Monte Tamaro

The best spots for summer tobogganing in Ticino

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Popular places in Ticino region for Summer tobogganing

Why toboggan only in winter? Large and branched summer toboggan runs invite you to do this in summer as well. Besides, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape in peace.

Monte Tamaro toboggan run

Near the top station at Alpe Foppa stands the big toboggan run of Monte Tamaro. It is 800 m long and contains several traffic circles and curves. In the double bob you can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Children from the age of three are allowed to ride with persons at least eight years old (at least 1.35 m tall).

The toboggan run is open from April to the end of the first week of November from 9:00 to 16:45. In the months of July and August is open one hour longer, until 17:45.

Facts about the summer toboggan run on Monte Tamaro

track length800 m
height difference80 m
Maximum speed50 km/h

Monte Tamaro is located not far from the eastern Lake Maggiore and is easily accessible from all places in Ticino. The bottom station of the mountain railroad is in Rivera.

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Toboggan run (Photo: Monte Tamaro)Toboggan run (Photo: Monte Tamaro)
Toboggan run (Photo: Monte Tamaro)Toboggan run (Photo: Monte Tamaro)

Bosco Gurin toboggan run

The famous sledding resort Bosco Gurin opened in July 2021 also a toboggan run. The run begins in Rossboda and stretches for a kilometer all the way to Capanna. The toboggan lift type rests on a single track. This allows for an unusual slope in the curve. The summer toboggan run is suitable for adults and children and is open daily (except Mondays). The track is also in operation in winter.


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