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Activities in Adelboden

10 Highlights Adelboden

  • 56 lifts and mountain railroads connect Adelboden with the surrounding hiking and skiing area Adelboden-Lenk
  • 300 km of marked hiking trails are available in summer
  • 200 km of interconnected ski runs are located in the ski areas
  • 600 m deep fall of the Engstligen waterfalls
  • The original course of the FIS Ski World Cup (including finish photo) can be skied by everyone
  • 45 km long route network for scooter rides is available at the Vogellisi mountain between Adelboden, Hahnenmoos and Silleren
  • Tschentenalp is the local mountain of Adelboden with great offers in summer and in winter
  • In the south of Adelboden lies the Engstligenalp
  • The high alpine hiking trail Aeugi-Lowa is popular and impresses with its views
  • The 100 m long Choleren Gorge with impressive waterfalls and climbing possibilities
Adelboden Adelboden (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus My Switzerland Bögli Stephan)
Adelboden PanoramaPanorama (Tourismus Adelboden Lenk Kandersteg Anja Zurbruegg)

Excursion destinations around Adelboden

Adelboden is very centrally located in the Engstligental and is well connected with the villages and mountains all around as far as Frutigen.

Tschentenalp, Adelboden's local mountain

The Tschentenalp as Adelboden's local mountain is reached in five minutes via the mountain railroads (circulating gondola). Near the top station you will find a children's playground, a Giant Swing and beautiful viewpoints.

In summer, Tschentenalp is primarily a popular hiking area. Long biking routes lead you, for example, from Adelboden up to Tschentenalp and back. In winter, 14 km of toboggan runs are prepared. A six-kilometer-long toboggan run goes down to the valley on a particularly wide slope. When you take a break on the terrace of the summit restaurant, you have the opportunity to experience the three-thousand-meter peaks Wildstrubel, the Lohnermassiv and the Tschingellochtighorn.

Choleren Gorge near Adelboden

The Choleren Gorge is a 100 m long gorge above the roaring Tschentenbach stream. It is accessible via stairs and bridges and features impressive waterfalls, rounded rocks and water mills. Under the supervision of the Alpine School Adelboden you can also climb here and participate in abseiling exercises.

The easy circular hike from Adelboden takes about two hours (8 km). From the Choleren gorge you reach the Pochtenkessel after about 20 minutes. It is a deep rock funnel where the Otterebach and the Engstlige flow together.

Adelboden CholerenschluchtCholerenschlucht (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus MySwitzerland)
Adelboden CholerenschluchtCholerenschlucht (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus MySwitzerland)

Engstligenalp in the south of Adelboden

Engstligenalp is a plateau above Adelboden at an altitude of about 2000 m. It can be reached in just three minutes from Adelboden by the Globi mountain railroad.

The Engstligen waterfalls are among the most water-rich falls in Switzerland. They plunge thunderously and foaming over 600 m into the depth. For families with children, even the ride on the Globi cable car is a special experience. The view of the waterfalls, the mountain landscape and the alpine landscape with the cows is a beautiful beginning of an eventful day.

Hahnenmoos and Sillerenbühl

Sillerenbühl (1976 m above sea level) and the Hahnenmoospass are the "mountains of the Vogellisi". In summer you can experience the freedom of the mountains best by scooter, for which 45 km of track are provided. The Vogellisi adventure trail is also part of it. The whole area is a hiker's paradise in summer and winter.

The Aeugi-Lowa trail leads from the Hahnenmoospass to Engstligenalp. On it you get an insight into the high alpine zones and their fascination. Even a skynest is waiting for you up on the mountain. It is made of wicker and is waiting for you at the mountain station Sillerenbühl.

Elsigenalp and Metschalp

The popular winter sports area of Elsigen-Metsch is also transformed into a wonderful hiking area in summer. For example, you can reach the Brandsee lake in just fifteen minutes from the mountain station of the Lenk cable cars.

The Lohner massif east of Adelboden

The Lohner consists of several mountain peaks:

  • Mittaghorn (2678 m a.s.l.)
  • Front Lohner (3049 m above sea level)
  • Middle Lohner (3002 m a.s.l.)
  • Hindere Lohner (2929 m a.s.l.)
  • Nünihorn (2717 m a.s.l.)

The Lohner massif is very popular with mountaineers. The Lohner hut is located about halfway up.

