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Organizing a team event is not always an easy task. Maybe you have already been entrusted with this honorable task and have almost come to despair

To help you organize your next team event, we have compiled 40 ideas and inspirations in Switzerland for you. This will make your next event a complete success.

Team event for connoisseurs

Do you want your next team event to include a certain indulgence factor? Then an experience with culinary or other pampering is just right for you.

Wine tour

Switzerland has a world famous and UNESCO certified wine growing region in Lavaux on Lake Geneva. However, there are many other beautiful wine growing areas in Switzerland. A very special highlight are the guided wine tours, which you can do almost everywhere. Visit a wine-growing region with your team, sit back and taste a wide variety of wines. This is a great way to enjoy a team event

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WeintourGeführte Weintour (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus Christian Meixner)
WeintourTrauben Weintour (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus)

Outdoor Fondue

Fondue belongs to Switzerland like sand to the sea. And it is best enjoyed outdoors. Even though fondue is actually a specialty of the cold season, you can eat it all year round. And if you're lucky, you can even eat it under a starry sky. Bring all the ingredients and equipment yourself or let us help you organize it

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Outdoor Fondue Outdoor Fondue (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus Nicola Fuerer)
Outdoor FondueOutdoor Fondue Winter (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus Christof Sonderegger)

Chocolate factory

Do you feel like tempting your team members with delicious chocolate? Then plan a visit to a Swiss chocolate factory. Many chocolate manufacturers offer an exciting tour of their factories, provide insight into the manufacturing process and offer chocolate tasting

Switzerland and chocolate, by the way, have had a very long history together. There are many Swiss chocolates known and loved around the world, such as Lindt, Cailler and Camille Bloch. However, these are far from the only ones. Here you can find some exciting offers:

offers on Swiss Activities:

Selbstgemachte Schokolade Selbstgemachte Schokolade (Foto: Maestrani Chocolarium)
Schoggi FondueSchokoladen Fondue (Foto: Maestrani Chocolarium)

Beer or schnapps tasting session

Besides chocolate, Switzerland also offers a wide variety of breweries and distilleries. Beer or schnapps tastings are highly recommended for a sociable team event. In private or public tours you will get a lot of exciting information about the production of the respective noble drop. During the event, you will of course be spoiled with culinary delights and have the chance to be convinced by the noble drops

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Bierdegustation Bierdegustation (Foto: Simmentaler Braumanufaktur)
Likördegustation Likördegustation (Foto: Christoffel Rötali)

Boat tour

The Swiss landscape is characterized by bodies of water. Whether small mountain lakes or large lakes bordering cities - the choice is incredibly large with around 1500 lakes. Therefore, it is obvious that a team event can also take place on the water. An excursion on a ship offers a relaxing and at the same time varied ambience. You have the choice whether you want to make an ordinary round trip or a culinary round trip

Offers on Swiss Activities:

SchifffahrtSchiff auf einem See (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus Beate Mueller)
SchifffahrtSchiffahrt (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus Silvano Zeiter)

Mountain summit with food

Take panoramic views, delicious food and a leisurely ride on the mountain railroad and you get the ultimate enjoyable and relaxing team event. With over 8000 mountain peaks, the nearest summit with panoramic restaurant is never too far away for your next event

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Team event for explorers

Are you planning a team event for inquisitive and thoroughbred explorers? Do you feel like rediscovering Switzerland with your group? Then the following ideas are just right for you

E-Tuk Tuk City Tour

A city tour with an ordinary bus is something everyone has certainly done before, that would perhaps be nothing new. However, not everyone has experienced a city tour with the E-Tuk Tuk. With the lively E-Tuk Tuk you get to know the respective city from a new perspective and can even combine the tour with some culinary delights

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Segway city tour

Would you like to see and discover as much as possible of a city with your team and experience a lot of driving fun at the same time? Then a Segway city tour is just the thing for you. With the Segway you will see more than with the bus, because you will visit places where a bus can't go. At the same time, you have the opportunity to cover much greater distances than if you were on foot

Offers on Swiss Activities:

