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8 Highlights St. Moritz

  • 155 km of ski slopes and 23 lifts offer the ski area Corviglia Marguns Piz Nair, which starts directly in St Moritz. Already 5 Alpine World Championships took place here. And the huge ski area increases by two other areas in the immediate vicinity of St. Moritz to a total of 310 km of ski slopes.
  • 248 km is the network of cross-country skiing trails. It is the largest in Switzerland and attracts international cross-country skiers every year.
  • The world's only natural ice rink is located at 1800 m above sea level. It is rebuilt every year. It has already hosted 22 Bobsleigh World Championships and two Olympic Winter Games
  • 580 km of hiking trails lead in summer through a dreamlike mountain world with wide meadows and shady forests.
  • 3000 year old healing springs invite you to a relaxing spa vacation.
  • The 3055 m high Piz Nair is considered the local mountain of St. Moritz.
  • The Albula railroad line from St. Moritz to Tirano is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. the Rhaetian Railway manages 42 tunnels and 144 bridges on this stretch alone. The almost 62 km long railroad line of the Albula Railway follows the Albula River on its 40 km long course.
  • The Leaning Tower of St. Moritz is an old church tower. At the end of the 18th century, it began to lean due to a landslide.
Olympia Celerina natural ice bob run (Photo: My Switzerland)Olympia Celerina natural ice bob run (Photo: My Switzerland)
Lake St. Moritz (Photo: My Switzerland)Lake St. Moritz (Photo: My Switzerland)

St. Moritz is a beautiful vacation resort in the Upper Engadine. Throughout the year, visitors get their money's worth. The place offers a huge range of sports activities. So in summer you can go hiking, mountain biking, paragliding from St. Moritz or play golf. In winter, skiing, cross-country skiing, curling or ice skating are on the agenda. But even those who prefer to take it easy will not miss out in St. Moritz. The well-known health resort offers numerous 5-star hotels with a variety of wellness areas.

Sights St. Moritz

St. Moritz is known for many sporting activities, fantastic nature and breathtaking excursion destinations in the surrounding area. But St. Moritz also offers exciting sights, which are definitely worth a visit.

Olympia Bob Run

The Olympia Bob Run is located at 1800 m above sea level and is both the oldest bobsleigh track and the world's only natural ice track. The run is recreated by hand every year and has served as the venue for 22 World Championships and two Winter Olympics. However, not only the stars of the sports world ride on the 1722 m long track, visitors also have the opportunity to ride a bobsled themselves in St. Moritz. A must for all adrenaline junkies.

Segantini Museum

The Segantini Museum is located on a slight hill at the entrance to St. Moritz. The magnificent domed building looks almost majestic and is definitely not to be missed. the museum was opened in 1908 and is described as a walk-in monument to the artist.

Segantini is considered the innovator of Alpine painting. He spent the last years of his life in the Alpine landscape; this shaped his painting. His works include inspiring light conditions and dreamlike mountain landscapes. Inside the museum you can admire the largest collection of works by the artist. These include "Noon in the Alps", and "Hail Mary at the Crossing".

Other places of interest

St. Moritz is a town of about 5000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, in addition to luxurious hotels and restaurants for guests from all over the world, it also has various sights to offer. They are part of the national cultural heritage:

  • The Slate Tower of St. Moritz belonged to a Mauritius Church of the 15th century. At the end of the 18th century, the tower began to lean due to a landslide. The church was demolished at that time.
  • The French Reformed Church in Plazza Paracelsus of 1877 is a protected monument.
  • The Engadine Museum is a museum of folk art in the Engadine.
  • The Forum Paracelsus with a bronze-age spring catchment, where you can drink water from the Mauritius spring.
  • The Chesa Planta Museum is a listed residential building. The largest patrician house in the Engadine houses a museum of home culture.
  • The Church of St. Mauritius as the successor of the church demolished because of a slope. It was built in 1867 and since 1973 also has a rock chapel located under the parish church.
  • Four Grandhotels and the Café Hanselmann in St. Moritz date from around 1900 to 1913 and therefore belong to the National Cultural Heritage.

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Segantini Museum (Photo: My Switzerland)Segantini Museum (Photo: My Switzerland)
Chesa Planta Museum (Photo: My Switzerland)Chesa Planta Museum (Photo: My Switzerland)

Excursion destinations St. Moritz

Not only St. Moritz itself, but also the surrounding area offers many beautiful places to stay or discover. Whether on foot, by bike, on skis or even on horseback, the Upper Engadine makes all hearts beat faster.

Lake Staz

The Stazersee is a high moor lake and is located in the Stazerwald. Access by car is prohibited. However, you can reach the lake on foot after a beautiful walk of about 45 minutes from St. Moritz.

