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Museum of Transport Lucerne Activities and tickets


  • The Swiss Museum of Transport offers a varied learning and experience program for many interests
  • In good weather, as well as in bad weather, the Museum of Transport offers a variety of exciting themed worlds and fun
  • An interactive learning experience through the history and future of mobility
  • In the exhibition, you can see full-size vehicles, trains, helicopters, airplanes and even three Mars Rovers
  • 112 monitors in the Media Globe, a 7-meter touch screen and various stations let you discover and try out exciting topics and new technologies in the media form
  • The planetarium takes you on a journey through space amidst an impressive starry sky
  • You experience a space walk in a comfortable upholstered chair
  • Expedition to the coral reef or the Nordic sky in the planetarium
  • Workplace of a Maître Chocolatier from Lindt with his creations
  • An IMAX movie experience awaits you in the movie theater with daytime and evening programs, on the largest screen in Switzerland with 25 x 19 m in 3D
  • In the Erni Museum you will find more than 3,000 works and objects of the artist on more than 20,000 square meters
  • Open-air areas, water basins, interactive attractions and guided tours
  • Multimedia and entertaining show for the whole family
Children car (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Children car (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)
Experience logistics (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Experience logistics (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)

A day at the Swiss Museum of Transport

You have the choice of what you want to experience at the Museum of Transport, whether individual themed experiences, such as the museum or the planetarium, or various combined

With a Day Pass for the Museum of Transport you can organize your day as you and your family like. With the pass you can visit the Museum of Transport, the Swiss Chocolate Adventure and Media World. Also included are the shows at the Planetarium and the day program at the movie theater. For the museum, you should allow a little more time. It's so extensive and diverse that it won't let you (or your kids) go in a hurry

If you choose the planetarium first, you will be transported to distant worlds. Either you go on a journey into space or you experience the world of stars and northern lights in the sky But you should take some time out of your day to enjoy a documentary film on the XXL screen. Finally, you can enjoy a culinary experience with the finest creations of the Lindt world

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Planetarium Northern Lights (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Planetarium Northern Lights (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)
Garden railroad (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Garden railroad (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)

At the Museum of Transport you can expect

A learning experience with all your senses. At the Swiss Museum of Transport, you'll find a wealth of leisure activities for the whole family, whether toddlers, schoolchildren or adults. In addition to countless exhibition models of the history of mobility in original size, you will find a variety of entertainment, learning and discovery opportunities.

The planetarium lets you experience a 45-minute virtual trip into space. Alternatively, you can choose to discover corals, fish and their environment in the underwater world. Or, have you ever had the opportunity to observe the mysterious Northern Lights in the sky? You can do it here in the planetarium

In the Chocolate Museum, you will embark on a journey through the history of Swiss chocolate and then have the opportunity to taste it The Hans Erni Museum shows more than 3000 objects to touch and marvel at. Children are also challenged interactively here, even if they are under six years old. In the movie theater you dive directly into the world of movies, whether nature films or thrillers. In 3D you are right there.

The IMAX movie theater offers a unique movie experience with documentaries during the day and feature films in the evening.

What's on offer at the Swiss Museum of Transport

All stations and areas in the Museum of Transport let you and your family enjoy with all your senses. You can not only look, but also touch, taste, smell and hear.

The museum

The interactive learning adventure. The transport museum consists of several sections and offers versatile attractions. You can discover here:

  • Mobility (moving history)
  • Arena (open air)
  • Red Bull Media World (adventure world)
  • Hans Erni Museum (work and life of the famous Swiss painter)
  • Logistics Experience (focus exhibition)
  • Doku-Center (experience history)
  • Information Technology (i-factory)
  • Smart Living (BKW exhibition)
  • Guided tours (background stories)

In the museum, you and your family will embark on an interactive journey of discovery. The history of mobility is more than just an exhibition. Whether locomotives, ships, cable cars, cars, airplanes or space capsules: everything is experienced directly. Theme islands and simulators let you understand the history of mobility in a sustainable way.

For children between the ages of three and twelve, the arena is a wonderful area to try out traffic rules on pedal cars. In the construction arena, excavators and shovels are used to build properly, sand is loaded and paths are laid.

The Media World is something for older children. Here you will discover virtual worlds between reality and the digital world. There are no limits to your creativity and you can even try out the green screen technology yourself or act as a producer.

The picture museum of the famous Swiss artist Hans Erni is housed in a hexagonal building. Changing exhibitions and events also take place here. The mural panta rhei is a special attraction: the picture is 18 meters long. Here Hans Erni immortalized people who, in his opinion, had a significant impact on Western culture.

 Museum (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne) Museum (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)
mediaworld (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)mediaworld (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)

The Lucerne Planetarium

The 360 degree experience. In the planetarium, you'll experience the universe from completely new perspectives. It lets you immerse yourself in a new world. Thanks to modern technology and the dome, you can see the starry sky and understand some phenomena in a whole new way. Be it a lunar or solar eclipse, the Milky Way or the mysterious Northern Lights.

