 1:15 hrs.
  • 12 vertical meters ascent
  • 444 vertical meters descent

Kulm - Seebodenalp "Grüezi Weg"

This easy hiking trail leads downwards. It is very popular especially with the locals. Starting point is the Kulm (1762 m) via Staffel (1604 m) and Holderen (1116 m) to the destination Seebodenalp (1020 m). From Staffel the path becomes very steep.

  • 4.4 km
  • 1:30 hrs.
  • 7 vertical meters ascent
  • 744 meters of altitude descent

Rigi Path of Natural Treasures

From Rigi Kaltbad the hike leads along the former route of the Rigi Railway between Kaltbad-Scheidegg. From Rigi First, the trail continues along a rocky path to Unterstetten. From Rigi First, 12 large display boards provide information about the natural treasures of the Rigi. Via Seeweg, Glettialp you reach Hinterbergen.

  • 5.7 km
  • 2:30 hrs.
  • 94 vertical meters ascent
  • 469 vertical meters descent

Rigi Kulm to Hinterbergen

The easy and pleasant trail starts at Kulm and leads via Staffel, Rigi First, Unterstetten and Glätti down to Hinterbergen. After the hike, visitors take the cable car from Hinterbergen down to Vitznau. The ample eight-kilometer hike records over one hundred meters of elevation gain. However, the majority of the way down is about eight hundred meters in altitude.

  • 8.1 km
  • 2:38 hrs.
  • 114 meters of ascent
  • 799 meters of descent

Rigi Flower Trail

This short and easy hike leads gently downhill and takes about 90 minutes. The trail starts in Staffel and leads via Staffelhöhe, Känzeli, Kaltbad and First to the Felsenweg. The flower path was established by Pro Rigi, an organization dedicated to nature and plant conservation here. There are several refreshment stops and a barbecue area along this path.

The section between Kaltbad and First can even be walked with a baby carriage. On this stretch, a board informs about the formation of the mountain. The Nagelfluh, typical of the Rigi, is particularly visible between Kaltbad and First.

After the hike, the descent back down to the valley starts at the stations Wölfertschen-First, Klösterli or Kaltbad.

  • 5.1 km
  • 1:30 hrs.
  • 3 vertical meters ascent
  • 175 vertical meters descent

Immensee-Scheidegg (9th stage of the Switzerland crossing from Basel to Valtellina)

This part of the stage of the Switzerland crossing starts on the first six kilometers with a steep ascent of 1200 meters of altitude from Immensee to Kulm. The rest of the way up to Scheidegg is pleasant to hike and here there are also quite a few places to stop for refreshments. Because of the first part, the trail is classified as a difficult hike that requires a lot of fitness.

  • 14 km
  • 5:30 hrs.
  • 1359 vertical meters ascent
  • 176 meters of altitude descent

Tell-Trail stage 3: Brunnen - Rigi Kaltbad - Lucerne

The third part of the Wilhelm Tell Trail combines a 5-hour hike with a cable car ride, a rack railway ride and a boat ride across Lake Lucerne to Lucerne. The trail begins at Lake Lucerne in Brunnen with the cable car ride up to the Urmiberg. 740 meters of ascent have to be mastered as the trail now goes over the Gätterlipass, past the Burggeist mountain inn and to the Känzeli - vantage point with its wonderful view of the lake. Now it goes down to Kaltbad and with the rack railroad to Vitznau. In Vitznau the boat to Lucerne is waiting.

For the journey from Lucerne to Brunnen, it is recommended to take the S3 of the SBB. It takes about three quarters of an hour.

  • 37.8 km
  • 5 hrs.
  • 843 vertical meters ascent
  • 534 meters of altitude descent

Zwärgliweg Rigi Burggeist to Grossgschwend

A very suitable path for families with small children is the Zwärgliweg. It starts at the children's playground of the Burggeist Restaurant. Only 900 meters away is the playground of the Rigi Scheidegg Inn. A visit to both playgrounds can therefore be made before the hike. Via the Zwärgliweg, Obergschwend is reached after 90 minutes. On the hike the path leads over a ladder. Conversely, the path is less suitable for small children, as the more than 500 meters of altitude would then have to be overcome as an ascent.

The cable car leads to the Burggeist restaurant from Obergschwend.

  • 3.6 km
  • 1:30 hrs.
  • 3 vertical meters ascent
  • 543 vertical meters descent

Glacial trace Seebodenalp

This theme trail informs about the last ice age and the traces it left behind. The trail starts at the parking lot Seebodenalp and leads over the alp Ruodisegg, the Hinteren Boden and Holderen back to the starting point. An aerial cableway runs to Seeboden from Küssnacht.

  • 4.9 km
  • 1:30 hrs.
  • 102 vertical meters ascent
  • 109 vertical meters descent
Hiking (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Hiking (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Seebodenalp (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Seebodenalp (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Trail running

Trail running (also called trail running) is a long-distance run that is carried out away from paved roads. There are several trails in the Rigi area that are ideally suited for this purpose.

Weggis valley station on Rigi Kaltbad

From the Weggis valley station of the cable car, a steep trail running tour leads up to Kaltbad. 11.5 kilometers of trail is run in about two and a quarter hours. More than 1,000 meters of altitude are to be overcome in each case up and down.

From Kaltbad you can get back to Weggis by cable car if necessary.

