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Escape rooms are available throughout Switzerland for different needs, age groups and difficulty levels. A team of players discovers clues and solves tasks. In an Escape Game, you and your group get locked in a room and try to gain freedom by solving puzzles

Escape Room Activities and tickets

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Escape Rooms are taking Switzerland by storm

They are mainly located in the country's larger cities. Despite the high number of offers, most people have only a rough idea of what they are actually about. Last but not least, the question is which adventure room or escape game suits you best.

Let's find out. Because this is all about captivating puzzles and difficult codes for thinkers and clever adventurers. Imagine you are in a mysterious room together with your colleagues, family or friends. Suddenly the door closes behind you and the clock ticks..

From now on, you have to solve all the puzzles to escape from the room. Team spirit, creativity, powers of deduction and close communication are required. Unusual paths must be taken, hidden clues and objects must be found to reveal the secret of the room in the end

Just a short moment and you realize that a number of team skills are needed to solve the tasks

  • The basic principle is clear: a group of up to 6 players finds itself in a locked room and is challenged to find the escape route
  • There is a time limit: you have to find the exit within 60 minutes. All players have to step up and share tasks. Teamwork is required.
  • This results in a colorful mix of Escape Games for kids, teens and adults, for outdoor fans and high-tech freaks. But there are also offers for large groups.
Lock of the safe (Photo: Escape Company)Lock of the safe (Photo: Escape Company)
The Magic Portal (Photo: Team Escape)The Magic Portal (Photo: Team Escape)

Escape and Adventure Rooms

Have you ever been to an Escape Room?

Crossing the threshold of the rooms is very similar to stepping through a portal into another world. Eventually, you'll have to find the key to open the door and identify some sub-problems. The narrative feels like a movie plot over 60 minutes

How does an Escape Room work?

Whether it's an Escape Room, Adventure Room or Escape Games, the goal is the same: Solve a series of puzzles to get out of a room as quickly as possible. You usually have 60 minutes to do this.

The actual task is to unlock the door. But there are intermediate goals that must be achieved beforehand. Maybe you have to open a locked glass cabinet that contains a key. Or you may find clues on how to get to the cabinet. A cabinet may have hidden cavities, or a letter may provide encrypted information for a combination of numbers

Time and again, the group encounters clues both right and wrong. The key words to get to the goal are: speed, flexibility, agility, imagination and creative "out of the box" thinking

Who is an Adventure Room suitable for?

You will experience a novel form of group activity in the Adventure Room. Depending on the complexity and understanding, the activities are suitable for families with children. The feeling of having solved a tricky task together welds you together both as a family and as a team.

Be it a company event, birthdays, the bachelor party or "Escape" among friends - teambuilding grows on positive and confirming feedback and is the solution to the puzzle.

Advantages of Escape Games

In addition to team building, coordination and communication are other factors that lead to educational, entertaining and entertaining group events. After about 60 minutes, the group gathering usually ends with a short reflection. During the game, the adrenaline level rises - a thoroughly positive side effect.

In the Escape Room you experience the joy of searching for connections and doing all this as a team to finally reach the goal together

  • How can I solve it?
  • What do I need to do it?
  • Where can I find it?

Escape games subliminally include the task of asking for help at the right time. The ability to do this should not be underestimated

Escape Room themes and categories

The mysterious room is by no means limited to just one room. Rather, there are different rooms, landscapes, cities and combinations thereof that each team is allowed to deal with individually. The challenges are also quite different and move in the categories: Abstract, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, History, Horror - in narrative form, as a thriller or for children.

Difficulty of Escape Games

Escape rooms are usually designed for any audience. You can venture into difficult rooms even if you are a beginner. However, be aware that in this case you will most likely need a lot of hints. You may not be able to get out of the room in your available time slot. This can also be an experience. However, possible actions will not happen and the fun of the game will be slightly dampened

For orientation, most Escape Rooms have a difficulty rating from 1 to 5 or 10. In some rooms, this rating is based on the success rate: How many groups make it out of the room? The criteria are theme-oriented and vary. Generally, exit games are designed for adults

  • Very easy: Plan, build, puzzle or go as a detective in the online Escape Room. Fun comes first in the well-lit and large rooms. Perfectly suited for children
  • Easy room puzzling: Suitable for all beginners, novices and school children
  • Moderate escape room: Suitable for teenagers and above. Certain game mechanics are worked out by logical reasoning
  • Difficult escape room: Single information that takes a lot of time - logic puzzles with many steps. Suitable for adult players with initial experience.
  • Difficult room: Low escape rate. The "very difficult" level is suitable for experienced gamers who regularly visit the Adventure Rooms

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Operation Mindfall Escape Game (Photo: Team Escape)Operation Mindfall Escape Game (Photo: Team Escape)
Map Escape Game (Photo: Team Escape)Map Escape Game (Photo: Team Escape)

Swiss Activities Tips for Escape Games

  • Choose an easy or moderately difficult room at the beginning. This way you put yourself under less pressure and feel your way through.
  • Play online and virtually pick up the trail: Location-independent, book yourself a game on the website of the respective provider.
  • Play with live actors. You get to a secret meeting place, turn into a secret agent and complete a mission
  • Fondue & Escape Game: Room 67 in Zurich is not for the faint of heart, but it is geared to your palate
  • In the Tropical House Frutigen you go on an expedition, roam through the jungle and free a professor.
  • Virtual Reality Basel: Feel the rockfall, the vibration and virtual shots on your body. Be close to the adventure
  • There are also numerous wheelchair-accessible Escape Rooms.

