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Snowshoeing in Switzerland

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Snowshoeing Activities and tickets

Deeply snow-covered and often secluded landscapes make snowshoeing a unique winter experience. Away from the hustle and bustle you make your trail, alone, with friends or with the family. In Switzerland, a snowshoe hike is usually combined with a wonderful view of the white mountain landscape.

You hike over hills and through forests where the fir trees have thick white caps. You will discover traces of many animals and admire frozen waterfalls with artistic formations of icicles.

Almost all winter sports resorts in Switzerland now prepare marked snowshoe trails. They are safe and easy to walk on. On the prepared trails you will undertake a fabulous journey of discovery through the Swiss winter wonderland. But even on the less demanding trails, you should always follow the signalized route. This is for your own safety.


Walking with snowshoes is easy to learn. It is equivalent to the ease of walking: if you can walk, you can snowshoe. Like hiking, you put one foot in front of the other. Snowshoes offer you more surface on your foot compared to a normal hiking boot, based on a wider and longer contact surface.

You don't need much more than a pair of snowshoes, waterproof and warm winter boots or trekking shoes and trekking poles. Fix you strap the snowshoes in addition to your normal hiking boots.

Snowshoeing is also possible with children and the dog without any problems.... You will enjoy a fantastic snowshoe tour together and discover the most beautiful routes. Pay attention to the appropriate fitness level according to the difficulty and length of the route. Stomping through deep snow is always a little more strenuous than walking on groomed slopes.

Finally, the health benefits of snowshoeing are well known. You train your sense of balance and fine motor skills. In addition, the movement in nature and the good mountain air strengthen the immune system, muscles are trained and vein function is improved. Snowshoeing is therefore a very healthy sport and can be done with little effort.

On a guided snowshoe tour, the experienced guides also like to trudge through nature a bit more adventurous. During the tour you are usually rewarded with a great panorama. Guided snowshoe hiking in the Bernese Oberland lets you enjoy a very special mountain panorama.

(Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)(Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)
(Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)(Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)

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Swiss Activities tips for snowshoeing

Snowshoeing quickly becomes a very special experience. Choose your dream landscape or a combination with other activities. We have researched for you and compiled some tips for snowshoeing.

  • Enjoy a night snowshoe adventure under the guidance of an experienced guide. These snowshoe tours are most beautiful during the full moon. They are offered for example in Interlaken or at Stoos.

  • A winter dream comes true on a culinary hike with an aperitif. You can find a campfire in the snow on guided hikes in Château-d'Oex or Melchsee-Frutt, for example.

  • After the snowshoe hike you can visit a mountain restaurant and finish the hike with a fondue or raclette. Especially with friends or family, this is a nice ending after a winter hike.

  • The combination of your snowshoe hike with a beautiful toboggan run is a great experience alone, with the family or in a group of friends.

  • To gain altitude quickly and be able to snowshoe in the mountains, it is a good idea to take the cable car. This way you can save your energy for the ascent and trudge through the snow in a wonderful landscape.

  • You can combine an evening snowshoe hike with night sledding. Some toboggan runs are illuminated in the evening. You can find them in our night sledding guide with 60 routes. This increases the fun factor even more.

  • The San Bernardino Pass turns into a winter sports paradise in winter. you can use 20 km of prepared trails for snowshoeing.

  • Several mountain railroads rent not only sledges, but also snowshoes and poles. You can get them at the bottom station and return them there later.

(Foto: Outdoor Interlaken)(Foto: Outdoor Interlaken)
(Foto: Outdoor Interlaken)(Foto: Outdoor Interlaken)

Snowshoeing walking technique

With the right snowshoes and the appropriate walking technique, you will be able to walk comfortably through mountains and valleys in winter. With snowshoes, you should walk as normally as possible. A more or less pronounced swaying step is unavoidable. This is due to the excess width of the construction.

On a snowshoe tour you have to overcome very different terrain. To make good progress and save energy, different stride techniques are recommended.

