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In Switzerland you will not only find an incredible variety of sporting activities in the unique nature. You will also find very special cities. Historic buildings and winding medieval old town alleys offer a very special flair in many Swiss cities. It is worth to dive into the stories, the peculiarities and the cultures of these cities.

In city tours and sightseeing tours you will get to know the cities in an exciting and interesting way. You will learn a lot about the history and the sights. But also the habits of the citizens and the culture of the cities you get to know so.

Often you will suddenly see the city from a completely different and new perspective. City tours usually take place on foot and are accompanied by a guide. At Swiss Activities you will find great offers for city tours in Switzerland.

Sightseeing often takes place by bus. However, there is also a wide range of tours by e-bike, e-scooters, segways or on foot. These are varied offers of sightseeing tours in Switzerland

In this article, you will get a brief insight into nine Swiss cities as well as specific recommendations for entertaining and exciting city tours or sightseeing tours.

Grossmünster Zurich on foot (Photo: Zürich Tourism)Grossmünster Zurich on foot (Photo: Zürich Tourism)
Grossmünster Zurich and Tuk Tuk (Photo: E Tuk Tuk GmbH)Grossmünster Zurich and Tuk Tuk (Photo: E Tuk Tuk GmbH)

Zurich City Tour and Sightseeing

With about 420,000 inhabitants, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and thus has a lot to offer. Its location on the northern tip of Lake Zurich alone makes the city a worthwhile destination. But also the city itself brings many special features. In the old town you will find many cozy medieval alleys with great shopping and dining options.

The Niederdorf is probably the most popular neighborhood in the center of Zurich and is affectionately called "Dörfli" by the locals. It is located in the middle of the old town and offers a car-free promenade. Here you will find the famous highlights like the Grossmünster and the Fraumünster.

Visitors can look forward to countless exciting museums, sights and a culinary variety in Zurich. Around the city there are many destinations to discover.

The choice of different city tours and sightseeing tours is generous and varied. Whether on foot, by bus, on an e-bike or by Segway. Everyone will find a suitable tour here. In addition, there are both guided and unguided tours. And if you're passionate about a particular topic, such as food culture, you'll find great tours for that, too.

Here you get a small insight into the selection of great city tours and sightseeing tours in Zurich:

  • Zurich Food Tour: Discover the culinary diversity of Zurich's trendy Zürich-West district (guided).

  • Zürich Old Town City Tour: Delve into the heart of the city, visit hidden corners and gain insights into its exciting history (guided).

  • Zurich by Segway: Marvel at the city from a new perspective, on two wheels and with a lot of fun you go through the lively Zurich (guided).

  • Zurich city tour by e-bike: On this tour you will not miss anything, because it goes once criss-cross through the whole city (guided).

  • Zurich and surroundings city tour: After a tour of the main sights, you'll head beyond the city gates to Lake Zurich and Felsenegg (guided).

  • Zurich round trip in a tuk-tuk: With burgers, sides and wine, this is a classy tour for foodies and lovers (guided).

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E-Bike-Tour Zürich (Foto: Zürich Tourismus)E-Bike-Tour Zürich (Foto: Zürich Tourismus)
Zürich (Foto: Zürich Tourismus)Zürich (Foto: Zürich Tourismus)

Lucerne city tour and sightseeing

Lucerne is one of the most famous cities in Switzerland. The location of the city in the heart of Switzerland is probably almost unsurpassable. It borders directly on Lake Lucerne and is surrounded by a gigantic mountain world. When visiting Lucerne, you can look forward to great excursions, activities and experiences. But the city offers even more.

You will discover great sights, cultural highlights, exciting architecture and culinary delights. The city invites you to stroll around and lets visitors immerse themselves in a completely different time. The most famous sights such as the Chapel Bridge and the Museum of Transport are always worth a visit. But you can also look forward to lesser-known but no less exciting corners of the city.

Lucerne also offers a wide range of great city tours and sightseeing tours. This gives you the opportunity to discover the city through a whole new window. Moreover, you are free to choose how you want to explore it. You can do this by bus, on foot, e-bike, Segway, self-guided or guided.

