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OANA Surf - the indoor citywave

Oana Surf Activities and tickets

Highlights at OANA

  • Adjustable artificial wave up to 140 cm high
  • 45 minutes of surfing, fun and learning
  • Suitable courses depending on the level of experience
  • Small groups of max. 10 persons for a faster learning experience
  • Intensive courses of max. 5 persons for more time surfing
  • Basic courses for beginners, without previous knowledge with help to get started
  • Advanced and professional courses with experienced surf instructors
  • Support, tips and tricks from the coach on site
  • Training for kids
  • Private events and celebrations
  • Vacation feeling in tropical atmosphere and water temperatures
  • Restaurant, bar and lounge with direct view to the Citywave
  • Open all year and perfect program for bad weather
Kids Wave (Photo: Oana surf)Kids Wave (Photo: Oana surf)
Pro Oana (Photo: Oana surf)Pro Oana (Photo: Oana surf)

OANA Indoor Urban Surf

The Citywave is an artificially created wave, which is an indoor training opportunity for beginner and advanced surfers. The intensity and height can be adjusted for each surfer individually and according to their needs. The decisive factor is the experience and the demand of the participant. The greatest wave height of the standing wave is 1.40 meters.

The facility is used not only by beginners and novices who want to learn how to surf. It is also considered a perfect training place for advanced and professional surfers who want to improve their technique or tricks of surfing

Besides group courses, private individual trainings are also available

Depending on the level of difficulty and ability of the participants, group sizes between five and ten participants are common. Advanced surfers have the opportunity to learn tips and tricks from the coaches and thus improve their surfing skills. The entire facility is heated, creating a tropical atmosphere.

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Urban Surf facility (Photo: Oana Surf)Urban Surf facility (Photo: Oana Surf)
Entrance (Photo: Oana Surf)Entrance (Photo: Oana Surf)

The team

OANA is a Hawaiian word and means family in the context of helping each other to achieve something. This philosophy is lived by the team that takes care of you on site every day. Whether it's getting started and riding your first wave, perfecting your technique or having a private event with friends.

The OANA team consists of experienced surf instructors who support the participants as coaches where help is needed. Especially for beginners they give help with the first entries into the wave. Advanced surfers also learn from the tips and tricks of the experienced instructors. One of the guides is surf pro Durby Castillo from Costa Rica.

The equipment for the training: surfboard and helmet, is provided by OANA. Around the Citywave there is a lounge, a restaurant and a bar. All premises can be used for events. The OANA team then also takes over the organization of catering, music, etc.

Overview OANA offer

Very different indoor surf courses, lessons and trainings are offered, depending on the previous knowledge and skills of the participants.

  • Basic Session
  • Intense Session Basic
  • Advanced Session
  • Intense Session Advanced
  • Pro Session
  • Private Session
  • Surf Camps and Surf Courses

Advanced includes those with experience on a Citywave, as surfing in the ocean is very different and is not considered prior experience.

Children (Photo: Oana Surf)Children (Photo: Oana Surf)
Lessons (Photo: Oana Surf)Lessons (Photo: Oana Surf)

For beginners

Basic Session - A basic training for beginners lasts 45 min. After a briefing about the Citywave, the trainers will give support to get into the wave. In addition, valuable tips and tricks for surfing are taught. The Basic Session takes place in groups of maximum ten people.

Intense Session Basic - If you want to speed up your entry and spend more time on the wave, you can book an Intense Session. Here the group size is limited to a maximum of 5 people to get the most out of the 45 minutes.

Basic Session (Photo: Oana Surf)Basic Session (Photo: Oana Surf)
Basic Session (Photo: Oana Surf)Basic Session (Photo: Oana Surf)

For Experienced

Advanced Session - After getting to know the Citywave for the first time, the Advanced Session is suitable for further experience and practice with the wave. By the way, surfing experience in the ocean does not count as previous experience. This session lasts 45 min and is conducted in groups of up to 10 people.

Intense Session Advanced - Here you can spend more time on the wave and try your own tricks, as the maximum number of people is limited to 5. In the 45 min you have the chance to improve your own technique and follow the tips of the profioaches.

Surf Learning Basic Session (Photo: Oana Surf)Surf Learning Basic Session (Photo: Oana Surf)
Intense Session Basic Session (Photo: Oana Surf)Intense Session Basic Session (Photo: Oana Surf)

For experts

Pro Session - A Pro Session brings even more exercises and experience as well as tricks from the absolute pro Durby Castillo from Costa Rica. The number of participants here is limited to five. To participate, you must already be an experienced Citywave surfer. In this session no help will be given to get into the wave.