  • In flat terrain you can walk in normal stride. It is important that you remain as upright as possible and that your body's center of gravity is in the middle of the snowshoe.
  • As the slope increases, it is best to activate the climbing aid. If the slope is minimal (less than 25 degrees), you can choose the frontal step in the fall line. You stay in the normal step sequence, similar to hiking.
  • If the slope becomes steeper, you use the so-called duck step, also called V-step. The snowshoes form a V that gets wider as the incline increases. If you find this difficult, you can also leave one step in the normal fall line and form the V with the other snowshoe only. Just as you find it more comfortable.
  • If the ground is icy and hard, you ram the snowshoes with each step with the claw firmly into the ice or the hard snow.
  • If the slope is very steep, it is best to use the staircase technique, placing the snowshoes at right angles to the slope.
  • If the steep slope is too long for this technique, it is best to approach it in hairpin turns, like switchbacks. This will make the path longer, but it will save you a lot of energy.
  • If the terrain then slopes down again, the technique again depends on the ground.
  • In soft snow, you can glide down the slope with your knees slightly bent and with a slight backward lean.
  • In hard and icy snow, you walk in short steps with the claw forward and keep your weight centrally above the shoe.

The right snowshoe

Three types of snowshoes (Classics, Originals and Moderns) are conquering the market.

For alpine use, plastic snowshoes (Moderns) are suitable, which you can quickly strap on and off.

The Classics are particularly suitable for hiking in flatter terrain thanks to the heel straps and the open axis binding.

Slip bindings with ratchet closures offer a perfect mix of comfort and support. The classic strap binding is only useful in a modernized form.

So before you go, check which boot is best suited for the current snow conditions.

  • Classics: considered typical snowshoes, aluminum frame snowshoes are usually offered in three sizes. Here, buoyancy is pitted against handiness: the larger the snowshoe, the more load-bearing it is in deeper snow. But the heavier it is on a backpack or snowboard descent.

  • Originals: Oversized wood-frame snowshoes are perfect for valley hikes and moderately steep deep snow tours. They are especially recommended in fresh snow.

  • Moderns: The plastic snowshoes are ideal in the forest, on steep slopes and in compacted or hard snow because of their manageability. These models can be extended with an attachment to sink in less in deep snow.

Rent snowshoes

Before you buy your own snowshoes for your first snowshoe hike, you should try them out first. You can rent both snowshoes and equipment. Most winter sports stores offer snowshoes for rent. The daily rent including poles is usually less than 19 CHF. You can also rent snowshoes and poles in some local mountain inns or in the huts at the starting points.

Snowshoeing Switzerland - the most beautiful routes

Between adventure and solitude, you ascend in your own track to valleys and hills immersed in snow. In Switzerland there are more than 3000 km of prepared winter hiking trails and over 1200 km of marked snowshoe routes. Discover the fantastic winter landscapes in Hoch Ybrig or around St. Moritz, linger on sunny terraces or settle down in a warmly heated hut.

Here you will find some beautiful snowshoe hikes in Switzerland:

Snowshoeing Bernese Oberland

We present seven snowshoe tours in the Bernese Oberland.

Wetterhorn Trail (circular route): Hotel Wetterhorn - Lauchbühl - Hotel Wetterhorn

On this snowshoe hike in Grindelwald you will enjoy unrestricted views of the Eiger from the Ischbodenhütte. You will also see the winter sports areas Grindelwald-First, Schynige Platte and grosse Scheidegg.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 4 km
  • Duration: 01:50h
  • Ascent / descent: 240 (↑ hm) / 240 (↓ hm)

Schwarzwaldalp: Schwarzwaldalp (snowshoe trail): Schwarzwaldalp via Ulf Teiffenmatten - Alpiglen - Grosse Scheidegg - Gratschärem - Schwarzwaldalp

You hike between Meiringen and Grindelwald in the wild and romantic Rosenlauital and Reichenbachtal and enjoy a wonderful mountain panorama. The hotel Chalet Schwarzwaldalp invites you to a comfortable stop.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 10.9 km
  • Duration: 04:30 h
  • Ascent/Descent: 580 hm

Bussalp - Bort: Bussalp snowshoe trail: Bussalp - Pfaffenegg - Steesiboden - Matten - Holewang - Bort

On this snowshoe tour you will be accompanied by the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, the Finsteraarhorn and the Schreckhorn. You will get a breathtaking view of the legendary peaks of the Bernese Alps.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 7.28 km
  • Duration: 3 h
  • Ascent/Descent: 249 (↑ hm) / 485 (↓ hm)

