Mürren village (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

The 5 best attractions and things to do in Mürren 2023

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6 Highlights Mürren

  • The village is completely car-free.
  • The hiking area in the midst of the four-thousand-meter peaks Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau is particularly spectacular.
  • Mürren is very well served by several mountain railroads.
  • The Schilthorn with Piz Gloria and the Thrill Walk can be reached quickly.
  • The via ferrata of Mürren also attracts climbers from far away
  • The 80-meter-long Nepal Bridge spans a seemingly endless abyss
Nepal Bridge Gimmelwald (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Nepal Bridge Gimmelwald (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
Thrill Walk (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Thrill Walk (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

Activities in Mürren

The best thing to do in Mürren is to hike, there are plenty of destinations for this. And all around the majestic four-thousand-meter peaks are always in view.

One of the most popular hiking trails is the Northface Trail. It starts and ends directly at the Schilthornbahn station and is well marked by blue signposts. On the nature trail to Spilboden, the trail goes uphill until you reach Schiltalp.

Afterwards, the path is not only wider, it becomes a comfortable hiking trail. Twelve boards inform you about Mürren and the surrounding nature. The path leads you through a pleasant coniferous forest to Suppenboden and over an asphalt road to the funicular Allmendhubel, which brings you back to Mürren. You will cover the 6.5 kilometers in about 2.5 hours with 390 meters of ascent. An easy and short tour leads over Blumental to Allmendhubel. It is about 2.1 kilometers long and takes one hour. Via the Gasse you come from Mürren to the Blumental and further to the Allmendhubel. In doing so, you will overcome 260 meters in altitude. At Allmendhubel, a large children's playground awaits your family at the FLOWER Trail.

In Blumental you can also stop for a bite to eat. The Pension Sonnenberg and the Suppenalp are available for this purpose. Other marked hiking trails lead past numerous waterfalls or to the eighty meter long Nepal Bridge near Gimmelwald.

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Via Ferrata Gimmelwald (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)Via Ferrata Gimmelwald (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)
Via Ferrata Gimmelwald (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)Via Ferrata Gimmelwald (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)

Via ferrata Mürren to Gimmelwald

You can also reach the Nepal Bridge at Gimmelwald via a via ferrata, which, as a medium-difficulty via ferrata, is not very demanding. This via ferrata is already unusual because it leads almost exclusively downhill.

A few adrenaline rushes are pre-programmed and turning back is not an option. Once you have made the beginning, you have to go all the way to the end. You will be rewarded with unique views and experiences and if you don't want to walk it unaccompanied, you can also book a mountain guide. The trail starts behind the Sportchalet in Mürren, below the post office building. A large poster marks the entrance. If you have come without climbing equipment, you can rent it in the sports stores in Mürren.

Right at the beginning, the path leads you along a vertical wall over iron stirrups at an altitude of 600 meters. Over several swaying wire bridges you cross deep waterfalls and walk over iron ladders. On the way there is a tyrolienne (rope slide), but for safety reasons it is not allowed to use it without a mountain guide. The bypass is possible via a wire rope bridge.

The highlight of the two-kilometer via ferrata is the Nepal Bridge after about three hours. It is eighty meters long and spans a very deep gorge. The view of the mighty north face of the Eiger crowns this route. The via ferrata is open exclusively from June 1 to October 31 daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm to protect wildlife.

Via ferrata (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)Via ferrata (Photo: Grindelwald Sports)
Via ferrata (Photo: Paragliding Grindelwald)Via ferrata (Photo: Paragliding Grindelwald)

Schilthorn from Mürren

The Schilthorn is reached from Mürren in two stops on the Schilthornbahn. The first station is Birg at 2,677 meters above sea level. Birg offers not only a beautiful and sunny viewing terrace at the Bistro Birg, but two other attractions: the Skyline Walk and the Thrill Walk.

From the bistro, the Skyline Walk leads to a platform that shows the entire mountain panorama of the Bernese Alps. Part of the floor is inserted as a glass floor with a vertical view of the mountains. The Thrill Walk is a two-hundred-meter-long rock walkway installed under the mid-station. Next to it, there are short stretches with glass bottom or steel nets, which are supposed to increase the thrill even more. The absolute highlight, however, can be found at the top station at 2,970 meters above sea level.