Adelboden Engstligenalp Engstligenalp Bach (Foto: Tourismus Adelboden Lenk Andreas Gerth)
Adeboden SillerenbühlSillerenbühl (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus MySwitzerland)

Tropic House Frutigen

The Tropic House Frutigen is also a breeding station for sturgeon and caviar. A stroll through the tropical forest is ideal for a family outing. Large aquariums and the interactive exhibition "How the fish came to the mountain" are designed for children. Lili the marmot conveys interesting facts in language suitable for children. In the tropical house there are several restaurants and a tropical lodge for overnight stays.

Adelboden Tropenhaus FrutigenTropenhaus Frutigen (Foto:Tourismus Adelboden Lenk Kandersteg)
Adelboden Tropenhaus FrutigenTropenhaus Frutigen (Foto:Tourismus Schweiz Tourismus MySwitzerland))

Activities in and around Adelboden

The region around the village of Adelboden is a very popular destination in the Bernese Oberland all year round.

Trottiland Adelboden

The scooter is a mixture of bicycle and scooter. Children from the age of eight are allowed to ride such a vehicle. In Adelboden there are 45 km of routes available for riding a scooter. You can choose from seven different routes. "Trottiland" is therefore also called the Vogellisi mountain.

Scooters are handed out in

  • Sillerenbühl,
  • Bergläger,
  • Hahnenmoos,
  • Geils

Trotti routes

  • Kurvenkult (Sillerenbühl - Bergläger): 5 km, 500 vertical meters (hm), medium
  • Meilenfresser (Sillerenbühl - Aebi - Stiegelschwand - Dorf - Oey): 15 km, 750 hm, difficult
  • Talbodenrocker (Aebi - Gilbach - Rehärti - Dorf): 5 km, 100 hm, easy
  • Gipfelthriller (Sillerenbühl - Wendeplatte - Geils): 3 km, 100 hm, medium
  • Pass rally (Hahnenmoos - Geils): 3 km, 250 hm, medium
  • Panorama ride (Geils - Bergläger): 6 km, 250 hm, medium
  • Spring sprint (Bergläger - Gilbach - Rehärti - Oey): 8 km, 200 hm, easy
Adelboden Trottinett SillerenbuehlTrottinett Sillerenbuehl family (Foto: Bergbahnen Adelboden)
Adelboden TrottilandTrottiland (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus MySwitzerland Anja Zurbrügg)

Hiking from Adelboden

In summer, the main activity in this area is hiking. Mountain hikes in the alpine terrain tend to be easy to moderately difficult hikes that you can do with the whole family. A wheelchair accessible circular hike is possible on Engstligenalp.

  • Panoramic hike Hörnliweg Adelboden: 6.1 km, 2:30 h, 242 hm ascent and descent. The trail leads from Adelboden up to the Höreli (Hörnli). It continues to Taubenfels and via the Senggi forest back to Adelboden. On the way views over the Niesen chain, Engstligental, Lohner and Wildstrubel.
  • Tschentenalp-Schermtanne-Adelboden: 6.7km, 3:15 h, 102 hm ascent and 668 hm descent. By gondola to Tschentenalp, then descent through the woods to Schermtanne. By bus back to Adelboden.
  • Blumenweg: 3.2 km, 1 h, 101 hm ascent and descent. By train to Sillerenbühl at almost 2000 m above sea level, from here to the Hahnenmoospass. With the mountain railroad the trip goes back down.
  • Cholerenschlucht from Adelboden: 8 km, 2:30 h, 264 hm. By bus to the bus stop in Tregel (direction Frutigen) and from there 15 min to the gorge. After crossing the Choleren Gorge, you can walk to the Neuweg bus stop (15 min) and take the bus back to Adelboden. The gorge itself is accessible by stairs and footbridges.
  • Daubenfelswanderung from Adelboden: 6.34 km, 2 h, 230 hm ascent and descent. The hike starts at the stop of the Silleren cable car.
  • VogelLisi - the adventure trail: 3.5 km, 2 h, 490 m descent. The hike starts at the Sillerenbühl mountain station at 1974 m above sea level and ends at the Bergläger middle station.
Adelboden BlumenwegBlumenweg (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus My Switzerland Bögli Stephan)
Adelboden Blumenweg Blumenweg (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus My Switzerland Bögli Stephan)

Mountain hiking from Adelboden

You can also undertake some difficult mountain hikes from Adelboden.

