Engstligenalp - Globi Kinderland and climbing paradise

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Engstligenalp is a large plateau south of Adelboden, which belongs to the landscapes and floodplains of national importance

8 Highlights on Engstligenalp

  • Engstligenalp is reached by cable car from Adelboden in about three minutes.
  • The 600 m high Engstligen Falls are among the highest waterfalls within Switzerland.
  • Globi is the mascot of Engstligenalp, who appears wherever there are children.
  • Engstligenalp is a popular climbing paradise in summer and winter. There is a via ferrata, a bouldering paradise and an ice climbing arena.
  • The plateau is perfect for hiking and alpine mountain walking, but mountain bikes are not allowed (nature conservation).
  • The 4.4km long Läger circular hiking trail can even be used with strollers and wheelchairs.
  • 17km of ski slopes and a specially designated freeride area are available to skiers in winter.
  • 500 cows walk every year from "Unter dem Birg" up to Engstligenalp and overcome 600 meters of altitude. The trail may also be used by hikers.

The alp is situated at 1900 to 2000 m above sea level and is heavily used for alpine farming as well as for tourism. In addition to a show dairy, the Globirund trails are particularly interesting for families.

Engstligenalp is a popular place for climbers and alpinists. Two high-altitude tours and the via ferrata Chäligang are popular. There is also a bouldering paradise and an ice climbing arena.

Engstligenalp GlobilandGlobiland (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp WildstrubelWildstrubel (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

Sights on the Engstligenalp

Engstligenalp is a wonderful plateau for short and longer walks with the whole family. The view of the mountains of the Bernese Oberland and down into the Engstligen valley. The Engstligen waterfalls are worth seeing, and you can already get a very good view of them from the cable car. A challenging via ferrata leads down from the alp. The show dairy and the Globi-Alp are popular with the whole family

The attractions on the alp include, in addition to the mountains and the wonderful view all around:

  • Engstligen waterfalls
  • Show cheese dairy
  • Globi-Alp with the Globi theme trails

Engstligen waterfalls

These waterfalls drop 600 meters. This makes them the second highest waterfalls in Switzerland. The Engstligen Falls have been under nature conservation since 1948. From Adelboden they are reached in a 1.5-hour walk or by bus. From Unter dem Birg, a partly very difficult mountain trail leads along the thundering waterfalls up to Engstligenalp in summer. However, there is also an easy circular hiking trail. In summer as in winter, you have a good view of the waterfalls from the cable car gondola, almost flying directly over them. Accompanied by a mountain guide from the Adelboden Alpine School, a climbing adventure can be undertaken on the Chälistein right next to the waterfalls

The waterfalls and their immediate surroundings are considered a place of power and are often visited. On benches, rocks and meadows you can rest and recharge your batteries.

Walking times:

  • Adelboden village- Engstligen waterfalls: 1 1/2 hours
  • Unter dem Birg - Engstligenalp: 1 1/2 hours
  • Circular walk from Unter dem Birg: 45 minutes
Engstligenalp WasserfallWasserfall (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp WasserfallWasserfall (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

The alpine cheese dairy at Enstligenalp

The cheese dairy is located in a alpine dairy hut, which is reached after a short walk across the plateau. While the cheese is being made by the dairymen, visitors are offered an Älpler-Zmorge, which is a special brunch. The visit can be made from the end of June to the end of August from two people.

The Globi-Alp on Engstligenalp

Globi, the mascot of Engstligenalp, appears wherever there are children. Globi also sometimes accompanies children on Globi hikes along the way.

The Globi theme trails are particularly suitable for children. In the Globi brochure there is more information about the Globi family activities and Globi hikes. The brochure is also available at the valley station of the Globi cable car.

Globi mountain trail Engstligenalp (green)

The mountain trail involves one hundred meters of ascent. As it is a themed trail, there are always things for the children to do, so the five-kilometer-long path is not too long for them. At every milk can found on the way there is a question and a solution letter for the riddle of the Schatthaus. The trail starts at the Berghotel and leads past the Berghaus over a bridge. The rest of the trail is well signposted (green) and ends at the Schatthaus. It is perfectly suitable for a family trip.

