Ricola Herb Garden Zermatt

5 Highlights in the Ricola Herb Garden Zermatt

  • You can reach the Ricola Herb Garden from Zermatt in a half-hour walk
  • You can see, smell and feel all 13 herbs used in the world-famous rocket sweets
  • The properties and special features of each herb are explained on information boards
  • The walk runs at 1700 m above sea level between old Valais houses with a view of the mountains
  • You can participate with your family in a competition with knowledge test

What awaits you in the Ricola Herb Garden Zermatt?

Do you know the 13 herbs that are used in Ricola Original candies? They include well-known household remedies such as thyme, marshmallow, yarrow, sage, elderberry and peppermint. In addition, herbs are used that are no longer familiar to everyone. These include burnet, horehound or primrose.

The effects of Ricola herbs:

Bibernelleanti-inflammatory, digestive, expectorant
Speedwellblood cleansing, calming
Marshmallowanti-irritant, anti-inflammatory
Lady's mantleastringent (tannins)
mallowanti-irritant and anti-bacterial
peppermintantispasmodic, antibacterial
Sageantibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic
Yarrowwound healing, disinfectant
cowslipblood purifying, diaphoretic, analgesic
plantainhemostatic, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant
thymegerm-inhibiting, expectorant

The mixture that Ricola uses for its distinctive Ricola Original candies has been kept secret for centuries.

But you are allowed to touch the individual herbs and grind them between your fingers. Small information boards tell you more about the individual herbs on the spot.

Ricola Herb Garden (Photo: MySwitzerland)Ricola Herb Garden (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Ricola Herb Garden (Photo: MySwitzerland)Ricola Herb Garden (Photo: MySwitzerland)

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Prices and opening hours Ricola Herb Garden

Admission to the Ricola Show Garden in Zermatt is free. The herb garden is open all year round. A visit is recommended during the flowering period in the months from May to September.

Who is the Ricola Herb Garden in Zermatt suitable for?

The herb garden is very suitable for families. Anyone who has ever sucked Ricola candies (who hasn't?) will see the herbs that have made Ricola so famous growing here in nature. The path to the herb garden is easy to walk and also suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.

Entertaining and educational at the same time, the herb garden is especially suitable for families. You have the opportunity to participate in a contest with knowledge test.

How to get to the Ricola Herb Garden near Zermatt

You will find the Ricola Herb Garden in Zermatt in the hamlet of Blatten. It is located below Furi, a half-hour walk from Zermatt. Starting point is the bus stop ZenStecken. There is a mountain restaurant right next to the herb garden.

Ricola Herb Garden (Photo: MySwitzerland)Ricola Herb Garden (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Ricola Herb Garden (Photo: MySwitzerland)Ricola Herb Garden (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Where are the other four Ricola herb gardens located?

Other Ricola show gardens are located in: