Baden is located in the densely populated Limmat Valley. The city, which belongs to the Aargau region, has a long history. As early as the 1st century, the Romans began to use the thermal springs of the Limmat River in Windisch, 5 km away. At the end of the 13th century, the Habsburgs officially founded the city of Baden. The beautiful old town of Baden stretches between the wedge-shaped Schlossberg to the west and the banks of the Limmat. On the Schlossberg stands the Stein ruins, which with their exposed position 60 m above the town have become a landmark. The bathing quarter adjoins the old town and lies directly on the bend of the Limmat. Numerous buildings from the late Middle Ages and early modern times were replaced in the 19th century by classicist and historicist buildings.

What Baden has to offer