Monte Tamaro Rope Park (Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency ATT SA)

Rope parks in Switzerland - the 20 most popular locations

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Rope park Activities and tickets

Most of the rope parks have united under the Swiss Rope Parks Association, which was founded in 2006. This is a platform that enables an exchange of experience and through which joint events are organized.

One of these special events is the Night of the Rope Parks, in which several rope parks in Switzerland participate. The climbing fun with headlamp starts outside the usual opening hours from 18.00 and includes a final get-together with food and drinks. Each participating rope park in Switzerland offers its own program. The agony of choice, for which ropes course in Switzerland you finally decide, however, is entirely up to you.

ROPETECH Rope Park Bern

With an active route of 3000 meters, the ROPETECH Rope Park Bern in the Dählhölzli Forest is one of the largest rope parks in Switzerland. Just 10 minutes from the main train station in Bern, you can swing from 4 to 23 meters high on 7 courses from tree to tree. You can teeter over suspension bridges, ride fast tyroliennes and enjoy the breathtaking view from 120 platforms.

Three special children's courses with continuous safety systems have been designed for children from the age of 3. On the challenging adult courses, you are also secured throughout with carabiners and pulleys. If you are looking for the ultimate thrill, you can free fall from a height of 30 meters. Of course you are secured with a full body harness. This controlled freefall experience from the platform is a special highlight.

The rope technology professionals of ROPETECH GmbH also offer courses on rope assisted rescue techniques. They are intended for rescue teams and companies that are confronted with fall risks during work.

Pilatus Rope Park

Also one of the larger ropes courses in Switzerland is the Pilatus Rope Park in Lucerne. 10 adventurous courses with 6 to 11 stations each, for which you need strong nerves, provide a lot of adrenaline.

Climbing, whizzing and balancing with a view of Lake Lucerne for rope park freaks and those who want to become one. Young acrobats between the ages of 4 and 8 have also been catered for in this unusual ropes course: with the park mascot, the dragon PILU, brave climbers can let off steam at 7 stations in the PILU Rope Park. The children are secured at all times.

From the age of 8, children can also climb the Monkey Trees - trees that have been prepared with climbing aids and allow them to jump into the void from a height of 14 meters. Those who haven't had enough of that yet can venture onto the Powerfan and, secured with a rope, fly from 20 meters into the depths.

Even getting to the Pilatus Rope Park is an experience in itself: the panorama gondola lift takes you from Kriens in the canton of Lucerne up to 1,400 meters on Fräkmüntegg, a foothill of the Pilatus Massif in the Emmental Alps. Nearby there is also a summer and winter toboggan run.

Pilatus (Photo: Pilatusbahnen)Pilatus (Photo: Pilatusbahnen)
Pilatus (Photo: Pilatusbahnen)Pilatus (Photo: Pilatusbahnen)

Indoor Rope Park Grindelwald

When the gates remain closed in outdoor rope parks due to thunderstorms, storms and snow, things really get going at the largest indoor rope park in Europe. It is the first indoor rope park in Switzerland. 40 elements in 5 courses are waiting for you to conquer in the sports center of Grindelwald in the canton of Bern.

The designers of the indoor adventure park have come up with quite a few things: Have you ever had to negotiate a giant icicle? Or have you ever swung through the air on a rope bag? Knotted nets, wire ropes and wooden platforms are also among the creative elements at the Grindelwald Indoor Rope Park. Here you can even climb the mighty mountain Eiger in your own way Eiger in your own way.

You decide on the level of difficulty yourself:

  • easy west ridge,
  • moderately difficult spider course,
  • difficult north face or
  • in a round flight over all together.

Of course, the indoor rope park is always accompanied by the safety equipment, for which you will receive safety instructions before the start. You are protected throughout the duration with at least one safety carabiner. In the Eiger Plus Café Lounge of the sports center, you can then fortify yourself with snacks, salads, soups and desserts.

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Indoor Grindelwald (Indoor Interlaken)Indoor Grindelwald (Indoor Interlaken)
Indoor Grindelwald (Indoor Interlaken)Indoor Grindelwald (Indoor Interlaken)

Rope Park Interlaken

Even in one of the largest outdoor adventure regions in Switzerland, an extravagant rope park can't be missing.

During a visit to the Adventure Rope Park Interlaken near Matten, which is also located in the canton of Bern, you can look forward to this, for example:

  • 9 courses
  • with more than 120 challenging stations, which reach up to a height of 20 meters
  • a station for barbecue.