E-scooter city tour

An e-scooter is another exciting way to discover a city. These tours are available both self-guided and with a professional guide. What's practical is that you can cover distances in a short time, even in narrow streets or on the relaxing river or lake shore

Offers on Swiss Activities:

City tour

Is there a city that you and your team have visited several times and think you already know everything about? Then a themed city tour might be an exciting idea for you. Because a city tour often gives you the chance to get to know a city you already know, often from a different perspective. There are countless city tours on certain topics that are relevant in the respective city. Be that about famous personalities or about certain eras. These tours offer a completely new and exciting insight into the city. Of course, you can also make such city tours in cities that you do not know yet.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

E-bike city tour

In recent years, the e-bike has become a widespread and popular means of transportation. Whether for everyday use or for leisure, riding an e-bike is simply fun. So why not make a city tour with the e-bike? This way you can discover something new and get some exercise at the same time

Offers on Swiss Activities:

E-Bike Tour E-Bike Tour (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus Giglio Pasqua)
E-Bike Tour E-Bike Tour (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus Giglio Pasqua)


A special Swiss highlight in summer is the so-called "Böötle". With it, you let the current carry you down the river in an inflatable boat. So take your team to the nearest river, find a particularly beautiful and spectacular stretch of river, rent an inflatable boat and paddle off. A perfect mix of active activity and enough time to enjoy, relax and chat.

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Build raft

If you want to plan something extraordinary and challenging for your team, we have a great idea for you. Put your team spirit to the test and build a raft together. Afterwards you will of course test if you were successful and if it works. On Lake Walen, for example, you can try out right away how your team masters this extraordinary task.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

FlossbauFlösse auf dem Wasser (Foto: Rafters)
FlossbauFloss bauen (Foto: Rafters)

Farmers' Olympics

Nothing promotes team spirit like a good game of axe throwing or a round of milking. At a farmer's Olympics, several teams compete against each other in exciting contests and at the end the champion farmer is crowned. Fun is certainly not neglected here.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

BauernolympiadeWettkampft Bauernolympiade (Foto: Rafters)
BauernolympiadeWettkampft Bauernolympiade (Foto: Rafters)

Gold digging

Gold digging is definitely something that the majority of your team has never done. And if they have, they probably haven't done it for several years. Gold digging is a unique experience that is sure to be remembered. It is important to be patient and to work together as a team. This will make the search all the more fruitful.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Gold schürfenGold schürfen Event (Foto: Rafters)
Gold schürfenGold schürfen Event (Foto: Rafters)

Shooting bow and arrow

Bow and arrow is probably one of the oldest weapons of mankind. Today it is an exciting sport and an ideal experience for an exciting team event. It strengthens team spirit, offers a lot of fun and is a great way to spend time with the team. Find out how accurate your colleagues are

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Grümpelturnier with homemade foosball table

Similar to raft building, the kickers in the Grümpelturnier are first built by the team before they are used. Your team receives cardboard and is given the tricky task of building a stable and functioning kicker. This requires calmness, patience, logical thinking and good teamwork. When the kickers are up and stable, an exciting tournament follows

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Ice carving

Ice carving is all about creativity. And not only in winter. Ice carving is also possible in summer. Equipped with carving tools and gloves, great sculptures are created from blocks of ice. A professional ice carver will help your team learn the technique and hand out a helpful tip or two. This is a great event for creative minds or anyone who needs to let their creativity run wild.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

EisschnitzenEisschnitzen (Foto: Rafters)
EisschnitzenEisskulptur (Foto: Rafters)

Competitive shooting with discipline of choice

Shooting is a very versatile pastime in which fun and team spirit are definitely not neglected. In small groups you compete against each other in various disciplines. There are options such as bow and arrow, blowgun, air rifle, crossbow, darts, slingshot, axe throwing, lasso throwing and goal wall shooting. If you book through Swiss Activities, you can choose your discipline in advance and plan a fun and varied team event.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Highland Games