  • 11.5 km
  • 2:15 hrs.
  • 1018 vertical meters ascent
  • 1006 vertical meters descent

Rigi from Vitznau to Arth

From Vitznau on the shores of Lake Lucerne, the trail runs via Eselberg and Gätterlipass to Goldau-Arth. The vertical meters to be completed are about 900 on about 13 kilometers.

  • 13.2 km
  • 2:15 hrs.
  • 922 vertical meters ascent
  • 848 meters of descent

Difficult mountain tours

Difficult mountain tours are to be completed exclusively by experienced mountain climbers with absolute freedom from vertigo and surefootedness. It also requires a good physical condition and the wearing of mountain boots.

Seebodenalp - Rigi Kulm rock path

This mountain tour is only three kilometers long and leads over rock and stone. The path is secured by stairs and steel ropes. It takes just under two hours to cover almost eight hundred meters of altitude. Lowest point at Seebodenalp 1,024 meters, highest point 1,795 meters above sea level. The cable car takes you to Seebodenalp from Küssnacht.

  • 3 km
  • 2 hrs.
  • 771 vertical meters ascent
  • 9 vertical meters descent

Weggis City - Rigi Kaltbad

From Weggis begins an ascent of more than one thousand meters in altitude, which later have to be mastered again in the descent. The ascent leads over Bodenberg, Obersentiberg, Farmhütte and Grüt to Kaltbad. The way back goes via Romiti Felsentor, past the garden restaurant Felsentor to Obersentiberg, Bannholz and Linde back to Weggis. This mountain hike takes at least seven hours. A long iron staircase secures the path through rocks. Healthy knees are very important for the descent.

  • 15.9 km
  • 7 hrs.
  • 1047 meters of ascent
  • 1057 meters of altitude descent

Arth-Goldau - Rigi Kulm - Seebodenalp

Almost 1300 meters of ascent from Goldau via Rigi Dächli to the Kulm are strenuous and require above all a very good physical condition. The descent is dangerous. On the first meters it can be slippery and there is still no safety here. Later, difficult parts are well secured with metal stirrups and wire ropes. The descent is via Ronenboden and Grodboden to Seebodenalp. From here you can take the cable car to Küssnacht. From here, the SBB S3 train runs every 30 minutes to Arth-Goldau (12 minutes travel time).

  • 11 km
  • 5:45 hrs.
  • 1290 vertical meters ascent
  • 780 vertical meters descent

Hochflue - round hike from Obergschwend

The name round hike doesn't really fit it. The difficult mountain hike contains just under 700 meters of ascent, some of which runs directly over the rocks. From Obergschwend you take the mountain road towards Käppeliberg and on to Zilistock. The blue-white marked alpine path leads up to Hochflue. Chains and wire ropes are attached to the rocks for safety. At the top of Hochflue you can enjoy the view of the long alpine chain and Lake Lucerne. The descent is via a steep staircase vertically downwards before continuing steadily downwards via the hiking trail. A mountain bus runs from Gersau to Obergschwend.

  • 6.4 km
  • 3:30 hrs.
  • 687 vertical meters ascent
  • 687 vertical meters descent
Nature Trail (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Nature Trail (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Seebodenalp (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Seebodenalp (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Mountain biking and cycling

Mountain biking and cycling sometimes take place on trails that are also used by hikers. Here, absolute consideration is important. The Rigi lifts do not transport any bicycles.

Arth-Goldau via Rigi Scheidegg and Rigi Kaltbad/Kulm back to Arth-Goldau

The mountain bike tour is just under forty kilometers long, covering about 1,800 meters of altitude gain in the approach and descent from Goldau. Between Gersaueralp up to Burggeist the bike has to be pushed (30 min).

  • 39.3 km
  • 5:45 hrs.
  • 1777 vertical meters ascent
  • 1777 vertical meters descent

Rigi round tour

This bike tour runs from Bernerhöhe via Klösterli, Rigi Staffel to Kulm. It continues again via Staffel to Seebodenalp and the Polenweg back to Bernerhöhe.

  • 27.2 km
  • 5:15 hrs.
  • 1388 vertical meters ascent
  • 1388 vertical meters descent
Bike tour (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Bike tour (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Bike tour (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Bike tour (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Rigi Rope Park

There is a large rope park on the Rigi. It offers easy and demanding challenges for visitors. Children as tall as 135 cm are allowed to participate. Staff members give instruction and assist in the selection and use of the facilities.

From mid-April, the rope park opens until autumn. At the Alpenhof Restaurant above Küssnacht, the large rope park can be found. A total of seven tree-top routes are available over a total length of four kilometers. The height varies for the different treetop routes. It is possible to change from route to route. Various challenges await visitors. The rope park is certified as "Safety in Adventures". The Viper route is a special challenge. The 25-meter-high climbing snake is a special challenge even for experienced rope park visitors.

The rope park is open from Wednesdays to Sundays between 10 am and 6 pm. On public vacations and during the school vacations of the canton of Schwyz, the park is open (last admission 4 pm). From Küssnacht the rope park can be reached by car or on foot. Via Seebodenstrasse, Hofstrasse, Zweimattstrasse, Hofhalde and the Alter Seebodenweg you reach the rope park after about 1.2 kilometers.

Rope Park (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Rope Park (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Rope Park (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Rope Park (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Children's playgrounds

Several playgrounds are a magnet for children and can be combined with easy walks (for example Zwärgliweg).

There are five large children's playgrounds on the Rigi:

  • Rigi Burggeist playground
  • Rigiland playground
  • Playground Rigi Scheidegg
  • Adventure playground Tierpark
  • Robinson playground Goldau

Three of the playgrounds are explained in more detail here. All playgrounds (except the animal park) are open around the clock.