From the train station in Interlaken it's only a 15-minute walk to the ropes course. It is located in the fragrant forest between Unspunnenwiese and the road to Heimwehfluh. You can also order a Bödeli cab from Interlaken, Matten and Unterseen at reasonable prices.

Then it's a matter of climbing spider webs, abseiling from platforms, overcoming swinging wooden elements and swinging like Tarzan between the treetops. The swaying butterfly path spanned with nets is reserved for the youngest - as soon as the child can walk, there's no stopping them.

Even if the Butterfly Course looks tempting: Adults are likely to have their problems with some elements. The Adventure Rope Park staff has been trained by the Swiss Outdoor Association and undergoes regular training. Before you set off, you'll get an introduction to the safety systems from the professionals.

Interlaken (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)Interlaken (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)
Interlaken (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)Interlaken (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)

High Ropes Course Forest Fun Park Zermatt

The region in the canton of Valais is mainly known for one of the highest year-round ski resorts in Europe. Zermatt is also a household name among mountaineers and hikers. But you don't necessarily have to climb the steep mountain slopes to enjoy the special natural landscape of Zermatt.

The high ropes course Forest Fun Park Zermatt is located at the southern end of the Mattertal at the rushing river Vispa. You always have the snow-capped peaks of the impressively shaped Matterhorn and the imposing mountain world in view.

The high ropes course is open from March to October for interested people of all ages. You can test your own limits on 4 different courses, 25 rolling ropes, 110 platforms and 83 different ateliers. The Forest Fun Park Zermatt also offers the largest Kids Trail of any rope park in Switzerland. All stations are equipped with a special Swiss safety system, the Safe Rollers.

The youngest ones, accompanied by their parents, are allowed on the Kids Trail from the age of 4 and are protected by a surrounding safety system that makes it unnecessary to unbuckle at the stations.

A cozy sun terrace and comfortable deck chairs await you afterwards. Here you can enjoy snacks, drinks and an incredible panorama.

Swiss Rope Park Fiesch

Only an hour away from the Fun Forest Park Zermatt high ropes course is the next rope park. It is also located in Valais.

The Swiss Rope Park Fiesch is located below Bettmeralp in the Aletsch Arena. It offers a rope park experience for all levels.

In this very special fun zone you go on your personal Tour de Swiss. The obstacles are based on the topography of Switzerland.

In total, there are five courses for adults and one course for children. There is even a specially adapted course for wheelchair users. This is unique in Switzerland. During all runs, guests are looked after by the experienced rope park guides.

To go through all the courses in the Swiss Rope Park Fiesch, you will need about 3 hours. Also part of the Sportresort Fiesch are an indoor swimming pool, a mini golf course, tennis courts and a restaurant. The equipment base, which is open from July to October, can be found in the tree bar next to the stairs of the restaurant.

The best way to reach the Swiss Seilpark Fiesch is to take the A9 motorway and exit at Brig. From there, Bettmeralp, Fischeralp and Riederalp are signposted. The sports resort is located directly on the main road on the banks of the Rhone.

Rope Park Fiesch (Photo: Aletscharena)Rope Park Fiesch (Photo: Aletscharena)
Rope Park Fiesch (Photo: Aletscharena)Rope Park Fiesch (Photo: Aletscharena)

Adventure Park Rhine Falls

You have a magnificent view in the Adventure Park Rhine Falls. It is located directly at the Rhine Falls parking lot P3 in Neuhausen in the canton of Schaffhausen.


  • the panorama course with the 15 m high platform
  • the 460 m long Panorama Express cable car
  • 170 obstacles
  • Swing Parcours

First, each guest completes an instruction course. Only after that you are allowed to go on the real obstacles, 170 in total. Three courses with 60 varied obstacles of different difficulty levels are available. So everyone gets his money's worth.

A special highlight for the intrepid is the Swing course, which takes you to the highest heights without compromise. A powerfan including a free fall is also one of the challenging elements in the Adventure Park Rhine Falls. You can go on a real hell trip on the energy-sapping Black Course. This is definitely something for adrenaline junkies only.

The hit for the little ones is the Kids Parcours with funny obstacles at low height for children from 4 years on. The children are secured throughout and must also complete a small instruction course beforehand.

If the Adventure Park Rheinfall is closed due to bad weather, there are these alternatives:

  • the huge climbing hall Aranea Schaffhausen
  • bowling hall Five in Thaygnen

Rope Park Rigi

The 1797 meter high "Queen of the mountains" is one of the most popular destinations for mountain-loving tourists. The Rigi is located in central Switzerland.

