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Lucerne Region - Lake Lucerne

The Lucerne - Lake Lucerne Region offers water in all its facets: lakes, mountain streams, waterfalls and rivers invite you to hike, bike, boat, swim and lounge. The city of Lucerne on Lake Lucerne, with its iconic Chapel Bridge and imposing Culture and Convention Center, is considered the gateway to the Alps. In the region you will find spectacular mountain railroads such as the world's steepest cogwheel railroad to Mount Pilatus or the Rotair gondola to Mount Titlis. For winter fun, there are over a dozen winter sports areas at your feet.

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Lucerne Region - Lake Lucerne Paragliding Travel Guide

Find out more about Paragliding Lucerne Region - Lake Lucerne

Central Switzerland is an absolute mecca for paragliding. The views from the air are spectacular and range from the eastern Swiss Alps to the 4000m peaks in the Bernese Oberland. The lakes shimmering everywhere form a fantastic contrast. Paragliding flights just before sunset are very popular in summer because of the magnificent colors

Almost all flight areas in Central Switzerland can be used all year round. We have collected the 10 most beautiful paragliding flights in Central Switzerland for you.

(By the way, for comprehensive information on this sport you can find our Ultimate Guide to Paragliding.)

Paragliding High Ybrig

The flying area at Hoch Ybrig is very popular with paraglider pilots. In particular, the launch site at the Sternen is an important point of call all year round. Accompanied by a fantastic mountain scenery, flights with an altitude difference of up to 1000 m are possible here

The infrastructure is ideal for paragliding flights, as the take-off and landing area are right next to the mountain railroad. In winter, the railroad operators usually prepare a rammed take-off runway next to the mountain station.

The best way to reach the hiking and winter sports area Hoch Ybrig is to take the aerial cableway from Weglosen, which lies 1035 m above sea level in the Waag valley. The cable car goes up to Seebli at 1460 m.a.s.l. and from here you continue with the chair lift. With it you reach the mountain stations Spirstock and Sternen at 1771 and 1856 m.a.s.l. respectively.

Paragliding Rigi

The Rigi is an impressive mountain massif with peaks between about 1600 and almost 1800 m.a.s.l. It is picturesquely situated between Lake Zug, Lake Lucerne and Lake Lauerz and is also called the "Queen of the Mountains". Paragliding on the Rigi takes place all year round when the weather is suitable.

The most beautiful jump is from the Rigi Kulm, the highest peak of the massif. The altitude difference to the landing site here is at least 1000 m and thus offers flight times of at least 15 min. With a suitable updraft, the flight time can be up to 30 min. Good evening thermals make flights in the evening hours until shortly before sunset a special experience.

The Rigi offers further take-off sites, which are selected depending on the wind direction:

  • Rigi-Kulm (southeast to southwest)
  • Rigi-Staffelhöhe (west to northwest)
  • Rigi-Scheidegg (northeast)
  • Rigi-Rotstöckli (north to northwest)

The landing site is located north of Goldau, in Kräbel, Weggis, Kreppen or Küssnacht, depending on the drop-off point. A small landing site in Vitznau is also sometimes used

There are several cable and rack railroads leading to the Rigi, as you can see in our travel guide about the Rigi

(Photo: Rigi Bergbahnen)(Photo: Rigi Bergbahnen)
(Photo: Rigi Bergbahnen)(Photo: Rigi Bergbahnen)

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Paragliding Seebodenalp

Seebodenalp, surrounded by dense forest, is located below the Rigi and offers a wonderful view of Lake Lucerne and Lake Zug as a hiking area and winter ski resort. Seebodenalp is also perfect for paragliding flights

The cable car leaves every half hour from Küssnacht to the top station. It takes about 8 min and arrives at a sun-drenched high plateau on the north side of the alp. From here, after 10 min, you reach the take-off point at 1032 m.a.s.l. About twelve meters lower, there is another take-off point between the alpine inn and the mountain station

On a paragliding flight from Seebodenalp you will overcome about 560 meters of altitude. The landing site is located near the valley station of the cable car on the meadow near Küssnacht-Eichholtern.

Paragliding Braunwald

Braunwald is a popular area for thermal flights. It is located between the Glarus Alps and the Klausen Pass and is car-free. Besides large forest areas it also has many fresh springs. You can reach Braunwald from Linthal by funicular in only seven minutes

Here there are a total of three launch sites from which you can start your paragliding flight. The first launch site is located at 1234 m.a.s.l. right next to the top station of the funicular. It is especially popular with beginners, who take their first flying lessons here at somewhat lower altitudes.

The Gumen paragliding launch site at 1900 m.a.s.l. can be reached by the Gumen combined cable car. In only two minutes walk from the mountain station you are at the launch site and can enjoy a panoramic paragliding flight in summer as well as in winter.

The third launch site is located at 2064 m.a.s.l. This slightly sloping alpine meadow can be reached after a 30-minute hike from the top station of the Kombibahn. So you have to earn the additional meters in altitude. But it is worth it in any case.