Playground Rigi Burggeist

The Rigi Burggeist children's playground is located next to the Burggeist mountain inn. A six by six meter "hurry up and play" and mill game is set up on the roof of the cable car station. The playground can be reached by cable car from Obergschwend or on foot from Rigi Scheidegg (10 minutes walk).

Playground Rigiland

The natural playground Rigiland is located near the village square of Rigi Kaltbad. Sandbox, playground equipment and climbing rocks are available. Here are also in the immediate vicinity two fireplaces including firewood.

The playground can be reached by the rack railroad from Vitznau as well as by the cable car from Weggis. From the train station it is only a few minutes walk This is also the start of the Wildmannli adventure trail, which leads up to the Känzeli lookout point.

Playground Rigi Scheidegg

The Rigi Scheidegg children's playground is located next to the mountain guesthouse. It has the most versatile playing facilities of all Rigi playgrounds. In addition to climbing equipment, there is an adventure ship and a large ground trampoline.

The Rigi Scheidegg Ark, a lookout point, is right next to the playground. Toilets and fireplaces with firewood are available. The playground is reached by the cable car Kräbel-Rigi Scheidegg. It is a five-minute walk from the train station. The Rigi Burggeist children's playground is only a ten-minute walk away.

Playground Gersau (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Playground Gersau (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Playground (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Playground (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Llama trekking

Llama trekking is carried out by rigi-lama on Seebodenalp along various hiking trails. The meeting point is in Grod on Seebodenalp or in Küssnacht at the valley station of the cable car. The tours include a rest.

These include:

  • Panorama trail between Grod (Seebodenalp) and Alpwirtschaft Ruodisegg 2.5 hours
  • Glacier trail from Grod via Alp Holderen to Alpwirtschaft Ruodisegg or back 2-3.5 hours
  • Chümimattli trail from Küssnacht to Seebodenalp 2.5 hours
  • Grüzi trail from Seeboden via Alp Holderen to Rigi Staffel (with 800 meters of altitude gain) 2.5-3 hours

An aperitif is available on request. The trekking is also available for groups/school classes. Llama trekking is offered from April to October.

Mini golf course at Rigi Kaltbad

The minigolf course is generously built and can be found in the park forest near the Rigi Kaltbad mountain station. Clubs and balls can be rented in Kaltbad. Groups should book in advance as there are only 60 clubs available in total.

Lama Trekking (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Lama Trekking (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Mini Golf (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Mini Golf (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Paragliding from the Rigi

Flying with a paraglider from the Rigi is possible all year round. There are three take-off sites and three landing sites. Tandem flights are offered by three regional paragliding flight schools.

The duration of the Tandem Paragliding Rigi is up to you. You can choose between a 10, 20 or 40 minute flight with an experienced tandem pilot.

Launch sites:

Due to the expanse of the Rigi massif, four launch sites are used, which differ not only in view, but also in difficulty.

  • Kulm: GPS coordinates: 47° 03′ 25" N, 8° 29′ 18'' E Altitude 1752 meters: In S/SW winds, the rather easy launch site at the end of the remise is taken. In S/SE wind, go up for about 4 minutes at the end of the remise on the left. Below the footpath there is a flat meadow with a steep slope (difficulty medium). To get to the Bisen launching site, you have to walk for about ten minutes at the end of the coach house along the footpath to the right. At the barn continue left to the cross. The short meadow turns into a steep slope, so this is a demanding take-off site.

  • Staffelhöhe: GPS coordinates: 47° 02′ 52" N, 8° 27′ 43'' E Altitude 1566 meters: Usable in N/NW winds, at the end of the ski lift to the right of the hiking trail. From Staffel station about 10 minutes walk, from Staffelhöhe about 4 minutes. A short meadow slopes down to the steeper part. Difficulty: medium.

  • Scheidegg: GPS coordinates: 47° 01′ 44" N, 8° 31′ 17'' E altitude 1650 meters: Ideal with wind from NE/O. The launch site can be reached from the Scheidegg mountain station in about 3 minutes on the right. The short and flat meadow transitions into the steep. Difficulty: medium

  • Urmiberg: GPS coordinates: 47° 00′ 44" N, 8° 35′ 23" E Altitude 1140 meters: The altitude difference of this flight is 680 to 910 meters to Brunnen in the valley. The easy flight area is beautifully located. The flight offers a fantastic view over the Lake of Uri and the Fronalpstock to both Rigi Mythen. There are take-off possibilities in all wind directions. Since the take-off and landing area is right next to the runway, acro flying can be optimally trained here. You can fly directly over the Vierwaldstättersee.

Landing sites:

  • Arth-Goldau: 47° 03′ 06" N, 8° 32′ 38'' E Altitude 475 meters: Parallel to the main road between Arth and Goldau you will find the simple landing meadow. It may be used on the area that runs above the access road to the farm.

  • Arth-Goldau: 47° 03′ 06" N, 8° 32′ 38'' E altitude 475 meters: Parallel to the main road between Arth and Goldau one finds the easy landing meadow. It may be used on the area that runs above the access road to the farm. A windsock is placed on the silo. If the wind comes from the Zugersee, one approaches with a right-hand wind, with a mountain wind with a left-hand wind. A small meadow next to the footpath serves as a folding place. It is about a six-minute walk from here to the train station or the Rigi cable car valley station.