Escape Games, Escape Rooms and Adventure Rooms in Switzerland

Explore the most exciting Escape Rooms in Switzerland. In 2012, AdventureRooms filled the first Escape Room in Switzerland with puzzles and tasks. Meanwhile, you can dive into the fabulous world of secrets in more than 10 cities

Browse through the different themed worlds: Where will you be put to the test, what secret do you want to uncover? Choose your "World of Escape": mysterious, historical, futuristic, challenging or the big adventure. Can you solve the mystery in 60 minutes? Big and small puzzlers will find the most exciting Escape Rooms in Basel, Zurich, Bern and many other places.

Escape Room Basel

Room Escape Basel: Kids Escape for children from 8-13 years: The exciting game scenario "The Library" provides amusement

Number of Games: 9

Breakout Basel: In Breakout Basel the spotlight is yours. Games are played indoors or outdoors.

Number of Games: 7

Virtual Reality Center Basel: VR glasses and hand tracking technology make the puzzle fun even more real and exciting Number of Games: 6

Basel Adventure Rooms: Travel into space and solve exciting puzzles far away from home. Online games are also offered.

Number of Games: 6

One Hour Escape: Your adventure in tropical temples, on distant planets or as a shooter in the desert

Number of Games: 3

Escape Room Bern

Adventure Rooms Bern: Originating from a school project, Adventure Rooms Bern offers the perfect fun for school classes, families and team events.

Number of Games: 8 / Locations: 5

The Escape Bern: Not only for "Game of Thrones" fans an absolute must. Escape Rooms in a central location with great ambience.

Number of Games: 4

Adventure Room Chur

Adventure Rooms Chur: Adventure Room Chur is one of the first providers of "real-life escape games". Here you can also puzzle outside.

Number of rooms: 4 / outdoor adventure: 3

World of Escapes Chur: Here you make a joint and successful decision with your group to escape from the dungeon. Exciting puzzle rooms challenge you.

Number of Games: 3

Adventure Room Davos

Montain Games Davos: Puzzle in the highest Escape Room in the world. Outdoor and indoor games are offered. Alpine Hut Adventure Rooms raise the adrenaline level.

Number of Games: 4

Adventure Room Interlaken

Mystery Rooms Interlaken: Indoor and outdoor Escape Games include an escape from the asylum, a high-tech puzzle with board games, and an adventurous tour of Interlaken.

Number of Games: 4

Escape the Room Interlaken: Travel back in time to the 1900's. The game "The Clockmaker" offers excitement for 2 to 7 people, from 9 to 99 years

Number of Games: 1

Escape Room Lausanne

Evade Game: Be challenged by different Escape Games indoor, outdoor or online.

Number of Games: 10

42nd Street: Whether with the family or with friends who have a penchant for horror movies: at 42nd Street you will find what you are looking for.

Number of Games: 4

The Key: Get to grips with the brilliant physicist Albert Einstein or the Illuminati in these Escape Games with a success rate of 35% and 40% respectively. Can you do it?

Number of Games: 2

Lasered Lausanne: Go to the 18th century and break through a mysterious door.

Number of Games: 1

The Door: An exciting escape game in a great ambience

Number of Games: 1

Escape Room Lucerne

Escape Quest: Here you will find classic Escape Games, online games or interactive adventures with professional actors.

Number of games: 10

Riddle Escape: From the lost cookie recipe to the carnival thief, various challenges await you here.

Number of Games: 4

Escape Company: Save the future of a Lucerne Beer or escape heroically from a prison in Lucerne. Duels are also offered.

Number of Games: 4

Adventure Rooms Lucerne All rooms are perfect for the whole family

Number of Games: 4

Fun Bird Event: Plan an exciting GPS Outdoor Game for your next team event. For groups and families there is an exciting GPS iPad rally. Kids 8 years and older meet at the digital scavenger hunt. Number of Games: 3

Adventure Room Solothurn

Adventure Rooms Solothurn: Dive into another world and solve tricky tasks or destroy the ring of power. Experience fantastic adventures for families and companies.

Number of Games: 6

Escape Room St. Gallen

Escape Company: Join a group of storm chasers in the service of climate research. Or explore the secret behind the beer.

Number of Games: 6

Team Escape: Go on an exciting puzzle hunt through the St. Gallen Old Town or save the world with the iPad and a mysterious agent case.

Number of games: 3

Escape Game St. Gallen (Photo: Team Escape)Escape Game St. Gallen (Photo: Team Escape)
Escape Game with the iPad (Photo: Team Escape)Escape Game with the iPad (Photo: Team Escape)

Adventure Room Thun

Adventure Rooms Thun: Escape from prison or from school.

