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Sunnegga - the family paradise in Zermatt

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Sunnegga Activities and tickets

8 Highlights on the Sunnegga

  • Sunnegga is located at 2288 m above sea level and is a popular destination all year round
  • Hikers and mountain bikers use the area around the Leisee with its trails in summer
  • The Leisee has a bathing beach, playground and barbecue areas
  • A marmot observation post is a special experience for the whole family
  • An incomparable view of the Matterhorn lets excursionists enjoy the sun terrace of the restaurant
  • The funicular takes only five minutes from Zermatt through a rock tunnel to Sunnegga
  • Bike trails are popular on Sunnegga not only because of the unique view
  • With the Kickbike, an all-terrain scooter, you ride from Sunnegga over 821 meters in altitude to Zermatt
  • Children and adult ski or snowboard beginners use the Wolli beginners' park on Sunnegga
  • Paragliders use the funicular to Sunnegga all year round

What awaits you on the Sunnegga

At 2288 meters above sea level, Sunnegga is located on a terrain terrace that awaits you with a unique view of the Matterhorn

You can reach the alpine area by funicular from Zermatt through a rock tunnel in less than 5 minutes. The Sunnegga is especially geared towards families. In a few minutes you can reach an observation post for marmots on foot. The clear Leisee is especially popular with families as a bathing lake. There are also barbecue areas and a children's playground

In winter, the winter sports take place further up. With the cable cars you can quickly reach the ski area, but the sun terrace is used for resting. The Wolli beginners' park in Sunnegga is suitable for skiing beginners and winter hikes and snowshoe trails also start here.

Leisee on Sunnegga

The Leisee is located at 2232 m above sea level and is a popular destination for families. You can reach it from the Sunnegga mountain station in about 10 minutes on foot or in three minutes with the Leisee shuttle. Since the lake is not deep, you will find pleasant bathing temperatures in summer. A small brook flows into the lake and offers playing possibilities for the children. In July they can observe tadpoles and small frogs here.

In addition to the children's playground and a play raft, various barbecue and picnic areas provide the perfect complement for a family outing. Firewood is available, but you should bring your own matches and some newspaper

A picnic pavilion provides protection from excessive sun or rain. The lake reflects the Matterhorn and is therefore a very popular photo spot.

Leisee (Photo: Zermatt Tourism Michael Portmann)Leisee (Photo: Zermatt Tourism Michael Portmann)
Leisee (Photo: Zermatt Tourism Michael Portmann)Leisee (Photo: Zermatt Tourism Michael Portmann)

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Marmot observation post Sunnegga

Only a few minutes' walk from the Sunnegga mountain station, you will find a marmot observation post. It is only manned in summer, as the marmots hibernate. A theme trail informs on information boards about the life of the cute animals.

Wolli Adventure Park Sunnegga

The Wolli Adventure Park Sunnegga is located right next to the Leisee lake. The adventure playground is open to children aged 0-15. A wooden raft is safely attached to a wire rope. With it the older children can cross the lake. Barbecue areas, picnic pavilion, toilets and a kiosk are located in the immediate vicinity.

The playground includes:

  • benches and tables
  • climbing frames
  • swings
  • slides
  • more than 8 different playground equipment

Wolli is the mascot of the Zermatt region and represents a black-nosed sheep.

The Wolli Adventure Park can be reached from the Sunnegga mountain station on a signposted path that is suitable for strollers. With the shuttle funicular you need five minutes.

Wolli beginners' park Sunnegga

The Wolli beginners' park has a particularly sunny location and is also protected from the wind. This makes it particularly suitable for ski and snowboard beginners.

The entrance to the beginners park is free. You can practice here yourself or book one of the ski schools of Zermatt. Five magic carpets (conveyor belts), rope lifts and various playground equipment ensure that all "snow bunnies" quickly feel at home.

You can reach the Wolli beginners park in 10 min by foot from the mountain station or in 3 min with the self-service Leisee shuttle

Wolli Adventure Park (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Tom Malecha)Wolli Adventure Park (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Tom Malecha)
Wolli beginners' park (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Michael Portmann)Wolli beginners' park (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Michael Portmann)

Arrival Sunnegga with the mountain railways

Two funiculars go to Sunnegga. One starts in Zermatt, the other at the Leisee.

Mountain railroads to Sunnegga

Valley stationHeight (m a.s.l.)Mountain stationHeight (m a.s.l.)Lift type
Zermatt1599Sunnegga2279Cable car (underground)
Leisee2247Sunnegga2290Stand Cableway (inclined)

From Sunnegga you have direct connection to these cable cars:

  • Sunnegga - Blauherd combined lift
  • chairlift Eisfluh
  • Chairlift Findeln

The beginner ski pass of Zermatt Bergbahnen therefore includes all five cable cars. So, in addition to access to the Wolli beginner park, you also have access to the blue beginner slopes in the Sunnegga-Blauherd area

Swiss Activities Tip:

Youngsters under 16 ski for free on Saturdays. There is a 50% discount for them on the mountain railroads

Mountain railroads in the Sunnegga - Rothorn area

Two funicular railroads, one aerial tramway and one gondola lift operate in the Sunnegga-Rothorn area.

