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Heidiland - the best sights and activities

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Heidiland has an incredible amount to offer. The region stretches from Lake Walen to the gates of Chur. It also includes the summer and winter sports areas of Pizol and Flumserberg. You'll find the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Sardona and the world-famous thermal waters from the 15,000-year-old Tamina Gorge. (Photo: Switzerland Tourism)

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10 Highlights in Heidiland

  • Culinary delights are writ large in Heidiland. 5 Michelin stars and about 193 Gault Millau points unite the top chefs in Heidiland. The wines of the Bündner Herrschaft are among the best in the world. You will therefore encounter culinary experiences time and again in Heidiland.
  • More than 100 route suggestions for riding the E-bike or bicycle await you in Heidiland. They include both sporty bike trails and those for pleasure bikers
  • You can visit the Heididorf in Maienfeld, the original setting for the filming of the world-famous Heidi story
  • 15'000 years old is the mystical Taminaschlucht. 8000 liters of thermal water gush out of the gorge's spring every minute. The 36.5° warm and healing thermal water has made Bad Ragaz world famous as a health resort
  • The Flumserberg is a hiker's paradise with over 150 km of hiking trails and 13 km of biker routes. You have a good view of Lake Walen and the Churfirsten from here.
  • The snow-sure winter sports area Flumserberg is with 65 km of ski slopes the biggest winter sports destination between Zurich and Chur. It is the only ski resort with an S-Bahn connection (Zurich-Unterterzen).
  • The Pizol lies between the three valleys of the Sarganserland. On its territory you will find five crystal clear mountain lakes, which you can visit in a single five-lake hike
  • The Ski area Pizol is a versatile winter sports area with 11 cable cars and lifts and 50 km of ski runs.
  • The Walensee, with its steep rock faces reminiscent of a Norwegian fjord, is considered one of the cleanest lakes in Switzerland. The almost Mediterranean microclimate on its northern side led to the nickname Riviera of Eastern Switzerland
  • In Murg on the southern side of Lake Walen you will find the largest sweet chestnut forest north of the Alps

Heidiland is especially known for two things: Heidi and wine. The cult figure Heidi is an important part of this region. The Heidi Fountain, built in memory of the author Johanna Spiry, is located outside Maienfeld and can be reached by a nice walk. The Bündner Herrschaft - Heidiland, as the warmest wine region in eastern Switzerland, produces a whole 45 grape varieties, from which more than 50 wines are made

The Heidi myth has kept its great magic in the vacation region Heidiland until today. Lake Walen, the rugged Churfirsten, the Sarganserland with its side valleys and the vineyards of the Bündner Herrschaft: they all form a fitting backdrop for your leisure experiences. Clear air, clean water and impressive mountains are just as much a part of it as vines and UNESCO world heritage.

The best-known tourist resorts include the summer and winter sports resorts of Pizol and Flumserberg and the traditional spa town of Bad Ragaz.

Walensee shore (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Walensee shore (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
 Flumserberg (Photo: Heidiland Tourism/Thomas Kessler) Flumserberg (Photo: Heidiland Tourism/Thomas Kessler)

Sights in Heidiland

Heidiland offers, besides an impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site, other very different natural beauties. Sargans Castle, old Walser settlements and the Gonzen mine are examples of the unique architecture and tradition of Heidiland. In Bad Ragaz you can experience a guided art walk with 400 sculptures every three years, at the Bad RagARTz. The next sculpture exhibition is planned here from May 2024.

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Heidiland: Tectonic Arena Sardona

The mountain range around Piz Sardona shows very clearly how the Alps were formed. This happened through the collision of the African and the European continental plate. Older rock layers were pushed over younger rocks at Sardona. As a result, the mountain range is virtually upside down

The different types of rock can be clearly distinguished. The upper rock was formed about 200 million years earlier. Only here is the rock shift visible above the earth's surface. This worldwide uniqueness has prompted the UNESCO Commission to declare the Tectonic Arena Sardona a World Natural Heritage Site.

Piz Sardona is located at 3056 m above sea level on the border between the cantons of St. Gallen, Glarus and Graubünden. The name "Tectonic Arena" was given to the mountain range because in some places you actually have the feeling of standing in the middle of an arena.

Offered by Swiss Activities on the UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Tectonic Arena (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Tectonic Arena (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Tectonic Arena (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Tectonic Arena (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Tamina Therme in Heidiland

The Tamina Therme is fed by the eternally bubbling, body-warm water from the Tamina Gorge. The thermal spring in Bad Ragaz is based on a long tradition and has made the spa town famous. The thermal spring was discovered as early as 1242.

Today's bathing complex covers an area of 7300 m2. An outdoor pool and five indoor pools offer pleasant temperatures and variety through bubbles, exercise baths and massage jets. The 34°C warm outdoor pool also offers a waterfall and a flow channel. The alternating pool with a 39°C warm and a 17°C cool pool ensures a good immune system.

The sauna world contains, for example, the unique Pirts sauna with Latvian nature rituals and a Kelo infusion sauna. It was built from Scandinavian kelo wood and is the largest infusion sauna in Switzerland. The steam bath opens the view to a sky of 780 stars. A large wellness area also offers automated massage beds and sun loungers, haki and shiatsu.

Opening hours Therme Bad Ragaz 2022

thermal bath8:00 - 22:008:00 - 23:00
Sauna World10:00 - 22:00 h10:00 - 23:00 h
Wellness9:00 - 20:00 h9:00 - 20:00 h

The spa is open 360 days a year. Revision works are carried out on 5 days in June.