Wengen: Wengen - Leiterhorn

On this snowshoe hike you will be accompanied by a magnificent view of the mighty Jungfrau. Spectacular moments are offered along the 4000-meter mountain range all the way down into the deeply cut Lauterbrunnen Valley.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 5.4 km
  • Duration: 02:30 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 520 m

Kandersteg: Kandersteg - Höh Trail

On this panoramic snowshoe tour in Kandersteg you will enjoy magnificent views. You can see the entire mountain range of the UNESCO World Heritage Jungfrau-Aletsch with the Blüemlisalp massif. The magnificent view of the Kandertal valley is no less inspiring.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 3.2 km
  • Duration: 01:30 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 162 hm

Brienzer Rothorn: Snowshoe trail: Sörenberg, Rothornbahn - Alp Schlacht - Blattenegg - Salwideli Berggasthaus

Nature lovers experience real highlights on this beautiful and challenging snowshoe tour. The high moor area, for example, conveys lasting impressions, while the Rothorn chain and Schrattenfluh conjure up a breathtaking mountain panorama. You hike through the idyllic landscape of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch.

  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Duration: 03:40 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 440 m

Isenfluh: Sulwald Snowshoe Trail: Isenfluh - Sulwald - Isenfluh

With this view over the majestic triumvirate of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, you will always go into raptures. At the top you are almost at eye level with them. The rather arduous ascent is quickly forgotten with this view. On your snowshoes, you'll return quite quickly.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 2 km
  • Duration: 01:15 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 170 hm
  • Snowshoeing Lucerne Lake Lucerne Region
  • You can find a guided snowshoe hike from Isenfluh in our offers.
Snowshoeing Isenfluh (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Snowshoeing Isenfluh (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)
Snowshoeing Isenfluh (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Snowshoeing Isenfluh (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)

Snowshoeing Central Switzerland

The following four routes for snowshoeing can be found in Central Switzerland.

Entlebuch: Snowshoe Trail: Heiligkreuz - Alphütte First - Howald - Doppleschwander - Heiligkreuz in the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch

This enjoyable snowshoe tour starts in the well-known pilgrimage site of Heiligkreuz and leads from Doppleschwander Howald relatively level back to the First mountain restaurant. The distant view towards Sörenberg and the Bernese Alps is fabulous. The triumvirate of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are visible along with Brienzer Rothorn and Schrattenfluh.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 7 km
  • Duration: 03:15 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 380 hm

Klewenalp Beckenried: Snowshoe trail: Beckenried Klewenalp - Beckenried - Klewenalp

In the snow paradise Klewenalp-Stockhütte you will get your money's worth as a snowshoe hiker. The unique snowshoe tour leads up to the Twäregg. As a reward you reap a magnificent panoramic view. The Twäregg is a bijou of a viewpoint.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 4 km
  • Duration: 01:40 h
  • Ascent / descent: 100 (↑ hm) 300 (↓ hm)

Kriens: Snowshoe route: Fräkmüntegg - Bonern-Rehlöcher - Fräkmüntegg

On this rather easy snowshoe tour along Mount Pilatus, you'll reap beautiful views of Lucerne, over the Mittelland, across Lake Lucerne, and of the northern foothills of the Alps. You will also trudge a short distance along the toboggan run. A very relaxing excursion for the whole family.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 3 km
  • Duration: 01:40 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 180 hm

Siehlsee/ Euthal: Snowshoe circuit: Euthal - Schweig - Euthal

This snowshoe hike makes you want to do even more challenging tours. You hike through secluded areas and over snow-covered pastures - with your eyes fixed on the Chli Aubrig. If you are already experienced, you hike further up the Chli Aubrig.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Duration: 02:15 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 220 m
 Snowshoeing Pilatus (Photo: Switzerland Tourism) Snowshoeing Pilatus (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)
Twäregg Trail (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Twäregg Trail (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)

Snowshoeing Rigi

Rigi offers some beautiful winter tours. One of them is the following:

Snowshoe circuit: Rigi Burggeist - Hinter Dossen - Schneealp - Scheidegg (vantage point) - Scheidegghüttli - Rigi Burggeist

In the Rigi-Scheidegg-Burggeist area you can enjoy the tranquility of the Alps. A stop at the Scheidegg mountain inn is always worthwhile. Guests are particularly fond of the delicious Gersau cheesecake

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 4 km
  • Duration: 2 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 155 hm

Snowshoeing Pilatus

You'll find an easy and scenic snowshoe hike on Mount Pilatus.