Between Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug and Lake Lauerz you can experience many adventures. One of them is the Rigi Rope Park near Küssnacht am Rigi, right next to the Alpenhof. Over a length of four kilometers, seven courses crisscross the forest area. A challenge for experienced rope park professionals is the Viper course with its 20-meter-high climbing snake.

To master all routes, you should allow for a whole day. The different courses are designed according to endurance, skill, fun and adventure. So you can choose what you want to train.

At the same time you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and relax on the terrace of the Alpenhof. The staff at the Rigi Rope Park are regularly trained in the latest safety systems.

Rigi Rope Park (Photo: Rigi Railways)Rigi Rope Park (Photo: Rigi Railways)
Rigi Rope Park (Photo: Rigi Railways)Rigi Rope Park (Photo: Rigi Railways)

Rope Park Zurich

The economic, financial and cultural metropolis Zurich is also home to a rope park. The creative obstacles are especially popular with families with children. They were built between the Schluefweg indoor and outdoor swimming pool and the Swiss Arena near Kloten.

There are 2 courses and 21 obstacles for children as young as 4 years old. Here the little ones practice concentration, balance and dexterity in a playful way.

Big Foot, ship and stilts are among the 3 courses and 36 challenges for children from 6 years. At the age of 8, your offspring can take part in the Flying course. This is a 75m long tyrolienne, on which it goes rapidly down from a platform.

For rope park professionals and powerful athletes, there are 8 challenging tasks to master at a height of 15 meters. This is just right for 007 aspirants. But that's not all you can experience at the Seilpark Zürich.

The creative offer also includes:

  • archery like Robin Hood
  • an indoor mini-golf course
  • the world's first night lantern course

Those who come with friends, family or colleagues can also pre-order the delicious catering, such as barbecue, appetizers or cheese fondue from the milk can.

Rope Park Pradaschier

IIn the Swiss canton of Graubünden, a superlative ropes course awaits you at the Pradaschier Rope Park in Churwalden. It is one of the highest rope parks in Switzerland. For climbing acrobats it is just right.

There are 3 different courses, which are also suitable for children from 10 years. The highlights of the Pradaschier adventure park include:

  • an adventurous rope slide
  • the longest toboggan run in Switzerland.

The rope slide guarantees a unique flying experience through the fresh alpine air. Summer and winter alike, you can practice your climbing skills here and then whiz down to the valley at a top speed of 40km/h at 3000 meters.

Also not far away is the popular and snow-sure skiing area Arosa-Lenzerheide. Skiers, snowboarders and cross-country skiers cavort there. One mountain further is also the rope park Arosa.

Rope Park Arosa

The rope park Arosa is located on the Waldfestwiese northeast of the Obersee and only five minutes from the train station. You can visit the rope park in Graubünden for free if you spend your vacation here.

Overnight guests in Arosa receive the All-Inclusive Card when checking in. Nature, adventure and adventure are combined on 8 courses, 2 of which are specially designed for children from 4 years old. The obstacle routes on the extensive grounds are marked with different colors.

As in all rope parks in Switzerland, you have to go through a practice course beforehand to get to know the equipment provided and to familiarize yourself with the safety precautions. After a final check by the safety instructor, you are ready to go.

Rope Park Arosa (Photo: Arosa Lenzerheide Nina Mattli)Rope Park Arosa (Photo: Arosa Lenzerheide Nina Mattli)
Rope Park Arosa (Photo: Arosa Lenzerheide Nina Mattli)Rope Park Arosa (Photo: Arosa Lenzerheide Nina Mattli)

Davos Adventure Park

The Davos Adventure Park offers a special mountain experience. It is home to five exciting climbing courses with 8 challenges of different levels of difficulty. In addition, there is also a unique bike park.

The children's course is equipped with a continuous belay system. Here the offspring are supervised throughout. So the parents can sit back comfortably and enjoy the fantastic scenery. The forested mountains of the idyllic Landwasser Valley in the canton of Graubünden form a beautiful backdrop.

The climatic health resort offers a special healing climate. After climbing, abseiling or jumping, you can strengthen yourself in the terrain. The restaurant Chalet Velo offers Swiss delicacies. If you prefer to grill yourself, that is also possible. There is a barbecue area on the premises.

The trails of the mountain bike park are suitable for beginners as well as professionals. They are full of skill elements. With your own bike you can use the bike park also outside the opening hours.

Within the opening hours it is possible to rent dirt bikes including elbow, shin and knee protectors as well as helmet. The Davos Adventure Park is located directly on the Flüelapass road, but offers only a few parking spaces. It is recommended to arrive by bus line 4, which starts from the train station Davos village.