Stunts tricks (Photo: Oana Surf)Stunts tricks (Photo: Oana Surf)
Pro Session Tricks (Photo: Oana Surf)Pro Session Tricks (Photo: Oana Surf)

Private Session

This is suitable for groups of friends, for occasions or a shared learning experience. The private 45-minute session can be booked and takes place outside of normal opening hours. A maximum of 12 people is recommended. An introduction and accompanying coaching are included

Surf Camps and Surf Courses

Surf camps and courses are offered on weekends or over a longer period of time. These include a monthly kids surf school, beginner camps or other intensive courses

On every first Wednesday of the month the Kids Surfing School takes place. On these days the youth is especially encouraged. During the summer vacations children can train and play together for one week. The Kids Surfing Camp takes place from Monday to Friday.

** To note:**

  • Minimum age eight years
  • Minimum height 100 cm
  • Physical and mental fitness are required
  • Children under 16 years of age must present a declaration of consent from their legal guardians
Kids Training (Photo: Oana Surf)Kids Training (Photo: Oana Surf)
Kids help entry (Photo: Oana Surf)Kids help entry (Photo: Oana Surf)

OANA prices and opening hours

Prices overview

Basic Session49-60 CHFdepending on weekday and time
Advanced Session49-60 CHFdepending on weekday and time
Pro Session99 CHF
Intense Session Basic95 CHF
Intense Session Advanced95 CHF
Private Session550 CHFfor 6-12 persons

Opening hours of Citywave

OANA Surf is open 360 days a year, opening hours on holidays may change slightly, the facility generally stays open from 10:00 to 18:00, instead of 20:00.

| Mondays to Fridays| Saturdays | Sundays| on holidays | |--------------------------|---------------------|----------|--------|----------------| | Waves | 12:00 to 20:00 |10:00 to 20:00 | 10:00 to 18:00 | 10:00 to 18:00 | | Restaurant | 12:00 to 20:00 |11:00 to 20:00 | 11:00 to 18:00 | 10:00 to 18:00 |

Basic accompaniment (Photo: Oana Surf)Basic accompaniment (Photo: Oana Surf)
Lounge (Photo: Oana Surf)Lounge (Photo: Oana Surf)

The plant

The indoor surfing facility is located in the well-known Mall of Switzerland. Around the Citywave, or pool, the 1,200-square-meter leisure facility also includes a visitors' lounge, bar and restaurant. Surfing-related events are also held here on a regular basis.

  • The artificial wave can be adjusted individually for each surfer
  • Besides individual trainings, group trainings with five to ten participants are common.
  • Private events are organized including music and catering.

Lounge, bar and restaurant

The concept of OANA is not limited to the surf wave. Basically, it is a large leisure facility integrated into the Mall of Switzerland. Around the Citywave, it also offers a lounge for visitors. Here, participants and guests can casually chat and watch the surfers on the side. The restaurant and bar are also integrated into the total area of 1,200 square meters in such a way that the Citywave and its players remain clearly visible. Tables in the restaurant can be reserved. The cuisine is characterized by the use of exclusively fresh products, which are also offered as vegan and vegetarian dishes. Sometimes there are special events or special offers in the restaurant. For example, on selected Sundays the restaurant offers brunch.

Celebrations at OANA

Business or private events can be celebrated at the leisure facility. An in-house catering service is available for this purpose. The special event location can be booked for birthdays, anniversaries, a company outing or a product presentation.

Indoor Surf (Photo: Oana Surf)Indoor Surf (Photo: Oana Surf)
Wave (Photo: Oana Surf)Wave (Photo: Oana Surf)

Location and approach

The indoor leisure facility is located directly at the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon. The Mall is a shopping and leisure destination.

The best way to reach the OANA from the north via the A14 is to take the Buchrain exit. From here, the journey continues in the direction of Ebikon. In the town itself, the entrance to the Mall of Switzerland parking garage is indicated. There is a charge for the parking garage.

By public transport, the journey from Luzern takes ten minutes on the S1 to Buchrain. From the Buchrain stop it is a two-minute walk. Buses on lines 1, 23 and 111 also stop at the Fildern bus stop in front of the Mall of Switzerland at Ebisquare.