Tip: On your birthday the entrance to the thermal bath or the sauna world is free for you. On this day you will get an additional 10% discount in the wellness area.

Swiss Activities offers to the thermal bath

Bad Ragaz Thermal Baths (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Bad Ragaz Thermal Baths (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Bad Ragaz Thermal Baths (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Bad Ragaz Thermal Baths (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Heidi village

The Heidi Village preserves the history and tradition of the Heidi myth. It is located in Maienfeld in the Bündner Herrschaft. In other words, exactly where the writer Johanna Spyri was inspired to write her Heidi stories.

The Heidi house is still furnished as it was in 1880 and you can also find Heidi's animals in the village. Even the famous alpine hut from the movies is still there. You can visit the Heidi village all year round. You get to the village via the Heidi path. It leads from the large parking lot at the Hotel Restaurant Heidihof about 5 minutes through an idyllic landscape.

Offers Swiss Activities to the Heididorf

Heidi and Peter Heididorf (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Heidi and Peter Heididorf (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Heididorf (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Heididorf (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Gonzen iron mine

Mount Gonzen is the local mountain of Sargans. The people of Sargans began mining iron ore in the mountain 2000 years ago. The mining tunnels and galleries that were created over the centuries developed into a labyrinth. It is now almost 90 km long. A small part of the old iron mine is freely accessible today

Guided tours take place throughout the year and must be arranged in advance. In addition, there is a museum and a restaurant at the entrance to the museum. Several rooms are available for seminars and events

Gonzen mine (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Gonzen mine (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Gonzen mine (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Gonzen mine (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Sargans Castle in Heidiland

The old count's castle towers high above the village of Sargans. The castle complex was built in the 13th century and formed a fortification in unity with the small town. The lower parts of the castle tower are made of tuff blocks. The tower contains 5 floors and was designed as a residential tower. All the buildings erected in the castle courtyard have also been preserved in their original construction.

The castle has been owned by the municipality of Sargans since 1899 and has been saved from decay by means of various restorations.

Today, the castle houses both a restaurant and the Sarganserland Museum. An ancient wine press can be admired in the Torkelkeller. The wonderful view from the castle and the secluded courtyard are remarkable.

you can visit the museum daily between 10:00 and 12:00 as well as 13:30 and 17:30

Admission Sargans Castle Museum 2022

PeopleAdmission (CHF)

Open: April to October

Old Post Museum in the Weisstannental Valley

The Alte Post is almost 250 years old and was once a popular meeting place. To keep it that way, it is now a museum. It also includes the Old Dairy and the Old Village Saw as well as a display of rafting on the stream.

Opening hours Museum Alte Post from April 30 to October 30, 2022

daysfrom - to
Wednesday and Saturday13:30 - 17:30
Sunday and holiday11:00 - 17:30

Open: April to October

Sargans Castle (Photo: Switzerland Tourism Martin Maegli)Sargans Castle (Photo: Switzerland Tourism Martin Maegli)
Old Post Office Weisstannen (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Old Post Office Weisstannen (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Other sights in Heidiland

Tradition and history are lived and preserved everywhere in Heidiland

  • Paxmal: The peace monument stands in Walenstadtberg between Lake Walen and the monumental Churfirsten. You can visit it from spring to autumn.
  • Giessenpark and Giessensee: Located in the middle of Bad Ragaz, the park and lake are a popular recreation area. A small forest, an adventure playground and a restaurant are also part of it.
  • Spahouse in the village bath Ragaz: Using the thermal water, here you get wellness treatments and therapies of modern natural medicine. Individual pools are available for adventure bathing rituals.

Customary cheese dairy Alp Tannenboden: At Alp Tannenboden, you'll see how cheese is made at 1400 meters above sea level. The show room with a view behind the scenes is open daily. In the associated traditional cheese dairy, registered groups can lend a hand and make cheese themselves.

  • Bad RagARTz: Admire artwork by international artists at the open-air sculpture exhibition, billed as the largest in Europe. It takes place every three years. In 2021, 400 artworks by 83 international artists could be admired. The next exhibition will begin in May 2024.
  • Drachenlochmuseum Vättis: In the Dragon Hole Museum in the middle of town, you'll find bones of Paleolithic cave bears as well as documentation of the excavations. The Drachenloch is a cave above Vättis. Also 53'000 year old fireplaces of hunters were found there.
Paxmal (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Paxmal (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
  Dragon hole (Photo: Heidiland Tourism) Dragon hole (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Excursion destinations in Heidiland

Excursion destinations in Heidiland are first and foremost natural beauties such as Lake Walen, the Flumserberg and Mount Pizol. Also impressive waterfalls, beautiful valleys and the wine-growing region of the Bündner Herrschaft are popular destinations.

Tamina Gorge and Old Bath Pfäfers near Bad Ragaz in Heidiland

The origin of the Tamina Gorge is still unclear today. The waters of the thundering Tamina have eaten their way 200 m deep into the rocks over a period of about 15,000 years. the narrow crevice of the Tamina Gorge is 750 m long and 70 m deep. A small natural bridge covers the gorge and also suggests the possibility that it originated from a cave

In the middle of the 13th century two hunters discovered the gorge and the healing water. From a spring gushes 8000 liters of it per minute with the pleasant temperature of 36.5 °C. The way through the rocky gorge to the spring water cave is secured by a 450 m long tunnel. The dark and mystical gorge is illuminated by a light spectacle in the period from June to October