Get to know the city through a guide who will take you through specific eras or go on a self-guided tour. There really is something special for everyone. A selection of city tours and sightseeing tours in Lucerne:

  • Gourmet Tour Lucerne: Ride an electric cargo bike through Lucerne and enjoy culinary delights at different stops (guided).

  • Lucerne Belle Epoque: Go on a time travel and wander through the streets of the city in 1899 (guided).

  • Lucerne Classic City Tour: Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Lucerne's Old Town and look forward to an entertaining and educational tour (guided).

  • Helicopter sightseeing flight: A view you probably don't get every day, with the helicopter you get a bird's eye view of the city and the surrounding mountain panorama (guided).

  • Lucerne and Bürgenstock: Look forward to a great tour with city sightseeing, funicular ride and boat tour (guided).

Cargo Bike Tour (Photo: Loop Tours)Cargo Bike Tour (Photo: Loop Tours)
Lucerne (Photo: Lucerne Tourism)Lucerne (Photo: Lucerne Tourism)

Basel city tour and sightseeing

In Basel you will encounter many exciting contrasts. The city, located in the northwest, bordering France and Germany, shows Switzerland from a completely different side. In addition to the enchanting historical buildings that Switzerland is known for, you will also encounter a lot of admirable modern architecture. The most famous sights are the Basel City Hall from the 16th century and the Gothic Basel Cathedral from the 12th century.

However, visitors can look forward to much more. A cozy, medieval old town, great museums, diverse art and culture and great excursion destinations are just the beginning. A trip to Basel should really not be missed by anyone.

In Basel you will find a very special selection of varied city tours and sightseeing tours. Get insights into hidden corners, hidden secrets, culinary diversity and much more. Some of the most beautiful city tours and sightseeing tours in Basel:

  • Food Tour Basel: Embark on a culinary voyage of discovery at four notable eateries in the city of Basel (self-guided).

  • Basel E-Scooter Tour: On a modern e-scooter, immerse yourself in the Basel lifestyle and visit the most beautiful corners of the city (guided).

  • Basel by Night: In the so-called "Little Venice", legendary stories of the city and its past await you in the dark and by lantern light (guided).

  • Basel City Palace: Look behind closed doors and learn many exciting secrets of the city square in Basel's old town (guided).

  • Experience tour with city quiz: Solve tricky puzzles and discover hidden corners of the city, fun for the whole family (self-guided).

self-guided city tour family (photo Basel Tourismus)self-guided city tour family (photo Basel Tourismus)
Night tour (Photo Basel Tourismus)Night tour (Photo Basel Tourismus)

Bern city tour and sightseeing

The capital of Switzerland offers countless opportunities to make a visit unforgettable. Taste a local fondue, visit exciting museums, stroll through cozy alleys or get active in nearby sports. The famous sights Bärengraben, Münster and Zytglogge are only a small part of the beautiful UNESCO listed city.

The Mattequartier and the Rose Garden with a view of Bern are not to be missed during a visit to the city. If you don't want to miss one of the most special events of the year, you should visit the city in mid-July and look forward to the Gurten Festival. Here, the local mountain smoothly becomes a festival site.

But there are also other exciting opportunities in Bern to admire the city from a new perspective. Especially popular in Bern are various theme tours, so you have the chance to get to know the city all over again. Below you will find a small selection of city tours and sightseeing tours in Bern:

Bern Segway Tour (Photo: HB Adventures)Bern Segway Tour (Photo: HB Adventures)
Bern old town bird's eye view (Photo: Fun Flight Helicopter Bern)Bern old town bird's eye view (Photo: Fun Flight Helicopter Bern)

Rheinfelden city tour and sightseeing

Rheinfelden is the oldest Zähringer town in Switzerland and is located at the highest point of the navigable Rhine. The old town is characterized by a medieval flair, with towers and archways, historic buildings with ornate facades and winding streets. The car-free city invites with many boutiques, cafes and restaurants to stroll and enjoy. It is considered a highlight for health and wellness. There are famous brine baths, a great wellness world and many other offers for pure relaxation.