The lake is located at 1809 m above sea level on the northern side of the Rosatsch group and is about 200 m wide and 300 m long. It is considered an absolute bathing highlight in the Upper Engadine. The larger lakes in the area often receive only average temperatures even in summer. Lake Staz, on the other hand, gets very pleasant temperatures, thanks to its size and only shallow depth. On the eastern shore of the lake are the bathing area as well as a restaurant, sunbathing lawns, changing rooms and a barbecue area

Piz Nair - local mountain of St. Moritz

Probably the most famous ibex in Switzerland is enthroned at 3011 meters above sea level on the summit of Piz Nair. The sculpture looks directly down on the Upper Engadine. A special highlight, which you should not leave unvisited during a visit to St. Moritz

You can take the funicular and cable car directly from the center of St. Moritz to the summit. At the top, a gigantic view of the mountains and lakes of the Upper Engadine and St. Moritz awaits you. You can also enjoy the view with a snack, coffee, cake or lunch from the panorama restaurant The descent can be done either by funicular and cable car, or on foot with good shoes

Glacier trail Morteratsch

The Morteratsch Glacier Trail leads along the third longest glacier in the Eastern Alps. On the path you can marvel at the eternal ice in a particularly close way and even walk on it. Along the path there are 16 information points that tell about the life and the retreat of the glacier. The path is almost 3 km long and leads to the glacier lake. An informative and exciting excursion that is worthwhile for the whole family

Other excursion destinations near St. Moritz

St. Moritz and the surrounding area offer several other exciting and worthwhile excursion destinations.

  • Bernina Express: The Bernina Express is a panorama train in Switzerland that takes you through the incredible mountains and UNESCO area. From St. Moritz you can take the four-hour stage via Ospizio Bernina and the 360° viaduct in Brusio to Tirano.

  • Glacier Express: The Glacier Express takes you through the breathtaking Alpine range in around eight hours. From St. Moritz you can get to Zermatt without changing trains, or vice versa

  • Lake St. Moritz: On and around Lake St. Moritz you will find plenty of leisure activities such as sailing, cycling, stand up paddling and much more

  • Indoor Swimming Pool Ovaverva: A special experience for wellness and fitness lovers awaits you at the Ovaverva indoor pool. Here you will find various pools, water slides, a spa area, a fitness center, and a bike and Nordic center

Piz Nair (Photo: Gian Giovanoli Source/Copyright: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)Piz Nair (Photo: Gian Giovanoli Source/Copyright: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)
Ovaverva Spa (Photo: Christof Sonderegger Source/Copyright: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)Ovaverva Spa (Photo: Christof Sonderegger Source/Copyright: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)

Swiss Activities Tips St. Moritz

During our research we found some interesting tips that we would like to share with you.

The most beautiful sunset

Would you like to see a sunset like in the most amazing fairy tale? On Muottas Muragl (2456 m above sea level) this is possible. The panorama is fantastic from here.

Visit to the National Park Zernez

The Zernez National Park is the largest nature reserve in Switzerland. In autumn the national park shines especially beautiful in bright colors. If you keep your eyes open, with a little luck you will see marmots, ibexes, chamois and many other animals.

Relaxed journey

Vacations should already start with the arrival. To make it as enjoyable as possible, you can take the Rhaetian Railway from Chur to St. Moritz. Here you pass a part of the Unesco World Heritage Albula line and can enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountain world

It pays to get up early

In St. Moritz, quite a few buses arrive daily with day visitors from Austria, Germany and Italy. So the village is often very busy between late morning and afternoon. If you want to avoid this, better use the early morning hours for a more undisturbed walk through the town.

Activities and experiences in St. Moritz

St. Moritz, with its incredible location in the Upper Engadine, allows a wide range of activities. In winter as well as in summer, spring or autumn the region offers a lot of fun, excitement and variety, especially for sporty and active visitors

The most popular activities in St. Moritz include:

  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • cross-country skiing
  • ice skating
  • snowshoeing
  • paragliding
  • mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Golf

Skiing and snowboarding

St. Moritz is an absolute paradise for all winter sports lovers. Families, beginners, advanced skiers and pros will find a varied selection of great slopes in St. Moritz. Snowboarders, freestylers and freeriders also get their money's worth here. St. Moritz is one of the most famous winter sports resorts in the world. After all, 5 Alpine Ski World Championships have already been held here. So if you are looking for a very special, unique and optimal location for snow sports, St. Moritz is the right place

All in all, the skiing areas directly around St. Moritz offer at least 310 kilometers of slopes and lie between 1720 m above sea level and 3303 m above sea level (Corvatsch). The slopes are all perfectly groomed and equipped with the latest facilities

Most important skiing areas around St. Moritz

These three ski resorts are the largest and most accessible ski resorts from St. Moritz.