You can reach it from Bad Ragaz in about an hour's walk, by post bus or by Rösslipost. However, the gravel path is closed for cars, bicycles or e-scooters. The Old Bath Pfäfers is located directly at the entrance to the gorge. It can also be reached on foot via Valens or Pfäfers. Today, the Old Bath Pfäfers is home to museums on the history of construction and the Pfäfers Monastery. You will also find a restaurant as well as changing exhibitions and musical events.

opening hours: End of April until end of October

Admission: CHF 5.00

Tamina Gorge (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Tamina Gorge (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Tamina Gorge (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Tamina Gorge (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Tamina Valley in Heidiland

You can reach the Tamina valley very easily via the road from Bad Ragaz. From here it runs to the Kunkelspass in the southwest. The Tamina valley is characterized by a particularly picturesque landscape

The villages in the Tamina valley include Pfäfers, Vättis, St. Margrethenberg and Valens-Vasön. Pfäfers and Valens are connected by the Tamina bridge. It is the largest arch bridge in Switzerland.

A hiking trail takes you from St. Margrethenberg to a fabulous viewing platform. It stands high above the Rhine valley on the Pizalun. The Sarganserland and the Bündner Herrschaft lie below you, the mountains around you can be easily identified by means of boards.

Tamina Valley (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Tamina Valley (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Tamina Valley (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Tamina Valley (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

The Calfeisen valley with Walser settlement St. Martin

The second southern high valley of the Canton St. Gallen is reached via Vättis. It is a side valley of the Tamina valley that branches off here. It leads to the Sardona hut at an altitude of 2158 m above sea level below the Piz Sardona. Here the Calfeisen valley is part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage

For nature lovers, an observation of bearded vultures in the Calfeisen valley is a very special experience. The Gigerwaldsee reservoir is part of the pumped storage plant there.

The former Walser settlement St. Martin can be found at the back of the Calfeisen valley. It is over 700 years old. Since the end of the 17th century it has no longer been inhabited all year round. This popular excursion destination lets you experience the place as if time had stood still. Romance and charm of past times let you enjoy the visit - with a bread from the wood oven.

Offer Swiss Activities in the Calfeisen Valley

Giger dam Calfeisental (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Giger dam Calfeisental (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Sankt Martin Walser village Calfeisental (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Sankt Martin Walser village Calfeisental (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Weisstannental and waterfall Arena Batöni

The Weisstannental is a valley with a particularly large number of waterfalls. Bearded vultures, chamois and ibex feel very much at home in the rocky area. The secluded valley promises peace and quiet and a lot of idyllic nature, as there is no through traffic here. You reach it from Mels via the well-built Weisstannenstrasse. In the valley lie the villages of Weisstannen and Schwendi. They are connected by a wide and flat hiking trail. On the outskirts of Weisstannen you can learn more about the Alpine ibex on an educational trail.

Offer Swiss Activities in the Weisstannen Valley

The waterfall arena Batöni is a special place of power. Five water arms unite here at an imposing rock arena. Three of the streams form magnificent waterfalls. These include:

  • Piltschinabachfall (81 m)
  • Sässbach Falls (86 m)
  • Muttenbachfall (45 m)

The Lavtinabach flows into the Piltschinabach shortly before. The Guetentalbach flows into the Gufelbach, which flows further down

Video: Waterfall - Arena Batöni

Lake Walen: the Riviera in Heidiland

Lake Walen is reminiscent of a Norwegian fjord, as it is bordered to the north by the steeply rising Churfirsten mountains. The deep blue lake is also called the "Riviera of Eastern Switzerland". Its sheltered location and a high number of sunshine hours result in an almost Mediterranean microclimate in the north. Nevertheless, the water of Lake Walen is rather cool.

The car-free wine village of Quinten can only be reached by boat or on foot. Figs and kiwis grow here. The three-tiered Seerenbach Falls can be found between Weesen and Quinten. They are among the highest waterfalls in Switzerland. Murg is a village on the southern shore of Lake Walen. It lies in a beautiful delta that the Murgbach has created here.

The Walensee boat trip and the Walensee play experience attract excursionists from all over Switzerland. The play experience includes five themed playgrounds and a themed trail around Lake Walen. Here you can solve the mystery of Lake Walen with the whole family. Hiking and biking tours along the lake and idyllic lidos offer relaxation. Experiences such as diving, surfing and canoeing are also popular

Swiss Activities at Lake Walen offers

Lake Walen Quinten (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Lake Walen Quinten (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Lake Walen (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Lake Walen (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)


Flumserberg is an alpine region between 1220 m and 2222 m above sea level above Lake Walen. 150 km of hiking trails and 13 km of trails for bikers attract excursionists to this natural paradise. On site you will find the summer toboggan run FLOOMZER and the climbing tower CLiiMBER. CLiiMBER has more than 100 climbing stations, which were embedded over three floors in a crystal-shaped tower on the Prodalp. A legend experience trail and the Geo Gallery with Alpine Flora trail are popular themed trails that can be mastered in less than an hour.

