Eiger Glacier

Eiger Glacier - with the Eiger Express to the modern station

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Eiger Glacier Activities and tickets

The Eiger Glacier is located on the western slope of the Eiger. It begins at an altitude of 3700 m above sea level and stretches directly to the Eigergletscher train station. Here you have the possibility to board the Jungfrau Railway and go to the Top of Europe at the Jungfraujoch.

6 Highlights at the Eiger Glacier

  • The Eiger Glacier is a glacier on the western slope of the Eiger at 3700 m above sea level, which extends to the station at 2300 m above sea level.
  • A glacier tongue is additionally located as a hanging glacier with a slope of more than 40 degrees between Kleiner Eiger and Eiger at 3500 to 3200 m above sea level.
  • In summer, people like to hike here along alpine and challenging hiking trails.
  • The ultra-modern 3S-Bahn Eiger Express takes you from the Grindelwald Terminal to the Eigergletscher station in just 15 min.
  • From the Eigergletscher station you have connection to the Jungfrau Railway and reach the Jungfraujoch in only 45 min from Grindelwald Terminal.
  • The ski area at Eigergletscher is part of the huge ski area of the Jungfrau region with more than 100 km of ski slopes.
Station Eiger glacier passage to the toboggan runStation Eiger glacier passage to the toboggan run
Mönch, Eiger, JungfraujochMönch, Eiger, Jungfraujoch

What awaits you at the Eiger Glacier

The skiing area at the Eiger glacier is very popular. From the Grindelwald Terminal you can reach the ski and sledging slopes in just 15 minutes. The Eiger Glacier is part of the huge ski area of the Jungfrau Region "Kleine Scheidegg/Männlichen - Grindelwald/Wengen".

Especially impressive is the spectacular panorama with Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, which you can experience up close.

For alpine hiking you will find several hiking routes on the Eiger glacier in summer. Some of them lead over dangerous and unsecured terrain.

Facts about the Eiger Glacier

The Eiger Glacier begins on the western slope of the Eiger at an altitude of 3700 m. It flows along the Kleiner Eiger to an altitude of around 2300 m to the Eiger Glacier station. In 2022 it is still about 2.5 km long. The total area is about 1.5 km² . The Eiger glacier is also melting. It loses about 10 to 20 meters of its length every year.

The smaller hanging glacier of the Eiger stretches along at 3500 to 3200 meters above sea level between the Eiger and the Kleinem Eiger. It feeds the Eiger glacier through ice and avalanches.

The Eiger Glacier is particularly beautiful to see during a hike from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg. In the afternoon sun there are particularly impressive pictures.

Arrival at the Eiger Glacier with the mountain railways

An aerial cableway and a cogwheel railroad go to the Eiger Glacier. The Eiger Express takes you in a gondola from the terminal in Grindelwald to the Eiger Glacier in just 15 min

The Jungfrau Railway is an electric rack railroad that runs between Kleine Scheidegg and Jungfraujoch. It stops at the Eigergletscher station and allows you to transfer from or to the Eiger Express.

The mountain railroads operate all year round. In the second week of November, the annual revision of the Eiger Express is carried out.

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Eiger Express Eiger North Face (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Eiger Express Eiger North Face (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Eiger Express Grindelwald Wetterhorn Schreckhorn (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Eiger Express Grindelwald Wetterhorn Schreckhorn (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)

Mountain railroads to the Eiger Glacier

nametype of cablewaybottom stationtop stationaltitude (m a.s.l.) from tolength of cableway (m)other stations
Eiger Express3S-BahnGrindelwald TerminalEigergletscher station937 to 23286483
Jungfrau RailwayCogwheel RailwayKleine ScheideggJungfraujoch2061 to 34549300Eiger Glacier Station, Tunnel Rotstock, Tunnel Eigerwand, Tunnel Eismeer
Eiger North Face6-seater chairliftArvengartenEiger Glacier1826 to 23201739

On the ride with the Eiger Express to the station Eigergletscher you pass very close to the Eiger North Face.

The 6-seater chairlift at the Eiger North Face is covered with orange covers to protect you from the weather.

3S rail system of the Eiger Express

The 3S ropeway system is a very modern and climate-friendly rail system. As a tricable gondola lift, it virtually combines an aerial tramway with a gondola lift. In this way, large spans are overcome in a wind-stable manner without requiring a larger number of supports.

The Eiger Express has only seven supports over a length of 6483 meters. This also preserves the landscape as far as possible. Forest aisles are no longer required.

Tickets at Swiss Activities:

Eiger Express interior shot skier (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Eiger Express interior shot skier (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Jungfrau Railway Station Winter (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Jungfrau Railway Station Winter (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)

Restaurants at the Eiger Glacier

At the Eiger glacier you will find two restaurants

Mountain restaurant Eigergletscher

The mountain restaurant is located at 2322 m above sea level right next to the Eigergletscher railroad station. The terrace offers you an unparalleled view of the Mönch and Jungfrau. Below you, you can see the break-off of the Eiger Glacier.

