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Skydiving - the 5 most spectacular jumps in Switzerland

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Popular places in Switzerland for Skydiving

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Skydiving is an absolutely extreme experience, also known as skydiving. You will be flown by a small plane to the jumping height of several thousand meters, where you will jump out of the plane. You will enjoy a bird's eye view, feel the wind in your face and fall with breathtaking speed towards the ground.

The free fall takes about 45 to 50 seconds. You will reach a speed of about 200 km/h. Your tandem partner, to whom you are firmly strapped, opens the parachute at a certain height and brings you safely back to solid ground.

Due to the enchanting and varied landscapes, Switzerland is ideal for a skydive. You can choose whether you want to jump over a city, over a lake or surrounded by mountain peaks.

Here is a brief overview of five popular skydives in Switzerland.

Lucerne-Beromünster skydiving

In Lucerne-Beromünster, tandem skydives are offered from the age of eight. During a 20-minute flight in a small plane, you will enjoy the view of the lake landscape with the Sempachersee, the Baldeggersee, the Hallwilersee and of course the Vierwaldstättersee.

In between you can see the mountain landscape around the 872 meter high Stierenberg. You can also see the cities of Aarau and Zurich from this height. The jumps are performed daily from March to October at four fixed times. The jump is made from a height of about 4000 meters.

Up to fifty jumps per day are possible here, so group events can also be held. A total of seven people fit in the aircraft. So you can easily take a few friends with you on this adventure.

Skydiving in Lucerne (Photo: Skydive Lucerne)Skydiving in Lucerne (Photo: Skydive Lucerne)
Skydiving in tandem (Photo: Skydive Luzern)Skydiving in tandem (Photo: Skydive Luzern)

Interlaken Reichenbach Skydiving

A parachute jump from 4000 to 4600 meters awaits you in Reichenbach in the Kander Valley. During a 15 to 20 minute flight near Interlaken, you will first enjoy the view of Lake Brienz, Lake Thun and the mountains with the prominent trio of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. On clear days you can even make out the Matterhorn in the distance.

The subsequent drop from the plane lasts up to 55 seconds and will provide an ample adrenaline rush. After your tandem partner has opened the parachute, you will fly together towards the ground for several minutes.

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Skydiving Interlaken (Photo: Skydive Switzerland)Skydiving Interlaken (Photo: Skydive Switzerland)
(Photo: Skydive Switzerland)(Photo: Skydive Switzerland)

Interlaken skydiving

A parachute jump does not always have to be from an airplane. You can also fly to the jumping altitude by helicopter. This way you can fly even closer to the mountains and admire the view. You can experience this in Interlaken.

The Helicopter Eiger Jump starts with a 10-15 minute scenic flight around the summit of the Eiger, before you jump from 4300 meters on the Eiger north face with your tandem master and enjoy 45 seconds of free fall. This fall in front of the mighty Eiger north face you will not forget so quickly.

Skydiving in winter (Photo: Skydive Interlaken)Skydiving in winter (Photo: Skydive Interlaken)
Skydive from the helicopter (Photo: Skydive Interlaken)Skydive from the helicopter (Photo: Skydive Interlaken)

Locarno Skydiving

The Para Centro Locarno skydiving center in Ticino offers tandem flights and AFF jumps for participants over twelve years old and 1.50 m tall. If you want to jump, you must first pass a small sports test here. For this you run over 500 m in no more than 2.5 min.

After passing the test you can start and you will be flown with the airplane "Pilatus Porter" to a jumping height of approx. 4000 m. The subsequent free fall lasts about 50 seconds until your tandem partner opens the parachute at an altitude of 1500 meters. From here you enjoy a scenic and silent flight back to the safe ground.

Parachuting in Locarno (Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency (ATT SA))Parachuting in Locarno (Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency (ATT SA))
(Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency (ATT SA))(Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency (ATT SA))

Zurich Skydiving

From the airfield in Fehraltorf you can do a skydive every Friday between April and October. In the Zurich Oberland you jump out of the plane at an altitude of 3000 meters. Nevertheless, the free fall is almost one minute before the parachute opens. If you want, you can be filmed and look at your fluttering face afterwards.

Before the jump, you can enjoy a comfortable sightseeing flight with a view of the landscape all the way to Lake Zurich and back. The minimum age for this skydive is 16 years and from 60 years a medical certificate must be presented.


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