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The idyllic mountain village Adelboden is situated at 1353 m.a.s.l. and is an ideal starting point for hiking and biking tours in the Bernese Oberland in summer. More than 300 km of hiking, walking and theme trails in combination with well-developed bike and bicycle routes invite you to discover the enchanting mountain world. In winter, Adelboden is excellently connected with over 70 ski lifts and mountain railroads to the Adelboden-Lenk ski area. Over 200 km of interconnected slopes guarantee an unforgettable downhill experience at all levels of difficulty.

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Adelboden Sledding Travel Guide

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On Tschentenalp there are several slopes that are very popular with sledders. Sledding on Engstligenalp is possible via several Snowtube lifts. There are sledding meadows in the Adelboden region in and on Ausserschwand, Boden, Dorf, Engstligenalp, Schermtanne and Tschentenalp.

  • From Tschentenalp to Adelboden there are 14 km of toboggan runs alone.
  • Between Sillerenbühl and Bergläger there is a 5 km long toboggan run on the Vogellisiberg.
  • A 3.5 km long toboggan run leads from Elsigenalp to Elsigbach as soon as the valley run is open.
  • For skibock lovers, every year in March there are the Swiss championships in skibocking in Adelboden.

Sledge rental Adelboden

You can sledge with a lot of different equipment. Skibock, skigibel, balancer, airboard (air cushion sled), luge or classic Davos wooden sled can be rented already when buying the sledding pass.

  • The classic Davos toboggan is made of ash wood with iron-covered runners, a fixed wooden construction and a drawbar. It was developed on the occasion of a toboggan race in 1883. It is considered a very good-natured sled. Therefore, it is perfect for families and those who like to travel a little more leisurely.
  • With the toboggan sled you are a lot faster on the road. Unlike "normal" sleds, the runners on toboggan models are angled up to 25 degrees and are not rigidly connected. The runners, made of a special steel, make your device fast and agile
  • Skibock is a mixture of sled and ski. It has become so popular that Swiss championships are held every year. It is said that the Skibock was invented here in the area.
  • Very similar in design is the Skigibel. A wooden seat is mounted on a ski. It is controlled by shifting the weight and by the feet.
  • The balancer is similar in shape to the Skibock and Skigibel, but usually has a built-in suspension.
  • An airboard is inflated on the spot and can thus also be easily stowed in the backpack. Steering is done with the feet and by shifting weight. A profiled underside protects the material and at the same time provides directional stability.
Sledding Park Tschentenalp (Photo: Tourism Adelboden Anja Zurbruegg)Sledding Park Tschentenalp (Photo: Tourism Adelboden Anja Zurbruegg)
Skibock riding in Adelboden (Photo: Tourism Adelboden Stephan Boegli)Skibock riding in Adelboden (Photo: Tourism Adelboden Stephan Boegli)

Adelboden Sledding Tschentenalp

The 14 km of toboggan runs on Tschentenalp are divided into a total of six runs. Four of the runs run along the Möser chairlift. A particularly long run ends in the valley, as does the Skibock run. On Wednesdays and Saturdays you can go night sledding from 18:00 to 21:00. The toboggan run is then illuminated and you whiz through the night with your equipment.

Swiss Activities Tip: With our tobogganing ticket on the Tschentenalp the toboggan rental as well as the ticket for the Tschentenbahn is included. The great thing is that you can change your vehicle as often as you want. So you have the possibility to ride the Skigibel, the Airboard and the Luge on the same day.

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Sledding Tschentenalp (Photo: Tschentenbahnen)Sledding Tschentenalp (Photo: Tschentenbahnen)
Sledding Tschentenalp (Photo: Tschentenbahnen)Sledding Tschentenalp (Photo: Tschentenbahnen)

Sledge run Tschentenalp - Adelboden valley

The toboggan run that leads from the Tschentenalp mountain station down into the valley to Adelboden is 6 km long. It ends at the schoolhouse in Bütscheggen in northern Adelboden. The subsequent walk to the Tschentenbahn valley station is about 45 min. However, after about 10 min of walking you can take the bus from Aussenschwand to Adelboden Post. The ride with the bus number 232 or 235 is included in your sledging ticket.