From Adelboden to the Albristhorn: 13 km, 6 h, 887 hm ascent and 923 hm descent. You hike from Sillerenbühl (1934 m above sea level) to the Abristhorn (2761 m above sea level) and from the east ridge down to Adelboden. In doing so, you will reach the Seewlehorn via the Laveygrat and the Tierberg. The view from the Albristhorn reaches from the Wildhorn to the Diablerets and from the Wildstrubel to the Eiger. For this hike you should be absolutely sure-footed and free from vertigo.

  • From Engstligenalp to Iffigenalp**: 16.4 km, 6 h, 1053 hm up, 1431 hm down. Take the mountain railroad to Engstligenalp. Here you start the trail in western direction and climb up to the Ammerten pass. Then you continue into the Ammerten valley and on to the Siebenbrunnen. These are several jets of water that shoot out of a limestone wall. It is the source of the Simme river. The trail continues over Langermatte and hillside pastures to Iffigenalp.

Mountain biking and e-bike riding

Tours by mountain bike are possible from Adelboden, but the mountain railroads do not always take bikes. So you may have to get to the top and also back down from the mountain yourself with your bike. The gondola to Tschentenalp even takes mountain bikes for free.

Bathing on the mountain

Swimming on the mountain is possible in thirteen mountain lakes. These include:

  • Arvenseeli
  • Brandsee
  • Dossen lake
  • Elsigsee
  • Iffigsee
  • Muggensee
  • Lenkerseeli
  • Oberstockensee & Hinterstockensee
  • Lake Oeschinen
  • Silleren lake
  • Brenggen reservoir
  • Tschingelsee

In addition there is the Grübi swimming pool in Adelboden. It scores with its 50 m long swimming pool, a wellness area, children's pool and play areas. In good weather it is open until 19:00. In the sports center Frutigen you will find many other sports facilities as well as an outdoor pool.

By the way, you are not allowed to swim at the Blausee.

Adelboden Schwimmbad GruebiSchwimmbad Gruebi (Foto: Tourismus Adelboden Lenk Kandersteg)
Adelboden Tschentenalp Mountainbiken Tschentenalp Mountainbiken (Foto: Tschentenbahnen)

Skiing and snowboarding in Adelboden

The ski region of Adelboden Lenk is considered a top ski resort. The bright white slopes are internationally awarded and 60% of the main routes are covered with snow. More than 200 km of ski slopes are spread over several sub-areas.

The respective lifts and mountain railroads belong to them. All of them are combined in one tariff association, so you don't have to worry: the Top4 ski pass is equally valid for all regions. But you can also buy your ticket only for a specific ski area.

+Ski ticket Adelboden

Adelboden SkifahrenSkifahren (Foto: Tourismus Adelboden Lenk Kandersteg Roger Gruetter)
Adelboden SkifahrenSkifahren (Foto: Tourismus Adelboden Lenk Kandersteg Stephan Boegli)

Sledding around Adelboden

The toboggan runs here are particularly wide. You can even sled over six kilometers down into the valley via a sledding trail from Tschentenalp. On some evenings they are open for night sledding.

Adelboden SchlittelnSchlitteln (Foto: Tourismus Adelboden Lenk Kandersteg Anja Zurbruegg)
Adelboden SchlittelnSchlitteln (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus MySwitzerland)

other activities around Adelboden

Other activities in the area around Adelboden include:

  • snowfarming
  • snow biking
  • motor ski cross
  • winter hiking
  • cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Paragliding#
  • Swinging (Giant Swing)

The Giant Swing is one of the special features in the area above Adelboden. The giant hanging seat swing stands at an altitude of almost 2000 meters.

A jumping-off point for paragliding is located at Schwandfälspitz on Tschentenalp.

Adelboden SwingSwing (Foto: Tourismus Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg Anja Zurbrügg)
Adelboden Langlauf Langlauf (Foto: Tourismus Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg Stephan Boegli)

Events in Adelboden

The events around Adelboden are manifold. At the end of November until the beginning of January the Adelbodener Wiehnachtswäg is open daily and also illuminated. Christmas hostels are set up in various barns along the Zwischenpörternweg.

The FIS Ski World Cup Adelboden is held over three consecutive days in January each year.

Between the beginning of February and the beginning of March, illuminated Night Skiing is held on the Chuenisbärgli every Friday evening. As Chuenis bi night, the Laser and Ski Show with musical show on the legendary World Cup slope comes into its own. In the restaurant you can order a fondue.

