Lake Lucerne

14 reasons why you should visit Lake Lucerne

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14 reasons why you should visit Lake Lucerne

  • Lake Lucerne got its name from the four historic "Waldstätten" on whose territory it lies. These are the three original cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden and the canton of Lucerne. It was here at the lake that the founders of the Swiss Confederation took the Rütli oath.

  • The lake is beautifully nestled in the landscape and is home to many idyllic towns and villages along its shores. These include, of course, the bustling city of Lucerne and, among others, the popular vacation resorts of Weggis and Vitznau.

  • The lake's water is of drinking water quality and is crystal clear all year round. This makes the lake perfect for swimming in the summer. The many beaches and lakeside resorts invite you to relax and linger. At the Urnersee, a part of the Vierwaldstättersee, divers get their money's worth at a sunken wreck.

Lucerne Inseli (Photo: Switzerland Tourism, Nicole Schafer photo & film)Lucerne Inseli (Photo: Switzerland Tourism, Nicole Schafer photo & film)
Vitznau-E-Grand-Tour (Photo: Switzerland Tourism, Andre Meier)Vitznau-E-Grand-Tour (Photo: Switzerland Tourism, Andre Meier)
  • Hikers on Lake Lucerne do not miss out. On the one hand, various paths can be walked on the many peaks around the lake. On the other hand, for example, the Way of St. James leads past the lake. The part of the way that you cover takes you from Einsiedeln to Brunni.

  • If you want to walk around Lake Lucerne, it will take you at least 46 hours on foot. The mountain hiking trail no. 98 is marked as "Waldstätterweg" and is divided into seven daily stages: Brunnen - Vitznau - Küssnacht - Lucerne - Alpnachstad - Bürgenstock - Beckenried - Rütli

  • In the north of the lake is the Rigi, the queen of the mountains. From the top of the Rigi you have a breathtaking view of Lucerne and Lake Lucerne. The area is a real hiker's paradise and offers the perfect path for every condition. You are always in the beautiful Swiss mountain panorama.

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  • Another peak on Lake Lucerne is Pilatus. A rich world of legends exists around the rock. According to legends, the mountain is the home of a dragon, the home of giants and the tomb of a great ruler. You can reach the summit by a variety of paths. From Alpnachstad, the steepest cog railroad in the world leads to the summit.

  • Around the lake, numerous cable cars take you up into the mountains. The CabriO cable car goes up to over 1900 m above sea level on the Stanserhorn. The special thing about this cable car is that it is the first cable car in the world with an open upper deck. So you can enjoy the fascinating view with the mountain wind in your face during the ride.

  • Lake Lucerne also offers a variety of activities for children. One of the best of these is a visit to the Museum of Transport. This interactive museum is the most visited museum in Switzerland. Visitors are offered a large collection of locomotives, cars, ships and airplanes. The museum also houses a planetarium and the "Swiss Chocolate Adventure".

Weggis (Photo: Switzerland Tourism, Andreas Gerth)Weggis (Photo: Switzerland Tourism, Andreas Gerth)
Seelisberg Panorama (Photo: Switzerland Tourism, Jan Geerk)Seelisberg Panorama (Photo: Switzerland Tourism, Jan Geerk)
  • While paragliding you can admire the lake from a unique perspective. There are numerous tandem flight offers, which let you circle with the birds over the lake. Various launch sites offer a spectacular experience for every adventurous visitor.

  • The nature around Lake Lucerne is beautiful. The lake often experiences mild weather and climate as it is sheltered by the mountains. This allows southern plants such as cypresses, fig trees, hemp and yucca palms and sweet chestnuts to flourish on the shores.

  • On Lake Lucerne, visitors have a wide choice of boat trips. These usually start in Lucerne. They include round trips as well as long-distance trips that take you to Küssnacht, for example. The boat trips can also be paired with other activities or a delicious lunch.

  • Lake Lucerne is also a great place to eat. Various restaurants with a view of the lake offer you great dishes and delicious drinks. While you enjoy the menus, your gaze is lost on the glittering lake.

  • A real insider tip is Niederbauen Chulm. This viewpoint is one of the most beautiful places on the whole lake. You will be offered a beautiful panoramic view of the lake and the shore landscape.

Rigi Kulm (Photo:Switzerland Tourism, Beat Mueller)Rigi Kulm (Photo:Switzerland Tourism, Beat Mueller)
Paragliding (Photo: CAP Paragliding)Paragliding (Photo: CAP Paragliding)