Snowshoe trail (LU 14): Krienseregg - Gibbelegg - Dorschnei - Krienseregg

There are several snowshoe trails to choose from on Mount Pilatus. This one is great fun for the whole family. Not far from the city you enjoy a contemplative snowshoe hike. Your eyes will wander to Lucerne, Lake Lucerne and the northern foothills of the Alps

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 5.4 km
  • Duration: 01:45 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 196 hm

Snowshoeing Titlis Engelberg

This snowshoe hike is a change from the leisurely walk around the lake on well-maintained trails:

Snowshoeing Titlis Engelberg: Snowshoe round trip Trübsee Station - Engelberg - Trübsee Station

On this round tour, sporty ambitious nature lovers and all connoisseurs will find the perfect snowshoe terrain. On the one hand you have a wonderful panoramic view of icy glaciers and on the other hand you are close to an idyllic mountain lake. From the emerald green shimmering Trübsee, the trail leads to a beautiful vantage point. With the cable car from Engelberg you will reach the starting point of this snowshoe hike within a short time.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Duration: 02:50 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 320 hm
Trübsee (Photo: Engelberg Titlis Bergbahnen AG)Trübsee (Photo: Engelberg Titlis Bergbahnen AG)
Grotzlitrail (Photo: Engelberg Titlis Bergbahnen AG)Grotzlitrail (Photo: Engelberg Titlis Bergbahnen AG)

Snowshoeing Graubünden

There are countless snowshoe tours in Graubünden. Here we present four that should appeal to you:

Lenzerheide snowshoe tour: Val Sporz - Lenzerheide - Val Sporz

If you have already gained some experience as a snowshoe hiker, the vacation region Lenzerheide between Chur and Tiefencastel is the right place for you. The trail leads across meadows and through fir forests to the highest point of the hamlet of Sporz.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Duration: 02:20 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 220 hm

Chur snowshoe hiking tour: Chur - Brambrüesch - Pradaschier - Churwalden - Chur

The tour over the Dreibündenstein is considered an insider tip and offers fabulous views of the oldest city in Switzerland and over the picturesque Grisons Alps. The not-so-easy climb is rewarded with a 360-degree panorama.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Duration: 04:40 h
  • Ascent / descent: 660 (↑ hm) / 540 (↓ hm)

Arosa snowshoe tour: Maran - Prätschalp - Maran

This easy round tour is not only the perfect introduction to snowshoeing, it also leads through a beautiful alpine mountain panorama. On silent soles you roam through one of the most beautiful areas of this region.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 2 km
  • Duration: 55 min
  • Ascent / Descent: 80 hm

Flims Snowshoe UNESCO Circuit: Nagens - Nagens

This fabulous route offers two natural wonders: the Tectonic Arena Sardona, a world-class phenomenon, and the Martin's Hole, a natural spectacle that attracts onlookers from all over the world.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Duration: 02:45 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 320 hm
Arosa (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Arosa (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)
Arosa (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Arosa (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)

Snowshoeing Engadine

In the Engadine we have selected four snowshoe trails for you:

Pontresina snowshoe circuit: Muottas Muragl - Plaun dals Müls - Muottas Muragl

Both beginners and experienced snowshoe hikers will enjoy fantastic moments on this enchanting circular trail. You hike in the panorama of the Engadine mountain peaks past a lake plateau frozen in ice and ponder on the philosophers' path

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 3 km
  • Duration: 01:30 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 170 hm

Celerina snowshoe tour: Celerina S. Gian - Pontresina cross-country skiing center

You hike through deeply snow-covered, fairytale-like moor clearings and past old, gnarled trees. You will also come across a lake and be surrounded by the local stone pines, pines and larches. On this snowshoe trail you will feel like in a real magic forest.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 4 km
  • Duration: 01:30 h
  • Ascent / descent: 130 (↑ hm) / 80 (↓ hm)

