7132 Therme Vals

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7 Highlights of the 7132 Therme Vals

  • The thermal water in the spa comes from the St. Petrus spring at around 30°C.
  • People have been drinking the water for around 400 years to treat bladder diseases.
  • The spa consists of houses, hotels and the thermal baths. The entire complex was clad with 60,000 slabs of quartzite from the Vals Valley.
  • The thermal baths designed by Peter Zumthor are considered one of the most important architectural works of the 21st century.
  • In the spa and Therme Vals, guests find deep relaxation and regeneration through various treatments. These include anti-stress treatments, detox treatments and relaxing signature treatments from ESPA.
  • The spa offers a combination of indoor and outdoor pools that can be used all year round.
  • The spa promotes art and culture and offers regular events and exhibitions.
Therme ValsAussenbad (Foto: 7132 Therme, Julien Balmer)
Therme ValsInnen Ruheraum (Foto: 7132 Therme, Julien Balmer)

What awaits you at Therme Vals

The thermal spa attaches great importance to peace, relaxation and privacy for its guests. For this reason, electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets with cameras are not permitted.

Hotel guests are given priority access to the thermal baths. Three times a week, night bathing is offered for hotel guests between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am.

The total number of guests for the thermal baths is limited to 150 people. For this reason, admission tickets may only be purchased online by non-hotel guests.

Towels are included in the ticket price. Hotel guests will also find slippers and bathrobes in their room.

The baths at Therme Vals

The spa offers various baths such as cold baths, warm baths, sound baths and flower baths. The emphasis is on rest and relaxation. For this reason, the architect deliberately dispensed with bubble baths, slides and the like.

In addition to the indoor pool, there is also a pleasantly large outdoor pool. Steam baths are also available. The steam stone is used with textiles and the sweat stone without textiles.

Indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, lounging stones, a sound stone and shower stones provide a pleasant change of pace.

Water temperatures of the baths in the Therme Vals:

bath temperature
Indoor pool 32 °C
outdoor pool winter 36 °C
outdoor pool summer 30-33 °C
Fire bath 42 °C
ice bath 14 °C
flower bath 33 °C
Soundstone 32 °C
Spring grotto 35 °C
Therme ValsTherme Vals (Foto: 7132 Therme, Julien Balmer)
Therme ValsTherme Vals ((Foto: 7132 Therme, Julien Balmer)

Spa at the Therme Vals

In the spa area you have the opportunity to be pampered with ESPA products. These are made from sustainably grown ingredients. Invigorating sea extracts and essential oils have extraordinary effects on the body. Relax and recuperate in peaceful surroundings. The spa places particular emphasis on physical and mental relaxation.

This includes:

  • massages
  • Hair styling
  • Nail care
  • Facial and body treatments

The spa facilities include:

  • 7 therapy rooms
  • hairdressing salon
  • ESPA store
  • relaxation loungers
  • fitness studio

Some exemplary applications in the spa:

Application Ingredients
Valser hot stone massage brush massage, exfoliation and full body massage with Valser quartzite stones
Alpine Herb Stamp Massage Brush massage, body scrub and full-body alpine herb massage
Contour and Firm brush massage, exfoliation, detoxifying wrap, lymphatic drainage, full body and intestinal massage
Detoxifying Body Treatment Brush massage, exfoliation and algae body wrap
Advancid Body Cocoon Brush massage, exfoliation and sea mud body wrap
Harmonizing Ritual Foot bath ceremony, full body massage with kansa stick and bowl (two traditional Indian massage tools)
Total Holistic Body Treatment Brush massage, body scrub, hot stone back massage and personalized ESPA facial care
Natural Face Lift skin analysis with the Skin-Vision™ lamp, double cleansing, deeply stimulating and shaping facial massage with lifting effect, lifting and smoothing mask, head massage
Therme Vals Therme Vals (Foto: 7132 Therme, Julien Balmer)
Therme Vals  Therme Vals (Foto: 7132 Therme, Julien Balmer)

The architectural design of Therme Vals

The thermal baths are located within a building complex that was built in the 1960s. This complex consists of residential and hotel buildings.

The Swiss architect Peter Zumthor designed the thermal baths, which opened in 1996. 60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite encase the spa, which is reminiscent of a quarry from which stone blocks were cut. The stone slabs used for the cladding are each one meter long. They were extracted from a nearby quarry.

Shortly after the spa opened, the canton of Graubünden placed it under a preservation order. The name "7132 Therme" is derived from the zip code of the town of Vals.

How to get to Therme Vals

Vals is located in the Vals Valley in the south-east of Switzerland in the canton of Graubünden. Chur is about an hour's drive away.

By car

The best way to reach Vals by car is via Ilanz, which is about 20 km away. From Chur, take route 19 and it will take you about 30 minutes to Ilanz and just under an hour to Vals. Barrier-free parking spaces can be found right next to the main road.

Public transportation

Even by public transport, it is best to take the route via Chur and Ilanz. The post bus will take you directly to the Vals, Therme stop.

By plane

The 7132 hotels next to the thermal baths offer a pick-up service by limousine or 7132 helicopter from all Swiss airports.

Therme Vals Umgebung (Foto: 7132 Therme, Julien Balmer)
Therme Vals Therme Vals (Foto: 7132 Therme, Julien Balmer)

The 7132 Therme is undoubtedly something special. It's not just the luxurious treatments with special ingredients that ensure your physical and mental balance. The concept of limited access and the ban on smartphones etc. also guarantee deep relaxation in the spa.