The city also offers many cultural highlights and great excursion opportunities. With many different city tours you can discover this special city in many different ways. Here are some of the interesting city tours and sightseeing tours in Rheinfelden:

  • Medieval Tour of Rheinfelden: Embark on a journey of discovery into the Rheinfelden of the Middle Ages (guided).

  • Old Town Houses and their Stories: Learn entertaining and exciting facts and stories about the charming historic old town and its houses (guided).

  • Habsburg City Tour: Follow in the footsteps of the Habsburgs and look forward to an entertaining and exciting city tour (guided).

  • City tour of sagas and legends: Immerse yourself in the city's sagas and legends, embark on a mystical city tour and learn dark stories and secrets (guided).

  • Night Watchman Tour: Become a guardian of the night and marvel at the hidden and dark alleys city (guided).

Medieval Knife Tower Rheinfelden (Photo: Rheinfelden Tourismus)Medieval Knife Tower Rheinfelden (Photo: Rheinfelden Tourismus)
Rheinfelden Town Hall (Photo: Rheinfelden Tourismus)Rheinfelden Town Hall (Photo: Rheinfelden Tourismus)

Murten city tour and sightseeing

Murten is considered a special treasure in western Switzerland. The town has a small, picturesque old town and is located on the southeastern shore of Lake Murten. The lake is a popular bathing lake already in early summer due to its warm temperatures. Any recreational and sports activities such as wakeboarding, rowing and stand up paddling take place here.

But the city has much more to offer. Surrounded and protected by a ring wall is the old town, which brings a southern flair. Many cafes, a cozy ambience, exciting history and admirable sights are just the beginning.

Murten offers many exciting and varied city tours and sightseeing tours to get to know the many facets of the city. Here you can find some of the wonderful tours in Murten:

  • History of Murten: Delve into past stories of the charming old town and explore historic buildings, the circular wall and other sights (guided).

  • Four Restaurants City Tour: A culinary and enjoyable city tour where you will get to know the medieval city and Murter food culture (guided).

  • Circuit Secret Murten Light: Be fascinated by an interactive light and dream world and discover Murtel in a unique way (self-guided).

  • A Theatrical Walk "Amüseum": Look forward to amusing and interesting theatrical productions in the middle of the medieval old town (guided).

  • City tour with locales: Learn more about the town and its inhabitants and discover Murten from the point of view of the locals (guided).

Theatrical walk Murten (Photo Murten Tourism)Theatrical walk Murten (Photo Murten Tourism)
Murten (Photo Murten Tourism)Murten (Photo Murten Tourism)

Chur city tour and sightseeing

Chur is the capital of the canton of Grisons and is surrounded by a dreamlike mountain world of the Alps. Due to its location, the city offers a varied range of sports and leisure activities in the surrounding area. However, you should not miss a visit to the city itself.

Cozy and picturesque alleys create a very special flair in the car-free old town. Chur is often described as the oldest city in Switzerland. It has much more to offer besides the famous Cathedral of St. Mary's Assumption, the Arcas and the Obertor. Look forward to romantic corners and squares, exciting history and a cultural and culinary diversity.

The mountain town has an interesting selection of city tours and sightseeing tours. Immerse yourself in the history of the city and let the warm atmosphere convince you. Here you get an insight into the exciting tours in Chur:

  • Theater Life in Chur: Embark on a journey and learn about the city's theater life since the 16th/17th century - plus, you can look forward to a behind-the-scenes look at today's theater (guided).

  • Chur in the evening: In the lantern light you dive into mystics and legends of the city and explore winding old town alleys (guided).

  • City E-Guide Tour: Explore the city on your own with a comprehensive and practical e-guide (self-guided).

  • Mysterious Chur: Discover hidden alleys, admire hidden treasures and gain insights into exciting secrets of the past (guided).