  • Stairs: GPS coordinates: 47° 04′ 02.50" N, 8° 26′ 07.34'' E Altitude 460 meters: Below the Staffenhöhe launch site is the simple landing meadow, parallel to the main road. It is about an eight minute walk to the bus station.

  • Weggis: GPS coordinates: 47° 2′ 0.18" N, 8° 26′ 31.29'' E Altitude 490 meters: Landing is possible on the meadow next to the valley station of the Weggis cable car. The landing is parallel to the access road. It is rather difficult and should not be used in strong bise (high fog) (LEE).

  • Fountain: GPS coordinates: 47° 00′ 04" N, 8° 35′ 31" E Altitude 440 meters: A meadow below the starting point Staffelhöhe with eight minutes distance to the nearest bus stop.

Paragliding Tandem (Photo: Mountain O'Clock)Paragliding Tandem (Photo: Mountain O'Clock)
Paragliding (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Paragliding (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Ride on the historic Vitznau rack railroad

A ride in one of the historic cog railroad carriages is considered a special experience. The carriages date from 1871 to 1911, and in them the panoramic view is unobstructed and in fresh air. The steam locomotives No. 16 or 17 are highlights of the historical trips. They date from 1923 and 1925 and have been lovingly restored, just like the old passenger carriages.

The following experiences with the historic rack railroad are offered:

  • Nostalgic winter steam ride
  • Anniversary - depot tours
  • Locomotive 7 shuttle rides
  • Nostalgic dinner with Niklaus Riggenbach
historic steam ride (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)historic steam ride (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
historic steam ride (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)historic steam ride (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Wellness on the Rigi

On Mount Rigi, you can enjoy natural wellness in an unspoiled natural setting. The impressive alpine flora and uniquely beautiful sunsets can be perfectly combined to create an overall experience. Spend a few days at the hotel in Kaltbad and visit waterfalls, washed-out brooks and rock pools on romantic hikes. You can directly physically feel the different places of power and recharge your batteries for everyday life. A special bonus is the uniquely beautiful view of the mountain ranges and lake landscapes all around. In addition to the Mineralbad & Spa belonging to the Rigi Kaltbad Hotel, the Rigi also has a whey bath on the Chäserenholz Alp.

Mineralbad & Spa at Hotel Rigi Kaltbad

The Mineralbad & Spa advertises "relaxation, recreation and deceleration in the car-free Rigi Kaltbad". A large indoor pool is marked out with huge niches. From here, visitors go directly to the outdoor pool, which is heated and enriched with minerals. Thus, it can be used all year round. The panorama of the Alps all around makes the bath particularly enjoyable. The mineral-rich water comes from the healing spring of the Three Sisters Well.

The following is offered in the indoor and outdoor area of the bathing landscape:

  • Whirlpool
  • Bubble seats with mountain panorama
  • Massage jets ascending from head to toe
  • Flat water zone
  • Neck showers
  • Herbal steam bath
  • Bubble loungers
  • Lounger and rest area by the indoor pool
  • Sun deck with loungers and lounge area

In addition to the bathing area, there are also saunas, spa lounges, massages and a crystal bath in the basement of the Mineral Bath & Spa. Massages are offered here and drinks and small meals are available at the "Botta Coffee".

With a combination ticket you combine cog railroad, boat and wellness on the Rigi and have the whole day for it

Alpenwellness Chäserenholz

Overnight stays are also possible on the alp. Included is an alpine breakfast with homemade specialties.

The following wellness treatments are offered on the alp:

  • Whey bath in the wooden tub (end of May to end of August)
  • Outdoor whirlpool
  • Alpine sauna

From Rigi Kulm, Alp Chäserenholz is reached in about twenty minutes on foot. Prior booking is required.

Chäserenholz whey bath (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Chäserenholz whey bath (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Cold pool wellness (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Cold pool wellness (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Horse-drawn carriage / sleigh rides

Horse-drawn carriage rides are organized on the Rigi in summer and winter. After heavy snowfall, the carriage rides take place on the horse-drawn sleigh.

The following rides are available:

Simple rides from Kaltbad to (or in the opposite direction):

  • First
  • Känzeli
  • Wölfertschen
  • Unterstetten
  • Scheidegg

Round trips:

  • Kaltbad-First-Kaltbad (30 min)
  • Kaltbad-Känzeli-Kaltbad (30 min)
  • Kaltbad-Unterstetten-Kaltbad (60 min)

It is especially romantic when the ride in a horse-drawn carriage or sleigh is complemented by a fondue or a glass of Rigi sparkling wine.

Carriage ride summer (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Carriage ride summer (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Horse-drawn sleigh (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Horse-drawn sleigh (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Skiing and snowboarding, freeride - skiing

There are numerous pistes available at the Rigi. The currently open pistes can be viewed on this [interactive piste map].

With a day ticket for skiing and Rigi mountain railroads you can enjoy a relaxed skiing day. It is valid on the slopes of the three Rigi ski areas and includes unlimited rides on ski lifts and mountain railroads.

Rigi Ski Crossing

This ski tour is a mixture of a ski hike and a freeride.

  • 12.8 km
  • 4:00 hrs.
  • 647 vertical meters uphill
  • 1941 vertical meters downhill

Skiing Rigi Staffel

4 ski lifts are available in the area of Staffel. Several easy to intermediate slopes are available for skiing and snowboarding pleasure.

