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Sigriswil suspension bridge

7 Highlights of the Sigriswil suspension bridge

  • From the pedestrian suspension bridge Sigriswil you have a great view of Lake Thun and the Niesen. In the background you can also see the Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau.
  • The suspension bridge is 340 m long and is one of the longest of its kind in the world.
  • A visit to the bridge can be perfectly combined with short or longer hikes.
  • Even the journey by post bus or on foot up from Gunten or Merligen is very beautiful.
  • The suspension bridge is famous as the film location of the Korean series "Crash Landing on You".
  • With a height of 182 meters you stand on the suspension bridge at almost 1000 meters above sea level.
  • The suspension bridge and both connected places are located on a sunny slope.

What to expect at the suspension bridge Sigriswil

The suspension bridge Sigriswil is a popular place for excursions, especially for families. Here, the view of Lake Thun and the surrounding mountains including Niesen is particularly impressive. The excursion can be well combined with short hikes.

Facts about the suspension bridge:

  • Length: 344 m
  • Height: 182 m
  • Width: 1.20 m

You can easily pass the bridge with a wheelchair as well as with a baby carriage. The floor of the walkway is made of perforated steel plate and is also good for dogs. In Sigriswil as well as in Aeschlen there are restaurants, stores and farm stores. So your catering is taken care of.

Activities at the suspension bridge Sigriswil

The Sigriswil suspension bridge is one of three pedestrian suspension bridges on Lake Thun so far. A continuous panoramic trail around the lake is planned, which will include up to seven bridges. At the center of this hike is the suspension bridge over the Gummischlucht.

Other pedestrian bridges on Lake Thun to date are:

  • Leissigen panorama bridge over the Spissibach stream
  • Beatenberg suspension bridge over the Sandbach stream

Short hike at the suspension bridge

Under the suspension bridge, a hiking trail leads through the gorge, letting you view the imposing bridge from below. At the same time, this path is an alternative for people who are afraid of heights.

Blick auf die Brücke (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)Blick auf die Brücke (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)
Gehweg auf der Brücke (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)Gehweg auf der Brücke (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)

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Swiss Activities Tip: First walk across the entire length of the bridge at the top and enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Thun and the Niesen. On the other side you can walk over the hiking trail into the gorge and return to the starting point. From below you can see the gigantic suspension bridge particularly well. The hike takes about 30 min.

Longer hike at the suspension bridge

A hike from Sigriswil to Oberhofen a.T. starts at the bus stop Sigriswil. It leads over the suspension bridge to Aeschlen. The further way to Oberhofen on Lake Thun starts slightly above the lake and leads you down to the bus stop. This hike is well suited for bird watching.

Facts about the (easy) hike:

  • Length: 5 km
  • Duration: 1.5 hrs.
  • Altitude difference: 87↑ 322↓
  • Difficulty: easy

This hike can also be done as a circular hike. In this case, the way back to Gunten lets you walk almost directly along the lake shore. From Gunten, you climb back up again.

A hike from Merligen also leads via Gunten along Lake Thun and takes about 1.5 hours to Sigriswil.

Prices and opening hours of the suspension bridge Sigriswil

The suspension bridge Sigriswil is open all year round and also serves school children as a shortening of their way to school. It connects the two villages Sigriswil and Aeschlen. The best time to visit is from March to November. However, the bridge is open all year round.

Adults pay 8.00 CHF, with the Lake Thun Panoramacard 4.00 CHF. Children under 16 pay nothing. All proceeds will be used for the bridge maintenance.

The Sigriswil suspension bridge on film

The imposing suspension bridge Sigriswil is increasingly becoming a popular backdrop in TV movies, documentaries or docu-soaps.

Some examples:

  • The Korean TV series "Crash Landing on You"
  • Surprise outing of a farm lady in "Bauer ledig, sucht" with ten single farmers
  • Several recordings of the program "Fenster zum Sonntag" ("Window on Sunday")
  • Documentary film about a cross-country ski race with skier Joana Hählen

Journey to the suspension bridge Sigriswil

The suspension bridge Sigriswil is easily accessible from both sides. Free parking is available in Sigriswil as well as in Aeschlen. By car you need from Bern about 45 min.

Arrival by public transport (ÖV)

By public transport you can reach Sigriswil from the train station Thun or from Gunten with the bus line 25. Gunten is also easily accessible by boat, which makes a family trip even more interesting.

The post bus takes about 9 minutes from Gunten. From the bus stop "Sigriswil Dorf" you need only two minutes to the panorama bridge on the Raftstrasse. To get to Aeschlen, take bus 21 to Oberhofen and change there to bus 24. Get off at the bus stop "Erliboden" in Aeschlen.