The Piz Gloria revolving restaurant has stood here since 1967 and was used for the James Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" even before it was inaugurated. Thus, it quickly became known worldwide. The round mountain restaurant with more than 400 seats has the special feature that it does not only rotate and thus offers its guests a panoramic view of the beautiful mountain world within just under an hour.

It rotates in two rings that can be switched separately. The inner ring is elevated for this purpose. The restaurant got the name "Piz Gloria" in the movie and kept it. An observation terrace adjoins the restaurant and offers a direct view of the Swiss skyline and more than two hundred peaks.

Schilthorn Piz Gloria (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Schilthorn Piz Gloria (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
Schilthorn Thrill Walk (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Schilthorn Thrill Walk (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

Allmendhubel near Mürren

At 1,907 meters, the Allmendhubel is Mürren's small local mountain. A funicular takes you up in four minutes, on foot you can make it in an hour. The funicular does not run from April to mid-June and from mid-October to mid-December

In summer, on the Allmendhubel, hiking is the main thing. For the little ones there is a large adventure playground next to the mountain restaurant.

The Flower Park features giant alpine flowers, grasses and oversized insects. For the grown-ups, there are Skyline Chill loungers to enjoy the magnificent skyline of the mountain world. Along the Flower Trail path, more than 150 different alpine flowers bloom in summer. Pretty signs explain the flowers like gentian, edelweiss or alpine roses.

The Adventure Trail is an adventure trail for the whole family and leads from the Allmendhubel mountain station downhill to Mürren. It leads over small paths, it goes through tubes, along ropes and over some wooden poles and takes about an hour.

In winter, the Kidsslope is a destination for children. The adventure slope goes over waves and past obstacles, through tunnels and arches and there are always funny figures at the edge of the slope.

The sledding safari starts at the top station of the funicular in Allmendhubel and includes a bob run over Sonnenberg to the Schiltgrat lift. From the Schiltgrat lift you can take the chairlift to the starting point of the Apollo Run sledging trail. A wide and sunny path now leads down to the valley via Schiltalp. For the toboggan safari you buy a toboggan day ticket Mürren-Schilthorn in advance.

Allmendhubel (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Allmendhubel (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
Allmendhubel (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Allmendhubel (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

Events in Mürren

Every year in winter the legendary Inferno race takes place here. It is the longest downhill ski race in the world. In addition to professionals, amateurs also take part in it.

In August there is an equally legendary Inferno triathlon in Mürren. The three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running are held one after the other. The end point is on the Schilthorn. In 1931 and 1935 Mürren was the venue of the Alpine World Ski Championships. On the first weekend in August the Mürren village festival takes place, which offers fun for the whole family: Traditional parades, brass band concerts, dancing and traditional costumes as well as cows decorated with flowers bring the whole village as well as visitors together. One of the highlights of the festival is the parade on Sunday.

Inferno Triathlon Mürren (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Inferno Triathlon Mürren (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
Inferno Triathlon Mürren (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Inferno Triathlon Mürren (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

Hotels in Mürren

There are elegant and simpler hotels in Mürren. These include:

  • Hotel Blumental, which emphasizes its tradition since 1870 with a combination of old and new furniture
  • Hotel Edelweiss on the Mürrenfluh, with spectacular views of the Jungfrau massif
  • Pop-up & Sport Lodge with SPA and fitness area and a collaboration with the Mürren Sports Center
  • Eiger Guesthouse with 12 rooms
  • Esthers Guesthouse offering 7 rooms and 2 apartments in Gimmelwald
  • Hotel Alpenruh right next to the Schilthornbahn railroad station

Hotel Edelweiss

The Hotel Edelweiss is very centrally located in Mürren. In just five minutes you can reach important destinations. These include the Mürrenbahn station, the swimming pool, the ice rink and the via ferrata. To the Schilthornbahn you need about ten minutes. The hotel offers 24 rooms in 3-star superior comfort in the listed main building. In two extensions there are another 16 rooms and two spacious junior suites. The restaurant has a spacious terrace with 80 seats. The hotel is open in summer and winter season.