Globi Alpweg at Engstligenalp (orange)

The Alpweg starts at the "Globi Stall" Sennhütte, which can be found to the right of the mountain hotel. The three-kilometer trail is suitable for strollers. The theme is animals. This path is marked in orange.

Globi Kristallweg Engstligenalp (purple)

On the crystal trail, the little hikers look for the glittering stones along the way. Globi talers mark the places where crystals are hidden. At the end there is a surprise for the finders, who have each noted the purple letter in their Globi passport. The trail starts at "Globi am Wasser" below the Schatthaus and is marked in purple. In total there are about 4.5 kilometers to walk. The comfortable path is also walkable with a stroller. The crystal pass is available at the Engstligenalp cable cars and at the mountain hotel.

Globi circular trail (yellow)

The circular trail is a comfortable walk on the alp. It is suitable for baby carriages and marked in yellow.

Engstligenalp AlpkäsereiAlpkäserei (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp GlobialpGlobialp (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

With the mountain railroad to Engstligenalp

There are two mountain railroads that go up to Engstligenalp. One cable car is reserved for children and is called Globibahn after the mountain mascot. The other cable car is for adults

Mountain railroad E00 - Unter dem Birg - Engstligenalp (Globibahn)

The Globibahn is especially for the children. It takes the same route over the Engstligen waterfalls as the normal mountain railroad.

Mountain railroad E01 - Unter dem Birg - Engstligenalp

The 36-passenger Unter dem Birg-Engstligenalp gondola cable car travels about 1.3 kilometers from the bottom station to the top station in just over three minutes. It was inaugurated in 2016 and carries up to 454 people per hour.


  • 564 meters in altitude
  • 1440 m a.s.l. altitude valley station
  • 2004 m a.s.l. Altitude top station
  • 7 m per second

The summer season lasts from mid-June to mid-October. The winter season starts around the middle of December and ends at the beginning of May. The ski slopes and facilities are open during the winter season between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm

Engstligenalp BergbahnBergbahn (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp GlobibahnGlobibahn (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp

Activities on the Engstligenalp

In summer, Engstligenalp above Adelboden is primarily suitable for hiking with the whole family. As long as you stay on the plateau, the hikes are almost flat and very walkable by every member of the family

Those who like it a little more exciting, undertake one of the numerous mountain hikes with sometimes high and steep climbs. Surefootedness and sturdy hiking boots are an absolute minimum requirement for these tours, since it also sometimes goes over scree or slippery slate.

Via ferrata and high altitude tours require absolute fitness and experience. Local mountain guides can be booked for such tours. A via ferrata for beginners starts at the valley station and leads along the waterfalls up to Engstligenalp.

In winter, the high alp is transformed into an exciting world of ice and snow with a frozen waterfall. At least 13 igloos invite you to eat fondue on the alp and skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers, winter hikers or snowshoe hikers get their money's worth.

An overview map can be viewed here.

Among the most popular activities at Engstligenalp are:

  • Circular hikes on the alp
  • Mountain hikes
  • Via ferrata and high altitude tours
  • Bouldering on the Engstligenalp
  • GolfMountain
  • Skiing and snowboarding with Globi Kinderland and winter fun facilities
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Winter hiking and snowshoeing
  • Ice climbing arena

Circular hikes on Engstligenalp

The circular hikes vary from very easy hikes to difficult, demanding mountain hikes

The most popular circular hikes include:

  • Läger - circular hiking trail
  • Lower waterfall circuit
  • Upper waterfall circuit
  • Seeli trail

The Läger - Rundwanderweg is completely wheelchair accessible and can therefore also be walked with a baby carriage. This 4.5 kilometer long hiking trail is almost level and takes about one hour.

The Bottom Waterfall Circular Trail starts in Chäli at the bus stop of bus 232 and can also be walked with a stroller from June to September. The tour leads into the forest and always along the river, past Chälistein.