5 mountain railroads provide access to the Flumserberg in summer and winter

In winter another 12 lifts are added.

mountain railwaynamevalley station (m a.s.l.)mountain station (m a.s.l.)
8-seater gondola lift (2 sections)SeeJetUnterterzen (425)Tannenboden (1400)
8-seater gondola liftBergJetTannenboden (1400)Maschgenkamm (2020)
12-seater gondola liftProdalp ExpressTannenheim (1220)Prodalp (1576)
8-seater chairliftProdkammProdalp (1576)Prodkamm (1939)
4-seater chairliftChrüzTannenboden (1400)Chrüz (1600)

Flumserberg is the largest summer and winter sports area between Zurich and Chur. 65 km of ski slopes, 6 km of ski routes and 17 lifts provide skiing and sledging fun, partly also under the starry sky. The toboggan run starts at the Prodalp mountain inn and ends at Tannenheim

Flumserberg (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Flumserberg (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Flumserberg (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Flumserberg (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Prices mountain railroads single rides at Flumserberg (CHF) in 2022

PlaceAdults (>18 years)Youths (12-17 years)
Placeadults (>16 years)children (6-15 years) and dogs
Tannenboden via SeeJet7.203.60

Children under 12 years (exception: SeeJet under 6 years) ride free when accompanied by an adult

The Flumserberg is perfectly accessible by public transport. You need only about 90 min from Zurich with the S-Bahn S2. Also the S4 arrives from St. Gallen after about the same time in Unterterzen. Here you change to the SeeJet gondola to Tannenboden. By car you need about 20 min from Flums on the winding road to Tannenboden.

Offers Swiss Activities on the Flumserberg

Flumserberg CliiMBER climbing tower (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Flumserberg CliiMBER climbing tower (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Flumserberg cable car with view of Lake Walen (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Flumserberg cable car with view of Lake Walen (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Excursion mountain Pizol

Mount Pizol belongs to the Glarus Alps. Its summit lies at 2844 meters above sea level and offers magnificent views. The Pizol is located between the Weisstannental, the Calfeisental and the Tamina valley.

120 km of hiking trails can be reached via the Pizol cable cars. These include, for example, the family-friendly Heidi Trail. It starts at the mountain station Pardiel and is 3.7 km long. It is even suitable for baby carriages up to the Schwarzbüel Alp. On the way, the Heidipfad offers stations with fun and games for the whole family. Along the way there is a hammock forest and a Kneipp facility for children.

The Water Forest is a water playground near the Furt mountain station. It is in a very idyllic location and includes ball tracks, water sprays and canals. The open-air museum Vogeldörfli can be found right next door. Children can build their own bird house here.

You can visit five beautiful and clear mountain lakes one after the other in a high alpine hike. The hike takes place above the tree line and lasts up to five hours, depending on your physical condition

You will visit these lakes one after the other:

  • Wangsersee at 2222 m above sea level (at the Pizol hut)
  • Wildsee at 2438 m above sea level
  • Schottensee at 2335 m a.s.l.
  • Schwarzsee at 2368 m a.s.l.
  • Baschalvasee at 2174 m a.s.l

Between the Schwarzsee and the Baschalvasee you will pass numerous Steinmannli.

6 mountain railroads provide access to the Pizol in summer and winter

Mountain railwaynamevalley station (m a.s.l.)mountain station (m a.s.l.)
8-seater gondola lift (via Maienberg)Pizolbahn WangsWangs (536)Furt (1522)
8-seater gondola liftPizolbahn Bad RagazBad Ragaz (488)Pardiel (1621)
6-seater chairlift PorscheSchwamm-Wissi SteiSchwamm (1333)Wissi Stei (1853)
4-seater chairliftPardiel-LaufbödenPardiel (1627)Laufböden (2226)
4-seater chairliftFurt-GaffiaFurt (1505)Gaffia (1868)
4-seater chairliftGaffia-PizolhütteGaffia (1842)Pizolhütte (2227)

The Pizol hut is situated on the plateau of the hiking and skiing area Pizol. The mountain station of the Pizol cable car is also located here. 50 km of ski slopes and 12 lifts can be found in the ski area Pizol-Bad Ragaz/Wangs. In addition to a race track, there is also a snow park and a fun slope in the Pizol ski area. The 3.5 km long toboggan run from Furt (top station) to Maienberg (middle station) is illuminated on Friday evenings.

Prices mountain railroads single rides on Pizol (CHF) in 2022

StartDestinationAdults (>18 years)Youth (6-17 years)
Bad RagazPardiel25.0012.50
Bad RagazLaufböden30.0015.00

The incomparable views from the high plateau go into the Glarnerland and over the Grisons mountains to Lake Constance. At the beginning of the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, Pizol is only about an hour away from Lake Constance, Zurich and St. Gallen.

Offers Swiss Activities on the Pizol

Pizol 5 Lakes Hike (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Pizol 5 Lakes Hike (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Pizol Ski Resort (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Pizol Ski Resort (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Bündner Herrschaft

The Bündner Herrschaft is the home of Heidi. The Heidi village and Maienfeld are already well known for this reason. But here you will also find the warmest wine-growing region in German-speaking Switzerland. It is affectionately called "the small region of great wines". the region has 350 hectares of vineyards. Several Pinot Noir world champion wines grow here

The municipalities of the Bündner Herrschaft include Fläsch, Jenins, Maienfeld and Malans. The Graubünden Rhine Valley is perfect for beautiful hikes, bike rides or horse-drawn carriage rides. Especially at the time of the grape harvest in autumn it is particularly romantic. In addition to vineyards, you will also pass countless castle ruins, castles and churches between Malans and Bad Ragaz.

Some Swiss Activities in the Bündner Herrschaft offers

Wine region Bündner Herrschaft(Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Wine region Bündner Herrschaft(Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Maienfeld Fountain (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Maienfeld Fountain (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Other destinations in Heidiland

In Heidiland you will find many pretty and idyllic places. Sometimes even a ride on a special mountain railroad is the destination for an excursion.