Slope overview Staffel:

  1. First-Klösterli (red)
  2. Wölfertschentäli (red)
  3. Ständli Standard (blue)
  4. Ständli (blue)
  5. Rotstock (red)
  6. Trainer (blue)
  7. Gratalp (blue)

Skiing Rigi Scheidegg/Burggeist

5 km of perfectly groomed alpine slopes await beginners, advanced skiers and snowboarders. Two children's ski lifts Scheidegg and Burggeist are available. The ski area is the starting point for ski touring and cross-country skiing. The slopes are Obermatt (blue) and Burggeist-Gschwänd (blue).

After particularly abundant snowfall, the Burggeist ski area is an insider tip among all freeriders.

Skiing Rigi Seebodenalp

Two blue slopes with a total length of two kilometers and one red slope with a length of 500 meters are available in the Seebodenalp ski area. The rather small ski area is also well suited for children and beginners. Night skiing takes place here once a month. List of ski lifts of Seebodenalp.

The Seebodenalp ski lift leads up to Wissiflue at 1225 meters above sea level. In the Holderen area there is a children's lift in front of the Holderen piste restaurant. From Wissiflue there are three slopes: Holderen (blue), Wissiflue (red) and Grod (blue).

Ski school Kaltbad and family ski lift Gratalp

The snowsports school at Casa Margherita in Kaltbad is not only for beginners, advanced skiers also learn here. The snow sports lessons are based on the standard methodology developed by the Swiss Ski School.

The Piccolo group is for the small children and is used to get to know snow and skis. Beginners get to know the equipment, practice gliding and braking, climbing stairs, etc. For advanced skiers there are, for example, courses on parallel turns in unprepared snow, carving jumps and short turns with pole use on a difficult slope.

Above Kaltbad is the cozy family ski lift Gratalp. It is suitable for learning skiing and snowboarding. Below the ski lift you can stop at the Gratalp-Stübli.

Skiing for children

The various children's ski lifts on the Rigi are also open to beginners.

**In detail these are

  • Pinocchio - Rigi First: ski carousel and small drag lift
  • Kidsland - Rigi Staffel: next to the Rotstock ski lift with snaking slopes and wave troughs
  • Children's ski lift - Rigi Scheidegg not far from the terrace of the Berghaus
  • Children's ski lift - Rigi Burggeist next to the terrace of the Berghaus
  • Children's ski lift Holdern - Seebodenalp: on a sunny plateau above Küssnacht
Skiing children (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Skiing children (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Skiing (Photo: Hero Rigi Bahnen)Skiing (Photo: Hero Rigi Bahnen)


For sledding are not only the classic sleds and toboggans. Whether Snooc ski, Skigibel or Skibock: they work quite similarly. You can rent them in one of the rental centers.

A day ticket mountain railroad and sledging is very practical. It allows you to use all the toboggan runs and mountain railroads on the Rigi for a day at your leisure.

Rental center for sledges

On Rigi Kulm, the rental center is located right next to the mountain station. The toboggans for hire are:

  • padded sledges
  • Sledges with child seats The rental center Rigi Burggeist also rents out sledges.

Sledging trail Rigi Kulm-Schwändi-Rigi Klösterli

The toboggan run is about four kilometers long and rather steep. Therefore, there are sometimes rapid descents. Nevertheless, it is a rather easy toboggan run.

The trail starts at Rigi Kulm at the end of the Rigi Bahnen tracks. It leads past the Chäserenholz alpine inn to Schwändi. From here it goes down to Rigi Klösterli. The alpine inn Heirihütte is at the end of the sledging trail. Sports shuttle trains from Klösterli bring the sledders back to the starting point on the Kulm. The cogwheel trains from Vitznau and Arth take you up to Rigi Kulm.

  • 3.5 km
  • 0:30 hrs.
  • 36 vertical meters uphill
  • 468 meters of altitude down

Sledge run Rigi Staffelhöhe-Rigi Kaltbad

From Staffelhöhe, the shortest toboggan run on the Rigi, at 600 meters, descends 121 meters to Kaltbad in fifteen minutes. The toboggan run leads from the Staffelhöhe railroad station along the Rigi Bahnen tracks.

To get to Staffelhöhe, take the cogwheel railroad from Vitznau, which also takes sledders from Kaltbad back to Staffelhöhe.

Sledging trail Rigi Staffel-Tschungeli-Rigi Klösterli

The 2.4-kilometer-long trail leads from Rigi Staffel along the ski slope in the direction of the Rotstock ski lift. The majority of the toboggan run is in the forest. From Rigi Klösterli, shuttle trains take the sledders back to the start in Staffel.

At the starting point is the Bahnhöfli Restaurant, and at the end of the run is the Restaurant zum Goldenen Hirschen. Visitors can reach Staffel by rack railroad from Vitznau.

Sledge run Rigi Kulm-Staffel-Klösterli

This toboggan run combines two smaller toboggan runs: Kulm-Staffel and Staffel-Klösterli. It is 3.1 km long and very popular with Rigi excursionists. Both cogwheel railroads run from Vitznau and Arth respectively to Rigi Kulm. The toboggan run runs along the tracks. In half an hour ride down 439 meters are overcome.

SNOOC - Rigi Burggeist-Gschwänd sledging trail

The toboggan run is four kilometers long and leads from Rigi Burggeist to Gschwänd. The toboggan run is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

The starting point is in Rigi Burggeist at 1551 meters above sea level. The toboggan run leads via Gätterlipass down to Gschwänd. From here, you can take the Obergschwend-Rigi Burggeist cable car back up to Rigi Burggeist.

