Europapark Eurobus Excursion

Europapark ticket incl. bus trip from Switzerland

Highlights at Europapark

  • Unforgettable day trip to Europapark, Germany's largest theme park
  • Variety of over 100 attractions, roller coasters, shows
  • 13 roller coasters, 45 themed restaurants & bars, 6 4-star hotels
  • Rides on the exciting Silverstar, Bluefire and Wodan roller coasters
  • Countless international restaurants and snack bars
  • Relaxed arrival by bus without queuing at the ticket office
  • Variety of entertainment for the whole family or group
  • Comfortable day trip with arrival at 09:30 am at Europapark and return around 17:00 pm
  • Daily trips, 22 boarding points and 6 routes to Rust from Switzerland
  • Discounted admission and group discounts
  • Children under 4 years free (bus and Europapark)
  • Reduced waiting times with direct access without queuing
  • Tickets directly on your cell phone
  • The adventure park offers a program at any time of the year and also in case of bad weather
Hands up on the roller coaster PegasusHands up on the roller coaster Pegasus
The Pegasus water ride promises fun for the whole familyThe Pegasus water ride promises fun for the whole family

What awaits you at Europapark

If you're looking for fun and entertainment, Europapark is the place for you. There's never a dull moment at Germany's largest theme park. With over 100 attractions, shows in 18 different themed areas and a total of 13 roller coasters, every visit is an incomparable experience for young and old.

Discover the different themed areas named after European countries. Each is lovingly designed and conveys the flair of the respective country and its traditions.

Numerous rides whisk you away to fascinating worlds. The Atlantis adventure world, for example, offers interactive fun. Or how about a visit to Sleeping Beauty's Castle or Arthur's Fairytale World? The water rides such as the Poseidon roller coaster or the wild rafting tour in Scandinavia are also very popular.

If you need a break, you can enjoy one of the many and varied shows. Or you can take a seat on the Europapark Express to view the park from a lofty height

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A day at Europapark

You can expect a comfortable trip by bus to the entertaining and unique amusement park Europapark Rust in Germany!

Meeting point: Pick-up point Switzerland at one of the 28 pick-up points.

You choose one of the 22 available starting points from the total of 7 routes. There you will be picked up by the bus. Whether from Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Zurich or another city; you will find the pick-up point near you

Bus ride: Depending on the route with arrival at Europapark between 09:00 and 09:30.

Depending on where you board the bus, it will pick you up between 05:30 and 07:30. The comfortable bus will take you directly to the gates of the park, where you will arrive at Europapark between 09:00 and 09:30, depending on the bus route and traffic.

You discover: the Europapark.

Depending on who you are traveling with, there are plenty of attractions that are suitable and exciting for everyone. Whether with friends, teens, grandparents or toddlers, the offer has a program for everyone.

During about 8 hours you will spend pleasant, exciting, adrenaline-pumping, entertaining, fairy-tale and funny moments in Europapark Rust. Here you have enough time to explore the variety of attractions and the offer.

We recommend you to take a break every now and then and also to eat and drink something.

You eat: for example, your picnic or in the restaurant.

Numerous food stalls, take-aways and restaurants are spread all over the park. There you can eat comfortably. Alternatively, you can eat your own picnic.

Return journey: Depending on the route, the bus leaves around 17:00 or 17:30 and brings you back to the starting point in Switzerland.

Included in the Eurobus ticket

  • Return bus ticket from Switzerland
  • Fixed pick-up times from your boarding point and Europapark
  • Entrance ticket to Europapark
  • Access to Europapark without queuing
  • Excluded are catering and other expenses on site
With the family in London busWith the family in London bus
Adventure Euro-MirAdventure Euro-Mir

Offer and attractions Europapark

Europapark is a great destination for young and old. Whether you're more relaxed or looking for an adrenaline kick, you'll find what your heart desires at Europapark.

Europapark for the adventurous

Europapark offers a wide range of adventurous attractions for roller coaster fans. These include 13 roller coasters. With speed, acceleration, uphill rides, downhill rides, drops, sharp turns, loops and twists, the adrenaline rush is guaranteed. Note the minimum age, minimum and maximum size of each attraction. Some of the rides are also suitable for children, a perfect introduction for the young and brave.