The Ober Wasserfallrundwanderweg starts at the mountain station of the Engstligenalp cable car. The path leads towards Trieschthubel down to the Upper Waterfall. In June, the path in the opposite direction is part of the alpine cattle trail. A bridge crosses the mountain stream here, which thunderously falls down. Overall, the trail, which is about three kilometers long and has more than 240 meters of elevation gain, is classified as moderately difficult.

The Seeli-Weg is an extension of the Läger circular hiking trail by one ascent, which makes the excursion a moderately difficult hike. Almost 500 meters in altitude have to be mastered. In total, the hike is now 8.2 kilometers long and can be completed in 2.5 hours. The trail climbs steeply to the Dossen-Seeli. On the way back, you reach the edge of the alluvial area of Wildstrubel back on the flat plain.

The trail from Engstligenalp to Ammertenspitz leads up and down about 700 meters in altitude over a length of ten kilometers and is completed in four hours. It is somewhat easier to master than the Aeugi-Lowa trail, but is reserved for experienced alpinists. You follow the signposts over the Ammerten pass and thus get up to the Ammertenspitz. A large cairn marks the summit here.

Mountain hikes on Engstligenalp

In addition to long mountain hikes, there is also a short but difficult hike. This is the route of the Alpaufzug. Hikers are also allowed to join the real alpine procession and together with the cows they manage the ascent of 2.3 kilometers. It is a special experience when every year in June about 500 cows climb up to the summer pastures on Engstligenalp. Accompanied by dairymen and dairywomen, they have to overcome about 600 meters of altitude. The mule track is secured with wire ropes.

From Engstligenalp to Lämmerenhütte is a difficult mountain hike of almost ten kilometers. The ascent leads past the Dossenseeli (2,355 m) to the Chindbetti Pass (2,613 m). From here, the Tällsee lake is clearly visible.

The round tour from Engstligenalp over the Chindbetti Pass initially runs level from the mountain station until the climb over mountain meadows to a small mountain lake begins. Gradually the meadows give way to a barren stone desert. At the Chindbetti pass, the path that continues under the Chindbettihorn becomes more difficult.On the ridge path below the Tschingellochtighorn, the landscape looks as beautiful and grotesque as a postcard motif

The hike is considered a particularly beautiful hike. Classified as moderately difficult, endurance, concentration and absolute surefootedness are nevertheless required to complete the 4.5-hour mountain hike over nine kilometers. A similar beautiful tour runs from Kandersteg over the Chindbetti Pass to Engstligenalp with a length of 13 kilometers and a duration of about 5 hours.

A very difficult mountain tour is the hike from Engstligenalp to Iffigenalp. More than 1000 meters of ascent and even more in descent have to be mastered in at least 6 hours of hiking. The route is just under 17 kilometers long.

Engstligenalp GruppeGruppe Aktivität (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp WandernWandern (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

Via ferrata and high altitude tours, bouldering on Engstligenalp

Some paths are signposted as "for experienced alpinists only". It is essential to take these notices seriously. For beginners and inexperienced climbers, these paths could become very dangerous without a patented guide.

High altitude tours

The following two high altitude tours are among those reserved for experienced alpinists.

Via the Aeugi-Lowa-Weg Adelboden, experienced and giddy mountain walkers move in the high alpine zone. 800 meters of ascent have to be mastered to walk the alpine trail from the Hahnenmoospass to Engstligenalp. On the way, one experiences the absolute fascination that comes from such a hike. The view of the eternal ice and the descent with a view of the 600 meter high Engstligen Falls compensate for every effort. For ten kilometers in length, 4-5 hours of time are needed.

The trail from Engstligenalp to Ammertenspitz climbs and descends about 700 meters in altitude over a length of ten kilometers and is completed in four hours. It is somewhat easier to master than the Aeugi-Lowa trail, but is reserved for experienced alpinists. You follow the signposts over the Ammerten pass and thus get up to the Ammertenspitz. A large cairn marks the summit here.

Via ferrata Chäligang

The Chäligang is a popular via ferrata that is also suitable for beginners. If you want to be on the safe side, hire a mountain guide. Via ferrata equipment can be rented in the valley in Adelboden at the Engstligenalpbahn valley station. Combined bivouacs are also available here, which additionally include the descent to the valley.