Rope Park Gantrisch

You'll find the highest ropes course platform in Switzerland at Seilpark Gantrisch, located in the fragrant Längeny Forest in the Gantrisch Nature Park. A 36m high Sherman fir tree helps you overcome your limits and rewards you with a breathtaking view.

On the 3 children's courses and the 3 beginner courses, things are not so high. 5 more challenging courses between 5 and 36 meters high offer just the right thrill for ropes course professionals.

In the Adrenalin Zone you can choose between these jumps:

  • Pendulum jump from 9 meters
  • Pendulum jump from a height of 14 meters
  • Free fall from the treetops

But don't worry: the special safety system does not allow any mistakes and you are protected by ropes and carabiners throughout.

The children's course has its own continuous safety system. Directly at the entrance, an adventure playground with seesaws, slides, tubes and nets offers the right ambience for children of different ages.

A hike along the two-kilometer-long forest adventure trail, which reveals interesting facts about the nature park, is also exciting. For treasure hunters, 6 geocaches have been hidden here.

A pub serves warm food and drinks during opening hours. If you bring your own food, you can also use the secluded picnic area on the grounds.

Climbing Tower Sillerenbühl and Adventure Park Adelboden

The first and only climbing tower in the Bernese Oberland was built on Vogellisi Mountain in the popular ski and hiking area Adelboden. Up to 90 guests can conquer the three levels at the same time. Once you reach the top of the 166-square-meter platform, a spectacular panoramic view awaits you.

Children from the age of four can use the separate children's tower to run around. The Adelboden cable cars take you up to 1300 meters above sea level to the center of Adelboden. From there you continue with the Silleren cable car to Sillerenbühl at 1950 m above sea level. Here you can visit an excellent restaurant with a picturesque sun terrace. For the ride with the cable cars and the entrance to the climbing tower a cheap combination ticket is offered.

In the valley, right next to the Allenbach river, there is an adventure park full of experiences. It is located between Gilbach and the Adelboden mountain railway station. 64 stations, two 340-meter-long cable cars over the river and a large, doubled climbing wall are part of it.

There are also 3 child-friendly courses, suitable for children from the age of 3. Here, too, safety is a priority and you will be instructed theoretically and practically in the belay systems before the climb.

Unique in the world is the 45 km long Trottiland. At several stations around Adelboden you can rent the electric scooters. With them you will set off on a very special adventure along various signposted routes. It goes through the whole region up to 1900 m above sea level in the mountains.

Adventure Park Davos (Photo: Destination Davos Klosters)Adventure Park Davos (Photo: Destination Davos Klosters)
Adventure Park Davos (Photo: Destination Davos Klosters Romano Thomann)Adventure Park Davos (Photo: Destination Davos Klosters Romano Thomann)

Rope Park Gründenmoos St. Gallen

You can combine a visit to the Gründenmoos Rope Park in the west of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland with a splashy day of swimming. First you explore the world of squirrels on 7 courses. Then it's off into the cool water in the middle of the atmospheric recreation zone.

Ropes, bridges and beams between 4 and 30 meters high provide dizzying experiences. Double safety is provided by the innovative Smart-belay system, a self-belay system. This means that no one can accidentally unhook themselves. Only in 2020, the Gründenmoos Rope Course was extended by an attraction with the Flying Fox: on two ropeways, each 130m long, you swing from tree to tree. Top speeds of up to 60km/h let the adrenaline level rise.

The partner course and the team course can only be passed by team spirit, communication skills and cooperation. About one kilometer away you reach the unique indoor and outdoor pool world of Säntispark. It has the coolest slides in Switzerland. An excellent tip if you are looking for an adventurous bad weather program.

Rope Park Jura Park

The Adventure Jura Park near Rebeuvelier covers an area of 4 hectares of forest. It is located between the towns of Moutier and Delémont in the Swiss canton of Jura. In the midst of an almost untouched natural landscape you swing through the treetops. 80 obstacles are to be mastered in seven courses.

The final thrill is provided by a 180m-long double-cableway tyrolienne. The Mini-Adventure Jura Park is a paradise for young climbers from the age of 4. A special highlight in the Adventure Jura Park is the night course under the glittering starry sky.

Equipped with a headlamp, you float through the dark night on the zipline. Right next door, the Molin restaurant takes care of the guests' physical well-being.

If you haven't experienced enough speed in the Adventure Jura Park, you can rent an electric scooter. Accompanied by a guide, you will go on a fantastic ride and whiz down the Raimeux mountain. Alternatively, there are also interesting paragliding offers for tandem flights.