The Gätterli inn and the Gätterlipass restaurant are located along the route, in Burggeist there is the Burggeist mountain inn and in Gschwänd the Obergschwend restaurant.

  • 3.8 km
  • 0:13 hrs.
  • 538 vertical meters downhill
Tobogganing (Photo: Hero Rigi Bahnen)Tobogganing (Photo: Hero Rigi Bahnen)
Tobogganing (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Tobogganing (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Winter hiking

Even in winter, you can enjoy wonderful hikes on the Rigi and escape the fog in the valley. Fantastic winter hiking trails can be found at the foot of the Kulm.

The most popular hiking trails include:

  • Hiking trail Seebodenalp
  • Kaltbad - Klösterli trail
  • Kaltbad - Firstweg
  • Winter Hike Rigi Classic

Hiking trail Seebodenalp

The hike starts and ends at Seebodenalp. You can get here via the Küssnacht cable car. The path leads to the Räbalp alpine inn. The Holderenhütte and the Grodstübli are other places to stop. Only 54 meters in altitude make the one-hour trail a leisurely walk.

Kaltbad - Klösterli trail

From Kaltbad via First the path leads to Klösterli. Hikers reach Kaltbad via the cable car from Weggis. The easy hike takes three quarters of an hour and leads leisurely downhill. Particularly beautiful views with snow-covered peaks above the lake can be seen from the Rigi First. After the descent, the alpine inn Heiri-Hütte invites you to an Älpler snack.

From Klösterli the rack railroad leads down into the valley to Arth-Goldau. Back to Weggis you take the IR of the Südostbahn to Küssnacht and from there the bus 502 to Weggis.

Kaltbad - Firstweg

The walk from Kaltbad to First and back takes half an hour. A moderate ascent and descent makes it a pleasant walk with a beautiful view. Excursionists can reach Kaltbad by cable car from Weggis or by rack railroad from Vitznau.

Winter hike Rigi Classic

The classic winter hike from Rigi Kulm leads over Staffel, Staffelhöhe and Rigi Kaltbad as a rather leisurely hike, it goes steadily downhill. On the way there are several opportunities to stop for a bite to eat.

Snowshoe tours

Snowshoe tours are generally as well signposted as hikes. Easy snowshoe hikes in particular can be mastered without any major training. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you won't go off the trail so easily. The most popular snowshoe tours include:

  • Circular hike Rigi Burggeist
  • Rigi via Chäserenholz
  • Beginner's tour

Circular hike Rigi Burggeist

A snowshoe hike of about six kilometers leads from Rigi Burggeist via Hinter Dossen and Schneealp to Scheidegg. Here you can enjoy the view. The hike continues via Scheidegghüttli back to Rigi Burggeist. This trail is considered quiet and is a special insider tip.

Snowshoes and poles can be rented at the Rigi Burggeist mountain inn. A map of this snowshoe tour is also available at the mountain inn.

Rigi via Chäserenholz

A two-hour easy snowshoe trail leads from Rigi Kulm down to Obere Schwändi. Via Chäserenholz it goes back to the Kulm. On the way is the alp Chäserenholz.

Beginner's tour

The easy tour takes about 1.5 hours. It runs on marked paths. Staffel is the starting point of the trail, on which 150 meters of altitude have to be climbed right at the beginning along the railroad line. After reaching Kulm, the descent takes place via Kulmhütte. The trail continues southeast to Schwändi. Klösterli is the end point of the tour.

Snowshoeing Scheidegg (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Snowshoeing Scheidegg (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Snowshoe hiking (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Snowshoe hiking (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Ice skating, curling and curling

In Kaltbad there is a natural ice field in winter, which can be used for curling and skating with a view of the mountains. At the foot of the Rigi in Küssnacht there are two ice rinks available, in one of them curling is also possible.

Natural ice field Kaltbad

The ice field is always in operation when snow conditions permit. The Hotel Rigi Kaltbad rents skates free of charge, and the use of the natural ice field is also free of charge. It is often used for curling. Kaltbad is reached by rack railroad from Vitznau and by aerial cableway from Weggis.

Curling hall Küssnacht

The 4-rink curling hall is centrally located in Küssnacht at Ebnetweg 3. In addition to curling clubs, clubs and private individuals can also train in the hall. The curling season runs from September to March/April. Outside this time the hall is used for exhibitions and events.

There is a curling store in the curling hall. Here you can get professional advice on choosing the right equipment. The curling bistro offers small Swiss and Thai dishes.

Ice rink Küssnacht

The second ice rink in Küssnacht is located in Oberdorf 79. The Rigihalle has a covered ice rink as well as an outdoor ice rink. During the ice season from September to March/April, public ice skating is the most important criterion. In addition, there is the possibility to participate in curling events or to book field hockey fun games (for clubs or companies). The field hockey equipment can be rented.

For catering, there is the self-service Bistro Pögg, which offers a view of the hustle and bustle on the ice field.

Ice skating (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Ice skating (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
 Curling (Photo: Rigi Bahnen) Curling (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Cross-country skiing

There are several cross-country ski trails for ski tours on the Rigi.

Seebodenalp to Rüdisegg / Räpalp

The cross-country ski trail starts near the top station of the Küssnacht-Seebodenalp cable car and moves almost flat across towards Hinterboden - Räbalp to Altruodisegg. The cross-country ski trail is slightly curved and stretches over a length of almost 5 km. A popular viewpoint is at Rüdisegg.