Sur Savuogn / Ramosch snowshoe circuit: Ramosch - Ramosch

The initially rather steep snowshoe route leads through open terrain to Vnà. On the sunny slope, high above the Inn valley, you trudge through one of the driest places in Switzerland

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Duration: 04:25 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 580 hm

Cavaglia snowshoe circuit: Cavaglia - Cavaglia

Families especially appreciate this leisurely snowshoe hike on the plateau of Cavaglia. Here you trudge in the footsteps of the pioneers of railroad construction.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 4 km
  • Duration: 01: 30 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 110 hm
Pontresina (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Pontresina (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)
Engadine (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Engadine (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)

Snowshoeing Valais

Valais offers snowshoe tours of various levels of difficulty. We have selected these for you:

Crans Montana snowshoe circuit: Crans-Montana - Crans-Montana

On this easy circular trail you will enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful nature with a view of the majestic Valais Alps. If you like, you start towards the end of the day and hike into the sunset

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 3 km
  • Duration: 01:15 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 140 hm

Crans Montana Aminona snowshoe hiking tour: Aminona - Aminona

If you are looking for peace and relaxation in the majestic panorama of the four-thousand-meter peaks, this is the tour for you. You will trudge steadily uphill over meadows and forests and enjoy a breathtaking mountain view from the large sun terrace.

  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Duration: 03:50 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 420 hm

Bettmeralp - Fiel Snowshoe Trail: Bettmeralp - Schweibuflüe - Biel - Flesch - Bettmeralp

Always with the mighty four-thousand-metre peaks in view, you hike through dreamy hamlets and idyllic forests until you finally enjoy the magnificent view of the snow-covered Valais Alps at the highest point of your tour

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 4 km
  • Duration: 02:10
  • Ascent / Descent: 260 hm

Blatten Rischinerwald snowshoe trail: Blatten valley station - Rischinerwald - Stalden - Rischinerwald - Blatten, valley station

This short, easy trail leads through hilly terrain and through the magnificent, snow-covered Rischinerwald. Characteristic Valais granaries and wooden houses blackened by the sun characterize the beautiful trail

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Duration: 02:50 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 280 hm
Bettmerhorn (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Bettmerhorn (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)
(Photo: Switzerland Tourism)(Photo: Switzerland Tourism)

Snowshoeing Zermatt

In the winter paradise Zermatt you will find these easy to moderately difficult snowshoe hikes:

Zermatt / Schwarzsee snowshoe tour: Schwarzsee - Zermatt Furi

If you get on your snowshoes early enough for this tour, you will enjoy the sun in front of an imposing black wall. Here the rugged north face of the Matterhorn dominates the landscape. A not so easy tour, but a breathtaking experience.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Duration: 04:25 h
  • Ascent / descent: 70 (↑ hm) / 800 (↓ hm)

Zermatt Riffelalp snowshoe tour: Riffelalp - Findeln

This idyllic hike in the midst of an enchanting pine and larch forest takes you as far as Findeln. Arrived at the hamlet, the sun terraces of the mountain restaurant and a magnificent view of the Matterhorn await you.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 3 km
  • Duration: 01:50 h
  • Ascent / descent: 140 (↑ hm) / 300 (↓ hm)

Zermatt Rotenboden Riffelberg snowshoe tour: Rotenboden - Riffelberg

On this tour you will experience magical moments. You roam along the Riffelsee and enjoy a wonderful silence. Soon a breathtaking panorama awaits you: the view of the Matterhorn, the Weisshorn and the Obergabelhorn.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 3 km
  • Duration: 01:30 h
  • Ascent / descent: 30 (↑ hm) / 260 (↓ hm)

Riffelberg - Gronergrat - Riffelberg:

This snowshoe route starts in a large arc and leads over mostly gently ascending slopes to the Gornergrat at 3090 m.a.s.l.. On this snowshoe trail you will enjoy a magnificent view, which is almost unique in the midst of the four-thousand-meter peaks. However, be prepared for an increased heartbeat in the thin air.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 6.7 km
  • Duration: 4 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 600 hm
Snowshoeing Zermatt (Photo: Zermatt Tourism Marc Weiler)Snowshoeing Zermatt (Photo: Zermatt Tourism Marc Weiler)
Snowshoeing Zermatt (Photo: Zermatt Tourism Michael Portmann)Snowshoeing Zermatt (Photo: Zermatt Tourism Michael Portmann)

Snowshoeing Saas Fee

In Saas Fee, beautiful snowshoe tours often end or begin in Kreuzboden.