  • AlpenExpress "Enzian": The classic ride for the whole family. Perfectly suitable for young and old, an introduction to the world of roller coasters for children. Minimum age 4 years, children under 8 years only accompanied by an adult and minimum height 100 cm

  • Fjord Rafting: The white water experience. A splashing pleasure through the Scandinavian fjords. Minimum age 4 years, children under 8 years accompanied by an adult, minimum height 100 cm.

  • AlpenExpress "Coastiality": The virtual 3D adventure. With virtual reality glasses, you experience the AlpenExpress in a completely different way. Perfect for families and as an introduction to the world of roller coasters for children. Minimum age 6 years and minimum height 100 cm

  • Atlantica Super Splash: A refreshing experience. From a height of 30 meters, the boats go up and whiz down again from a height of 9 meters; but backwards! Minimum age 4 years, children under 8 years only accompanied by an adult and minimum height 100 cm.

  • Matterhorn Blitz: Original decorated mountain atmosphere. In a nosedive through steep valley and mountain passages. Minimum age 6 years, children under 8 years accompanied by an adult, minimum height 120 cm.

  • Poseidon water roller coaster: A combination of boat ride and roller coaster. Fun for the whole family. Minimum age 6 years, children under 8 years accompanied by an adult, minimum height 120 cm.

  • Wodan Timburcoaster: The wooden roller coaster. From a height of 40 meters, you'll race up and down for over a kilometer, along sharp curves and reach a speed of 100km/h. Minimum age 6 years, children under 8 years accompanied by an adult, minimum height 120 cm.

  • Swiss bobsleigh run: through the canal on a double bobsleigh. Minimum age 6 years, children under 8 years accompanied by an adult, minimum height 120 cm.

  • Blue Fire Megacoaster: Catapult to 100 km/h. In this adrenaline adventure you will experience all the fun elements in short succession on 1000 meters. You accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, do the highest loop of a catapult roller coaster, ride the 360-degree twist and whiz up close and along the rocky landscape. Minimum age 7 years and minimum height 130 cm.

  • Eurosat CanCan Coaster: Dark roller coaster "Moulin Rouge". The coaster takes you through the entertaining Parisian nightlife, accompanied by music and lights. Minimum age 6 years, children under 10 years accompanied by an adult, minimum height 120 cm to maximum 195 cm.

  • Euro Mir: Up and down, forward and backward: Prepare for a whirl! You start with the propeller at 28 meters. Then: dive, turns to the right, turns to the left, mountains, valleys and full brake. Minimum age 8 years, children under 10 accompanied by an adult, minimum height 130 cm to maximum 195 cm.

  • Silver Star: One of the highest roller coasters in Europe. At a height of 73 meters and a speed of 120 km/h you will experience weightlessness and a quantum leap. Minimum age 11 years and minimum height 140 cm.

Adventure on the Island BlueAdventure on the Island Blue
One of the most famous coasters: SilverstarOne of the most famous coasters: Silverstar

Europapark for families

Europapark offers the whole family, whether grandparents, parents or children, a diverse and varied program. In addition to the 13 roller coasters, there are over 50 other attractions. Among the rides that are also suitable for the little ones, carousels, ship swings, towers, relaxing boat rides or themed worlds, there is something for everyone.

  • Atlantis Adventure: interactive experience
  • African Queen: Steam ride across the lake
  • Arena Football Scooter: ride with football
  • Arthur: a cool themed ride
  • Dancing Dingie, the little boat swing
  • Jungle Raft: calm water ride
  • Elf ride: a ride through the world of mythical creatures
  • Euro Tower, the 75 meters high tower
  • Curse of Cassandra: a ride into disorientation
  • Ghost Castle: creep factor in the darkness
  • Marionette boat ride: the water gondola ride
  • Mercedes Benz Hall, the Formula 1 themed world
  • Panorama train station for a break
  • Pegasus Youngstar, the roller coaster for the little ones
  • Rulantica, the indoor water world
  • Silverstone track: the racing driver's feeling
  • Tyrolean wild water ride
  • Vindjammer, the giant rocking ship
  • Wiener Wellenflieger, the chain carousel
  • and many other attractions
The wooden railroad Iceland WodanThe wooden railroad Iceland Wodan
There is also a white water ride at EuropaparkThere is also a white water ride at Europapark

Europapark for the little ones

For the very youngest, Europapark also offers a selection of adventure playgrounds, rides for children from 3, slides and famous fairy tale characters.