The Highland Games are an ancient Scottish tradition. They combine fun, action and teamwork. Stamina and team spirit are particularly in demand here. A team event in which you play tug-of-war, tree trunk long throw, straw bag long throw, beam polka and many other extraordinary games will surely be remembered by the participants for a long time. Often you can end an organized Highland Game with a barbecue.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Highland GamesGruppenfoto Highland Games (Foto: Rafters)
Highland GamesWettkampf Highland Games (Foto: Rafters)

Urban Golf

If you want to do something completely different with your team, then plan an urban golf game. In Chur's old town, for example, you can combine a game of golf with a tour of the city on nine different courses. The courses lead you through the city park, old and narrow alleys and past many great sights. A special softball is used for playing, which allows you to play all over the city and on different surfaces. But Urban Golf is also possible in Fribourg and other Swiss cities.

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Team event in winter

For a special and varied team event in winter you have a huge choice of fun and active experiences in Switzerland


Would you like to try out an Olympic team sport with your team? Curling, just like curling, is an old and well-known popular sport, which is nowadays even played at the Olympic Games. The goal is to glide the so-called stone with the broom over the ice and position it in a certain field. Depending on the field you can collect different amounts of points. In a trial course you can start the first attempts with your team and have a lot of fun

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Winter Olympics

Would you like to organize an active and eventful team event in winter? Then the Winter Olympics is just the right thing for you. At this Olympiad, you and your team can expect games such as snow football, winter golf, a snowbrättli course and much more. To round off the event in an enjoyable way, you can plan a fondue party. This way you can let off steam first and then enjoy the relaxation during the fondue party.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Build igloo

Building an igloo requires a lot of patience, logical thinking, good technique and a lot of teamwork. If your team manages to build an igloo together, it will certainly be a sense of achievement that welds together and remains unforgettable. A professional will show you how to use the tools at an organized event. However, you will have to do the work on your own

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Iglu bauenIglu Planung (Foto: Rafters)
Iglu bauenIglu Bau (Foto: Rafters)

Airboard Tour

An especially fun experience for a team event is an airboard tour. Here you lie on your stomach on the airboard and race down the slope. Meanwhile you can enjoy the wonderful winter landscape. At the Kerenzerberg you will ride the airboard over a 7 km long toboggan run and you will also have a great view over the Walensee and the Churfirsten. After a good romp you can finish the event with a delicious alpine herb fondue and hot mulled wine

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Team event for puzzle lovers

Do you want to plan a team event that will really bond you together? Then any puzzle events are perfect. Here, in addition to logical and creative thinking, a lot of teamwork is required. Only those who put the clues together have a chance of solving the puzzle

Escape Game Outdoor

The great thing about Outdoor Escape Games is that you spend your time outdoors and during the game you can also enjoy the surroundings and the hopefully pleasant weather. In these games, your team is given a tricky puzzle and must set out to find clues. Often you'll get additional important paraphernalia like an iPad or an agent case to help you solve the puzzle.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Outdoor Escape GameGruppe spielt Outdoor Escape Game (Foto: Spassvogel)
Outdoor Escape GameGruppe spielt Outdoor Escape Game (Foto: Team Escape)

Thriller Dinner

A mystery dinner combines exciting and sometimes scary entertainment with delicious food. During the dinner, each team member takes on a different role and together you try to solve a criminal case. Meanwhile you enjoy a delicious multi-course menu. The crime dinner is an extraordinary team event, which will remain in your memory for a long time.

For your team event you can buy a game, send the roles to all participants in advance and look forward to an exciting evening.

Crime Pass

Would you like to slip into the role of an investigator with your team? Then the crime pass is just the thing. Solve a tricky murder case and get ready for exciting puzzles, clues and surprising twists. All you need is a smartphone, team spirit, some skill and logical thinking.

