Hiking to Bachalpsee from Grindelwald First

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9 Highlights at Bachalpsee

  • The starting point for the hike is the mountain station at Grindelwald First. From here you have a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain landscape.
  • The Bachalpsee is a beautiful, crystal clear glacier lake. Here you can relax after a strenuous hike and enjoy the impressive view.
  • The entire hiking route leads you through an impressive mountain landscape. There are always great views of the surrounding nature.
  • The hiking route is very varied and always offers something new to discover. There are steep climbs, flat sections and beautiful viewpoints.
  • On the way there are several possibilities to refresh yourself or to stop for a bite to eat. In the mountain huts you can try typical Swiss dishes and strengthen yourself for the further hike.
  • You will get a perfect view of the Finsteraarhorn, the highest mountain of the Bernese Alps with 4274 meters.
  • If you are interested in the flora of the Alps, you can marvel at many different types of flowers.
  • After a strenuous hike, the Bachalpsee offers the perfect opportunity to cool off.
  • After a busy day of exploration and insight, you can look forward to the ride down to the valley where you can relax. There you can reward yourself with a delicious cheese fondue at the cozy Barry's restaurant in Grindelwald.
BachalpseeSpiegelung im Bachalpsee (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)
BachalpseeDer kalte und türkisblaue Bachalpsee (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)

What awaits you at Bachalpsee

A true adventure awaits you at Bachalpsee. This breathtaking place is a must for all nature lovers and hikers.

  • The view of the surrounding mountains is incredibly beautiful and you can hardly get enough of it. Especially when there is no wind, the reflection in the lake is very impressive.
  • At the Bachalpsee itself you can relax and cool off in the clear waters or enjoy the view.
  • The Bachalpsee is a wonderful place to barbecue.

Hikes at the Bachalpsee

Several hikes lead past the Bachalpsee. We present two of them to you here

Grindelwald First - Bachalpsee - Faulhorn - Bussalp

If you take the Säumerweg (mule track) behind the lake, you will pass two huts and finally reach the Gassenboden. A few turns further up is the traditional Faulhorn Berghotel. The hotel is closed in winter, but you have the possibility to test the 15 km longest toboggan run in Europe If there is enough snow, you can sled down the "Big Pintenfritz" to Grindelwald

If a toboggan ride is not on your to-do list, you can make the descent via Gassenboden, which is quite steep. You have to fight your way through the wide alpine hollow of Bussalp until you reach Oberläger. This is the terminus of the Bussalp post bus. From there you take the bus back to Grindelwald.

Grindelwald First - Bachalpsee - Waldspitz - Bort

If you want to continue hiking, you can take the hiking route to Waldspitz and Bort. This trail leads you through a true paradise of colorful flowers to Bachläger. More than 60 species of flowers line the way and you will be led on narrow paths through unique landscapes. The view of the Grindelwald Glacier, the Wetterhorn and the Eiger North Face is particularly impressive here.

From Bachläger you reach the Waldspitz in another 20 minutes. Below the restaurant you turn into the steep but beautiful path that winds through the forest. After another 40 minutes you have reached the middle station Bort of the Firstbahn. Here you can decide whether you want to go to Grindelwald or continue hiking. When you finally have enough of hiking, there are two options: the Firstbahn, or with the Trottibike. With this you will make the way in the shortest time and no effort.

Bachalpsee WanderungWandern beim Bachalpsee (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)
Bachalpsee WanderungAlpwirtschaft auf dem Weg zum Bachalpsee (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)

As you can see, Bachalpsee is a great and easy to reach destination from Grindelwald First.