Esthers Guesthouse

Esthers Guesthouse is a budget Bed & Breakfast and is located in the mountain village of Gimmelwald. In addition to single rooms, there are rooms for up to six people. All rooms share a kitchen and dining room. The three large vacation apartments have their own kitchens and bathrooms. The Guesthouse is open all year round.

Hostels and vacation apartments can be booked as well as SAC huts or camping facilities.

Hotel Edelweiss (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Hotel Edelweiss (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
 Eiger Guesthouse (Photo: Jungfrau Region) Eiger Guesthouse (Photo: Jungfrau Region)

Restaurants around Mürren

In Mürren and the Schilthorn ski area you will find a good selection of rustic mountain restaurants and ski huts offering Swiss specialties with a breathtaking view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

The 360° restaurant Piz Gloria is located directly at the summit of the Schilthorn and has a wide range of regional dishes. What's special about this restaurant is that it rotates on its own axis every 45 minutes, giving you a unique view of over 200 mountain peaks. Here you can also find out what James Bond is all about on the Schilthorn.

Most of the hotels have good restaurants with beautiful terraces. In addition, there are also specialty restaurants in Mürren and the surrounding area, such as Tham's Snack with Asian cuisine. In the midst of untouched nature you will find mountain restaurants like Winteregg or Gimmelen, located directly at the ski lift. The Suppenalp in Blumental is just as popular as the mountain restaurant Allmendhubel.

Mountain restaurant Winteregg

The Winteregg mountain restaurant offers self-service Swiss cuisine. A large sun terrace attracts hikers here. Next to the restaurant is an alpine cheese dairy that sells cheese in the summer. Here, the Chästeilet, a traditional Swiss folk festival, is regularly celebrated at the end of summer. The cheese that has been produced that year is distributed. You can reach the restaurant from Lauterbrunnen by taking the cable car to Grütschalp. Here you change to the cable car Lauterbrunnen-Mürren. It takes you directly to Winteregg.

Gimmelen mountain restaurant

The Gimmelen mountain restaurant, which is only open in winter, is located directly next to the valley station of the Gimmeln ski lift. The mountain restaurant can only be reached on foot, on skis or on a toboggan. A winter hiking trail leads from Mürren from the top station of the Schilthorn cable car in a gentle ascent to Gimmeln. The restaurant is famous for its apple pie. Fondue is available here on request. A huge outdoor terrace offers a unique mountain view.

Restaurant Winteregg (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Restaurant Winteregg (Photo: Jungfrau Region)
Restaurant Gimmelen (Photo: Jungfrau Region)Restaurant Gimmelen (Photo: Jungfrau Region)


Mürren can be reached from Interlaken by various routes. From Interlaken Ost, the Bernese Oberland Railway runs every half hour for about 20 minutes to Lauterbrunnen. From Lauterbrunnen the bus of the line 141 (Postauto) goes in a quarter of an hour to the Schilthornbahn Stechelberg

**You can reach Mürren via Gimmelwald in about ten minutes by cable car

The Schilthornbahn leaves every thirty minutes. In total, this journey takes about 1.5 hours from Interlaken Ost.

Alternatively, you can take the Lauterbrunnen-Mürren mountain railroad (BLM) from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren. This ride is in two sections: The first section is realized by a cable car that goes up to Grütschalp. From there, the journey continues by narrow-gauge railroad to Mürren

The total travel time from Lauterbrunnen via Grütschalp to Mürren is about fourteen minutes. From Interlaken Ost you also need about 1.5 hours this way.

By car you come via Bern or Lucerne (via Brünigpass) to Interlaken-Ost and further via Gsteigstrasse to Lauterbrunnen. In Lauterbrunnen you can park in the parking garage.

Schilthornbahn (Photo: Schilthornbahn)Schilthornbahn (Photo: Schilthornbahn)
Schilthorn Piz Gloria (Photo: Schilthornbahn)Schilthorn Piz Gloria (Photo: Schilthornbahn)


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