Cross-country ski trail Panoramaweg Kaltbad - First - Unterstetten - Rigi Scheidegg

8.6 kilometers long is this groomed cross-country trail between Kaltbad and Scheidegg via First. The ascent is moderate with 248 meters of altitude. Cross-country skiing equipment can be rented at the sports store on Rigi Kaltbad.

Cross-country skiing (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Cross-country skiing (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Cross-country skiing (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Cross-country skiing (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Events on the Rigi

These include changing and recurring events such as:

  • Art exhibitions
  • Botanical walks
  • Herb walks
  • Photo exhibitions
  • Exhibitions on Swiss history and special topics such as royals
  • Rigi disco with barbecue at the Chalet Schild mountain inn in Rigi Kaltbad
  • Folklore evenings

Fairy tale afternoons on the Rigi

In summer, fairy tale afternoons are offered on Wednesdays from about mid-July to about the end of August. In July these take place at the Hotel Rigi Kaltbad, in August at the Lok 7 restaurant (formerly the BärgGnuss restaurant). They last one hour and start at 2 p.m. each day. Participation is possible without registration and free of charge.

Events inside (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Events inside (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Älplerchilbi (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Älplerchilbi (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Mountain huts, ski bars, vacation resorts and restaurants on Mount Rigi

On the Rigi are quite a few restaurants and mountain huts where hikers can fortify themselves. Many of them are operated by the Rigi Railways. In addition, there are barbecue areas along many of the hiking trails, which can be used by all hikers. Several hotels are located in Kaltbad. This list shows only a selection.

Holiday resorts on the Rigi

There are small vacation settlements in Kaltbad, Klösterli and on Seebodenalp.


The Kulm Hotel rents out 33 rooms, which even have WLAN. The interesting exhibition "From ice axe to selfie stick - 200 years of Rigi Kulm" shows travel paraphernalia of hotel guests since 1816. The restaurant serves food in the Art Nouveau dining room, and there is a self-service restaurant for the terrace. The hotel is famous for the sunrises and 360 ° panoramic view.

Mountain guesthouse Rigi Scheidegg

The mountain guesthouse Rigi Scheidegg offers as accommodation double rooms with balcony, triple rooms, but also a mattress camp. The restaurant includes:

  • 50 seats Rustic Economy
  • 30 seats Homey Scheideggstübli
  • 80 seats Panorama sun terrace
  • Summer children's playground

The Scheidegg mountain inn can be reached via the cable car from Kräbel to Rigi-Scheidegg.

Mountain inn Rigi Burggeist

The Rigi Burggeist mountain inn is located at the top station of the aerial cableway coming up from Obergschwend. Overnight stays are possible in double rooms as well as in 3- and 4-bed rooms. The winter sports bus runs (only when skiing is in operation at weekends) from Gersau Rathausplatz to the Obergschwend valley station at 09:30 and 12:30 and back at 16:30.

Restaurant Bärggnuss

The Bärggnuss Restaurant can be found in Rigi Staffel at 1588 meters. Regional and seasonal dishes are served here as a culinary delight. Family celebrations and events for 25 to 100 people are possible in the restaurant. For festivities, the restaurant is also open on Mondays and Tuesdays by arrangement. A children's play corner is available. The GnussStübli has 50 seats, the restaurant another 100 seats. The panoramic terrace is very popular, especially in summer.

Restaurant Bahnhöfli

At 1603 meters above sea level stands the Restaurant Bahnhöfli. It specializes in cheese fondue, raclette and seasonal small dishes. The self-service restaurant is located directly at the Rigi Staffel railroad station. A children's playground is available. At weekends, grills are available in the grill cart on the terrace.

Gourmet Restaurant and Bistro Regina Montium

The Regina Montium restaurant, which is part of the herbal Hotel Edelweiss in Rigi Kaltbad, has a romantic and familiar ambience. Warm cuisine is offered from 18:30 to 21:00. Rooms and apartments are available for overnight stays. Groups of 50-100 people are welcome. In the associated bistro, hot cuisine is offered from 11:30 to 15:00. There is also a children's play corner. In addition to 40 indoor seats, there is also a terrace and garden.

Regina Montium (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Regina Montium (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Kulm Hotel (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Kulm Hotel (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)

Ruodisegg alpine inn

The Ruodisegg Alpine Inn, located on Seebodenalp, is not open in winter. The season runs from mid-April to mid-November. On offer are raclette, grilled sausages and Hüttekafi. The sunsets are particularly beautiful here.

Alpine Café Rigi Maison

The Maison Alpine Café is located on Rigi Scheidegg. It reopened after renovation in mid-May 2021 and has a terrace with a wonderful alpine panorama. On offer is an extensive Alpencafèzmorge, homemade cakes and organic coffee. There are also lunch menus or a fine Zvieri. All meals are freshly prepared. On every third Friday evening of the month a special evening menu is offered from 5 pm.

Chäserenholz Alpine Inn

The Alpwirtschaft Chäserenholz contains a cheese dairy, wellness facilities, a restaurant and overnight accommodations. The whey bath in the wooden trough offered in summer is popular and must be booked a day in advance. The alp offers 2- to 4-bed rooms (up to 13 persons), mattress dormitories (30 pers.) and overnight stays in hay (25 pers.). Included is an alpine breakfast with homemade specialties. Only cash payment is accepted.

The alp can be reached by taking the cogwheel railroad to Rigi Kulm and then walking for about 20 minutes. The path leads downhill.