Ski areaDistance from the center of the village (km)Altitude (m above sea level)Number of cable cars and liftsSki slopes (km)
St. Moritz - Corviglia0.31720 - 302223155
Corvatsch - Furtschellas71797 - 330314120
Diavolezza - Lagalp172091 - 3006435

Division of the ski slopes in the ski resorts around St. Moritz

ski-areaski-runs (km)blue runs (km)red runs (km)black runs (km)ski routes (km)
St. Moritz - Corviglia1554279348
Corvatsch - Furtschellas1201389182
Diavolezza - Lagalp35027810
Ski School (Photo: Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy)Ski School (Photo: Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy)
Ski school children (Photo: Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy)Ski school children (Photo: Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy)

Cross-country skiing

St. Moritz offers 248 km of cross-country ski trails for skating (230 km for classic) and is a very popular destination for enthusiastic cross-country skiers. In Switzerland it is the largest network of cross-country ski trails. Advanced skiers as well as beginners meet here.... Among other things, the place is known for the world-famous route of the Engadin Skimarathon. But there are also many other very great trails, which are surrounded by a gigantic mountain panorama

Cross-country skiing trails near St Moritz

name/distanceclassic (km)skating (km)
Lakes Region (Maloja, Sils, Silvaplana, St. Moritz)93.2797.57
St. Moritz, Celerina, Pontresina, Samedan, Bever91.1489.09
Bever, La Punt, Madulain, Zuoz, S-chanf, Zernez79.3387.33
night trails7.00
Dog trails14.0014.00
Maloja -S-chanf Marathon Trail47.8047.80
All trails Maloja - Zernez230.55248.60

Cross-country skiing tracks for cross-country races (classic) in St Moritz

nametrack (km)
La Diagonela55
La Pachifica27
La Cuorta11

Ice skating

Ice skating is an absolute traditional sport in the Upper Engadine. In St. Moritz you can skate on the artificial ice rink of the Eisarena Ludains all year round. In winter there is also the possibility to use the prepared natural ice rink. Here you can skate, play ice hockey and curling. If you are a curling fan or want to try it, you should go to the natural ice rinks at Chesa al Parc. Here you can take both individual and group lessons and learn the technique of the sport

Another highlight is the Skateline Madulain. This leads along the river bank. On this skating rink you don't skate in circles, as usual, but along the alluvial landscapes with a fantastic panorama. This route is especially worthwhile for connoisseurs and nature lovers


Snowshoeing is a unique way to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Leave the groomed slopes and the hustle and bustle behind you and enjoy the dreamlike, untouched winter landscape. In St. Moritz there are spectacular trails for experienced skiers, beginners and families. You have a choice of many short routes as well as challenging tours

Snowshoeing around St Moritz

name/distancelength (km)duration (h)altitude (hm)difficulty
Snowshoe trail Suot Ovas3.81:1016easy
Pontresina - Celerina3.61:1027 (60 down)easy
Snowshoe Trail Plains4.31:0095 (13 down)medium
Corvatsch Lake Trail3.82:00217medium to difficult
Snowshoe Trail Muotta da Güve5.32:15247medium to difficult


On a paragliding flight, St. Moritz and the Engadine lie at your feet. Here you can enjoy a unique bird's eye view of the mountains and the Engadine lake district. St. Moritz is suitable for paragliding in summer as well as in winter. A little bit of courage is required, and then it goes in a tandem flight with an experienced paraglider pilot over the mountain landscape.

Tandem paragliding (Photo: Paragliding Engadin)Tandem paragliding (Photo: Paragliding Engadin)
Tandem paragliding (Photo: Paragliding Engadin)Tandem paragliding (Photo: Paragliding Engadin)

Mountain bike

The Engadine is popular with mountain bikers for a reason. The area is a paradise for adventurers and adrenaline seekers. In total, the area offers 400 km of trails and routes that lead along a dream alpine scenery. You have the choice between relaxed hills, rapid descents and challenging climbs. Here you will find many suitable routes for every level

The Piz Nair mountain station is particularly popular as a starting point. Here, at 3056 m above sea level, a gigantic view and varied trails await you. Another great highlight for mountain bikers are the flow trails at Corviglia. There are many obstacles here, so it's guaranteed fun for beginners, families and advanced bikers

A guided mountain bike tour in St. Moritz is a great way to get started if you're looking to hit the mountains around St Moritz for the first time.