Sledging trail Tschentenalp - Möser

From Tschentenalp to Möser there are no less than five toboggan runs. They all start next to the top station of the chairlift. From here they lead down over the Tschentenegg and end after 300 meters of altitude at the valley station of the chair lift. After a 3.5 min ride with the chairlift you are back at the top station.

  • 2.2 km, easy
  • 1.5 km, medium
  • 2.0 km, medium and 2.0 km Möser (Airboard)
  • 1.0 km, difficult
Sledding Park Tschentenalp (Photo: Tourism Adelboden Anja Zurbruegg)Sledding Park Tschentenalp (Photo: Tourism Adelboden Anja Zurbruegg)
Sledding Park Tschentenalp (Photo: Tourism Adelboden Anja Zurbruegg)Sledding Park Tschentenalp (Photo: Tourism Adelboden Anja Zurbruegg)

Adelboden Swiss Championships in Skibocking

The difficult skibock slope leading down to the valley is 1.5 km long. Every year the Swiss championship in skibocking takes place here at Tschentenalp. Everybody who wants to can take part. The championship is organized by Tschentenbahnen.

Race categories

The races are held in the following categories:

  • Junior (11-16 years)
  • Main class (17-35 years)
  • Senior (36 years and older)
  • amateur & guest category (amateur from 11, guests from abroad from 11 years)
  • Children (from 9 years)

Procedure of the championship

After two qualification runs, the four best times from each category will race for the podium places in the cross system. Afterwards, there will be a final round in which the winner and the runner-up will race against each other in a final round for the victory.

Adelboden Sledding Vogellisiberg

There are two beautiful toboggan runs on the Vogellisiberg above Adelboden.

Sillerenbühl - Bergläger sledging trail

You can rent a toboggan at the Sillerenbühl mountain station. From 2022, a modern 10-seater gondola lift will replace the previously two-stage rides with two 6-seater gondola lifts. These are the Oey Bergläger and Bergläger Sillerenbühl gondola lifts. The ride ends in Adelboden at the Bergläger midway station. The toboggan run is open daily from 13:00.

Sledging trail Elsigen - Metsch

Starting point for this 3.5 km long sledge run in Elsigen Metsch is the mountain station Elsigenalp (1796 m.a.s.l.) The run ends at the valley station, which is located at about 1250 m.a.s.l.. In about 14 min the cable car takes you to the top station, where you can do another round on the toboggan. Free parking is available at the bottom station.

Elsigen Metsch Sledding (Photo: Elsigen Metsch)Elsigen Metsch Sledding (Photo: Elsigen Metsch)
Elsigen Metsch Sledding (Photo: Elsigen Metsch)Elsigen Metsch Sledding (Photo: Elsigen Metsch)

Adelboden sledding small ski lift Gody

The small ski lift in Adelboden bottom is a children's drag lift, which manages about fifteen meters of altitude over a length of 180 meters. 150 m long is the small sledding hill, which is perfect for children. Only when the World Cup Circus takes place at Chuenisbärgli, the operation of the children's ski lift is paused. Even night sledding is possible here. When snow conditions are good, it is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00 to 21:00.

Adelboden Snowtubing Engstligenalp

Snowtubing has become a new recreational fun for families. Adults also find their fun in riding down the track on the rubber ring. On Engstligenalp several tracks are specially prepared for this purpose

You go down on a rubber ring and up again with the chairlift. The Snowtube lifts are open daily from mid-December to early April between 10:00 and 16:30



Tobogganing vacations Adelboden - Tschentenalp

Snowtube Engstligenalp

My toboggan ride on the Tschentenalp in Adelboden


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