Glasi Hergiswil

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6 Highlights at Glasi Hergiswil

  • The Glasi Hergiswil museum is one of the most beautiful museums in Europe.
  • The glass labyrinth consists of 77 glass plates, which were put together on an area of 100 m² to form a work of art made of sound, light and glass material.
  • A 7 m high outdoor ball track was built by artists. It also has a children's slide.
  • Those who would like to become a temporary glass blower can blow their own glass ball here.
  • A water park offers water games that you can change yourself.
  • The large sand playground is filled with quartz sand. Excavator, shovel and water pump are ready and waiting.

What awaits you at Glasi Hergiswil

At Glasi Hergiswil you can visit the museum, walk through the glass labyrinth or make your own glass souvenir.

Museum in the Glasi Hergiswil

The Museum in der Glasi Hergiswil bears the name "shaped by fire". It shows you the history of glass and this glassworks in an impressive way. Staged with sound and light, you will learn about the ups and downs of the Glasi and how it was spectacularly saved from closure.

The stagings in the museum show you an illusion cabinet, a time machine, a walk-through film and a country theater. After the museum tour, you will come to a platform from where you can watch the 100 or so employees. You can see how they cast, shape or blow the glass.

Glasi HergiswilMuseum (Foto: Glasi Hergiswil)
Glasi HergiswilMuseum (Foto: Glasi Hergiswil)

Blow your own glass ball

The glassblowers at Glasi Hergiswil come from Italy and Portugal. They use their craftsmanship to rhythmically blow the spheres and other shapes. If you've always wanted to try this out for yourself: Here you can shape your own glass ball and take it home. The cooling of the ball takes only about 15 min.

Glasi Park, the playground at Glasi Hergiswil

In the Glasi Park at Glasi Hergiswil you will find a seven-meter-high marble run with a slide. You can buy the glass marbles for the run in the store or at the vending machine. The Glasi Park also houses a sandbox made of quartz sand, the Glasi dragon Leandra and various other playground equipment. Access to the park is possible at any time. By the way, the Glasi dragon is 12 m long and 4 m high.

Water games in the Glasi

The play equipment in the water creates whimsical shapes. You can try them out for yourself and enjoy the water fountains. Like glass, water is transparent and malleable. This is what the water games are meant to show. Two pedalos are ready if you want to ride a little over the water.

Experiments and exhibitions

You can try out more than 70 experiments and marvel at special optical glass effects. You can make glass musical instruments sound. Two exhibitions will show you Flühli glass from the 18th and 19th centuries as well as exhibits from Glasi Hergiswil from the 19th century to the present day. Entrance to the exhibition is at the spectator platform and exit of the museum.

Shop and restaurant

The Glasi offers direct sales, an online store and engraving facilities on site. The Glasi Restaurant Adler offers Swiss delicacies served on glass.

Glass Labyrinth at Glasi Hergiswil

The Glass Labyrinth at Glasi Hergiswil was created from 77 glass plates over an area of about 100 m². The work of art made of sound, light and glass material weighs ten tons. You walk in felt slippers and white gloves through a labyrinth of glass plates and have to sensitize all your senses to find the right way. You will be accompanied by typical glass sounds.

The glass labyrinth is a good idea for Valentine's Day or for a team event.

Glasi HergiswilGlaslabyrinth (Foto: Glasi Hergiswil)
Glasi HergiswilGlaslabyrinth (Foto: Glasi Hergiswil)

Opening hours

Glasi Hergiswil is open from Monday to Saturday all year round. On important holidays it is completely closed, on other days only the production is closed. Please also note that there is a 30-minute lunch break in glass production.

How to get to Glasi Hergiswil

Thanks to its central location, Glasi Hergiswil is easily accessible by various means of transport.

Public transport

You can reach Hergiswil by train in just 15 minutes from Lucerne. The Hergiswil train station is just a three-minute walk from the Glasi.

By boat

Across Lake Lucerne, you can take an SGV boat directly to the Hergiswil landing stage. It's another five minutes' walk to the Glasi.

By car

From Luzern you drive to Hergiswil via the A2 freeway in the direction of Gotthard. Along the Seestrasse you will pass through the whole village until you reach the Glasi. If you are coming from Stans, just take the exit Hergiswil.

At the Glasi there are parking lots for coaches and cars. At the restaurant Adler or directly at the lake there is free parking. In the parking garage you can park one hour for free after registration.

Glasi HergiswilMuseum (Foto: Glasi Hergiswil)
Glasi HergiswilMuseum (Foto: Glasi Hergiswil)

The Glasi in Hergiswil is a wonderful destination for families. This last still operating glassworks in Switzerland is a very special experience.