Mountainbike Tour (Foto: Giorgio Rocca Academy)Mountainbike Tour (Foto: Giorgio Rocca Academy)
Mountainbike Tour (Foto: Giorgio Rocca Academy)Mountainbike Tour (Foto: Giorgio Rocca Academy)


Hiking is as much a part of everyday life in St. Moritz as the mountains are to Switzerland. Here you can look forward to great and challenging day tours, enjoyable walks and trekking tours lasting several days. Leave quite a few meters of altitude behind you or take it easy. Enjoy the wonderful nature on a relaxed tour. In total you will find over 580 km of hiking trails in and around St. Moritz.

A popular tour with a beautiful viewpoint is the Piz da l'Ova Cotschna at 2716 m.a.s.l. The tour is about 5 km long and starts at the indoor swimming pool in St. Moritz. Another very popular tour is the ascent to Piz Mezdi at 2992 m.a.s.l. Here you can enjoy a view of the Bernina mountain range.

A guided hike from St. Moritz, for example, allows you to enjoy the Muottas Muragl high trail in a wonderful way.


Golfers can look forward to a unique golfing experience in St. Moritz at 1800 m.a.s.l. Amidst the mountain scenery, top-equipped golf courses await you. The course in Samedan has 18 holes and offers a wide and flat terrain with 40 teeing grounds. As a beginner you can take golf lessons with a professional golf instructor. If instead of a flat area you are looking for something more up and down, then the 18-hole course in Zuoz-Madulain is ideal. Here, too, both beginners and demanding golfers will get their money's worth

Other activities

St. Moritz and its surroundings are very versatile. That is why there is much more to experience here

  • Climbing
  • Quad biking from St Moritz
  • Winter hiking
  • curling
  • tobogganing
  • kite surfing
  • Carriage rides summer and winter
  • Glacier hiking
  • Snowkiting
  • Wellness

A train journey from St. Moritz is an impressive excursion. The Clà Ferrovia train trip from St. Moritz to Glacier Land with Linard Bardill is especially nice for children. This trip with the Rhaetian Steam Railway is a round trip of about 4 hours.

Golf Samedan (Photo: Fabian Gattlen Source: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)Golf Samedan (Photo: Fabian Gattlen Source: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)
Maloja Lakes Trail (Photo: Salis Romano My Switzerland)Maloja Lakes Trail (Photo: Salis Romano My Switzerland)

Events in St. Moritz

St. Moritz is a place where events are always happening. International winter sports competitions are held here at irregular intervals. The sophisticated place attracts celebrities and rich people from all over the world.

Among the most famous events are in the calendar:

  • At the end of January, the three-day Snow Polo World Cup has taken place on the frozen Lake St. Moritz every year since 1985
  • January and February: Amusements on the Lake Celebrities from all over the world do not miss this spectacle on Lake St. Moritz. The program includes curling, winter golf and skijoring. Skijoring involves a skier being pulled by a horse on a rope.
  • February: White Turf is another regular equestrian competition on the frozen Lake St. Moritz with fast-paced gallop and trotting races
  • Mid-February :Cricket on Ice on Lake St. Moritz is a competition between 6 teams from all over the world
  • End of February: The I.C.E. is a spectacle of vintage cars, historic race cars and sleek sports cars on the lake.
  • Beginning of March: The Nomad St. Moritz is a popular hiking fair. In the first week of March, it invites you into houses that tell stories. Art and design are at the highest level here.
  • March: Ski Marathon and Half Marathon at the Maloja - S-chanf trail with 14'000 Nordic fans
  • End of March: Freeski and Snowboard World Cup Corvatsch (4 days World Cup finals)
  • Beginning of July: Festival da la chanzun rumantscha means singing and music of Rhaeto-Romanic Switzerland.
  • Beginning of July: Engadin Bike Giro is a three-day stage race by mountain bike over 150 km and 5500 meters of altitude around Silvaplana and St. Moritz.
  • Summer: La Tavolata is an event that invites about 9000 international and local guests "To Table" in the middle of the village. Strictly speaking, there are 42 tables made of Swiss stone pine, which embellish the center of the village for about 400 meters during a weekend.
Bob Run (Photo: Filip Zuan Source: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)Bob Run (Photo: Filip Zuan Source: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)
La Tavolata (Photo: Vera Bohm Source: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)La Tavolata (Photo: Vera Bohm Source: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)

Arrival St. Moritz

St. Moritz is located at 1856 m above sea level in a breathtaking mountain world in the Engadin. The arrival is already the first highlight, because here you can already enjoy the enchanting region. Despite its location, St. Moritz is very well connected to public transport and the road network.