Restaurant Zum goldenen Hirschen

The restaurant and hotel Zum goldenen Hirschen is located in Klösterli at an altitude of 1,316 meters. It is popular for seminars. Single, double and family rooms are available. The restaurant serves meals made from fresh, controlled organic products from the region.

Alpwirtschaft Heirihütte

The rustic and traditional alpine inn Heirihütte is located in Klösterli. It offers meals for locals and hikers. There is also traditional music and sleeping facilities. In addition to a mattress dormitory for about 34 people, two double rooms are also offered.

The cozy alpine inn is a bit off the beaten track. Next to the restaurant there is also an outdoor terrace.

Panorama Restaurant

The Panorama Restaurant is located in Rigi Kaltbad and belongs to the Hotel Kaltbad. It is stroked by several hiking trails and offers a magnificent panorama. The rack railroad from Vitznau and the cable car from Weggis reach Kaltbad directly.

Klanghotel Bergsonne

In Rigi Kaltbad, the Klanghotel Bergsonne stands somewhat out of the way at an altitude of 1,500 meters. In addition to simple plate dishes during the day, a changing 3-course menu is offered in the evening.

The Klanghotel lets musical talents perform pieces of music in the dining room in front of a small audience, so that they can practice before big performances.

Sound hotel BergsonneSound hotel Bergsonne

Alpine farm Räbalp

The Räbalp Alpine Inn stands at 1124 meters above sea level at a unique vantage point. It is usually open summer and winter from 10:00-17:00.

Five lakes can be seen at once at this point:

  • Lake Lucerne
  • Lake Sempach
  • Lake Baldegg
  • Lake Hallwil
  • Lake Zug

There is a view into the mountains up to the Jura chains. The Alpwirtschaft offers traditional cuisine and a cozy dormitory. The hiking trail between Seebodenalp and Känzeli leads directly past the alpine farm.

The Räbalp can be reached by car from Küssnacht or on foot. On foot you take the cable car from Küssnacht to Seebodenalp and walk from there via Ruodisegg for about 45 min to Räbalp.

From Kulm via Kaltbad it takes about 40 minutes on foot to Räbalp. From Greppen the ascent is possible in about one and a half hours via a steep mountain path.

Holderen Alpine Inn

The alpine inn Holderen is located at 1116 m above sea level and is about a twenty-minute walk from Seebodenalp. In winter, it is run by the Küssnacht Ski and Snowboard Club. Seebodenalp can be reached by cable car or by car from Küssnacht. Hiking trails such as the Glacier Trail lead past here.

Grod Beizli

The alpine inn Grod Beizli is located at about 1000 m above sea level. It can be reached on foot in a few minutes from the Seebodenalp parking lot and from the cable car station. The alpine inn is open all year round. It can accommodate 40 people inside and 50 people outside. Hiking trails like the Grüezi Weg lead past here.

Climate and weather on the Rigi

The Rigi massif reaches a maximum of 1800 m above sea level and has a pleasant climate. Summer temperatures range from 6 to 15 °C at the height of summer, although they like to reach values above 22 °C.

The highest amounts of precipitation reach the months of May to July. However, even in these months not 100 ml/m2 are reached. Nevertheless, it is advisable to bring rainwear for hiking. For difficult mountain tours, it is essential to take the appropriate equipment. Often 1000 meters of altitude and more are overcome on a hike of several hours. This can lead to health problems if you are not used to it.

In winter, average temperatures are around freezing during the day. At night, especially cold nights can reach -16 or -17 °C. From December to March you also have to be prepared for stronger wind gusts > 28 km/h from time to time.

Rigi: location and approach

The Rigi is located in the middle of Central Switzerland and is therefore well connected. You can reach it not only by car, train and bus, but also by boat.

Train stations and mountain railroad valley stations

There are seven train stations and mountain railroad valley stations on the Rigi.


Vitznau is the starting point for a rack railroad and two aerial cableways to the mountain massif. Boats can also be used to get there from Lucerne. They need one hour. Bus 502 also stops in Schwyz, Brunnen, Gersau, Weggis and Küssnacht.

From the A2 and A4 freeways you can get to Vitznau via route 2. Vitznau has two covered parking garages. They are located on Seestrasse and on Altdorfbachweg. The walking distance to the Rigi Bahn valley station is 100 and 250 meters respectively.


You can get to Goldau with regular train connections from Zurich, Lucerne and other places. At the Arth-Goldau train station you come from platform 5 directly to the historic high platform of the Arth-Rigi Railway. The valley station of the Rigi Bahnen is located here.

By car you reach Goldau via the A4 from exit no. 38. Only 200 m after entering the village you will find a parking lot. It is located directly on the railroad line of the Rigi Bahn. In Goldau Eichmatt there is another parking lot in Rigistrasse, right next to the railroad station. However, this parking lot is exclusively for day guests.


Bus no. 2 also stops in Küssnacht. There is a limited number of parking spaces available for cars here.


The parking lot in Kräbel is reached from Goldau via Kräbelstrasse (2 km).


The Weggis parking lot is easily accessible by boat as well as by car. Bus No. 2 also stops here (boat landing stage). The parking lot is divided into a lower and an upper parking lot. The first 30 minutes are free of charge.


At the bottom station of the Urmiberg cable car there are 40 parking spaces for which a fee is charged. The bus no. 2 stops here as well.


The small parking lot in Obergschwend is reached from Gersau via a narrow mountain road.

Kräbel (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Kräbel (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Eichmatt mountain railroad Goldau (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Eichmatt mountain railroad Goldau (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)