Relaxation in the Tamina Therme (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Tamina Therme - everything you need to know for your visit

Tamina Spa Activities and tickets

6 Highlights in the Tamina Therme

  • The Tamina Therme uses the spring water of the Tamina Gorge. In the Therme you can feel the special and healing power of the water in all areas
  • A unique mountain panorama stretches out in front of the Therme, which can be enjoyed from baths and relaxation rooms.
  • The Kelo infusion sauna has a special Scandinavian style and is the largest infusion sauna in Switzerland.
  • The unique haki therapy was developed at Tamina Therme. It calms and clears the head and body.
  • With baby swimming and other courses for children, the Tamina Therme also offers a great program for small and older children.
  • Architecturally, the spa convinces with a tasteful mix of noble marble and warm old-wood processed oak.

What awaits you in the Tamina Therme

In the Tamina Therme you will dive into a fantastic wellness and recreation paradise. The special thermal bath with purest spring water lets you forget everyday life and relax body and mind. In several baths, both indoors and outdoors, you can enjoy warm spring water with various extras such as flow channels, waterfalls, neck showers, whirlpools and more. The sauna and wellness world also offers pure relaxation and many special healing powers. In different saunas you can enjoy different infusions and temperatures

The healing spring water of the spa comes from the Tamina Gorge. On a special experience you have the opportunity to discover the gorge, learn about a wine craft and enjoy relaxing hours in the spa

Thermal bath

The thermal water world of the Tamina Therme extends over various baths on 7300m². In all baths you can enjoy the healing spring water and experience various highlights

  • Outdoor pool: The outdoor pool offers 34°C warm spring water and a fantastic bathing fun with waterfall, whirlpool and flow channel. A very special highlight: In front of the pool there is a dreamlike view over the Grisons mountain panorama

  • Attraction pool: The attraction pool also has a pleasant water temperature of 34°C. In the pool you will experience various soothing extras such as neck showers and massage jets

  • Spring bath and bubble bath: The two pools are among the warmest pools in the Tamina Therme with a temperature of 36.5°C. The warm spring water and the bubbles have a special healing power on muscle tension and metabolism. In the bubble bath you can make yourself comfortable on loungers built into the pool

  • The exercise pool: The exercise pool has a temperature of 32°C, which is ideal for relaxing swims. At this pleasant temperature, you won't break a sweat right away, but you won't have to freeze either. In combination with the healing thermal water, exercise in this pool is particularly pleasant, effective and easy on the joints.

  • Hot and cold water bath: The hot water bath (39°C) and the cold water bath (17°C) offer fantastic conditions for alternating baths. An alternating bath strengthens the immune system and skin tissue and is good for blood circulation, metabolism and circulation

Sauna world

The sauna world of the Tamina Spa is a place of rest and relaxation for body and soul and is one of the best sauna landscapes in Switzerland. In the interior, old wood processed oak meets special Greek marble. The effect is very noble and at the same time warm and inviting. Surrounding the sauna world is a fantastic mountain backdrop with panoramic views

In total there are seven different saunas, which stimulate different senses and Seven different saunas stimulate different senses, offers different infusions and very special sauna moments

  • Kelo infusion sauna: 85°C, 15% humidity
  • Finnish sauna: 95°C, 5% humidity
  • Nera ritual sauna: temporarily out of service due to a fire at the time of writing (September 2022)
  • Pirts sauna: 60°C, 65% humidity
  • Bio sauna: 65°C, 50% humidity
  • Steam bath: 45°C, 100% humidity
  • Infrared sauna: 40°C

In order to properly invigorate the mind and body, and to make saunas right, cooling down between sauna sessions is very important. For this purpose, Tamina Therme offers various cooling down options

  • Garden with natural pond and sunbathing deck
  • Thermal water cooling pool
  • adventure showers
  • ice fountain
  • foot baths

For a break there is a variety of special relaxation rooms. You can choose between rooms where you can enjoy absolute silence or talk with your companion or other guests in a muffled voice. The Bistro Lounge Hermitage invites you to refresh yourself with a variety of culinary delights


Wellness is not just about external beauty, but also about inner peace and relaxation. In the Tamina Therme, the offers in the spa and wellness area revolve around the healing and invigorating thermal waters of the Tamina Gorge

A wide range of different massages relieves tension, revitalizes the body and provides long-lasting deep relaxation. In the Tamina Spa there are many classic massages, Barbor wellness massages and Soglio wellness massages. A very special concept is the Haki concept developed at Tamina Therme. Here, with the help of treatment, atmosphere and infrastructure, mind and body are led to inner peace.

For beauty, the Tamina Therme offers various cosmetic and facial treatments. Here we cooperate with the high-quality beauty brand Babor

Tamina Spa (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Tamina Spa (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Relaxation in the Tamina Therme (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Relaxation in the Tamina Therme (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

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During a visit to the Tamina Therme, you can take a relaxing break at the Café Therme. The wide culinary selection offers both vital breakfasts, special refreshments, delicious snacks and an inviting aperitif

When you are in the sauna area, you can visit the Bistro Lounge Hermitage. Here you can find food and drinks specially designed for saunas, for a special refreshment during or after your sauna session

How to get to the Tamina Therme

The Tamina Therme is located in Bad Ragaz in the well-known vacation region Heidiland near the hiking area Pizol. By car you can reach the Therme within an hour from St. Gallen and Zurich. The highway exits Bad Ragaz and Maienfeld are not far from the Therme.

During a trip by public transport you can already enjoy the beautiful mountain world to the fullest. Bad Ragaz can be reached within an hour from St. Gallen and Zurich. The train station is a 15-minute walk from the spa. Alternatively, there is the bus no. 456, which runs hourly to the Therme.

For whom is the Tamina Therme suitable?

The Tamina Therme is a paradise for relaxation and recreation. For sauna and wellness lovers, the Therme offers more than your heart desires with a wide variety of saunas and unique wellness offers. But even if you "only" want to visit the baths, you can relax your body and mind in healing thermal water. Each bath offers a different feature, which invites you to relax

For families, the spa has great Tamina-Kids offers. Depending on the age of the little ones, there are special courses aimed at familiarizing children with the element of water. Here you can explore the water world with your child in the pleasant 32°C warm thermal water