By car

St. Moritz is easy to reach by car from all directions. You can reach St. Moritz from Zurich and Milan within about three hours via a pass. Alternatively you can transfer your car to the rails and reach St. Moritz from Prättigau. Here you pass the Vereina tunnel with the car transport between Klosters and Sagliains.

Mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln

Eine ganz besondere Anreise erlebst du mit dem Bernina Express oder dem Glacier Express. Die Züge fahren auf der zum Unesco Welterbe ernannten Strecke zwischen Chur und St. Moritz über die Albulastrecke. Es geht vorbei an sagenhaften Bergen und durch unzählige Tunnel. Dieselbe Strecke passieren auch die regulären Züge der Rhätischen Bahn ab Chur. Zwischen Scuol und St. Moritz verkehren ebenfalls Züge der Rhätischen Bahn, wenn du aus dem Unterengadin anreist.

Hotels St. Moritz

Zu einem gelungenen Aufenthalt in St. Moritz gehört natürlich auch die passende Unterkunft. Hier gibt es eine grosse Auswahl an luxuriösen Hotels, aber auch viele günstigere Alternativen. Somit findest du in St. Moritz für jedes Budget etwas.

Jugendherberge St. Moritz

Das Swiss Youth Hostel ist eine tolle Unterkunft mit internationalem Publikum. Dich erwartet eine moderne Jugendherberge direkt am Waldrand gelegen. Von hier aus kann dein St. Moritz Abenteuer starten.

Geeignet für: Reisende mit niedrigem Budget

Kulm Hotel St. Moritz

Das Kulm Hotel ist ein luxuriöses Traditionshaus in St. Moritz. Die Geschichte des Hauses geht über 160 Jahre zurück. Heute strahlt das Hotel mit alpinen Luxus Suiten und Zimmern. Besucher können sich auf eine feine Auswahl an kulinarischen Highlights in sechs verschiedenen Restaurants und einen grossartigen Wellnessbereich freuen.

Geeignet für: Reisende mit hohem Budget

Hotel Waldhaus am See St. Moritz

Das Hotel Waldhaus am See ist ein modernes 3 Sterne Superior Hotel. Die Lage direkt am See mit Blick auf See und Bergwelt ist in St. Moritz einzigartig. Das Hotel hat im alpinen Stil modern eingerichtete Zimmer und Familienzimmer. Zudem gibt es ein einladendes Restaurant mit gutbürgerlicher Küche und Blick auf den See sowie eine Wein und Whisky Bar. Freu dich auf ein besonderes Ambiente und herzliche Gastfreundschaft.

Geeignet für: Reisende mit mittlerem Budget

Kulmhotel (Photo: My Switzerland)Kulmhotel (Photo: My Switzerland)
Hotel Waldhaus (Photo: My Switzerland)Hotel Waldhaus (Photo: My Switzerland)

Restaurants St. Moritz

In St. Moritz there are terrific restaurants for every price range. Here you will find a varied selection of international as well as regional cuisine

Alp Muottas St. Moritz

Alp Muottas is the ideal place to stop for refreshments during a hike. It is located about 5 minutes below the Muottas Muragl mountain station and offers a unique panorama of the Bernina group. Look forward to Austrian and Swiss cuisine, great hospitality and an alpine ambience

Suitable for: low price range

Banfi's Bar and Restaurant St. Moritz

Banfi's impresses with delicacies from Italian and Swiss cuisine. Here you can enjoy a tasty schnitzel as well as a delicious tartar. Vegetarians can also look forward to many delicious dishes. At Banfi's, you can expect warm service and a feel-good atmosphere

Suitable for: medium price range

Ecco St. Moritz

Ecco St. Moritz turns a visit to the restaurant into a very special experience. With two Michelin stars, the chef and his team conjure up top-class culinary delights. In addition to the gourmet cuisine, the Ecco experience also includes the impressive location and outstanding hospitality

Suitable for: upper price range

Photo spot (Photo: Isa Schindler My Switzerland)Photo spot (Photo: Isa Schindler My Switzerland)
Village (Photo: Christof Sonderegger Source: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)Village (Photo: Christof Sonderegger Source: Engadin St. Moritz Tourism)

Café Hanselmann pastry shop

A visit to St. Moritz also includes a stop at the Konditorei Café Hanselmann in the center of town. If you can't get a seat in the café, the building itself is a feast for the eyes. It is one of the town's cultural assets worthy of protection. You can also buy pastries from the street

St. Moritz is worth a visit in all seasons. If you want to get to know the town and its surroundings, it is worth planning at least one week. Then you will have enough time to try out some of the countless activities that are offered in St. Moritz.


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