The route leads along a secured via ferrata from the Engstligen cable car valley station. The exposed rock path is secured with a continuous wire rope. It runs in the immediate vicinity of the Engstligen Falls. The pure climbing wall measures 300 meters and can be climbed in about two hours from June to October. It is followed by a secured path across meadows and over the Edelweisshubel.

Engstligenalp KlettersteigKlettersteig (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp KlettersteigKlettersteig (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

Bouldering on the Engstligenalp

On the Engstligenalp there is an alpine bouldering paradise. Boulder are boulders. In bouldering, climbers do not work with ropes and hooks. They climb on the boulders always at jumping height. In summer there are six different bouldering courses on Engstligenalp.

Necessary equipment can be rented at the mountain hotel Engstligenalp. The bouldering courses are open from mid-June to mid-October.

The Alpine School Adelboden offers courses on Engstligenalp.

Engstligenalp BouldernBouldern (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp BouldernBouldern (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

GolfMountain: Playing golf in the Alps

The alpine golf course is newly staked out every year. As a result, the lot changes from year to year. The hole lengths here also vary according to terrain and distance. A high degree of difficulty is provided on the course not only by streams and stone sectors, but also by the rapidly changing winds.

Expert supervision is provided directly at the course. After the round of golf, golfers can enjoy a raclette made on the alp in the Sennhütte.

Skiing and snowboarding

Despite its 17 kilometers of downhill pistes, Engstligenalp is somewhat removed from the big hustle and bustle of the huge Adelboden-Lenk ski area. The low altitude differences make the Engstligenalp area particularly suitable for children and skiing beginners.

The seventeen kilometers of downhill slopes available to Engstligenalp winter visitors include 7 km of easy slopes (blue), 6 km of red slopes (medium) and 4 km of difficult slopes (black). 6 lifts transport guests to the starting points. The winter sports area is located at an altitude between 1,964 to 2,362 m.

The ski lifts:

  • E02 - Dossen I Built in 1968, the T-bar/anchor lift starts at the bottom station at an altitude of 1,960 meters, the top station is at 2,375 meters. Up to 2,000 people are transported over 1,203 meters to an altitude of 415 meters.

  • E03 - Dossen II The T-bar/anchor lift built in 1989 leads up over 415 meters in altitude over a length of 1,203 meters, just like Dossen I. The bottom station is located at 2,375 meters. The bottom station is at an altitude of 1,960 meters, the top station at 2,375 meters. Up to 2,000 people are transported per hour.

  • E04 - Bockmatti This T-bar lift, built in 1976, also has T-bars/anchors and transports 1000 people per hour. The bottom station is located at an altitude of 1,964 meters, the top station at 2,110 meters. Over a length of 654 meters, 146 vertical meters are overcome.

  • E05 - feeder The platter lift was built in 1968 and covers 20 meters in altitude from 1,930 to 1,950 meters. Up to 350 people are transported per hour.

  • E06 - Pony lift The Ponylift is a rope lift/baby lift with low ropes, which takes up to 500 people per hour over a length of 100 meters.

  • E07 - Small ski lift Another small ski lift with low length.

Next to the top station, skis, snowboards, snowshoes and cross-country skis can be rented at the rental and test center. In addition, the test center offers repairs on snowboards, skis, poles and bindings.

Two-day avalanche courses are also offered at Engstligenalp.


A freeride tour for experienced skiers is available between Engstligenalp and Steghorn. For this, 1200 meters of ascent must first be overcome. Over a rock step it goes only with the help of fixed/steel rope.

The Globi Kinderland on the plateau above Adelboden

The Globi - Kinderland is completely geared towards the smallest ski sport beginners. Globi is always present on the beginners' area and takes away the fear of many a little sportsman. There is a ski school and two children's lifts. Globi is always out and about wherever he can help. However, the Adelboden ski school, which operates up here, specializes in adults, children and teenagers alike.

The Globi Kinderland is located on the Sonnenhang.