  • Zermatt - Sunnegga (funicular)
  • Sunnegga - Blauherd (gondola lift)
  • Blauherd - Rothorn (aerial tramway)
  • Leisee - Shuttle (funicular)
  • Patrullarve (chairlift)
  • Hublot-Express: Gant-Blauherd (chairlift)
  • Eisfluh (chairlift)

The trip from Zermatt to the Rothorn is done with three consecutive cable cars and takes 20 min. From Zermatt (1608 m) to the Rothorn (3103 m) 1495 meters of altitude are covered.

Bottom station of the funicular (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Pascal Gertschen)Bottom station of the funicular (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Pascal Gertschen)
Funicular railroad (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Michael Portmann)Funicular railroad (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Michael Portmann)

Restaurant on the Sunnegga

The Buffet Bar Sunnegga restaurant is located directly at the mountain station. It has a huge terrace with a unique view of the Matterhorn. The sun is almost always shining here. The self-service restaurant is open all day and offers Swiss and Valais specialties, including vegan cuisine. There are 432 seats inside and 350 outside.

Other restaurants you'll find in Findeln:

  • Paradise with 50/100 seats inside and outside
  • Mountain restaurant Findlerhof with 100/120 seats
  • Adler-Hitta with 120/120 seats

Activities on Sunnegga

Sunnegga is a year-round excursion paradise.

Activities on Sunnegga include:

  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Hiking, winter hiking and snowshoeing
  • Mountain biking and kick biking
Hiking (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Pascal Gertschen)Hiking (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Pascal Gertschen)
Kickbiking to Zermatt (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Leander-Wenger)Kickbiking to Zermatt (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Leander-Wenger)

Winter sports on Sunnegga

In addition to the Wolli beginners' park, on Sunnegga you will find access to 19 well-maintained slopes in the Rothorn-Sunnegga ski area. Gondolas, chairlifts and finally the aerial tramway will take you further up to the Rothorn

The sunny ski area offers, for example, the popular slopes 11 (red) and 7 (blue) between Rothorn and Sunnegga. After the descent, many skiers like to come to the terrace of the Sunnegga restaurant to enjoy the sun and the view of the Matterhorn.

For the rental of ski and sports equipment you will find two providers in the immediate vicinity of the valley station.

offers at swiss Activities for guided ski tours from Sunnegga:

Ski schools on Sunnegga

You're sure to find a course tailored to your skill level at the ski schools in Zermatt. Whether in a group or with a private instructor, Sunnegga is a good place to improve your skills

A selection of the offers at Swiss Activities

Hiking Sunnegga

Some very popular hiking trails start or end on Sunnegga.

5-Lakes Hike (No. 11)

The 5-lake trail leads from Blauherd to Sunnegga. You pass these lakes: Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee, Leisee.

  • Distance: 9.8 km
  • Duration: 2:30 hours
  • Altitude gain: 165↑ 454↓ hm
  • Season: June to September

Swiss Activities Tip:

You can see a reflection of the Matterhorn at Lake Stelli, Lake Grindji and Lake Lei.

Other hiking trails in summer

  • Flower trail (No. 3): Blauherd - Tufteren - Sunnegga (1:20 hours)
  • Marble trail (No. 8): Blauherd - Stellisee - Sunnegga (1:10 hours)
  • Forest trail (no. 12): Sunnegga - Tufteren - Patrullarve - Ried - Zermatt (1:50 hours)

Winter hiking Sunnegga

In winter, it's best to take snowshoes to hike through the magnificent landscape.

Winter Wonder Trail snowshoes (no. 146): Sunnegga - Gant - Riffelalp

  • Distance: 7.7 km
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Altitude gain: 326 ↓ 237 ↑
  • Season: December to April

Winter Hiking Trail (No. 110): Blauherd - Fluhalp

  • Distance: 2.2 km
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Altitude difference: 89 ↓ 55 ↑
  • Season: December to April

Mountain bike and kickbike on the Sunnegga

With your mountain bike, be sure to show consideration for hikers on the trails. On the flow trail F2 (Sunnegga trail) you are on the road for 30 min without hikers and can really step on the gas

Kickbikes are all-terrain scooters that you can rent at the mountain station. You ride them from Sunnegga over 821 meters of altitude to Zermatt.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for activities on the Sunnegga. Therefore, the alpine area is very popular especially with families. The great view of the Matterhorn is a special highlight.

Ski slope (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Pascal Gertschen)Ski slope (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Pascal Gertschen)
Skiers (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Pascal Gertschen)Skiers (Photo: Zermatt Tourism, Pascal Gertschen)