**The Restaurant Eigergletscher is open daily from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Here you get traditional Swiss cuisine. "Eigerspitzli" are chocolate pralines and just like the "Rahmschnitte" an in-house confectionery specialty.

Popular main dishes are for example:

  • Rösti "Eigergletscher" with raclette cheese and smoked gnocchi salad
  • Bärner Gschnätzlets of veal
  • Three kinds of regional sausage (Cervelat, pork and veal sausage) with onion sauce, served with rösti and fried onion mustard
  • Fotzelschnitte, served with apple slices and plum compote
  • vegan grain meatloaf with cider sauce, mashed potatoes and savoy cabbage vegetables

Children are given a "robber's plate" to rob the best pieces from their parents' plates On special occasions there is an evening program in the restaurant with a 4-course menu, confectionery and music. In the restaurant is served.


  • 30 in the restaurant
  • 70 on the outdoor terrace
Eiger Glacier Restaurant (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Eiger Glacier Restaurant (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Eiger Glacier Restaurant (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Eiger Glacier Restaurant (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)

Skibar carpenter's workshop

During the ski season from December to April, the Skibar Schreinerei opens directly in the ski area. The Skibar is located at the top station of the chairlift Eigernordwand

A large sun terrace in the middle of the snow offers a magnificent view of the ski slope and the mountain world.

Popular dishes of the Skibar are for example:

  • Giant schnitzel with Bärner Frites
  • Fondue Baguette
  • Älplermagronen
  • Ghackets and Hörnli

Activities at the Eiger Glacier

At the Eiger glacier you can hike all year round. However, please note that especially the alpine hiking trails often contain dangerous sections. You need alpine experience and appropriate equipment for this.

In winter, the Eiger Glacier is part of the Jungfrau Region ski area. Winter hiking and snowshoeing should only be done on designated trails and never cross ski or toboggan runs.

The most popular activities on the Eiger Glacier include:

Hiking and glacier walking Skiing and snowboarding Sledding

Offers at Swiss Activities:

Hiking and glacier walking on the Eiger Glacier

You can hike on the Eiger Glacier all year round. They are largely alpine hikes and glacier hikes. You need experience and good equipment

If you have no or little mountain and glacier experience, you should take a guided hike. Local mountain guides usually start these tours at the Eigergletscher station

Eiger Glacier Winter Hiking (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Eiger Glacier Winter Hiking (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Eiger Glacier Winter Hiking (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Eiger Glacier Winter Hiking (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)

A guided day hike for beginners is offered by Outdoor.ch. It starts at the Grindelwald Terminal with a ride on the Eiger Express to the Eiger Glacier station

  • Length: 5 km
  • Altitude gain: 350 hm ↑↓
  • Duration: 4-5 hours

Other stages of the hike are:

  • Wart with view of the Eiger north face
  • Upper Salzegg
  • Fallbodenseeli
  • Loucherflue
  • large moraine of the Eiger Glacier
  • Eiger glacier station

The Eiger Trail is a well-known trail at the foot of the Eiger. From June to October, the hike is possible from the Eigergletscher station down to the Alpiglen railroad station. On the way at the foot of the impressive Eiger north face you have a uniquely beautiful view of the landscape. Besides the Lauberhorn, this includes Kleine Scheidegg and Grindelwald. Waterfalls and roaring torrents accompany you on the way down over wide scree fields and steep alpine pastures.

  • Length: 6 km
  • Altitude gain: 783 hm ↓
  • Altitude gain: 80 hm ↑
  • Duration: 2-3 hours

Skiing and snowboarding

The winter sports paradise of Grindelwald Wengen is part of the Jungfrau Region ski area. 155 kilometers of pistes invite you to have fun in the snow against the impressive mountain backdrop of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau

The ski area ranges between 2300 and 940 meters above sea level and extends down to Grindelwald. At the Eiger glacier you can make tempting powder snow descents directly in front of the Eiger north face.

Exit ski slope Moench Jungfrau (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Exit ski slope Moench Jungfrau (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Hall skiers evening atmosphere (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Hall skiers evening atmosphere (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)


The toboggan run starts directly at the Eiger Express station. You simply cross the building, sit on a toboggan and off you go.

the toboggan run is 13 km long and takes you down into the valley to Grindelwald. And here you best get right back on the Eiger Express to the top

Offer at Swiss Activities:

Eiger Glacier Station Sledding (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Eiger Glacier Station Sledding (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Eiger Glacier Sledding (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Eiger Glacier Sledding (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)