In Heidiland you will find 6 different mountain railroads:

  • Pizolbahnen
  • Flumserberg mountain railroads
  • Älplibahn Malans
  • Schönhalden cable car
  • Palfriesbahn
  • Vättner Berg cable car

As excursion destinations are considered:

  • Älplibahn: The smallest mountain railroad in Graubünden is operated by volunteers in Malans. To ride it from Buochwald to Älpli you have to book in advance by phone +41 81 322 47 64.
  • Palfriesbahn: The uphill ride from Mels to the Palfries plateau goes spectacularly over a waterfall of the Ragnatscherbach stream. You ride above tree tops and along steep rock faces. On the plateau there are pleasant hiking and walking trails with a magnificent panorama. As a special feature you get nostalgic cardboard cards as a ticket of the Palfriesbahn.
  • Chapfene: At 1030 m above sea level, this idyllic lake is located near Mels. A walk around the lake also brings you to a moorland and to the viewpoint at Chapfenstein. From here the view goes into the Seez valley.

Swiss Activities tips for Heidiland

Particularly beautiful view of the tectonic arena

In the Tamina valley, between Pfäfers and Vadura, there is the viewpoint Windegg. From here you can see especially clearly the geological overthrusts. Windegg is also the information point for the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona.

Hiking through a forest of sweet chestnuts

The area around Murg on the southern shore of Lake Walen has a particularly mild and warm and humid climate. The acidic soils here are ideally suited for sweet chestnuts, which are otherwise found exclusively south of the Alps. Above Murg, a whole forest has been created through which you can hike. If this is not enough for you, a beautiful hike leads further on to the three Murg lakes. On the way you pass through the lonely Murg valley and then climb up to a good 1800 meters. There is a mountain inn at the Murg lakes.

Children under 12 years free of charge at Flumserberg

The mountain railroads and chairlifts take children under 12 free of charge when traveling together with adults. The only exception is the SeeJet gondola lift

Children under 16 free on Lake Walen

Children under 16 travel free on the boat on the first Wednesday of every month when accompanied by an adult. This is valid for the entire summer season.

Half price for seniors on Lake Walen

On Mondays, pensioners pay only half price for the boat trip on Lake Walen. This applies from June until the end of the summer season.

 Murgtal Chestnut Trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism) Murgtal Chestnut Trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Murgtal Chestnut Trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Murgtal Chestnut Trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Activities and experiences in Heidiland

In Heidiland, people are particularly fond of hiking. E-bike tours are also popular and the special thing about them is that you can combine them with culinary experiences. In one restaurant you get starters, in the next one a main course and in a third one the dessert. In winter, you can go skiing or sledding in beautiful winter sports areas, especially on the Flumserberg and the Pizol

Among the most popular activities in Heidiland are:

  • hiking
  • E-biking and cycling
  • Culinary experiences
  • Boat trip Walensee
  • Skiing
  • tobogganing

Hiking in Heidiland

Hiking is one of the most popular leisure activities in Heidiland. The Bündner Herrschaft entices with culinary hikes through the wine country. On the Flumserberg you will find 150 km of signalized hiking trails. Also the hikes to or around the Walensee are very appreciated.

We show you some of the most beautiful and popular hikes in Heidiland:

Round hike in the wine country Bündner Herrschaft: Maienfeld - Fläsch - Maienfeld

In Maienfeld you start at the train station and experience the historic town center. The path leads you through the vineyards via Heidibrunnen to Fläsch. From this wine-growing village you walk along the banks of the Rhine back to Maienfeld.

  • Technique: easy
  • Condition: easy
  • Distance: 11.3 km
  • Duration: 02:30 hrs

offers Swiss Activities for guided hikes Bündner Herrschaft

Weesen-Quinten: Weesen (428m) - Talegg (425m) - Hinterbetlis (516m) - Vorderbetlis (531m) - Seerenwald (650m) - Quinten (434m) - Au (438m)

The hike runs along a sunny stretch, which is often called the "Eastern Swiss Riviera" because of the mild climate. About 400 meters of altitude have to be climbed and descended, but you will be rewarded for this effort with a magnificent panoramic view. From Quinten, it's best to take the boat to Murg.

  • Technique: medium
  • Condition: medium
  • Distance: 10.2 km
  • Duration: 03:15 hrs

7-Summit tour at Flumserberg: Maschgenkamm - Ziger - via Zigerfurgglen - Leist - Rainissalts - Gulmen - via Mütschüel and Chrüzen - Cuncels - Chli Güslen - Gross Güslen - via Seebenalp - Tannenbodenalp

The mountain hike leads you over a summit ridge that can be walked well. It starts at the mountain station Maschgenkamm (2020 m a.s.l.), which you reach by cable car from Tannenboden.

  • Technique: medium to difficult
  • Condition: medium
  • Distance: 14 km
  • Duration: 06:00 hrs

Offers Swiss Activities for guided hikes Flumserberg

5-lake hike on the Pizol: Pizolhütte - Wangsersee - Wildsee - Schottensee - via Schwarzplangg - Schwarzsee - via Gamidaurspitz - Baschalvasee - Gaffia

Probably the most famous hike in Heidiland is a difficult and rather long panoramic hike. You will visit a total of five mountain lakes, which are very different from each other. You start at the Pizol hut and hike above the tree line from lake to lake. You can also choose individual lakes for a shorter hike.