Hohsaas Trail snowshoe trail: Kreuzboden - Weissmieshütte - Hohsaas

You hike in high alpine terrain up to the Hohsaas mountain station and enjoy a fantastic view of the 18 four-thousand-meter peaks of the vacation region Saas-Fee.

  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Distance: 4.7 km
  • Duration: 02:35 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 743 hm

Kreuzboden Trail snowshoe tour: Saas-Grund valley station - Ziebel - Brunne - Café Triftalp - Kreuzboden

On this tour you hike via the hamlet "Brunne" and the Triftalp up to Kreuzboden. There you will experience a fabulous view of the village of Saas-Fee and the Mischabel mountain range.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 5.3 km
  • Duration: 3 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 845 hm

Snowshoeing Appenzell

Appenzell is an area with rather challenging snowshoe hiking trails.

Appenzell snowshoe trail: Meistersrüte - Hoher Hirschberg - Meistersrüte

Beginners and snowshoe hikers who like it leisurely are in the right place on this trail. The "Hoher Hirschberg Trail" leads through the snowy Appenzell hilly landscape. Once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view of the Alpstein and the peaks of the Vorarlberg.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 7 km
  • Duration: 02:50
  • Ascent / Descent: 280 hm

Säntis snowshoe hiking trail: Schwägalp - Chammhaldenhütte - Langälpi - Kronberg

Especially snowshoe hikers with a good physical condition will favor this varied route. The ascent, which starts gently and later becomes steep, is rewarded with a wonderful panorama.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Duration: 02:35 h
  • Ascent / descent: 480 (↑ hm) / 180 (↓ hm)

Wissbad snowshoe hiking route: Weissbad Lehmen - Ahorn - Wartegg - Studen - Kronberg

On this sunny route, experienced snowshoe hikers will find peace and solitude in addition to the challenge they are looking for. After the ascent, a mighty panorama offers itself, which reaches as far as Lake Constance and across the national border into Germany.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 6 km
  • Duration: 02:40
  • Ascent / Descent: 740 hm
Saas Fee (Photo: Saas Valley Tourism AG)Saas Fee (Photo: Saas Valley Tourism AG)
Saas Fee (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Saas Fee (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)

Snowshoeing Zurich

Near Zurich you will find this beautiful snowshoe hike:

Snowshoe Hiking Tour: Atzmännig Mountain Station - Atzmännig Valley Station

Between the Toggenburg and the Zurich Oberland an exciting snowshoe hike awaits you. On your route you will enjoy a beautiful view of the hilly landscape of the foothills of the Alps.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 6 km
  • Duration: 4 h
  • Ascent / descent: 320 (↑ hm) / 680 (↓ hm)

Snowshoeing Ticino

In Ticino, we present you two snowshoe hikes that you can undertake as an experienced snowshoe hiker.

Cardada snowshoe circuit: Faido Cari - Faido Cari

On this enchanting snowshoe trail you will trudge along the "path of the mountain dwellers". Before, you will cross the splendid woods of the Faura di Duibina.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 7 km
  • Duration: 03:50 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 480 m

San Bernardino Snowshoe Circuit: San Bernadino - San Bernadino

You will hike in one of the most extensive landscapes of the country. An exciting up and down awaits you. The route continues in a varied way over the hills formed by the glacier on the San Bernardino massif.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Duration: 5 h
  • Ascent / Descent: 580 hm

Snowshoeing Vaud

The Vaud Jura with its forests is particularly impressive on a snowshoe tour.

Col du Mollendruz-Chatel snowshoe circuit: Col du Mollendruz - Col du Mollendruz

You hike through an impressive forest to one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Vaud Jura. The rather strenuous ascent is rewarded with a fabulous panoramic view of the entire Alpine chain.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 7 km
  • Duration: 03:35 h
  • Ascent / descent: 380 hm

La Givrine - La Cure snowshoe trail: La Givrine - La Cure

This snowshoe trail leads through quiet, untouched nature. Over the entire route you will enjoy a magnificent view over the alpine chain.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 7 km
  • Duration: 02:45
  • Ascent / Descent: 280 m

Snowshoeing Fribourg

You'll find a rather sporty tour in Fribourg.

