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11 reasons why you should visit Lake Walen

  • Lake Walen has crystal-clear water, which due to the cool temperatures allows visibility depths of up to 24 meters.
  • By boat you can reach the car-free village of Quinten in the north of the lake, where a Mediterranean climate makes it possible to grow grapes. This is perfect for a family excursion.
  • Thundering waterfalls cascade down Lake Walen. At 600 meters high, the Seerenbach Falls are among the most powerful waterfalls in Europe.
  • Hiking trails around Lake Walen are sometimes very demanding. But you can combine them with boat trips. In places, a ride on the e-scooter on Lake Walen is possible. Or you combine the e-bike with a boat trip on Lake Walen.
Walensee SchifffahrtWalensee Schifffahrt (Foto: Heidiland Tourismus)
Walensee MTBAm Walensee (Foto: Heidiland Tourismus)
  • In summer you can swim at several places on the lake. Lake Walen is considered to be particularly clean. The most popular swimming spots include Betlis, Gäsi, Weesen and Lago Mio.
  • The three Murg lakes are located in the Murg valley south of Lake Walen. Here you will also find a protected Swiss stone pine forest reserve.
  • Lake Walen is picturesquely bordered in the north by the Churfirsten. The seven Churfirsten are popular hiking mountains made of limestone, reaching up to 2300 m above sea level.
  • In the southeast of Lake Walen lies the small Chive Island, also called Swan Island. A colony of mute swans lives here.
Walensee WandernWandern Walensee (Foto Toggenburg Tourismus)
Walensee ChurfirstenChurfirsten (Foto Toggenburg Tourismus)
  • The Walensee Bühne near Walenstadt on the eastern shore of the lake is an open-air stage where musicals take place regularly.
  • South of Lake Walen you can quickly reach the excursion mountain Flumserberg and other attractions of the vacation region Heidiland.
  • The scheduled boats on Lake Walen call at ten landing stages during the summer half-year. Boat trips by rubber dinghy across Lake Walen are also very popular. Raft building on Lake Walen is an original idea as a team event.
Flossbauen am WalenseeFlossbauen am Walensee (Foto: Rafters GmbH)
Flossbauen am WalenseeFlossbauen am Walensee (Foto: Rafters GmbH)