  • Technique: difficult
  • Condition: medium
  • Distance: 10.7 km
  • Duration: 04:30 to 5:00 hrs

Offers Swiss Activities for self-guided hikes mountain Pizol

Other popular hiking routes

  • Malanser Älpli: Take the Älpli cable car to the top, route: Älpli - Chrüzbode - Obersäss - Altsäss - above Sieben Brünnen - Altsäss - Obersäss - below Ruchenberg - Kammböden - Mittelsäss - Älpli, rather easy hike to various places of power, 7.4 km, 2:30 hrs.
  • Pizalun in Tamina Valley: Circular hike from and to the scattered settlement of St.Margrethenberg above Pfäfers, route: St. Margrethenberg - Pizalun - Jägeri - St. Margrethenberg, easy hike from the valley station of the Tristeli ski lift, 7.1 km, 2:15 hrs.
  • Murgsee: Three Murgsee lakes, streams, waterfalls and the protected Swiss stone pine forest lie on this moderately difficult tour: Merlen - Murgsee - Merlen, 11.5 km, 4:00 hrs.
  • Lake Walen Riviera: The circular path around the lake is partly carved into the rock or even leads through tunnels, route: Weesen - Fli - Betlis - Quinten, 10.2 km, 3:45 hrs.
  • Weisstannental: Moderately difficult circular hike (530 hm) from Weisstannen Oberdorf (reachable by post bus) to the Batöni waterfall arena, 8.3 km, 3:00 hrs.
Pizol high trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Pizol high trail (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
 Wine landscape (Photo: Heidiland Tourism) Wine landscape (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Riding an e-bike or bicycle

The bicycle is a very popular means of transportation in Switzerland. In the meantime, the e-bike has also found a following among young people. Whatever you prefer, there are very good paths in Heidiland that you can use for this. Heidiland offers routes at different altitudes and with varying degrees of difficulty for both pleasure cyclists and sporty bikers.

Some bike tours:

  • Mountain Inn Sennis Alp: the medium-difficulty tour starts and ends at the Walenstadt train station. Route: Walenstadt-Tscherlach-Berschis-Sennis-Berschis-Tscherlach-Walenstadt, 24.9 km, 3:30 hrs, 1072 hm
  • Gigerwald - St. Martin: good physical condition is required for this bike tour, which starts and ends at the E-Bike Station Bad Ragaz. Route: Tamina Therme Bad Ragaz - Balen-Gassaura - Valens - Vasön - Mapragg reservoir - Vättis - Gigerwald - Gigerwald reservoir - St. Martin - Vättis - Vadura - Ragol - Pfäfers - Tamina Therme Bad Ragaz, 48.6 km, 3:20 hrs, 1060 hm
  • Älpli-Kamm: a very strenuous and demanding tour from/to Malans train station, where the bike has to be carried in parts. Route: Malans - Jenins - Jeninser Alp - Vorderalp - Kamm - Bad - Fläscher Alp - Stürfis - Carni - Seewis - Pardisla - Malans, 35.2 km, 6:40 hrs, 1506 hm
  • Along Lake Walen: very relaxed is this bike tour, which leads from Walenstadt train station to Weesen. Route: Walenstadt - Unterterzen - Murg - Mühlehorn - Weesen - Betlis - Weesen, 25.5 km, 2:10 hrs, 180 hm
  • Along the Rhine dam: an enjoyable route from/to Bad Ragaz with many sights along the way. Route: Bad Ragaz - Trübbach - Oberschan - Gretschins - Plattis - Mäls - St. Luzisteig - Maienfeld - Fläsch - Bad Ragaz, 43 km, 3:30 hrs. 473 hm
  • Flumserberg: four flowing bike trails with a total length of 13 km can be found on the Flumserberg. You reach them with the 12-person gondola Prodalp-Express and the 8-person chairlift Prodkamm. A biker camping and the bike stores at Flumserberg increase the fun effect.

On Flumserberg you will find these three bike routes signalized by Switzerland Mobile:

  • Flumserberg Panoramabike No. 470: You ride a varied circular route from Tannenboden, first with a direct view of the Churfirsten and Lake Walen. Highlights on the way: Seebenalp with restaurant and 3 lakes, Maschgenkamm with panorama restaurant, Prodalp. 17 km, 2:45 hrs, 740 hm, technique: easy, condition: medium.
  • Alp Fursch Bike Nr. 478: This challenging circular route starts and ends at the Flums train station. The ride leads through alpine mountain scenery on the Flumserberg and includes a descent into the beautiful Schilstal valley. 36 km, 4:15 hrs, 1550 hm,technique: medium, condition: hard.
  • See-Abfahrt Flumserberg Nr. 469: From Tannenboden (1400 m) to Unterterzen (425 m) leads this very demanding short trail with partly very steep terrain. On the way there is a lookout point with a rest bench. 7 km, 0:30 hrs, 970 hm,technique: difficult, condition: easy.
E-bike Calfeisental (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)E-bike Calfeisental (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
E-bike wine tour Bündner Herrschaft (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)E-bike wine tour Bündner Herrschaft (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

If you want to rent your bike on site, you will find several possibilities in Heidiland:

Bike rental in Heidiland

PlaceNameto find
Bad RagazE Bike Station Bad RagazHans Albrecht- Strasse
Bad RagazDrift Bike ShopPizolstrasse 24
FlumserbergBikerShop FlumserbergTalstation der 12er-Gondelbahn Prodalp-Express
FlumserbergIntersport Network FlumserbergFlumserbergstrasse 134
MelsDrift Bike ShopSarganserstrasse 9
SargansRent a BikeBahnhof SBB
UnterzenIntersport Network FlumserbergGostenstrasse 25
WalenstadtSuSo BikeWaisenhausstrasse 1

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Culinary experiences in Heidiland

It's not just the Bündner Herrschaft with its wine tastings that is excellent for culinary enthusiasts. The idea of having your meal at several places along the way on a hiking or biking route has proven to be a good one. You can also combine a boat trip on Lake Walen with a nice lunch. A carriage ride with fondue is particularly romantic.