Snowshoe hiking tour: Schwarzsee - Aettenberg - Zollhaus

If you have a certain basic condition, this trail is perfect for you. The rather sporty tour leads over stretches of steep uphill and also steep downhill. The view of the Senser Oberland and the snow-covered alpine huts is well worth the climb.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Duration: 05:45
  • Ascent / descent: 620 (↑ hm) / 780 (↓ hm)
Château-d'Oex (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Château-d'Oex (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)
Charmey Fribourg (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Charmey Fribourg (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)

Snowshoeing for beginners

Trudging off the beaten track through the crunching snow sounds tempting, but also exhausting. If you haven't dared yet, here are eight easy Swiss beginner snowshoe trails. Each of the listed trails carries the difficulty character easy to medium.

Stoos - Rieter: Small round trip over Rieter

  • Duration: 01:25h
  • Distance: 3.5 km

Rigi Kulm - Chäserenholz - Rigi Kulm: This panoramic snowshoe hike is perfect for beginners and inexperienced.

  • Duration:01:30
  • Distance: 2.2 km

Stock Trail Stockhorn:

  • Duration: 01:30
  • distance: 2 km

Melchsee-Frutt - Teufiboden:

  • Duration: 01:40h
  • Distance: 4 km.

Prättigau Furna - Ried:

  • Duration: 01:45h
  • Distance: 3.4 km

Klewenalp - Stockhütte:

  • Duration: 01:45h
  • Distance: 4 km.

Rosswald - Fleschboden - Rosswald:

  • Duration: 01:50
  • Route: 3 km.

**Zermatt Täsch - Attermenzen - Randa: **

  • Duration: 02:00
  • Distance: 3.6 km.

Snowshoeing for beginners: 4 tips

Snowshoeing is the ideal winter sport for beginners. In general, snowshoeing has several advantages. You are not necessarily dependent on expensive cable cars, the equipment is manageable (snow and hiking boots, poles, winter clothing) and you can go without major preparations. Fitness is also of secondary importance. If you like it leisurely, you can make your tracks on flat terrain or in the hilly foothills of the Alps.

  • Make sure you have the right snowshoes. For the first tours it is worthwhile to rent snowshoes first.
  • Choose good footwear and preferably wear cold-insulating winter boots.
  • Wear breathable clothing made of polyester or nylon. A spare dry shirt also belongs in your gear.
  • Poles and backpack are also part of the equipment. Athletic snowshoers use poles not only for balance, but also for pushing off.
Snowshoeing Stockhorn (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)Snowshoeing Stockhorn (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)
Hiking trails snowshoes (Photo: Graf Sport AG)Hiking trails snowshoes (Photo: Graf Sport AG)

Safety when snowshoeing

If you're hiking off marked trails, you should be concerned with safety

Despite modern equipment, the most important safety factor is your head. During your tour you make prudent decisions. Criteria such as weather forecasts, avalanche bulletin, slope inclination and exposure are taken into account.

Often, the tour can be downloaded to your smartphone along with GPS tracks. On the way, you can use the White Risk app to compare the planning with the actual conditions

Snowshoeing safety can be learned in courses. If you are with a guide, he or she has already taken all safety precautions. Always make sure that you don't go off the trail and that you stay on the official and marked hiking route

Equipment for snowshoeing

From insulated winter boots to a special backpack to functional underwear and multi-tools, you can add as much snowshoeing gear as you want. What you need apart from the right snowshoes are telescopic poles with snow cups, waterproof shoes and appropriate clothing

In unfamiliar terrain, you will also need orientation aids such as a multifunction watch or GPS. The often forgotten gaiters also make your life easier, because then no snow gets into your shoes

In winter, underwear made of warming Powerfleece and sweat-absorbing Fieldsensor are functional materials. Your shoes should also be waterproof and warm.

Snowshoeing is a beautiful sport that requires relatively little equipment and practice. Once you try it, you'll want to do it again.

(Photo: Switzerland Tourism)(Photo: Switzerland Tourism)
(Photo: Outdoor Interlaken(Photo: Outdoor Interlaken


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