Pizol Panorama High Trail Wangsersee (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

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11 Highlights on the Pizol

  • The excursion mountain Pizol is surrounded by three valleys of the Sarganserland: the Tamina valley, the Weisstann valley and the Calfeisen valley.
  • The Pizol is accessible all year round by six mountain railroads. The summer hiking area turns into a large winter sports area in winter.
  • You can reach the power spot and lookout point Prodkopf at 1619 m above sea level in only 15 minutes from the mountain station Pardiel. Here you will also find a wide swing with a view of the Rhine valley, Lake Constance and the Bündner Herrschaft.
  • 120 km of hiking trails can be reached via the gondola lifts and the chair lifts of the Pizol. Among them are some family-friendly hiking trails like the Heidi trail.
  • Even with a baby carriage you can walk the Heidi trail between the mountain station Pardiel and the alp Schwarzbüel. On the way you will encounter various stations with fun and games for the whole family
  • Near the mountain station Furt you will find the water forest on the Pizol, a water playground. Right next to it is the open-air museum Vogeldörfli.
  • In winter, 50 kilometers of slopes are maintained on the Pizol. Among them are 21.5 km of red slopes
  • Lake Wangs near the Pizol hut becomes a huge skating rink in winter at 2206 m above sea level.
  • The climbing garden Twärchamm offers 19 climbing routes near the Pizol hut at 2300 m above sea level. They range in difficulty from 3 to 6.
  • Alpine driving fun with mountain carts (incl. helmet) can be experienced on the 2200 m long natural road between the stations Gaffia and Furt.
  • The Alpine Scooter provides alpine driving pleasure between the stations Pardiel and Bad Ragaz
Pizol tobogganing (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Pizol tobogganing (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Pizol Wildsee (Photo: Roland Gerth,Heidiland Tourism)Pizol Wildsee (Photo: Roland Gerth,Heidiland Tourism)

What awaits you on the Pizol

The Pizol offers attractions and activities all year round

Pizol in winter

The winter sports area on the Pizol stretches as far as Bad Ragaz and on the other side as far as Wangs. It covers altitudes from 2227 m above sea level down to 509 m above sea level and is in season from mid-December to early April.

The longest run is 8.2 km long and has an altitude difference of 1686 meters between the Pizol hut and the Wangs valley station.

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The ski slopes on the Pizol

kmdifficultytype of slopes
15.5easyblue slopes
21.5mediumred slopes
13.0difficultblack slopes

The 3.5 km long toboggan run from Furt to Maienberg can be extended to 6 km to Wangs in good snow conditions. Between Maienberg and Wangs, however, the track is difficult to ride and therefore not recommended for children.

Only five minutes walk from the Pizol hut, you will find another attraction in winter. The 150 m long Wangsersee becomes a skating rink. About 40 cm thick is the ice layer when the lake is released.

Winter landscape (Photo: Pizolbahnen AG)Winter landscape (Photo: Pizolbahnen AG)
Skiing (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Skiing (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Pizol in summer

In summer, the Pizol is primarily a huge hiking area. It is also available to mountain bikers, who are allowed to take their bikes up with the cable cars.

If you want to experience something special in a group or with the family, you can rent a mountain cart or an alpine scooter.

Mountaincarts have three wheels and are rented in four sizes with helmets. The route runs from the Gaffia chairlift station to Furt. Children under 120 cm tall ride with adults.

Alpine scooters can be rented for the 12 km ride from the Pardiel mountain station to Bad Ragaz. You ride downhill for about 45 minutes and cover 1143 meters in altitude.

Panorama mountain trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism, Kevin Wildhaber)Panorama mountain trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism, Kevin Wildhaber)
Panorama mountain trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism, Kevin Wildhaber)Panorama mountain trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism, Kevin Wildhaber)

Mountain railroads on the Pizol

On the Pizol, two gondola lifts and three chairlifts are in operation all year round. They facilitate access to hikes with breathtaking views

From Bad Ragaz you reach Laufböden in two sections:

  • gondola lift (8-person) Bad Ragaz to Pardiel (approx. 15 min)
  • chair lift (4-seater) Pardiel to Laufböden (approx. 10 min)

From Wangs there are three sections to the Pizol hut:

  • gondola lift (8-seater) Wangs to Furt (approx. 15 min)
  • chair lift (4-seater) Furt to Gaffia (approx. 10 min)
  • chairlift (4-seater) Gaffia to Pizolhütte (approx. 10 min)

In winter there is also the Porsche chair lift (Schwamm, near Pardiel) and five other lifts for small and large winter sports enthusiasts.