Winter fun facilities on Engstligenalp

The Globi Fun Trail is mainly for children. Children love to play in the snow. In the ski course daring jumps are jumped and funny waves are crossed. The steep wall curves are something for advanced skiers. There are two adventure slopes at the Bockmatti ski lift. Here there is Joana Hählen's race track and the Horä ski fun trail.

The Joana Hählen's race piste was named after the Swiss ski racer Joana Hählen. On the race track, participants compete not only with her, but also with Chrigu Stucki or Globi. The Horä Ski Fun Trail includes a drive-through gondola as well as waves and steep wall curves.


Snowtubing is a new activity at Engstligenalp. The facility is open between mid-December and the beginning of April, daily from 10 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

In our listing Sledging in Adelboden you will find more information.

Engstligenalp SkifahrenSkifahren (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp GlobilandGlobiland (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

Cross-country skiing

There are prepared slopes for cross-country skiing at Engstligenalp. They can be used for leisurely laps or as altitude training. There are two cross-country ski trails:

Lägerloipe: The 6 kilometer long groomed trail is used as a track for a classic cross-country skiing and skating. Groppiloipe: This 2 kilometer long trail is suitable for cross-country skiing at Wildstrubel, also for classic cross-country skiing and skating.

Grossstrubel of the Wildstrubel massif (3243 m a.s.l.): The cross-country skiing tour with ascent to the Strubel (3243 m a.s.l.) and long descent through the Ammerten valley is almost fifteen kilometers long and takes about 3.5 hours. It involves an ascent of 1,300 meters.

Winter hiking and snowshoeing

On the plateau, winter hikes with and without snowshoes are rather easy tours. This includes the one-hour circular trail at the foot of the Wildstrubel.

A moderately difficult snowshoe tour is the circular route from Sillerenbühl to Adelboden with 700 meters of ascent and descent. On this route you have to watch out for avalanche danger.

The hike from Engstligenalp to Tierhöri makes just under 1000 vertical meters in ascent and descent somewhat more demanding. However, the view compensates for the effort.

Ice climbing arena

There is an ice climbing arena on Engstligenalp. It offers TopRope climbing opportunities. TopRope is a form of belaying where the rope is hooked into a pulley at the end. On the one hand, this type of climbing is considered to be the easiest type of belaying and climbing to learn. On the other hand, it is considered the safest method. The fall is located right next to the top station of the Engstligenalp mountain railroads. It is watered and the routes are well suited for groups as well as for beginners. However, there are also routes that are more difficult to master.

There are tours for every level:

  • Salto Mortale 2000
  • Magic Mushroom
  • Undärä Chatzächera
  • Smaller fall
  • Lower Engstligenfall

The ice climbing arena Engstligenalp is controlled in regular intervals. The Alpine School Adelboden offers various ice climbing courses from mid-December to the end of March.

Engstligenalp WinterwandernWinterwandern (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp EiskletternEisklettern (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

Events on the Engstligenalp

A variety of events are organized on the Engstligenalp.

Examples of events that are held regularly and irregularly at Engstligenalp:

  • Alpine drive in mid to late June
  • Alpabtrieb in early to mid-September
  • Mountain wrestling competition on Engstligenalp on 01 August
  • Ländlermusik-weekend around the 15th of August
  • Alpglüh-Yoga from the end of June to the end of September
  • Hydroelectric power plant tour mid-July to mid-October
  • Golf & Thai-Dinner mid September to mid October
  • Musig uf dr Alp from mid-September on seven Sundays in the raclette hut
  • Goat trekking June to October
  • Cross-country skiing weekend mid-December

The Bergschwinget refers to traditions that are lived on the mountain. Besides yodeling and stone throwing, swinging is also part of it.

Group events

The Engstligenalp mountain railroads offer various group events in summer and winter. They are suitable for team building or as a company outing.

Alpencup and summer fun for groups

The Alpencup is a fun team event for groups of 5 or more. The teams compete in small competitions with the help of everyday objects. The focus is on having fun together.

