Snowli Kids Village group ski course children (Photo © Zermatters)

Snowli Kids Village Zermatt

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9 Highlights in the Snowli Kids Village

The Snowli Kids Village Zermatt covers an area of about 3500 m². The area is located on the Riffelberg and is designed in a simple and child-friendly way. Professional ski instructors from the local ski school look after the children aged 4 to 6. From the very beginning, the children learn how to take their first steps in the snow and on skis properly. The mascot Snowli and his friends help the children to overcome their first fears. The lessons follow the beginner levels of the Swiss Snow League Snowli Prince / Princess, Snowli King / Queen and Snowli Star. Supervised lunch breaks including lunch and drinks are offered. Supervised train ride in the specially painted children's train between Zermatt and Riffelberg On Friday there will be a ski race with award ceremony on the Riffelberg.

The Snowli Kids Village is a winter sports practice area for the little ones. You will be looked after all day from/to Zermatt and will receive lunch at the Riffelberg restaurant. For the half day lessons you pick up your child at the Riffelberg at the agreed time.

What to expect at the Snowli Kids Village Zermatt

Even the ride on the cog railroad is an experience. Your child rides (supervised) in the children's train from Zermatt through a magnificent mountain world and arrives at the Riffelberg after 23 min.

The operator of the Snowli Kids Village Zermatt is the Ski and Snowboard School Zermatt. The Village covers an area of approx. 3500 m²

Ski course children (Photo © Zermatters)Ski course children (Photo © Zermatters)
Ski instructor (Photo © Zermatters)Ski instructor (Photo © Zermatters)

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Practice area Snowli Kids Village Infrastructure

  • Magic carpets (conveyor belts)
  • children's lifts
  • a carousel
  • a wave run
  • obstacles
  • a race track

The snow bunny Snowli and other fantasy characters lovingly stand by the children as they dare their first descents.

Level ski course at Snowli Kids Village

Lessons at the Snowli Kids Village are taught according to the levels of the Swiss Snow League. These levels are perfect for the very young in the beginning stages.

  • Snowli Prince (for children who are completely new to skiing)
  • Snowli King (for children who want to learn how to brake in the plow)
  • Snowli Star (for children who want to learn how to plow)

What does the Snowli Kids Village offer?

The children will have fun, play unforgettable snow experiences. But there is also very concrete technical content for the ski courses:

  • The story of Snowli, the snow bunny
  • Your child will get to know snow and skis
  • Walking, climbing and turning with skis
  • Parallel fall line skiing and braking in the plow
  • Practicing first change of direction from the fall line

Snowli tests will be given at the end of the course. Each child receives a personal booklet. This includes a medal that can be picked up later at the ski school office.

A full day ski course includes:

  • approx. 4 hours of lessons
  • approx. 1 hour supervised lunch in the mountain restaurant Riffelberg
  • (train ride, lunch and drinks are included)

The ski school is offered for 3 to 5 days. Besides full days you can also choose half days (with or without lunch).

Every Friday, at the end, there is a ski race of the children with a prize-giving ceremony.

Offers at Swiss Activities in Snowli Kids Village:

Arrival to the Snowli Kids Village Zermatt

The journey to the Snowli Kids Village Zermatt is exclusively by Gornergratbahn. You book the participation in the ski school in advance and will be informed about the place and time of the meeting point for the children. If your child only takes part in the ski course for half a day, you pick him/her up at the Riffelberg yourself.

The children's train leaves Zermatt a few minutes after 9:00 am and stops at Riffelberg after 23 minutes

The return trip usually ends around 15:45 at the train station in Zermatt. The children must be picked up there. Alternatively, you can also pick up your child at the Riffelberg train station at 3:00 p.m. after consultation

Stations of the Gornergratbahn to the Snowli Kids Village

The Gornergratbahn goes from Zermatt up to the Gornergrat. On the way it stops at several stations on the way to the Snowli Kids Village

stationaltitude (m a.s.l.)min from Zermatt

Weather at Snowli Kids Village Zermatt

The weather at Snowli Kids Village Zermatt is unpredictable. In the high mountains at almost 2600 m above sea level, a more or less strong wind usually blows during the day. Warm clothing and gloves are therefore absolutely necessary. Ski goggles are required to avoid eye damage and even snow blindness. Sun and lip protection and a helmet are also part of the necessary equipment

Ski lessons children (Photo © Zermatters)Ski lessons children (Photo © Zermatters)
Snowli Kids Village (Photo: © Swiss Ski & Snowboard School Zermatt, Zermatt Tourism)Snowli Kids Village (Photo: © Swiss Ski & Snowboard School Zermatt, Zermatt Tourism)

The Snowli Kids Village is the perfect place to teach your child the beginnings of skiing professionally. Your child will learn in small groups of 3 to 7 children per level. With the loving guidance of Snowli, your child will quickly feel comfortable and in good hands.