Paragliding Pilatus

Mount Pilatus is a mountain massif south of Lucerne and also the city's local mountain. With the Pilatusbahn, the steepest rack railroad in the world, you can get from Alpnachstad to the mountain station Pilatus Kulm in 30 min. An alternative journey takes you via Kriens with two cable cars to the top of the mountain. With a magnificent panorama of surrounding mountain peaks and Lake Lucerne, Mount Pilatus is wonderfully suited for paragliding.

A launch site is located directly below the restaurant of the Pilatus Kulm mountain station. The meadow quickly turns into a scree slope and requires a good launching technique. With a starting altitude of about 2040 m.a.s.l. you can reach an altitude difference of about 1600 m to the landing site. In winter, however, the Pilatus Kulm takeoff point is unsuitable.

The starting point Klimsenkapelle can be reached from the mountain station only with good footwear. The site is located at 1878 m.a.s.l., is less demanding than the one at the restaurant and also allows flights with an altitude difference of 1600 m in summer.

A take-off site that is also suitable in winter is the Steiglihorn. From Pilatus Kulm you can reach it after a 15 min walk

(Photo: Mountain O Clock)(Photo: Mountain O Clock)
(Photo: Mountain O Clock)(Photo: Mountain O Clock)

Paragliding Büelen

The Büelen mountain area is somewhat sheltered from the wind in the Engelberg valley at about 1,100 meters and is reached by cable car from Geissmattli (Wolfenschiessen). The ground station is located at an altitude of 550 meters. There are two take-off sites here.

You will find the take-off site Büelen directly next to the mountain station on a small but moderately steep meadow. To the Büelenhang site you climb up the slope for about ten minutes. The landing site is located in front of the Neu-Fallenbach farm north of the cable car station at 540 meters. In the valley the wind can be very strong in spring and summer. There are many ropes to watch out for when landing.

Access to the landing area is prohibited for all vehicles, they must be parked at the valley cable car station without exception. Since the place is considered as a training and examination place, it is often very crowded. It is known for its good infrastructure with food kiosk, folding area and seating area. The Engelberg valley is about 25 kilometers long and lies in the midst of an impressive mountain landscape, which is also very worth seeing in winter.

Paragliding from Büelen

Paragliding Niederbauen Emmetten

The area of Niederbauen is a very easy flying area with a large, increasingly steep launch site. From Niederbauen at 1575 m.a.s.l. to Emmetten you fly with the paraglider all year round for about 15 min and cover 850 m altitude difference. Thermal flights are extended to about 30 min

The cable car runs daily every half hour from Emmetten to Niederbauen and takes about 8 min. From the cable car you already have a direct view of Lake Lucerne. The landing field in Emmetten is slightly inclined and easy to fly to when the wind is not too strong from the west. Even in the late afternoon there are still good flying conditions.

(Photo: Schwyz Tourism)(Photo: Schwyz Tourism)
(Photo: Schwyz Tourism)(Photo: Schwyz Tourism)

Paragliding Rotenflue

The 1571 meter high mountain Rotenfluh (also called Rotenflue) is the local mountain of the canton capital Schwyz. Due to its direct proximity to the Grossen Mythen, it is often used as a starting point for hikes. The Rotenfluebahn runs all year round from Rickenbach via the middle station Rätigs to Rotenflue and overcomes the 958 meters in altitude in less than 30 min

The starting point for paragliding flights from Rotenflue is located at 1519 m.a.s.l. You reach it with a 10-minute walk from the mountain station. While paragliding you have a wonderful view of the Mythen mountains to the north and of Lake Lucerne and Lake Lauerz to the west. The maximum altitude difference you can reach is 1109 meters. Landing is in Rickenbach on the landing field at the eastern end of the village.

Paragliding Engelberg Brunni

The Brunni area is located on the sunny side of Engelberg and has three take-off points for paragliding flights. This area around the Titlis is particularly enchanting from the air and is not for nothing an extremely popular area for paragliding.

The launch site Tümpfeli is located at 1800 m.a.s.l. and faces south and southeast. You reach it with the cable car Ristis of the Brunni cable cars and then with the chair lift Ristis-Brunnihütte. Afterwards, it's about a 10-minute descent to the launch site.

At 1870 m.a.s.l. the launch site Härzlisee is located at the Brunni hut with orientation to the west. The walk from the top station of the chairlift takes about four minutes at the same altitude. The way to the starting point Schonegg, on the other hand, takes 20 minutes uphill. In winter you can comfortably cover this distance with the ski lift. At 2000 m.a.s.l. you start here to the south and southwest.

Paragliding Zurich

Zurich's local mountain, the Uetliberg, lies at 870 m.a.s.l. and is ideally suited for flights with the paraglider. The grandiose view during the flight reaches over the whole of Zurich and Lake Zurich to the Glarus Alps. A paragliding flight from the Uetliberg is a unique experience, especially in the summer evening hours just before sunset

The launch site in Balderen, located at 730 m.a.s.l., is surrounded by trees and is very small. It was originally created by a landslide. Since it is very small, the glider must be prepared away from it. The landing site is located at 560 meters in Zurich-Leimbach. The altitude difference of 170 meters is much less than a paragliding flight from one of the above mentioned mountain peaks. But here you can enjoy an impressive view over the largest city in Switzerland

(Photo: Zürich Tourism)(Photo: Zürich Tourism)
(Photo: Zürich Tourism)(Photo: Zürich Tourism)


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