The following are offered in summer, for example:

  • hiking together, e.g. to the waterfall
  • GolfMountain
  • Wild West on the alp
  • Via ferrata Chäligang
  • Cup games and fun games with raclette and cable car ride
  • Encounter with the alpine dairymen

Winter fun for groups

For companies and clubs, skiing, ice climbing or joint snowshoeing can be selected. Individual programs for groups are also arranged for the winter excursion on Engstligenalp.

Examples of winter - group events:

  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Star gazing
  • traditional fondue in the ice in a fondue igloo
  • Ice climbing
  • Workshop fire-eating and -spitting
  • Guided snowshoe hike
  • joint cable car ride through the icy landscape
Engstligenalp SchneeschuhwandernSchneeschuhwandern (Foto: Hiking Heidi Bühler)
Engstligenalp GruppeneventGruppenevent (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

Mountain huts, ski bars and accommodations on Engstligenalp

On Engstligenalp there are several restaurants as well as several overnight accommodations. Original are igloos in winter, where fondue is offered or where you can spend the night.

Mountain Hotel Engstligenalp

The Berghotel Engstligenalp is located 150 meters from the top station of the gondola lift at an altitude of about 2,000 meters. In addition to two double rooms, there are also group accommodations that have cooking facilities. The Sennhütte with its own cooking and dining area is particularly suitable for groups or school classes. A children's playroom is available for hotel guests. For overnight stay there are standard double rooms and double rooms with WC/shower on the floor.

The mountain hotel also includes:

  • the Chalet Wildstrubel
  • the sleeping igloos

The Dependance Wildstrubel offers three double rooms and one suite.

The restaurant of the mountain hotel is with service and has a large sun terrace. In the basement there is a wheelchair accessible toilet, which is reached by a stair lift. Also belonging to the Berghotel are the following restaurants located in the area:

  • Fondue Igloo
  • Raclette hut

Raclette hut on Engstligenalp

The Raclette hut is built every autumn on the , as soon as the cows have left their Sömmerunsgebiet. The cowshed becomes a rustic restaurant at the alpine hut of the Aellig family. The raclette hut exists every year for the period of about six weeks.

The hut is located in the immediate vicinity of the Engstligenalp golf course. Therefore, golfing and raclette are often combined. For golf beginners there is support to successfully hole the first balls on the green.

For company or club outings, the Aellig family offers golf tournaments with catering. The overnight stay is organized in the mountain hotel.

Family parties can also be held in the raclette hut. there is easily room for 40 guests.

Fondue igloo on Engstligenalp

Igloos have been erected at great expense every winter since 2011. To do this, large balloons are first filled with air and erected. They are then filled thickly with snow. Once the balloon and excess snow are removed, the igloo shell of snow remains. The snow to be removed from the igloos by hand in the interior construction comprises a volume of around 200 cubic meters.

A meal in the fondue igloo must be reserved in advance. It is also offered as a family party or for groups of friends. Additional cable car rides and the igloo bus are available to get you safely back to the valley station in the evening.

The fondue igloo is open from mid-December to early April. Except on Sundays, it closes at 10 p.m. in the evening, but is not open continuously on all days of the week.

Engstligenalp Raclette HütteRaclette Hütte (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp Fondue IgluFondue Iglu (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

Sleeping igloo on Engstligenalp

In the period from about mid-December to early April there are 6 sleeping igloos on Engstligenalp. It is reached from the mountain station in five minutes on foot. Check-in is at the mountain hotel Engstligenalp. The temperatures in the sleeping igloo are between -3 °C and +3 °C. Therefore, thermal underwear and a hat are advised. An extra warm sleeping bag is available.

Four sleeping igloos are designed for a maximum of two people. The other two igloos can sleep up to four people. Breakfast and dinner are served in the mountain hotel or in the fondue igloo, and sanitary facilities are available in the Chalet Wildstrubel. You can also move there if it gets too cold in the sleeping igloo. Dogs are not allowed here.

Berghaus Bärtschi

The Berghaus Bärtschi offers various room categories for an overnight stay:

  • Double room
  • Double room with bathroom
  • Quadruple room
  • Family room

It stands directly on the Läger circular hiking trail. In winter, a popular cross-country skiing route runs through here, as the area is considered to have guaranteed snow from mid-December to April. For cross-country skiers there are two showers and a waxing room at Berghaus Bärtschi.