  • Many attractions with fairy tales and stories
  • Exciting tracks, merry-go-rounds, towers for the smallest ones
  • Water and climbing fun
  • Adventure and water playgrounds
  • Slides
  • Parade of figures
  • farm
  • and much more
A parade on HalloweenA parade on Halloween
Euromaus plays with childrenEuromaus plays with children

Gastronomy at Europapark

Europapark offers a very wide range of dining options, which is part of the mega experience! Whether it's a tapas trip through Spain, a charming Parisian cafe, traditional food from Switzerland, original Shephard Pie from Ireland or something quick hearty or sweet: there's something for every moment and taste.

  • 12 self-service restaurants
  • 4 service restaurants
  • 9 cafes
  • 5 bars
  • 23 places for snacks
  • 7 places for sweets and ice cream
Cafe BenedettoCafe Benedetto
Evening buffet at Colosseo Antica RomaEvening buffet at Colosseo Antica Roma

Swiss Activities Tip

If you want to share Europapark with less people, it is recommended to visit during the week. Also the weather has an influence on the number of visitors. If the sky is slightly overcast and rainy and if some people decide to change their plans, you may hardly have to queue at the rides and attractions. With the right clothes, a day at Europapark is fun even with some cloud cover.

A tip for parents with small children: use the "Baby-Switch" service here. If your children are still too small for one attraction, but both still want to ride, this service allows you to ride the roller coasters separately without having to wait twice. You will receive a pass so that first one and then immediately the second can ride without waiting.

Indoor castle for playingIndoor castle for playing
Fun on the Blue FireFun on the Blue Fire

Practical information Europapark

What you should pay attention to

  • No age limit at Europapark
  • Age, weight and height limits depending on the roller coaster
  • Lockers available at the entrance
  • Short notice cancellation possible for less than 20 passengers
  • 6 routes from Switzerland to Rust
  • 22 departure points from Switzerland
  • Free WLAN available on the bus
  • Check Corona regulations promptly

What you should bring

  • Take ID or passport
  • Take rain or water protection
  • Teenagers over 14 years old are allowed to travel alone with the consent of their parents

Europapark in bad weather

The mood sets the mood! The Europapark is also suitable in slightly worse or cloudy weather. A raincoat or cape to throw over it is recommended, not an umbrella.

The park offers changing rooms as well as restrooms. Bring a change of clothes so that if you get wet, you can change briefly before you leave. If the weather is unsafe, it is definitely recommended to bring a spare sweater, a second pair of pants, and dry socks and shoes.

Attractions continue to operate even in unpredictable and somewhat inclement weather. Important: be prepared if you decide to come in bad weather.

The experience on the attractions is worth even in light rain, especially because you can stay seated and ride twice in a row because of the few people!

There are numerous shows at EuropaparkThere are numerous shows at Europapark
Mini ScooterMini Scooter

Book your Eurobus ticket to Europapark here

Timetable Eurobus

With the Eurobus you travel from Switzerland to Germany to the Europapark and return the same day in the evening.

  • Departure: daily
  • Departure from Switzerland depending on route between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m
  • Arrival Europapark depending on route between 9:00 and 9:30 a.m
  • Departure from Europapark between 17:00 and 17:30 depending on route
  • Arrival from Switzerland depending on route between 19:00 and 22:00

Departure points from Switzerland

Aarau, Alchenflüh, Arbon, Baden, Basel, Bern, Biel, Chur, Emmenbrücke, Freienbach, Grenchen, Landquart, Lenzburg, Lucerne, Olten, Pratteln, Ruswil, Sargans, Schaffhausen, Solothurn, St. Gallen, Sursee, Weesen, Wil, Windisch, Winterthur, Würenlos, Zurich

Opening hours Europapark

  • Summer season: May to November daily from 09:00 to at least 18:00
  • Winter season: November to January daily from 11:00 to at least 18:00

Source of photos:

All photos were provided by Europapark.