Chur Old Town (Photo: Chur Tourism)Chur Old Town (Photo: Chur Tourism)
Evening Chur (Photo: Yvonne Bollhalder Chur Tourism)Evening Chur (Photo: Yvonne Bollhalder Chur Tourism)

Thun City Tour and Sightseeing

Thun is a very idyllic town situated on Lake Thun. If you look from the north over Lake Thun, you can see the mountains of the Jungfrau region in the background. Thun itself is dominated by the outflow of the Aare and the magnificent castle from the 12th century, which is visible from afar with its characteristic towers.

The modern development of the city now combines perfectly with the historic buildings of the old town. Very varied and lovingly prepared city tours will enchant you in this beautiful city.

You can find a small selection of these tours here. Some of them are tailored to special interests such as music or bridge architecture.

  • Story Basket Thun for Children: You experience the city of Thun with its exciting history and medieval buildings with the whole family. A small meal is included on the way (guided).

  • Scary stories from the night watchman in Thun: In the evening, the tour begins with the night watchman, who brings out long-forgotten dark stories. You will experience the old town from a completely different side than during the day (guided).

  • Thun's bridges: This city tour focuses on some of the beautiful bridges over the Aare River. There are a total of 16 bridges in Thun (guided).

  • Men's Spaces Women's Dreams in Thun: The city tour is dedicated to a different use and development of the city by men and women. You will experience firsthand the gender-specific effects (guided).

  • Brahms in Thun: On this guided tour, discover the points of reference to Brahms, who spent several summers in Thun (guided).

Old Town Thun (Photo: Thun Lake Thun Tourism)Old Town Thun (Photo: Thun Lake Thun Tourism)
Night watchman Thun (Photo: Thun Lake Thun Tourism)Night watchman Thun (Photo: Thun Lake Thun Tourism)

Winterthur City Tour and Sightseeing

The Garden City Winterthur is a cultural and leisure center of Switzerland. You will find 18 museums, 9 theaters and 8 libraries here alone. The largest continuous pedestrian zone in Switzerland has many chic cafes and a pretty old town to offer.

One of the most exciting neighborhoods in the trendy city of Winterthur is Sulzerpark. The former industrial area developed in a short time into a trendy neighborhood and meeting place.

Culturally, there is always something going on in Winterthur all year round. Be it the open air music festival weeks, the International Short Film Festival or Afro Days with street art, workshops and art exhibitions.

In guided city tours you can experience the special flair of Winterthur. Here is a small selection of the diverse offers:

  • Sulzerareal City Tour Winterthur: The 2-hour city tour shows you the modern trendy district. The guide explains the transformation of the industrial area into a popular quarter and modern meeting place.

  • Strolling and tasting is a culinary city tour. During the 2-hour tour you will taste local specialties and culinary delights in the idyllic alleys of Winterthur.

  • Craftsmen, merchants and mischief-makers are the main characters of this city tour. It is dedicated to the development of Winterthur's economic life.The journey through time begins in the city's pre-industrial era.

  • Frauenthur - Korsett und Aufbruch is a city tour dedicated to the women of Winterthur. You will be guided on a leisurely walk through the alleys of the old town. You will get to know famous and remarkable women as personalities of Winterthur.

  • River Eulach City Tour: This tour takes you into the underground of Winterthur. You will discover the underground tunnels of the river Eulach and learn about the role the river played in the past.

  • Segway Tour through Winterthur: Quite comfortable and very eventful will be the guided Segway tour through Winterthur. You will be equipped with helmet and orange vest and come, among other things, through the famous "Birchermüesli" district. Also the old town and the Goldenberg with great views of the city are no problem for the Segway.

Winterthur Strolling and tasting (Photo: House of Winterthur)Winterthur Strolling and tasting (Photo: House of Winterthur)
Winterthur Sulzerareal (Photo: House of Winterthur)Winterthur Sulzerareal (Photo: House of Winterthur)

Among these entertaining and special city tours there is certainly one or the other for you. Maybe you will use a weekend or the next city vacation to experience them for yourself

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