Cross-country skiing center snow-sure from mid-December to April. Running water in all rooms, showers on the floors. A waxing room and two showers are available for cross-country skiers. With the connecting lift "Tschinggi" you are quickly on the slopes. The Berghaus Bärtschi is also located directly on the obstacle-free circular hiking trail and has a wheelchair-accessible WC.

The restaurant offers Swiss food such as alpine cheese or rösti. Swiss alpine cuisine "like 40 years ago" is the restaurant's motto.

Restaurant Chünisbärgli

The Restaurant Chünisbärgli is open during the winter season. On days when the mountain railroads are running, it opens from 9 am to 5 pm

Restaurant Bergbach

The Bergbach Restaurant is located directly near the Unter dem Birg valley station. In addition to raclette and fondue, chicken nuggets and various snacks are offered here. In addition to a dining room with fireplace, there is also an outdoor terrace.

Engstligenalp Schlaf Iglu Schlaf Iglu (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp Berghaus BärtschiBerghaus Bärtschi (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

Restaurant Stäghorn

The Stäghorn Restaurant is located at an altitude of just under 1,960 meters. It is reached via the feeder road and lies at the foot of the Dossen I and II ski lifts. The restaurant is also open in summer and has a vacation apartment for up to eight people. Swiss specialties are served.


The Bockbar is an après-ski bar right on the slopes. The glass igloo-shaped bar offers a direct view of the slopes and the snowy landscape all around.


There are four Sennhütten on Engstligenalp that also offer overnight stays.

  • Rüblihütte
  • Hanspeter Inniger
  • Ski hut
  • Ski hut Pieren

Lämmeren hut

The SAC (Swiss Alpine Club) refuge stands at 2502 meters on the east side of the Wildstrubel massif. The Lämmerenhütte has 96 sleeping places and 10 places in the shelter. The shelter is open all year round and has cooking facilities.

The refuge is staffed from February to April and July to September. A private mountain guide and ski instructor can be booked. Via ferrata and high altitude tours are accessible from the hut all year round.

Restaurant and guesthouse Steinbock

About 100 meters from the valley station is the Steinbock Restaurant and Guest House in Adelboden on Engstligenstrasse. The restaurant serves Swiss cuisine. In addition to rösti, fried and smoked sausage, there are also platters, salads or soup.

1 family room (4 beds), 1 double room and 1 single room with shower/WC on the floor are rented in the guest house.

Engstligenalp Staeghorn Staeghorn (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)
Engstligenalp Bockbar Bockbar (Foto: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp)

Climate on the Engstligenalp

The climate is called tundra climate. It is rather cool already because of the altitude at 2000 m above sea level, but does not reach extreme cold values in winter. The average maximum temperatures are 17 degrees Celsius in July and August. Between May and August you also have to expect increased precipitation. The coldest average value is reached in January with -3 degrees Celsius.

Especially on mountain hikes and climbing tours lasting several hours you should think of the right clothing and equipment. The weather can change quickly, especially in the Alps. With a local mountain guide you are always on the safe side.

Engstligenalp: location and approach

Engstligenalp is located above Adelboden in the Bernese Oberland. It is reached by the gondola Adelboden/Unter dem Birg - Engstligenalp.

The bottom station of the cable car is in Adelboden "Unter dem Birg". From Bern you can get to Adelboden in about 90 minutes by public transport:

  • Bern - Spiez IC 6 (with SBB) and Spiez - Frutigen (with BLS) or directly Bern - Frutigen (RE direction Domodossola)

  • Frutigen - Adelboden Post with bus B 230, then Unter dem Birg with bus B 232.

By car Adelboden is reached via the A6 in about one hour. From there the Engstligen road leads to "Unter dem Birg". Parking is available next to the Engstligenalp station.

The large plateau is reached exclusively by lift.

In our article about Adelboden you can learn more about this place and what you can see and do all around.