Tamina Gorge (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)


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Pfäfers is located in Sarganserland at 820 m above sea level above Bad Ragaz. The village at the entrance to the Tamina Valley has about 630 inhabitants and belongs to Heidiland. To the west, Pfäfers comprises the area from Vättis to the Calfeisen valley. There is evidence that people lived here as early as the Stone Age. To the south, it includes the Tamina valley up to the Kunkelspass. Very popular with visitors is the Tamina Gorge with the Old Bath Pfäfers. This is the source of the healing spring that supplies 8000 liters of healing water per minute for Bad Ragaz. A 450 m long tunnel leads through the rocky gorge to the grotto. From June to October this dark and mystical gorge is illuminated with a light spectacle. The village is characterized by great differences in altitude. The reservoirs Gigerwald and Mapragg are also popular excursion destinations in Pfäfers.

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