Night sledding at Tschentenalp takes place every Wednesday and Saturday evening, also illuminated.

Every year at the beginning of March the Swiss championships in Skibockfahren take place at TschentenAlp.

At the end of March, the Ski Chilbi in the Adelboden ski area is on the annual program. It takes place at the end of the winter season. There is music, animation and Chilbi drinks in all mountain houses and piste restaurants.

The Classic Car Days are held in Adelboden in mid-June.

Adelboden Ski Worldcup Ski Worldcup (Foto: Tourismus Adelboden Lenk Kandersteg Peter Klaunzer)
Adelboden Ski EventsSki Events (Schweiz Tourismus MySwitzerland)

Mountain railways to and from Adelboden

  • The Tschentenbahn runs from Adelboden to Tschentenalp in 5 min.
  • A mountain railway runs from Oey via Bergläger to Sillerenbühl in just under 11 min.
  • The Globibahn runs to the south of Adelboden to Engstligenalp in 3 min.
  • An aerial cableway goes from Elsigbach to Elsigalp in seven minutes. Elsigbach is reached in 23 min from Adelboden with bus lines 230 to Achseten Kirche and then with line 231.

Mountain railroads in and around Adelboden

Mountain railroads from-to
Elsigenalp Railways Frutigen Elsigbach - Elsigenalp
Tschentenbahnen Adelboden - Tschentenalp
Mountain railroads Adelboden (Silleren Vogellisi mountain) Oey-Bergläger-Sillerenbühl
Adelboden mountain railroads (Silleren Vogellisi mountain) Oey-Adelboden
Elsigenalp lifts Elsigen-Metsch
Bergbahnen Engstligenalp Adelboden - Engstligenalp
Adelboden mountain railroads (Silleren Vogellisi mountain) Geils-Hahnenmoos
Lenk Bergbahnen Lenk-Stoss-Leiterli
Lenk Bergbahnen Rothenbach-Metsch-Metschstand Stand Xpress
Kandersteg Oeschinensee gondola lift Kandersteg-Oeschinen
Cable Car Kandersteg Sunnbüel Kandersteg-Sunnbüel
Gemmibahn Leukerbad-Gemmipass
Daubensee cable car Gemmipass. Daubensee
Kandersteg Allmenalp aerial cableway Allmenalp aerial cableway

Hotels in Adelboden

In Adelboden and its surroundings you will find far more than one hundred accommodations. Besides hotels like the Hotel Adler Cambrian or Bellevue Adelboden, there are also guesthouses and vacation apartments.

The Parkhotel Bellevue is located slightly above Adelboden and offers a beautiful view. A 1700 square meter SPA stands in the middle of the garden and can be used in summer and winter.

The four-star Hotel Cambrian in Adelboden offers a direct view of the Engstligental. 71 rooms and suites are available. The hotel also has a wellness area.

For groups of up to 20 people, the Tschenten Chalet is a special experience. It is located on Tschentenalp and has a double room, a camp with 8 beds and one with 10 beds.

Restaurants in and around Adelboden

In Adelboden you will find fine gourmet restaurants and rustic mountain restaurants.The restaurant Alte Taverne is pleasantly rustic and revives old traditions like carving at the table.

The Restaurant Bären in the hotel of the same name also offers a very special atmosphere. In addition to international dishes, you can enjoy traditional Swiss cuisine here.

If you like cheese fondue, you should not miss the Äbli restaurant. It is open from Friday to Sunday and also offers game dishes. The Äbli bus even picks up its guests from the tourist center in Adelboden.

Après ski directly at the ski slope can be found everywhere in the ski area, such as in Tschenten Drom.

How to get to Adelboden

Adelboden is located in the Bernese Oberland. From Bern you can reach Adelboden in about one hour by car, from Zurich in about two hours. To get to Spiez on Lake Thun, take the highway. From Spiez, mountain roads lead to Adelboden. There is a large parking garage in Adelboden.

By public transport you get from Bern to Adelboden in about 90 min:

  • Bern - Spiez IC 6 SBB and Spiez - Frutigen BLS or directly Bern - Frutigen (RE direction Domodossola)
  • Frutigen - Adelboden Post with bus B 230
Adelboden TschentenbahnTschentenbahn (Foto: Tschentenbahnen)
Adelboden EngstligenalpEngstligenalp Bergbahn (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)


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