Number of Games: 2

Mystic Cage: Find the secret research lab of Amadeus the Magician. A game for beginners and advanced players.

Number of Games: 1

Escape Room Winterthur

Urban City Game: Winterthur is played without staff using your own smartphone or tablet. Among them exciting games for the whole family and children from 7 years.

Number of games: 6.

Secret passage: Dive into different and sometimes scary worlds. In one of the games you even meet Sherlock Holmes.

Number of Games: 3

Escape Room 24: You have the choice between mobile or outdoor games, which are about a golden pineapple, the police academy or a pirate ship.

Number of Games: 7

Escape Room Zurich

Live Escape Game: Here you can expect several tricky missions in difficulty levels between 6/10 and 10/10.

Number of Games: 5

The Escape Zurich: Capsize a pirate ship or enter the workshop of a watchmaker in this Escape Room right next to Zurich's main train station.

Number of Games: 3

Adventure Room Zurich: Solve medium to difficult puzzles with your group at three different locations in Zurich.

Number of Games: 5

Room Escape Room: These difficult games are suitable for families with puzzle-loving children from the age of 8.

Number of Games: 6

Mission Escape: In this game, as the name suggests, you have a goal. Escape! Three online games are also offered.

Number of Games: 1

FAQ Escape Rooms, Adventure Rooms, Escape Games

For which occasions are Escape Rooms, Adventure Rooms or Escape Games suitable?

  • Almost all Escape Rooms are prepared for birthdays, corporate events, incentives and bachelor parties. Special attention is paid to the team building field. After all, the puzzles can only be solved through close communication and cooperation

How many players are in an Escape Game team?

  • The number of players varies depending on the offer between 2 and 8 people. The ideal group size is between 2 and 6 people. Then you enjoy the perfect game fun.

Can you play Escape Rooms alone?

  • Even though Escape Games are clearly team games, you can also play alone. However, most games are designed in such a way that you probably won't make it alone

How long does a game in an Escape Room last?

  • Plan on at least 90 minutes for a visit. The game itself usually lasts 60 minutes. The actual stay is over 1.5 hours

Game Rules Escape Room: Do's and Don'ts...

  • Before each game you will receive instructions. While you are looking for the solution to the puzzle, you can try almost everything. The objects in the room must not be damaged.

What is a duel in Escape Room?

  • During a duel, two teams of 2 to 6 people compete against each other, play in parallel and then switch. At the end, a total time is determined, from which a winner emerges.

Are Escape Games also suitable for children?

  • It is not recommended for children under 6 years of age. In addition, most of the puzzles of the difficulty level are designed for adults. However, there are special offers for children from 8 years among the numerous providers

How safe is an Escape Game?

  • During the entire game time you are supervised by a responsible game master. The doors are never mechanically closed. So the rooms can be left at any time

Do I have to have a basic fitness level to play Escape Room?

  • Basic fitness is not required. However, those who wear electronic implants should inform the game master

Can pregnant women play Escape Rooms?

  • Even if there are small exciting surprises, the rooms as well as the whole process are completely safe for pregnant women

What happens if I get claustrophobic during the Escape Room?

  • If you get claustrophobic, you can open the door by yourself. During the introduction to the game you will also learn how the opening mechanism works. This also applies in case you feel uncomfortable or need to go to the toilet

What can or should I take with me to an Escape Room?

  • Remember to bring cash or your debit card. Food and drinks are not allowed during the game. Otherwise, game spirit is the most important thing to bring

What happens if we don't get anywhere in the Escape Room?

  • If you get stuck or miss an important clue, you will get help. The entire game is accompanied by a game master via a camera
Escape Room Beer Factory (Photo: Escape Company)Escape Room Beer Factory (Photo: Escape Company)
Escape Room Beer Factory (Photo: Escape Company)Escape Room Beer Factory (Photo: Escape Company)

7 Tips for a successful Escape Room Mission

Your goal is to solve all the tasks and puzzles to escape. In the Escape Rooms of Switzerland you are "locked up" in the game. Be it finding and defusing a bomb, breaking out of prison or searching for the treasure of the Aztecs. Each adventure presents you with a certain challenge.

Use your thinking skills! Ingenuity, logic, an eye for detail and good communication are very important to achieve the goal

  • The better you know your team, the more attuned they will be. You will be more efficient if you know in advance who is best suited for which tasks.
  • A team of up to four people complements each other perfectly
  • Discuss, plan, and split up. Read the rule out loud before the game. Keep the rulebook handy during the game
  • Communication is incredibly important in an Escape Game. Communicate all the time and don't keep any information to yourself. Every second counts
  • Search first, solve later. There are often false leads. Most puzzles require persistent searching
  • At the beginning you spread out, everyone looks for a corner and orders his task area. Think in all directions
  • If it becomes too complex, you make further considerations. Remember the saying: "You can't see the forest for the trees".


  • Do I need to download apps to my smartphone for these games?
  • What if someone panics or has health problems during one of the escape games **Top Secret**, **Prison Breakout** and the like? Panic or have health problems?
  • How many people are allowed to play?