Offers Swiss Activities for Culinary Experiences:

Culinary hike (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Culinary hike (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Rössliposcht with fondue fun (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Rössliposcht with fondue fun (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Lake Walen boat trip

The fjord-like Lake Walen conveys a very special atmosphere, and the majestic Churfirsten peaks enhance the mystique in their own way

By boat you sail over the calm and crystal-clear water and simply enjoy this atmosphere. By the way, the boat connection from Murg to Quinten is also active in winter

Between Walenstadt and Weesen you will find the following landing stages:

  • Mols
  • Unterterzen
  • Au
  • Murg East
  • Murg West
  • Quinten
  • Mühlehorn
  • Betlis
Lake Walen boat trip (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Lake Walen boat trip (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Lake Walen boat trip (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Lake Walen boat trip (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Skiing and snowboarding in Heidiland

In Heidiland you will find several skiing areas. The areas around the Flumserberg with 65 km and Pizol with 50 km of ski runs are by far the largest. Nevertheless, the four other small skiing areas are also well frequented in winter.

The ski areas Pizol and Flumserberg offer a particularly good view. In the favorable skiing area Tristeli-St. Margarethenberg you can also ski at night. The skiing area Weisstannen is perfect for beginners and families.

Ski resorts in Heidiland

nametownaltitude (m a.s.l.) from topistes (km)lifts/lifts (number)season from to
Pizol - Bad Ragaz/WangsWangs, Bad Ragaz, Furt, Maienberg, Pardiel, Sargans509 - 22275012mid December - beginning of April
FlumserbergTannenboden, Tannenheim, Oberterzen, Unterterzen, Quarten, Flums665 - 22226517mid November - early April
MastrilsMastrils, Landquart720 - 94031end of December . Beginning of March
Tristeli - St MargarethenbergPfäfers1195 - 14471depending on snow conditions
WalenstadtbergWalenstadt850 - 9300.31depending on snow conditions
WeisstannenWeisstannen984-10220.21end of December . Beginning of March
Pizol ski course (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Pizol ski course (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Flumserberg (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Flumserberg (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Sledding in Heidiland

In Heidiland you will find beautiful toboggan runs on the Pizol and Flumserberg. The season usually runs from the end of December until the beginning of March.

  • Pizol: 3.5 km easy run from the mountain station Furt to Maienberg. You enjoy a view of the St. Gallen Rhine valley all the way to Lake Constance. On Friday evening the piste is illuminated for night sledging. Ride: 20 min from 1522 hm down to 1041 hm.
  • Flumserberg: 2.2 km medium difficulty piste from Prodalp mountain station down to Tannenheim. The slope is not suitable for small children and beginners. Night sledging is every Thursday and Saturday. Ride: 20 min from 1575 hm down to 1221 hm.
Pizol tobogganing (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Pizol tobogganing (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Pizol tobogganing (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Pizol tobogganing (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Other activities in Heidiland

  • Wellness: In Bad Ragaz you are at the right place if you want to treat yourself to some wellness. Whether in the old village bath or in the modern thermal bath. Bath temperature and healing water will relax you totally.
  • Cross-country skiing, winter hiking and snowshoeing: On the Flumserberg and on the mountain Pizol you will find several possibilities. Also around Lake Walen winter hikes are impressive. Winter walks from Walenstadtberg to Garadur are especially popular.
  • Dog sledding is possible on the Flumserberg. You learn how to guide the dog sled properly and you are allowed to steer the team through the picturesque winter landscape. The trail is 2.5 km long. The professional is with you. Afterwards you relax with a mulled wine, stroke the huskies and chat with the pros.
  • Tandem paragliding flights you can experience in summer as well as in winter. They last as long as you want. Between 20 and 60 minutes you can enjoy the view of Lake Walen or the Tectonic Arena Sardona.
  • Mountaincarts are all-terrain vehicles with three wheels. You can experience the summer with them in Wangs on the Pizol.
  • Diving, surfing and canoeing are popular activities on Lake Walen and you will find boat rentals in Weesen and Walenstadt

Events in Heidiland

Heidiland offers wine festivals, big music events and light shows. International horse races also have a long tradition here.

  • Light Ragaz: From May 26 to Oct. 15, 2022, the Tamina Gorge will be illuminated at night by a light spectacle. The approximately 1 km long tour brings 2022 light experiences, a narrative and playful interactions on the theme of happiness.
  • Walensee Stage 6/15 to 7/23/2022: Directly on the shores of Lake Walen is this stage. In the summer of 2022, the musical "Flashdance" will be performed.
  • Flumserberg Open Air 29. to 31.07.2022: A Schlager party with big party anthems and techno hits of the 90's and a big Schlager Open Air attract Schlager fans to the Flumserberg.
  • Weinfest Maienfeld: Over three days from September 9 to 11, 2022, the Bündner Weinfest will take place in Maienfeld this year. The Torkel will open their cellars for visitors and the whole of Maienfeld will become a large festival square with tastings, food and sales stalls
  • International Horse Race Maienfeld/ Bad Ragaz: International horse races have been held on the Rossriet in October since 1956. The racecourse is located near Maienfeld. This year they start on October 2 and 9.
  • Wii-kend Maienfeld: In the period from 16.4. to 23.10.2022 the Wii-kend takes place in Maienfeld. Every weekend, a different vintner opens the doors of his winery from 11:00 am. Here you can taste the wines or just enjoy them. Fine Graubünden specialties such as a cheese plate or capuns with salsiz will be served.
  • Malanser Wine Summer: From 4.6. to 28.8.2022 you can visit the wine cellars of Malans. Here, too, winegrowers offer their wines and specialties on a rotating basis. Open on the weekends from 11:00 a.m. each day.
  • Wine Experience Fläsch: The winegrowers of Fläsch invite you to their Torkel on nine weekends between 10.9 and 16.10.2022. Here, too, the winegrowers open their doors on alternating weekends from 11:00 am.
Walensee Stage (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Walensee Stage (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Light Ragaz (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Light Ragaz (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Journey to Heidiland