Rope Park Parco Avventura San Bernardino

Surrounded by a mystical moor landscape and crystal clear water eyes is the adventure park San Bernardino. It is located below the 2000 meters high San Bernardino Pass. The fantastic region is not only a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts in winter, but also has a lot to offer for active vacationers in the summer months.

A suspended course leads through the impressive natural landscape and culminates in a 150-meter-long cable car that leads over Lake Isola. You can perfectly combine a visit to Parco Avventura San Bernardino with a hike. There are even didactic cultural trails here. These trails are signposted with interesting historical information.

If you are looking for more adventures, there is a paintball field, hydro-speed and kayak offers in the rivers and mountain bike trails nearby.

Adventure parks in Gordola and on Monte Tamaro

Only 20 km separate the two adventure parks near the Italian border. One is located in Gordola on beautiful Lake Maggiore. The other one was built at Monte Tamaro, located 1900 m above sea level. Over the entire area of the sports park in Gordola, 8 courses with 58 stations have been set up. They consist of suspended platforms, pulleys, ropes and beams.

Once you have conquered all the obstacles, you can treat yourself to a jump into the cool waters of the beautiful Lake Maggiore. If you want to visit the adventure park on Monte Tamaro, you can first enjoy an unforgettable panoramic ride on the mountain railroad. It will take you from the village of Rivera to the heights.

The rope park is located directly in the forest near the first intermediate station. Children from the age of 4 can gain their first climbing experience on the kid's course. Only from the age of 14, young climbers are allowed to venture on the more difficult routes. For the very brave, a 400-meter-long tyrolienne awaits in the Monte Tamaro Adventure Park. It is the longest tyrolienne in Switzerland.

You can reach not quite 60km/h on the toboggan run and at the Tamaro bungee jumping. At the bottom station there is also a slide world with geysers, bubble baths and water jets. You can find it in the Splash & Spa water park of Rivera, which is open all year round.

Monte Tamaro Rope Park (Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency ATT SA)Monte Tamaro Rope Park (Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency ATT SA)
Monte Tamaro Rope Park (Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency ATT SA)Monte Tamaro Rope Park (Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency ATT SA)

Parc Adventure Aigle

There are also two adventure parks in the Lake Geneva/Waadtland tourism region. One of them is Parc Adventure in Aigle, the main town of the district of the same name on the eastern edge of the lower Rhone Valley.

Covering two hectares, Aigle's high ropes course features five different courses for adventure-seekers ages 8 and up. In addition, there are two special courses marked in purple called Piccolo and Moskito. They are designed for Tarzan apprentices between the ages of 4 and 7. In total, you'll come up with more than 100 different tasks to perform. These include mobile bridges, swaying platforms and a giant rope slide 250 meters long.

If you're traveling to the Adventure Park by car, take the A9 exit to Aigle and head towards Les Mosses. The rope park is marked with brown signs. Between romantic vineyards you can spend a few hours of fun here. You have a view of the rugged Vaud Alps.

Another excursion tip is Aigle Castle, which rises like a fairy-tale castle from the landscape with its turrets and gables and is not far from Parc Adventure Aigle.

Adventure Park Fun Forest & Jump Challenge Crans-Montana

On the shore of the picturesque lake Lac Moubra stands the Fun Forest & Jump Challenge adventure park. , the vacation region of Crans-Montana is located in the Valais tourist region. Here seven courses offer fun for the whole family.

Whether Parcours Discovery, Parcours Fun or Parcours Diabolo - the obstacles require a lot of self-control and courage. The Freestyle course takes you from branch to branch in the rope park without platforms. On the Free Jump course you decide for yourself whether you prefer to jump from 5, 10, 15 or 20 meters into the depths. Even if you come to Crans-Montana in summer, you can take your winter sports equipment with you. The southern edge of the Plaine-Morte glacier also allows summer skiing.

Near the rope park of Crans-Montana there is also a golf course. The village itself is situated above the adventure park on a 1500-meter high plateau. It can be reached only by mountain railroads. The journey to the adventure park Fun Forest & Jump Challenge Crans-Montana is already an experience. You reach it from the Rhone Valley via serpentine mountain roads. Steep mountain slopes, snow-covered peaks and dense forests are there as far as the eye can see.

Whichever rope park in Switzerland you finally decide on, you are sure to experience unforgettable adventures everywhere and will never be disappointed. The creative and tricky obstacles provide enough variety for all ages and strength levels. Not to mention the spectacular surroundings that make ropes courses in Switzerland stand out. You can already look forward to lots of fun, action and special nature experiences!


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