120 km of hiking trails can be found on the Pizol. Among them are several family hiking trails, but also high-altitude hikes with ascents of 500 meters and more. A free hiking bus connects the valley stations Bad Ragaz and Wangs.

5-lake hike on the Pizol

Pizolhütte - Wangsersee - Wildsee - Schottensee - via Schwarzplangg - Schwarzsee - via Gamidaurspitz - Baschalvasee - Gaffia

This difficult and long panoramic hike is one of the most famous hikes on the Pizol. You will experience five very different mountain lakes from the Pizol hut above the tree line

  • Technique: difficult
  • Condition: medium
  • Distance: 10.7 km
  • Duration: 04:30 to 5:00 hrs.
  • Altitude gain: 553↑, 911↓

Pizol Panorama high-altitude trail

This circular trail leads across the plateau of the Pizol and stretches between Laufböden and Pizolhütte. It is particularly popular because of the unique view of the Tectonic Arena Sardona, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Information boards explain the formation of the Alps.

  • Technique: easy
  • Condition: easy
  • Distance: 3.6 km
  • Duration: 01:10 hrs.
  • Altitude gain: 84↑, 87↓
 Five Lakes Hike (Photo: Heidiland Tourism) Five Lakes Hike (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Panorama mountain trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism, Kevin Wildhaber)Panorama mountain trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism, Kevin Wildhaber)

Summit quartet on the Pizol

Pizol Hut - Wildseeluggen - Pizol - Hochwart - Gamidauerspitz - Garmil - Gaffiastation

This is a very difficult hike, on which you will not only be rewarded with great views. You can also meet chamois, ibexes and golden eagles here.

  • Technique: difficult
  • Condition: difficult
  • Distance: 18.6 km
  • Duration: 07:30 hrs.
  • Altitude gain: 1107↑, 1457↓

Heidi trail on the Pizol

The Heidi trail on the Pizol is particularly suitable for families with small children. Between Pardiel and Alp Schwarzbüel, it is even suitable for strollers. From Pardiel it's a circular route via the barefoot path with children's Kneipp facility, various playgrounds, the hammock forest and the goat jump. The children try to find Peter's goats along the way.

  • Technique: easy
  • Condition: easy
  • Distance: 4 km
  • Duration: 02:30 hrs.
  • Altitude difference: 121↑, 121↓

Hikes on Pizol offered on Swiss Activities:

Heidi Trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Heidi Trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Bad Ragaz gondola lift (Photo: Pizolbahnen AG)Bad Ragaz gondola lift (Photo: Pizolbahnen AG)

Journey to the Pizol

The Pizol is located in the southeast of Lake Walen. Places in the immediate vicinity include Bad Ragaz, Wangs, Sargans, Furt, Maienberg and Pardiel.

Arrival by car

From Zurich as well as from St. Gallen you need about one and a half hours for the journey by car. Coming from Zurich, take the A3 and leave it at exit 50-Sargans in the direction of Vilters-Wangs.

From St. Gallen, take the A1 and A13 to the A3 and immediately take exit 50-Mels. From the freeway exit you can reach the valley stations in about five minutes.

Arrival by public transport

By train from Zurich it takes about 1.5 hours to get there via Sargans. From St. Gallen, you can also change trains in Sargans with the Schweizerische Südost Bahn (SOB). Buses leave in a few minutes from the train stations in Sargans or Bad Ragaz to the valley stations of the Pizol cable cars.

Chairlift Laufböden (Photo: Pizolbahnen AG)Chairlift Laufböden (Photo: Pizolbahnen AG)
Chairlift Gaffia Pizolhütte (Photo: Pizolbahnen AG)Chairlift Gaffia Pizolhütte (Photo: Pizolbahnen AG)

For whom is the Pizol suitable?

The Pizol is especially suitable for families who want to go on an excursion together with their children. Small hikes such as the entertaining Heidi trail or also a climbing tour on the Twärchamm are suitable for this. The first 7 climbing routes are specially designed for children

Teenagers or young adults who want to have fun together are also in the right place. Riding mountain carts or alpine scooters along the alpine roads is great fun.

In winter, Lake Wangs is waiting for skaters. Sledding or skiing at night are also activities that are particularly entertaining in a group.

The Pizol is also very suitable for older people. The Pizol plateau is easily accessible and the cable cars do not only take visitors to the top.

The Pizol is an excursion mountain that has something for every visitor. Experiences and attractions are there for people who want to experience something together. Rest and relaxation can be found by those who can't be as active (anymore).

Panorama mountain trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism, Kevin Wildhaber)Panorama mountain trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism, Kevin Wildhaber)
Swing Heidipfad (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Swing Heidipfad (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)