The game can be played at various locations in Switzerland. You can register for free at Krimispass and receive the case by mail

Team event for adventure seekers

Do you want to get your team's adrenaline pumping and plan an unforgettable adventure? Then we've put together some exciting ideas for you that you might enjoy


If your team likes it extreme, has sturdy stomachs and wants to enjoy a wonderful view at the same time, then jet boating is a great idea for your event. As you jet across Lake Brienz at high speed, the adrenaline level and the fun level will rise extremely. The 360° spins really put your stomach to the test and besides there is a fantastic view to enjoy.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

JetboatJetboat auf dem Brienzersee (Foto: Outdoor Interlaken - Jetboat)
JetboatDas Swiss Activities Team beim Jetboaten auf dem Brienzersee


Rafting is a fast-paced activity. The best thing is that you're all in the same boat. Literally. Teamwork and good communication are required to master the rapids. Rafting gives you a chance to get to know each other all over again. If your team consists rather of inexperienced participants, we recommend you to book a tour. These can be found almost all over Switzerland.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

RaftingRafting (Foto: Swissraft Activity)
RaftingRafting (Foto: Swissraft Activity)

Kayak tour

Unlike rafting, kayaking gives you the choice between fast-paced or relaxing tours. No matter if you want to go through rapids or leisurely across a lake: kayaking is a great and unforgettable event, which is possible at any time of the year. Either you can rent the kayaks yourself and plan the tour on your own, or you can book a guided kayak tour and leave the planning to the professionals.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

KajaktourKajaktour (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus)
KajaktourEinführung Kajaktour (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus)


If your team consists of real adventurers, then plan a canyoning tour and let the adrenaline level rise tremendously. Canyoning is not without danger and should not be done on your own. Book a canyoning tour with a professional guide for your event. Let your team cross the canyons, jump down waterfalls and swim through beautiful pools. Depending on your experience level, you can book an appropriate tour for beginners or advanced

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Canyoning Canyoning (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus Christian Meixner)
CanyoningCanyoning Sprung (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus Christian Meixner)

Quad Tour

To race over hill and dale with a quad bike off the main roads sounds like a lot of fun and adventure. You can either rent the quads yourself and set off on your own with your team. Or you can book a guided tour and let a guide show you exciting places and routes. It is important that all participants have a driving license and are over 18 (or depending on the provider over 25) years old. You can book exciting and varied tours all over Switzerland.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Quad TourQuad Tour (Foto: ATV Quad Tour)
Quad TourQuad Tour (Foto: ATV Quad Tour)

Trotti Plausch

The Trotti Plausch combines exciting descents with fantastic views. A great opportunity for an organized scooter fun is on the Kerenzerberg. Here you and your team take the chairlift up the mountain. Once at the top, a 7 km long descent awaits you, which you master by scooter. At the bottom, you have the opportunity to enjoy an aperitif

Offers on Swiss Activities:

Team event for those eager to learn

Are your team members curious and always looking to learn something new? Then plan an exciting and interesting team event where everyone can learn something.

Cooking class

A cooking class is a social and fun group activity. Everyone can certainly learn something new from a professional chef. Be it the perfect pasta dough, the neatly rolled sushi, the delicious dip with special spices or the steak cooked to perfection. There is always a reward afterwards, because after cooking you can of course taste and enjoy the food.

Cocktail course

Most people probably know that not all cocktails are the same. At a cocktail course, you and your team can have a lot of fun, learn great recipes and get creative and create something yourself. You'll also learn how to mix professionally and pick up a few tricks for the next event. After all the mixing and preparation, you can of course taste the cocktails right away

Barista course

Does your consist of some coffee fans? Then a barista course is an absolute must and will bring a lot of joy to your participants. During the course you can dive into the world of coffee, taste, smell and create. You will learn different filtering methods and learn everything about origin, preparation, processing, grind, quantity, water and the different coffee machines. So your future coffees are guaranteed to be delicious

Gin Workshop

A gin workshop invites you and your team into the world of gin. Here you will learn a lot about the different gins and how to combine them with different tonics and other ingredients such as fruit. Of course you can taste and enjoy your creations afterwards.

Chocolate casting course

Are there members of your team with a sweet tooth? Then a chocolate pouring course is sure to be a complete success. After all, anyone can eat chocolate, but making chocolate yourself is something very special. In many chocolate factories you have the possibility to book courses and to cast and decorate your own bars or figures. On top of that, of course, there's something to snack on all the time.

Offers on Swiss Activities:

These were our 40 ideas for your next team event. We hope that these ideas and inspirations will make your next event a complete success. We wish you lots of fun.