You can choose from a variety of documentaries. These include among others:

  • Planetarium live
  • Worlds Beyond Earth
  • Mission Earth
  • Expedition Coral Reef
  • Earth, Moon and Sun
  • Journey into the universe live

Each of the films is shown with headphones and lasts 45 minutes. Most of the films can also be played in English, French or Italian. All films are suitable for children 6 or 8 years and older.

Planetarium (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Planetarium (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)
Planetarium (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Planetarium (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)

Swiss Chocolate Adventure

In the themed world of chocolate, you will experience in a 20-minute multimedia film where the ingredients of chocolate come from and how chocolate is made. The film is suitable for children aged six and over.

You can enjoy it with your eyes, ears and palate. Afterwards, there will be a tasting session with the expert. A Maitre Chocolatier from Lindt will offer you his creations daily at 1pm, 3pm and 4pm at his workplace. There will also be a chocolate fountain, of course. You should allow about 30 minutes for the trip and the tasting.

Chocolate production (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Chocolate production (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)
Origin chocolate (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Origin chocolate (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)

The Edge

The virtual climbing experience. Who doesn't have the dream of climbing the Matterhorn one day? Here at the Museum of Transport, it comes true. You're actually climbing, but not on the Matterhorn, that's only your virtual goal. You climb up a climbing wall.

The virtual climbing experience is open to the brave among the young as well as the old. It is permitted from the age of twelve. Accompanied by the latest virtual reality technology, the dream of climbing the Matterhorn comes true. The ticket for this must be purchased separately You can have a similar experience with the Icarus. It lets you fly.

Edge (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Edge (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)
Edge Matterhorn (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Edge Matterhorn (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)

IMAX Cinema Lucerne - The Movie Theater

The XXL screen 3D experience. The films shown during the day are also very suitable for children of school age and older. For the evening films, the age must be considered.

Day program

Films on an XXL screen during the day show educational films on topics such as:

  • Cave worlds in 3D (40 minutes)
  • The Alps - summer delights (50 minutes)
  • Sea turtles in 3D (42 minutes)
  • America's Wilderness (45 minutes)
  • Bigfoot Junior 3D (40 minutes)

These films are all rated for ages 6 and up. Especially in 3D you experience the movie as if you were right in the middle of it. The huge screen is a very special experience and the largest in Switzerland. It measures 25 by 19 meters.

Evening program

Feature films on the huge screen also convey an unforgettable experience. These impressions are very stirring, especially in the case of action films. In the evenings, it is essential to take into account the minimum age if there are children or teenagers. For example, the movie Interstellar is shown in the evening. It is an award-winning science fiction film by Christopher Nolan that is rated 12 and up. The thriller Gravity is a movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, which is also allowed to be viewed from 12 years old. In contrast, The Secret Life of Trees is already approved for ages 6 and up.

Examples of evening movies:

  • Interstellar (169 minutes)
  • Gravity (91 minutes)
  • The Secret Life of Trees (96 minutes)
  • James Bond - No Time to Die (163 minutes)
Cinema 3 D (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Cinema 3 D (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)
Film theater (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Film theater (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)


The following facilities are available for catering at the Museum of Transport:

  • Café Bar with daily fresh sandwiches and homemade desserts
  • Brasserie a la carte with large terrace
  • Self-service restaurant with a view of the hustle and bustle of the Swiss Museum of Transport Arena

During the summer months of July and August, the Brasserie is open Thursday to Sunday until 9:30 pm.

Swiss Activities Tips

  • You can of course take selfies with your experiences anywhere in the Swiss Museum of Transport without any problems. A very special selfie experience, however, is the 360° booth for all-round selfies. 36 reflex cameras record your full-body photos.
  • When you visit the Lindt chocolatier, you can also make your own chocolate and decorate it with a personalized inscription.
  • Thanks to VR glasses, you can be virtually transported to the places of your choice
  • The Museum of Transport is perfect for a children's birthday party, with the variety and selection of attractions, the young and old will not be bored.
Brasserie (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Brasserie (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)
Cafe Bar (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)Cafe Bar (Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)

Opening hours Swiss Museum of Transport

The Museum of Transport is open 365 days a year During the winter season it opens from 10:00 to 17:00, during the summer season from 10:00 to 18:00.

Location and directions to the Museum of Transport

You can find the Museum of Transport in Lucerne at Lidostrasse 5. Directly at the northern part of the Verkehrshaus there are bus stops of the lines 2,8 and 24 of the Luzerner Verkehrsbetriebe and the S3 of the SBB. To the south of the Lidowiese, there is a boat landing stage to the Museum of Transport directly on Lake Lucerne.

From the train station it takes 10 minutes by bus, 8 minutes by train and 10 minutes by boat. Along the promenade you walk about 30 minutes. By car you can use the parking lots opposite the Lido Strandbad or along the Lidostrasse. Four handicapped parking spaces and three electric fast charging stations are available at the Museum of Transport.