Heidiland begins in the west at the western Walensee and includes the district of Maienfeld in the east. The mountains Pizol and Flumserberg are also part of Heidiland.

by car

You can reach the vacation region of Heidiland by car from the west via the A3. Zurich is about 70 km away, Lucerne about 85 km. From the north and south, the best way to get there is via the A13 freeway along the Rhine. Lake Constance is about 70 km away in the north and the city of Chur is 21 km away in the south.

The two valley stations of the Pizol cable cars are only 5 minutes away from the highway exit. You can reach Tannenboden on the Flumserberg by car from Flums via a very winding road within 20 min. There is a year-round night parking ban on the Flumserberg. However, you can park at night in the underground parking lot on the Tannenboden or in the Tannenheim on an outside parking lot. You can also find night parking in Unterterzen at the valley station.

by public transport

Heidiland has good connections to the network of the Swiss Federal Railways SBB. The transport hub is Sargans in the heart of the Heidiland vacation region. Fast trains also stop in Walenstadt, Bad Ragaz and Landquart

All smaller villages are well served by bus lines and/or regional trains. The post bus also runs at regular intervals to the excursion destinations in the Heidiland region.

Buses also take only a few minutes from the Sargans and Bad Ragaz train stations to the valley stations of the Pizol cable cars.

The Flumserberg is even connected to the S-Bahn network via Unterterzen. From Zurich you take the S2 and change in Unterterzen to the 8-seater gondola SeeJet to Tannenboden.

Car (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Car (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Rhaetian Railway (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Rhaetian Railway (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

Hotels in Heidiland

For the overnight stay in Heidiland you have all possibilities. You can spend your vacation in a very posh 5-star hotel or sleep in the straw on the farm. You will find a wide range and for self-caterers camping or vacation apartments are also conceivable.

5 star hotel Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

This stately hotel is located in a building from the 19th century. From it you can enjoy the view of the Tamina Gorge. The hotel is about 3 km away from the wine region Bündner Herrschaft

The hotel is designed for pampering and includes a large wellness complex with a pool, as well as a medical area with healthy lifestyle advice. They work holistically according to the methods of Healthy Living Medicine. The healthy thermal water flows directly into the hotel.

Some of the very elegantly furnished rooms have four-poster beds and mountain views, and some suites have their own whirlpool and butler service. Seven restaurants with a total of five Michelin stars and 76 Gault-Millau points are complemented by cafés and bistros.

suitable for guests with high expectations

3 star lofthotel Murg

The pretty lofthotel is located in a former spinning mill in Murg on Lake Walen. From the hotel you have a direct view of Lake Walen and the Churfirsten. The highway and the train station of Murg can be reached quickly. A special feature is that you can ride your e-bike or even motorcycle directly into the room of some lofts

A loft suite located on the top floor offers a special loft feeling with 330 m2 of space. Groups of up to 8 people share the spacious living area with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The solid chestnut table is 6 m long. A restaurant on the lake is within 3 min walking distance.

suitable for groups or guests who like to take their bike to the room

Tannenboden Hotel Steinbock

The family-run Tannenboden Hotel with Haus Steinbock is located on the Flumserberg. It is only 150 meters from the nearest ski slopes. The rooms in Haus Steinbock can accommodate a total of 35 guests. A sauna in the house can be booked.

suitable for guests on a budget

 lofthotel (Photo: Heidiland Tourism) lofthotel (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz (Photo: MySwitzerland)Grand Resort Bad Ragaz (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Restaurants in Heidiland

Restaurants have a high status in Heidiland. The top chefs here have five Michelin stars and about 193 Gault Millau points. The Bündner Herrschaft also produces wines that are among the best in the world.

Stable 247 Maienfeld in the Bündner Herrschaft

The restaurant is located in a former cowshed. This special ambience offers coziness, fine Swiss cuisine and the enjoyment of good wines. Regional products are preferred.

good cuisine in medium price range

From Heaven Bad Ragaz

In an unusual building, the restaurant and bar From Heaven in Bad Ragaz not only offers delicious tapas. There are also 90 different wines on the menu. In the cellar there is a music studio. Here, young artists from Sarganserland are promoted to commercialization. In the morning, the location still gives the appearance of a café and at noon there are lunches of Swiss cuisine.

daily change from café to restaurant to tapas bar with music

Molseralp Flumserberg

At 1400 m above sea level, the Molseralp restaurant stands next to the valley station of the cable car to the Maschgenkamm. In summer hiking trails and bike trails start here, in winter the ski slope runs through here. A large sun terrace tempts you to stay a little longer. The restaurant offers mainly grilled specialties, cheese fondue, cordon bleu and schnitzel. The Molseralp is also a destination on culinary hikes.

for active guests directly on the mountain

Molseralp (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Molseralp (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)
Stable 247 (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)Stable 247 (Photo: Heidiland Tourism)

As you can see, Heidiland has many facets that you can discover. Whether beautiful nature, culinary, art or architecture, you will certainly enjoy your stay


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